This story is a classic case as to why MilitaryCorruption.com exists. It’s a picture of corruption up and down the chain of command. Sadly, we are told this little story is just the tip of the iceberg.

There’s no leadership, no honor and no common sense to be found anywhere at the National Guard Bureau. We have posted some provocative stories in the two decades MC.com has been on the Internet. This story ranks right at the top of the heap.

Nearly everyone in the chain of command of this story may be guilty of one or more of the following charges…

Failure to report domestic violence incidents (dereliction of duty)
Gross and Wanton Negligence
Conduct Unbecoming an officer
Conduct Unbecoming an NCO
Predatory Acts
Racist statements, which leads one to conclude the person who uttered the statement is a racist.
Improper relationships in the workplace/ Hostile work environment
Distribution/ use of illegal substances and drugs (steroids)
Under the influence at work/ Alcohol Abuse
False statements to superiors/ law enforcement

Jane Doe, as we will call her, found herself in a toxic relationship with Army Captain Jose Luis Moreno Jr. Things went from bad to worse when she caught CPT. Moreno physically abusing her one-year-old son.

She found out after the fact; the dashing CPT. Moreno was sleeping around with several women while she was pregnant with their son.

The philandering Army captain plunged his knife of betrayal deep into the heart of Jane Doe, but initially she thought that’s all it was, a terribly painful betrayal by someone she trusted.

But, when the physical abuse of both her and her son began, she was compelled to take aggressive action.

We don’t have a photo yet of the marks left around her neck when Moreno allegedly attempted to strangle her, but a video exists of Captain Jose Moreno physically abusing his own one-year-old son.

Jane Doe was forced to obtain several protective orders against CPT Jose Moreno. What the Army did and failed to do is what our story is about.

The failure of Army leadership begins with the cover-up of a DUI arrest. (Stop us if this sounds familiar to you Californian’s out there).

Then, 1Lt Moreno was arrested for DUI in Feb 2014 while celebrating his accomplishments at the Army’s “best ranger competition” held in Fort Benning, Georgia.

Because he was the “poster boy” for the Army’s recruiting effort, Army commanders overlooked his drinking problems and allowed Moreno to compete in the ranger competition right after being arrested for driving under influence (DUI).

Feeling that a DUI arrest was no big deal, the National Guard promoted Jose Moreno to Captain and bestowed upon him numerous commendations not long after his promotion. They obviously didn’t flag his file, that’s for sure.

Jane Doe remembers CPT Moreno bragging about having ‘the right people cover up for him’ when he screwed up.

CPT Jose Moreno has a history of wrongful behavior. When he gets caught, Moreno apparently has a knack of convincing people to be silent about his misconduct. As one of our staff put it, “Hell, he’s not an Army captain, he’s a flim-flam man in an Army uniform.”

He dated and lived with a slain SSG’s wife from his previous unit in Rhode Island (A Co 1/182 Infantry Regiment) in which he became the commander of while secretly being with the deceased soldier’s ex-spouse but hid it from the unit. The unit still holds a competition in honor of said SSG.

In Jane Doe’s opinion, CPT Jose Moreno is a classic sociopath and narcissist. National Guard Bureau Headquarters (NGB HQ) provided CPT Moreno a platform to prey upon women with impunity bolstered by his good looks and charm.

Captain America (AKA: CPT. Jose Luis Moreno – The National Guard’s version of Captain America anyway

In fact, CPT. Jose Moreno is a spokesmodel for the National Guard. A poster of him greets people who enter the National Guard Bureau Headquarters building.

Jane says that even with all his charming ways, CPT. Moreno has some serious mental issues. She wonders why the military continued to allow him to remain on active duty.

The obvious danger is an officer with a possible mental condition who has full access to a wide-range of sophisticated weaponry and munitions, truly a recipe for disaster.

Jane Doe reports Captain Jose Moreno has had numerous encounters with enlisted and officer women, single and married. He manages to sweet talk them into bed, then cajole them into silence.

Jane said Moreno continually bragged about his ability to silence people either with charm and charism and when that didn’t work, he would resort to more threatening tactics.

According to Jane Doe, CPT Moreno was quite effective in coercing and intimidating people so they did what he wanted them to do.

Jane says that his officer friends (Colonels, Lt Cols, Majors and Captains) do the same thing. Because of their rank and positions they can get away with it.

