22MAY23, this just in: Cmdr. Angela Gonzales, commanding officer of the guided-missile destroyer USS John Finn (DDG 113) has been relieved of command and transferred. She wasn't "fired" in the civilian sense. The gravy Navy cited their standard "loss of confidence" when they don't want anyone to know what she did to screw up.

(left), Admiral Mike Mullen, Chief of Naval Operations and the Bozo next to him is Admiral Jon Greenert, then Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command. Both admirals are responsible for the travesty of justice involving LCDR Syneeda Penland.

The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) was enacted in 1951. Prior to that, each branch of the military had their own set of legal regulations which changed during peacetime and wartime. Sometimes, the “regulations” would change at the whim of the commanding officer. And, occasionally, if they didn’t have an infraction of law, they just made it up.

The UCMJ was allegedly created to provide all branches of the military with a single set of rules. The idea was to make the legal systems of the various branches “uniform” throughout the military. The Navy received special consideration so they could keep things like putting a sailor in the brig on bread and water rations like in the old days.

The Navy more so than the other services are slaves to tradition. And yes, the Navy can still put a sailor in the brig on bread and water rations only. It’s supposed to be limited however so as not to be considered as cruel and inhuman punishment.

There are two primary documents that govern the military’s judicial system. The UCMJ are the laws and the “Manual for Courts Martial” provides the rules that directs procedures and punishments for all courts-martial. (AKA: Rules for Courts Martial RCM).

Most of our readers know by now that flag-ranking officers (admirals and generals) are above the laws they impose on others. The admirals and generals view the UCMJ as just mere guidelines that apply to everyone 0-6 and below.

The admirals and generals of the American military have adopted the attitude of Leona Helmsley who said “taxes are for the little people.” Flag-ranking officers believe that military laws are for the “little people” on active duty.

American admirals and generals believed themselves to be above the law, because in reality, they really are. Except for George Custer and a handful of others, very few flag-ranking officers are ever held accountable for their flagrant misconduct ranging from unethical behavior to crimes of the most heinous nature.

Flag-ranking officers are allowed to retire to avoid prosecution, while junior officers and enlisted personnel are ruined and destroyed for doing the same thing or less.


Never forget the case of Major General Jimmy “Chester-the-Molester” Grazioplene who was raping his daughter for nearly a decade. The United States Army quietly ushered him out of the backdoor, but a civilian district attorney would have none of it, and levied criminal charges in a civilian court.

An embarrassed and pathetic Army brought Grazioplene back on active duty for a trial. He was reduced several ranks but Grazioplene was allowed to keep his Honorable Discharge and a military pension, something lower ranking individuals in the military nearly always denied, especially for such a despicable act.

Essentially, the United States Army declared that Major General Grazioplene’s reprehensible misconduct was Honorable and deserving of all the benefits extended to military members who received Honorable discharges. I guess one cannot expect too much from a military that hires a drag queen to help recruit people into military service.


While writing this article, we received an email from a retired individual who helps us to monitor the antics of the military. The Air Force said one of their Major General’s was fired during a misconduct investigation. Again, he wasn’t fired, he was reassigned. Fired means you lose your job, pension, house, dog, wife, etc. etc. It’s the semantical games the military plays to deceive the general public.

Ref: https://www.military.com/daily-news/2023/05/11/air-force-two-star-fired-amid-misconduct-investigation.html

Once again, the Air Force looks like it will allow one of their generals to retire to avoid accountability. The use of catch all phrases such as “loss of confidence in ability to command” suggest to us this Major General’s story will never be made public. And, that’s how they do it… over and over again.

The text messages between two Army officers, LTC Tim McCormic and LTC Ryan Nelson. Army brass know all about this text msg, and yet, neither officer has been investigated, flagged or even reprimanded. Racism? You be the judge!

Too bad the Air Force wasn’t willing to repair the career of a staff NCO after being accused of bombings in Syria, only to be later found not guilty at court martial. One of the very rare instances of anyone found not guilty at a court martial. David Dezuwaan has been flushed down the memory hole.

Equal Justice Under Law does not exist in the United States military. The admirals and generals continually and arrogantly demonstrate they are indeed above the law and immune from accountability.


Was LCDR Syneeda Penland thrown in a military prison for alleged adultery because she was an African-American? Or, was it because she was questioning the fraudulent money expenditures and a women who happened to be Black?

Make no mistake, Black military members are hammered more than most while racist military officers are protected. If you don’t believe that, go read all our volumes on Jane Doe and her dispute with the National Guard Bureau (NGB).

Why does Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin allow his military officers who probably are card-carrying members of the Klu Klux Klan to remain on active duty and operate with impunity?

SECDEF Austin isn’t rounding people up from the jungle, but his level of indifference about the plight of Black military members is shameful. Why he has not demanded an investigation is anyone’s guess.

Unfortunately, race-baiters like Rev. Al Sharpton have diluted the word racism to the point that people just laugh when you bring it up. We will never conquer racism until our military and civilian leaders take aggressive action to address allegation of racism.

When Jussie Smollett conjured up a political stunt by trying to get people to believe that White people were trying to lynch him, the Chicago police found the truth. Smollett was sentenced to 150 days in county jail, but is out waiting for a decision on appeal.

Smollett should serve 3-5 years for helping to tear our society further apart with bogus claims of racism and making it harder Black citizens subjected to real racism to make people believe and understand it.

We have extreme contempt for race baiting bastards like Al Sharpton and others who have weakened the assertion of racism to the point that now real racists have become immune from prosecution or any scrutiny at all. Consequently, military officers can display their racism without fear, because they apparently have the favor of the Pentagon.

The real scandal is how the Pentagon hires Black officers to control and destroy other Black military members. This tactic was used centuries ago when America was just getting started.

Wealthy White land owners sent ships to Africa and hired local indigenous Black people to go round up people from the jungle that were ultimately sold into slavery. That is, if they survived the horrific voyage to America.

The United States military uses the same tactic. Black people are used to control, manipulate and destroy other Black people at the behest of White plantation owners who hold themselves above the law just like the admirals and generals of the United States military.

The National Guard Bureau (NGB) needs a major housecleaning, and based on what happened to LCDR Penland, the United States Navy also needs a major housecleaning as well. Sweepers, sweepers man your brooms. Do a complete sweep down fore and aft.

At the core of all these problems are the leaders in our government and military. The civilian leaders occasionally find themselves attacked by news organizations, but the admirals and generals are allowed to retire to avoid any investigation or accountability. Their crimes are kept very quiet.

Not only can flag officers ignore military law for themselves, the system is devised so they can manipulate how justice is dispensed to others. The person who orders the court-martial also gets to pick the jury from his own command. That’s right, the convening authority can select people they are writing work performance evaluations on.

So in military terms, the convening authority is writing the officer efficiency reports (OERs), or in the case of the Navy, the fitness reports (FITREPS) on each member of the jury. What can go wrong? There are many other nuances in military law that sways most everything in favor of the government so they can achieve a 99% conviction rate.

The so-called “Uniform” Code of Military Justice, isn’t uniform at all. Don’t you believe it for one minute. The system is heavily biased in favor of the government which means they can through you in prison whether you did anything or not. Tell us again, why would you suggest your son or daughter serve in the United States military?

We remember when a young sailor committed suicide and the Navy rushed to put his dead fingers on his cellphone to gain access. After they gained access, they erased all evidence of criminal misconduct that drove the young man to taking his own life. Was anyone every held accountable? NO!

If you are a whistleblower, you witness criminal misconduct and attempt to report it as it is your duty to do; how long will your military career last?  She was a “mustang,” meaning a naval officer who received her commission while still an enlisted woman.

As enlisted and as an officer, she knew both sides of the Navy. What she didn’t know was the lengths her superior officers would go to in order to get rid of anyone who threatens to tarnish their careers. She was the woman who knew too much and naively believed in the fairness of the system.

That my friends is the story of Syneeda Penland. She blew the whistle on a major credit card scam among other things.


On June 30, 1775, the Second Continental Congress established 69 Articles of War to govern the conduct of the Continental Army.

Effective upon its ratification in 1788, Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution provided that Congress has the power to regulate the land and naval forces. On 10 April 1806, the United States Congress enacted 101 Articles of War, which were not significantly revised until over a century later.