Jane says they frequently use a variety of drugs, most common of which are steroids they distribute amongst each other.

There are over twenty-plus individuals who were involved in or knew of predatory acts of officers within NGB. These males had a running list of picking off certain female officers, enlisted and civilian women.

Like high school adolescents, they would compare notes and brag about their conquests calling them AAR’s (After Action Review’s).

Jane said the women affiliated with the NGB knew what they were doing was wrong but because it could jeopardize their careers, stayed silent.

Two of the females from NGB had a threesome with CPT Moreno while Jane was pregnant.

Virtually all kneeled in compliance because they feared retaliatory actions by senior officers that could affect their careers, or relationships for those who were married and committing adultery.

There is explicit evidence confirming this. Senior commanders stuck their heads in the sand and hoped the issue would go away by attacking the messenger. The messenger was Jane Doe.

Jane Doe says there’s plenty of evidence, but it’s all against the command. Numerous text messages accompanied with women in compromising situations are passed around from one male officer to the next.

The senior echelons of the National Guard have been transformed into the digital version of Sodom and Gomorrah. It’s so crazy, no one really knows who is sleeping with who. It’s nonstop partying filled to the brim with booze, sex and drugs.

Several of the text messages have despicable comments about the high-ranking females associated with the NGB. Right in the center of it all, according to Jane Doe, is Captain Jose “hello darlin” Moreno Jr.

LTC Colleen Shepherd

To provide some perspective of the players, Captain Jose Moreno is a ranger and infantry officer in the National Guard and works at National Guard Bureau under Major Matt Jordan and Lieutenant Colonel Colleen Shepard.

The new Army Guard company, battalion headquarters was activated on Jan 28, 2022, by Lt. Gen Jon A. Jensen.

LTG Jensen said that as the battalion’s first commander, Shepherd will have a prominent role in the unit’s history, noting that special emphasis is often placed on the first and last commanders of a unit.

Shepherd said it’s a challenge she’s excited to take on.

She said, “Herein lies an opportunity to develop an organization grounded in trust and confidence from our fellow Soldiers, built on being present and getting results from the team.”

Her goal, she said, is to “build a positive and safe environment from which the organization can flourish.” Jensen noted the activation was a first for him as well.”

As it turns out, none of this positive stuff happened. Under Lt Col Colleen Shepard’s leadership, the environment became unsafe and the only thing flourishing is the size of CPT. Moreno’s black book.

Our investigators discovered two of three protective orders Jane Doe had to obtain to shield  herself and her son from physical violence by CPT Jose Moreno. The first protective order was delivered to NGB provost Marshall who, in good old boy fashion, tipped off CPT Jose Moreno that a storm was brewing.

Major Matt Jordan

After attacking Jane Doe and her son, CPT Moreno alluded police for over an hour then turned himself in. He bonded out three hours later after two warrants for his arrest for felony strangulation of Jane Doe and misdemeanor assault on a minor (their one-year-old son).

His command neglectfully failed to report CPT Moreno’s misconduct to CID (command investigative division) or issue an military protective order (MPO).

Jane Doe was deeply concerned because CPT Moreno had an AR-15 assault rifle and pistol with tons of ammo stashed away in her house. According to Jane Doe, Moreno threatened to kill her with one or both weapons.

Jane reports that CPT Jose Moreno blatantly lied to civilian and military law enforcement, stating his coworker secured his weapons when he was served with the first protective order.

Over a month passed and Jane had a bad feeling he had not secured his weapons. She discovered in the basement of her home Moreno’s AR-15 assault rifle and his pistol with large amounts of ammunition.

Jane Doe was assured by civilian police Moreno’s weapons were secured by his coworker. Apparently, they believed virtually every word from CPT. Moreno’s mouth. None of what Moreno was saying was true. The police had been provided false information.

Captain Moreno’s secret stash of weapons.

Jane Doe alerted Child Protective Services (CPS). She was anxious for her own safety because she was mislead about the weapons being secured. How many other weapons did Moreno have tucked away in other locations?

Failure to secure these weapons and lying to superiors is a clear violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

CPS reached out to civilian law enforcement. They were upset about how this ‘mistake’ could have possibly happened. The failure of the system placed everyone in danger especially Jane Doe and her children.