Discipline in the sea services was provided under the Articles for the Government of the United States Navy (commonly referred to as Rocks and Shoals). The Articles of War evolved during the first half of the twentieth century and were amended in 1916 and 1920.

In 1948, Congress substantially reformed the Articles pursuant to the Selective Service Act of 1948, but its naval counterpart remained little changed. The military justice system continued to operate under the Articles of War and Articles for the Government of the Navy until May 31, 1951, when the Uniform Code of Military Justice came into effect.

The UCMJ was passed by Congress on 5 May 1950, and signed into law by President Harry S. Truman the next day. It took effect on May 31, 1951. The word uniform in the Code’s title refers to its consistent application to all the armed services in place of the earlier Articles of War, Articles of Government, and Disciplinary Laws of the individual services.

The United States Navy could not “persuade” Lieutenant Commander Syneeda Penland to hush-up about fraudulent activity, so they elected to court martial her, send her to prison and upon her release throw her out of the military with an Other-Than-Honorable Discharge.

People ask, what legally constitutes adultery and what is the appropriate punishment for a love affair? And, don’t give us this “prejudicial to good order and discipline” crap. American admirals and generals are routinely sleeping with numerous women (not their wives, but someone else’s wife) and never held accountable.

So far, there has been no issue of a failure of good order and discipline when they do it. If there had been, then why are they not thrown in prison and Dishonorably Discharged.

Back during happier times, a photo of Chief of Naval Operations ADM Mike Mullen and LCDR Syneeda Penland. Mullen could very well have been the individual who secretly ordered the prosecution of LCDR Penland.

While allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace is a common issue in both Corporate America and in the United States military. Adultery” is becoming a trendy “hot-topic” in America’s Pop-Culture. Some say that adultery is challenging religious order, social democracy as well as disrupting America’s “moral” family structure.

Making its way from the flagrant public display of affection, between Good Morning America’s former co-hosts “Amy Robauch and T. J. Holmes” (who were fired after being accused of infidelity); to occasionally winding up on the steps of the Nation’s Capital and in the White House.

President Kennedy used to enjoy sexual activities in the White House pool area while Jackie was away. One wonders how many military officers were court martialed for adultery and/or fraternization while Kennedy was President.

Meanwhile, scripture reminds us… “Let him who is without sin among you, be the first to throw a stone, at her.”

Under current judicial protocols, infidelity does not serve as a “disqualifier” from public service; including serving in the role of Commander in Chief. 

As more allegations of “personal misconduct” of the military’s top brass makes headlines news, the unjust legal practice of “selective prosecution” by the “Good Old Boys” of the Pentagon will continue to remind us of the multi-tiered military judicial system.

Normally, an officer is protected from legal retribution unless you become a targeted Whistleblower and rock the boat by challenging the corrupted “status quo” of the Pentagon’s Old Guard.

 For several decades, MCC has archived a pattern of “sexual misconduct involving a cabal of senior privileged, officers, accused of adulterous behavior.  If found guilty, military members can face a steep fine, prison sentence and a less-than-honorable discharge.

Former Navy Supply Corps Officer, LCDR Syneeda Penland became  highly targeted, not so much for the affair, but because she was blowing the whistle on massive fraud.

Lieutenant Commander Syneeda Penland remains the first and only
unmarried female naval officer sent to prison for alleged adultery.

Former Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus also rejected any intervention when he knew naval officers were railroading LCDR Penland right into prison.

In our previous reports on Penland’s case, when she began reporting evidence of systemic misappropriations of defense war funds, members of her immediate chain of command who were implicated in her corruption allegations (mainly higher senior officials) immediately began to retaliate against her.

Subsequently, committing brazen acts of Civil and Human Rights violations against her, in an unprecedented attempt to cover-up their own crimes of fraud and financial improprieties.

Yet for a card-holding member of the Good Old Boys Club, adultery charges are always swept under the rug by the Pentagon’s infamous corrupted justice system.  Only a select few faced a reduction in grade and retired with their full pension benefits intact.

A large majority of these particular “sexual-misconduct offenders” are currently working throughout the DoD’s industrial complex, as lucrative defense consultant advisors.  They are widely marketing their advanced military “warfare” skills, to the highest bidder, mainly serving abroad.

A select few, will be recruited to join the higher political ranks, where rubbing elbows with Congress also has its rewards.

Penland reached out to MC.com to share her thoughts on the issue of adultery and how the military dispenses “justice” against people they don’t like. The 15-year anniversary of Penland’s alleged adultery conviction arrives soon during Memorial Day Weekend

Syneeda Penland has tried to go on with her life, but the Navy has branded her with the “scarlet” letter narrowing and severely limiting her ability to obtain real opportunities in the job market. It turns out that, alleged or not, the conviction of adultery is a life long sentence.

Capt. Isaiah “Ike” Owens on Aug 1, 2006, promoted Syneeda Penland to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, then a few days later stabbed her in the back.


In about 1850, Nathanial Hawthorne wrote the book, “THE SCARLET LETTER: A ROMANCE” and in the book with the setting in Boston, Massachusetts, a crowd gathers to witness the punishment of Hester Prynne, a young woman who has given birth to a baby of unknown paternity.

Prynne’s sentence requires her to stand on the scaffold for three hours, exposed to public humiliation, and to wear a scarlet “A” for “Adultery” for the rest of her life.

It’s not a perfect analogy. Lieutenant Commander Penland did not bear a child from the alleged affair the Navy accused her of, but the Navy forced her to stand on the “scaffold” of a court martial and exposed her to public humiliation and abruptly ended her career.

The Other-Than-Honorable (OTH) Discharge is like the letter “A” she has to wear for the rest of her life.

The specific details of the Civil Rights violations committed against Penland, mostly throughout her entire Navy career, is intimately journaled in her page-turning memoir, “Broken Silence, a Military Whistleblower’s Fight for Justice.”

America views the manifestations of “adultery” becoming a silent pandemic of its own, sweeping across and dividing America’s moral structure, quicker than racial and gender prejudices.

People are struggling to find balance with our broken justice systems as they watch the so-called sword of “justice” used on an excellent naval officer who began to ask the career-ending question, “Where is all the money going?” Contrary to what the admiralty believes, using government credit cards on hotel rooms and hookers is not an appropriate expenditure.

These needless and highly dubious court martials are a weapon of mass distraction so the American people do not see the real crime which is the wholesale theft of taxpayer dollars. No one seems to care about out-of-control spending and even fewer care about massive and chronic fraud in the United States Navy. Can anyone say “Fat Leonard?”

Sadly, LCDR Penland cared. As a former “federal” fiscal agent, charged with proper management and transparency of our hard-earned tax dollars, LCDR Penland asks the following questions;

  1. “Should American tax-dollars be spent prosecuting “federal” employees, to include politicians, accused of adultery, along with other federal violations linked to the alleged crime of “adultery”
  2.  “Should adulterous behavior, including allegations of an alleged affair, disqualify an individual from future “federal service”, including holding a political office?
LCDR Syneeda Penland, U.S. Navy and her book “Broken Silence.” She knows the meaning of betrayal better than most anyone. About two months after Penland’s book was released, the FBI came to visit her at her home.

Since 2008, former LCDR Penland has relentlessly sought relief for egregious acts of Whistleblower retaliation committed against her, by key military officials, when she lasted served on active duty, as the former Supply Corps budget and contracting officer, at (former) Navy Coastal Warfare Group-One, Imperial Beach, Ca.

The command has since changed its name to Maritime Expeditionary Security Force, and remains a vital mission component of Navy Expeditionary Combatant Command (NECC), established in January 2006, Little Creek, Va.

In our last update on Penland’s case, we discussed the progress of her petition with the US District Court, Washington DC.; requesting clemency, on what will soon be a 15-year unlawful conviction of alleged “adultery” case; stemming from whistleblower retaliation.

Adm. Jonathan William Greenert,
Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command. He was the first to reject Penland’s request for intervention. He is OK with the railroading of a naval officer.

We highlighted the BCNR’s response to Judge Collyer’s 2016 Remand Order –  the final report acknowledged nearly 40 counts of whistleblower retaliation.  Yet the three-member panel voted against Penland’s Clemency request. (see story archive)

Furthermore, in 2019, Penland filed her final pro se motion with the DC District Court, to present further evidence of her former bosses’ direct intent to punish her, because she was a whistleblower. It seems people in Washington receive whistleblower protection, but not a woman defending fraud in the Navy.