CPT Jose Moreno continues to deny that he ever abused Jane’s son, but there exists a video of him doing just that. His command failed to do their jobs, so Jane had to go to Fort Meyer Family Advocacy herself after 5 ½ weeks.

It turns out that no one from Moreno’s command and NGB provost marshal’s office had notified anyone of the warrants or protective orders. Army brass continually testifies in Washington saying they care bout the plight of women in the military. It’s all just one big damn lie.

Family advocacy was outraged as 5 1/2 weeks had passed and with the type of charges and allegations, they should’ve been alerted by the company commander Major Matt Jordan. Either they were trying to protect Captain Moreno, or it’s a case of gross or wanton negligence.

It was only after the CPS personnel and Family Advocacy Social Worker made a big fuss that the command got off their asses and “decided” to get involved. Family Advocacy was forced to ask the battalion commander to do her job. They asked her to meet with Jane Doe about these issues.

Lt. Col. Tim McCormic

The battalion commander waited almost a week until it was convenient for her, and even then failed to even inquire about the well-being of Jane Doe and her son.

The bottom line is that Army commanders didn’t give a tinker’s damn about the abuse and threats to Jane and her one-year-old son. No one wanted to get involved, because they may be put in a position to discipline the Army’s poster boy, CPT. “pretty boy” Moreno.

Major Matt Jordan failed to issue a Military Protective Order (MPO) when the incident occurred and only drew one up after Family Advocacy got involved 5 1/2 weeks later.

Jane Doe’s son sustained a head injury due to the abuse by his father. Using his own son as punching bag, a real class act to be sure.

The command believed CPT Moreno’s account of the situation and let him go to work as if nothing happened for 5 1/2 weeks. A clear example of the Army aiding and abetting the criminal behavior of a child abuser.

Jane Doe felt compelled to contact her congressional representative. Only after they were exposed did the Army  decide to make it look like they were doing something.

Jane no longer had faith National Guard leadership under Lt Col Colleen Shepherd. As of this writing, they have still failed to initiate a 15-6 investigation into all these allegations to ferret out the truth and hold responsible parties accountable.

If a credible investigation was conducted, it would force the NGB to discipline numerous Army officers for their failure to properly act when a person is threatened in their command. If their lips are moving, they are lying said Jane Doe. Actions always speak louder than words.

And there’s the answer to the question as why an investigation has not been initiated. It’s because the United States Army doesn’t want an investigation. In order to ferret out wrongdoing, you first have to WANT TO find the perpetrators.

Only after Jane Doe was forced to file for a congressional inquiry did Moreno’s command ask about the status of Jane and her son, last week!

For some inexplicable reason, after seven (7) weeks and three protective orders, two arrest warrants, along with a secret weapons stash, suddenly the command was concerned about the safety of Jane Doe and her son.

The National Guard Bureau had officers committing crimes and they were OK with it. Predatory acts are allowed and even protected if you’re in that good old boy division.

In today’s America, no one is held accountable for criminal and unethical misconduct, why should the National Guard Bureau be any different?

When you boil it down, it all falls on the doorstep of Lt. General Jon A. Jensen. If the general had any leadership ability at all, he would initiate a massive investigation to hold accountable every negligent party in this quagmire of military impropriety and criminality.

Lives were placed in danger, and no one cared. Instead, the Army took action to administratively board Jane Doe. One way to silence her is to get her the hell out of the Army National Guard.

Her are some samples of the multitude of text messages passed around by officers of the United States Army…

Two Army Lieutenant Colonels text each other about the  difference between gigabite, terabite, and… OMG, did he really text that?

Sometimes people wait for a murder to occur before they act, and pretending they had no idea any of this was going on. Even when the Army finds the culprits, they will single out a scapegoat so they don’t have to relieve damn near an entire chain of command for dereliction of duty and criminal negligence.

All females at the National Guard Bureau should remain on high alert. In fact, we recommend all females in the military remain on high alert because the false assertions by the admirals and generals to congressional committees they are ‘deeply concerned’ about assaults against women and children in the military.

The females who willingly participated and allowed their other “battle buddies” to be preyed upon, they need to be relieved of their duties as well if not court martialed for dereliction of duty. We revised the credo for the NGB, “I will not lie, cheat, steal or screw someone else’s wife, nor tolerate those who do.”