These facts were in the Navy’s final investigation report, providing proof of what we’d already suspected, that Penland, like thousands of other injured Vets, was in-fact subjected to an extremely hostile workplace, that resulted in severe medical injury.

Therefore, the legal malpractice and medical malpractice” appears to have worked hand in hand, when senior Navy officials transferred her “case” to the Department of Veterans Affairs, immediately following her abrupt discharge. To “dispose of” her, which is considered Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) for the United States Navy.

Due to lack of exercise, or jurisdiction over the military— granting the Pentagon absolute authority to govern themselves, Penland’s motion for Clemency “to overturn her case” was rejected by the District Court.

The Judge ordered Penland’s case CLOSED May 2019, recommending she file a new petition. All this did was to keep her bogged down in years of ongoing paperwork.

Ironically, this came after a published legal review of Penland’s case, by the late Deborah Rhode, former legal professor of Standford University.

Professor Rhode’s book, “Adultery: Infidelity and the Law,” pub. 2016, she was able to leave us with her legal opinion on Penland’s prosecution, in comparison with General David Petraeus’ love affair with Paula Broadwell.

Rhodes profound legal analysis of “Adultery in the Military” provides us a classic textbook example of “selective prosecution,” thereby refuting the Navy’s argument that Penland was prosecuted because she was the senior officer in an “alleged” affair.

Rear Admiral Donald K. Bullard
Commander, Navy Expeditionary Combatant Command. Penland feels RADM Bullard was also set up over the massive fraud. He was fired and forced to retire.

Penland wasn’t married, but both parties in Petraeus’ adultery scandal were married and General Petraeus was allowed to retire in grade. No OTH for Petraeus, no court martial for Petraeus. Instead, he’s a sought after talking-head by the news media and is held in high esteem by the good-old-boy network.

Penland suffered further pain and hardship.

While left to defend herself, in her final motion, filed within weeks following a tragic kitchen fire at her home, in early 2019, while deeply traumatized, Penland informed Judge Collyer of her tragedy, begging mercy on the court to provide her relief, in hopes to lessen the burden of ongoing physical and emotional distress.

Sadly, Penland’s plea to the judge landed on deaf ears. Her decade-long legal battle was stonewalled, once again. She was betrayed by attorneys that were “negotiating” with DOJ attorneys who were representing the Pentagon’s top brass, in their attempt to persuade Penland to redact from her memoir, the names of the officers who had egregiously violated her civil and subsequent human rights.

She said, “It was like being a rape victim, and legal officials refusing to use a rape-kit to identify the rapist— who operates in the shadows, yearning for an opportunity to rape again.  A thief is no different, when greed seduces its own nature.  But these officers no longer operate in darkness because they were allowed to get away with it!”

Whether it was stealing from the defense coffers or brazenly violating Penland Civil and Human Rights, the United States Navy should be deeply ashamed for their actions in the Penland case.

Penland’s case continues, albeit at a snail’s pace, as America’s social-political construct are colliding each night on the six-o’clock news. We are all becoming numb from the mindless crap that is unfolding each and every day. Drag Queen Story Time for Children, how’s that working out for ya?

Quick Review and Reminder about more important things: Naval officer blows the whistle and is railroaded into prison and thrown out of the Navy and forced to wear the “scarlet letter” for the rest of her life. It happens so much, it has become a non-story which is just what the Pentagon wants. That way, the Navy can steal as much money as they want without anyone even thinking about questioning their misconduct.

Penland’s Latest Attempt at Justice:

CDR Kevin Messer, Ret., then JAG prosecutor who sent Penland to prison. Messer was having an affair while he was prosecuting LCDR Penland. Syneeda said he was nothing but a hypocrite. He loved the “Plenty of Fish” website and allegedly had a gal in every port.

In the approval of the 2022 Defense Appropriations Act, President Biden authorized legal defense funding for Veterans, like LCDR Penland, who’d been victimized by past military injustices.

Mind you, this was the government’s latest initiative to advance the Military Justice Improvement and Increasing Prevention Act of 2021.  Yet in LCDR Penland’s situation, her case was stone-walled once again, this time in the muted halls of the United States Senate.

Previously campaigning his support to the Veteran’s community in her home state of Georgia, an extremely large military recruiting and training area, Penland initially contacted her State Representative, Senator Jon Ossoff’s office, in early 2021.

This Ossoff clown, this so-called representative of the people, predictably did absolutely nothing for Penland, or for any other whistleblower in the military.

Penland contacted Senator Ossoff after experiencing years of ongoing difficulty with “aboveboard” healthcare management and treatment from the Department of Veteran’s affairs, and most recently: “communicated threats” from one of her medical doctors at the Atlanta VA consortium.

Previous medical ruling:

In his August 2009 opinion, on Penland’s Injunction, to remain on active duty until she was qualified for quality healthcare, independent of the Department of Defense and Veteran’s Affairs Consortium.

In his ruling, rejecting her case, RICARDO M. URBINA United States District Judge cited, in brief narrative, that Penland had failed to demonstrate, or foresee, at the time, the legal and medical malpractice that was being committed against her.   (See Citation)  USCOURTS-dcd-1_09-cv-01418-0 (1).pdf

Georgia Senator Jon Ossoff who has thus far failed to help Penland’s quest for justice.

After receiving the “greenlight” from President Biden’s Executive Order, to CONTINUE TO FIGHT her “Whistleblower Retaliation” case, this time with hopes of receiving legitimate legal assistance as a member of the Female Disabled Veteran Community.

Penland reached out to Georgia Senator Ossoff’s local office again. This was while still waiting on his response from her request for assistance, previously mentioned, involving the Atlanta VA consortium.

This time around, as she’s always provided with previous filed military “Whistleblower” complaints, Penland shipped Ossoff an extensive package of evidence.

This included exhibits; including federal court rulings, to help facilitate her request for legal assistance; under the parameters. of President Biden’s new Executive Order on: “Military Justice Improvement and Increase Prevention Act.”  Again, Penland’s story is a classic textbook case.

Tells the story of how the chain of command always works.

In her pound of paperwork, mailed to her junior state legislator, Penland included proof of medical injury; as a direct result of service connected disability.

This particular injury was initially argued; in her 2009 Civil Action lawsuit against the Secretary of the Navy.   Interestingly enough, her complaints of medical abuse are being masked by ongoing legal abuse.

There have been years of ongoing secure correspondence between the countless doctors webbed into this case, along with threats to cancel medications and years of ongoing “ethnic” targeting for the advancement of medical research, as Georgia recently announced its promotion of the state’s new “Black Healthcare Agenda.”

Penland simply wants to know why her current state legislator is ignoring her complaints.

If the late Senator Johnny Isakson was still alive, Penland’s case against the Navy would’ve been over with a long time ago.

Veterans are being abused on a daily basis and it was the late Senator Isakson’s personal relationship with our community that citizens could always count on— to end systemic healthcare abuse against the Veterans community, as a whole.

Isakson championed to resolve cases quickly. Within weeks of filing complaints, by the time Vets had their next appointment, or request for better service, the staff would treat Vets differently.

If it was determined that the VA was culpable in the Navy’s medical and legal malpractice against Penland— inquiring minds want to know why is she being forced to use their healthcare facilities, as a 100% disabled Veteran?

In a 2018 ruling: Docket No. 14-40 649, Board of Veterans Appeals, Department of Veterans Affairs, ORDER, ICO Syneeda Lynn Penland, June 6, 2018— citing patient’s medical history and subsequent service-connected disabilities, resulting from ongoing Acts of Whistleblower Reprisal.

All the evidence Penland presented,
is now in direct conflict with the Navy’s previous defense.

As her case drags on, Penland continues to experience ongoing retaliation, by our nation’s justice system, as well as being denied access to quality-uninterrupted healthcare, independent of VA treatment facilities.  One would think that Lieutenant Commander Penland deserves the same quality healthcare extended to all retirees.

Frankly, Penland has proven her patriotic service to America twice over, and she deserves something that fewer people are receiving these days, equal and fair justice.  It’s been 15-years since her bogus conviction. MC.com feels she has suffered enough.