The texts tell the story

Court will convene in the coming months, but Jane Doe is appalled by the negligence of virtually everyone in the chain of command who placed her and her children’s lives in danger.

Jane did take steps to speak with CPT Moreno’s battalion commander. But sadly, Jane lost all faith in the commander as she has delayed even reporting the steroid use to Army Substance Abuse Program, which by Army regulations she is required to do.

Maybe the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) needs to be involved.

It appears the command dropped the ball, or intentionally covered it all up. Perhaps it was a little of both. According to Jane Doe, the Army continue to slow roll everything which includes a proper investigation.

The text messages tend to tell the story of NGB leadership

Moreno’s battalion commander, according to Jane Doe, only cared to protect Major Matt Jordan and the image of her command. It’s clearly evident she doesn’t know what she is doing. Major Jordan and LTC Shepard knew or should have known what was going on in their command.

Jane Doe said, the battalion commander said it wasn’t her fault because no one told her. We bet that she knew all along what was going on and had a duty to take action but couldn’t muster the courage to take down the Army’s poster boy.

The battalion commander failed to initiate a urinary analysis or investigation after being made aware of steroid use and other drug use in her command. The drug use was one problem, but the level of brazen fraternization and predatory acts by Army officers were even more serious.

Virtually everyone in this picture are culpable

As a battalion commander she should have been aware of any arrests of personnel in her command. She needs to be relieved of command as she has been grossly negligent numerous times in this case and has not followed regulation or policy in effort to protect personnel in her command.

The last incident like this in Prince William County (PWC) occurred in 2016, when an Army soldier killed his wife and a Prince William County police officer, which was her first day on the job and injured two other officers. He had an AK-47.

Jane said, “I do not want my children or myself to lose our lives due to NGBs leaders’ negligence to report or act expeditiously in these domestic abuse cases.”

CPT Moreno attempted to threaten and intimidate Jane by saying everyone would sue her for defamation. It’s just another effort to prevent  women from coming forward to challenge the male dynasty at the National Guard Bureau that protects predators and child abusers.

Lieutenant General Jon A. Jensen is the director of NGB. Is he concerned for the females under his command? His failure to act speaks louder than words. Hey general, you had better get your fat ass out of your chair and take appropriate action before there is a senseless murder that could have been prevented had you acted prudently.

Even if the lieutenant general doesn’t care about women, he should be concerned when a battalion commander and company commander are negligent in their duties or take steps to ignore the misconduct of a subordinate to the detriment of all.

Many people in positions of authority failed to care for the welfare and safety of a one-year-old child that is being physically abused by a United States Army captain.

It seems that everyone is more concerned about their own little damn career than to be bothered with taking corrective action. Shame be upon every individual who had knowledge of what was going on and failed to act.

General Patton slapped a soldier for crying. He surely would have had several people court martialed that were involved in this NGB fiasco. Alas! That was when the United States Army took on the German Wehrmacht. With this type of “decisive” leadership, they couldn’t defeat a well-armed cub scout troop.

AND HOW ABOUT THIS: Were any of these pathetic officers flagged as is the policy of the Army ? And, when Captain “America” had his DUI arrest, was he ever ordered to substance abuse counseling? Many questions deserve answers. Again, if the Army really wanted to investigate, they would have already done so. It’s their failure to investigate which speaks volumes.


We put several names and several pictures of those, according to Jane Doe are involved in this sordid mess. If anyone desires to “set the record straight,” they are welcomed to do so. Contact us and tell us who you are and what you witnessed, or in what way is our reporting inaccurate or misleading. We will give you equal time.

We felt this case was more than just a she said, he said. We also felt that Jane Doe was highly credible even though many would just toss her complaints aside as if they were just from a woman scorned. We felt it was more. Jane Doe was betrayed, first by CPT. Moreno then by the entire Army system that allegedly cares about women serving in the American military.

We fully understand that most commanders tend to ignore these domestic disputes and quarrels. But, we felt this story went way beyond that and Army commanders were duty bound to assert some painful leadership on those who were lying by omission.

MC.com has no interest in putting forward information that is untrue or misleading, so if you have evidence to the contrary, please contact us immediately. If you want to make your declarations even more credible, go to a notary and provide us with a sworn statement.

If you have additional information that more accurately describes the issues above, feel free to email that to us.