Penland also states, due to Senator Ossoff’s lack of response to the urgency of her medical and legal situation, she reached out to the former chair of the Judiciary Committee, Senator Blumenthal, to simply get a status update from her State official, to ensure her inquiry is properly managed within guidelines of the Senate Rules of Ethics.

After discovering legitimate evidence of financial improprieties, involving her former boss and his former Naval Academy college buddies; in keeping with her oath of office, as a commissioned Supply Corps Staff Officer, Penland was required by law to mitigate “the loss of funds”, report it, “independently” outside of her immediate chain of command.

Because her allegations and evidence implicated the Navy’s top brass, she was ordered to be punished and railroaded right out of the service.

Why did the top brass want her hide nailed to the wall?

Why was LCDR Syneeda Penland selectively punished? What did LCDR Syneeda Penland really uncover? A blind man could see it. Penland was threatening the river of money coming in from the U.S. Treasury. She possibly was getting close to exposing the entire FAT Leonard scandal that finally came to light later.

During war campaigns in the Bush era, the Pentagon began to dissolve its Reserve forces abroad to realign its security “boat patrol” missions in the UAE, to the vision of “corrupted” Navy officers, reservist and active duty.

These officers (Penland former bosses) had been formulating their training and operational strategies, for years, during the course of their “service” while shopping the “Squadron Concept” to senior OPNAV Program managers; including Prime Vendor Defense Contractors, who operate like vultures in the DC Beltway.

In January 2006, the Navy eventually established the new TYCOM, Navy Expeditionary Combat Command. That quickly opened the door for more corruption, to what has become an extremely lucrative revolving door ventureThis was all rooted in a cesspool of defense contract bid-rigging, that Penland was quickly unraveling. The Pentagon had to get rid of her.

Their ongoing engagement in unscrupulous business practices continues to drain the coffers of our defense budget.

During Obama’s Administration, senior Pentagon advisors, who had approved a large defense budget to stand-up the newest Navy’s Type Command, Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC), to establish “permanent boots on the ground” in the UAE region, were never investigated;  even after Penland provided deeply disturbing evidence of their  fraudulent actions to her State Senator, Jon Ossoff.

Although a number of Penland’s allegations of fraud were substantiated but due to high-ranking officials implicated in her case, the question remains, will she ever receive Equal and Fair Justice?

Tell us again why you are considering military service? Tell us again, if you’re on active duty, why in the world are you not making plans to get out at your first opportunity?

Can you imagine being court martialed and thrown out of the military for an alleged affair, when a large portion of our country is apparently OK with Drag Queen Story Time for Children? Does anyone see the stupidity of that?

Fitz News in South Carolina had an interesting tidbit…

Congressman and Army Major Williams Timmons of South Carolina.

Congressman William Timmons has been having an affair with a local real estate developer (Paula Dhier) in the Greenville, SC area. Timmons wife is seeking a separation from the philandering piece of crap congressman.

Interestingly, Sen. Willie Timmons is also an Army major in the South Carolina Air National Guard and a Staff Judge Advocate lawyer. Timmons drills out of the Eastover, SC, Guard base as the Fighter Wing’s Staff Judge Advocate attorney.

Do our readers remember another philandering major and graduate of the Citidel (Dan Johnson) who was also a JAG lawyer in the Air National Guard? He was thrown in prison for stealing $44,000. He, like Timmons, also was never charged with adultery like LCDR Syneeda Penland.

So here’s the $100 question; will Major Timmons be thrown in jail for adultery… or do they only do that to Black women. Did he receive an Other-Than-Honorable Discharge like LCDR Syneeda Penland? Again, the Uniform Code of Military Conduct (UCMJ) isn’t uniform at all. The idea that people are being treated fairly and equally by the military judicial system is all one big freeking lie.

Timmons says he’s only human and wants people to stop talking about his personal life.

Another case of, “Do as I say, not as I do!” These are classic comparisons with LCDR Penland who was also an 0-4 like Willie Timmons and former Richland County Solicitor Dan Johnson. Penland was tossed in prison then thrown out of the military. Timmons and Johnson were not even charged.

As always, if you feel anything in our article is misleading or incorrect, please contact us at once. We are only interested in ferreting out military corruption.