Chief-of-Staff Laura Williams, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

Our readers may recall from “DISA CHRONICLES, CHAPTER 1,” a segment called “The Porno Tape.” Laura Williams was the Deputy Director of Operations and reported to senior executive (SES) Dave Bennett. In 2018, Williams took over the job of Programs Manager, but still reported to Dave Bennett.

Dave “I love the parking garage” Bennett

Tony “The Swampman” Montemarano was grooming Laura Williams and Lisa Belt to become senior executives (SES) at DISA. Our switchboard lit up with information about Laura Williams giving senior executive Dave Bennett a blowjob in the DISA parking garage.

Apparently, the sex act was captured on security cameras in the DISA parking garage. Whoops, ever since Monica and Bill were doing the same thing in the oval office, Americans found out that fellatio is not sex. High school kids all over America discovered that giving/receiving oral sex is not legally considered sex. Now, they could tell their parents with a straight face, they are not having sex.

Once again, Laura Williams is working for Dave Bennett. Bennett is a good buddy of Swampman Tony Montemarano. And, the Swampman is the guy running the show at DISA for Vice Admiral Nancy Norton. Once Laura’s “talents” were exposed, DISA decided to make Williams the Congressional Affairs Liaison for DISA.

Lisa “Cocktail” Belt walked right out of jail into her new job as the Director of Operations at DISA.


And who can forget Lisa Lynn Elias Belt (Offender ID Number 1992774)

DISA attempted to protect Lisa “I wanna drink” Belt, but somebody with some common sense apparently took steps to remove Belt’s Top Secret-SCI Clearance. We suspect DISA is attempting to find any job in the agency to help Lisa out. There are not many jobs in DISA that do not require a security clearance.

We suspect, this may be a ploy to wait for all the brouhaha to simmer down, then secretly give Lisa Belt back her Top Secret Clearance. We have seen these maneuvers before in other agencies.

But, Laura “checking the mike” Williams scored big time. Her fellatio talents did not go unrecognized by the Director of DISA, Vice Admiral Nancy Norton.

Our sources are now telling us that Laura “hummer” Williams went from being the Agency Congressional Liaison to now the Chief of Staff for the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).

Folks, no one gets that job without the director’s approval. So, giving your boss a blowjob in the parking garage, is apparently no big deal for Vice Admiral Nancy Norton.

Such “talent” is apparently viewed as a positive character trait at DISA, enough to warrant being promoted to the upper echelon, as chief-of-staff of DISA. Old Dave Bennett should have been summarily fired with the order, “pack up his desk and have security escort this SOB out of the building right now.”

If Bennett was still on active duty, he should have been thrown in prison. That’s what they do to junior officers in the military. LCDR Syneeda Penland was tossed in jail for adultery. If Bennett had any decency at all, he would immediately resign. The fact that he hasn’t, tell  us all we need to know about the character of the man.


On behalf of the American people, we wish to sincerely apologize to all the women who did not resort to providing sexual favors to advance their careers. We know this happens all the time, but that doesn’t make it right.

Ross Perot, former Presidential Candidate in the 1992 Campaign

Instead, they worked long hours, went to school nights and remained loyal to the organization in the hope to be recognized for their work-related talents and their dedication. They preferred to climb the ladder of success the honorable way.

Remember old Ross Perot? During an interview with Baba Wa Wa, he was asked why he fired employees when he discovered they were having affairs? Perot simply said, “If your wife can’t trust you, then why should I.” There’s a lot of wisdom in those words.

VADM Norton should be saying, “if your wife or husband cannot trust you, then why should DISA?”

But, under the “stellar leadership” of Vice Admiral Nancy Norton, sexual liaisons in the parking garage between a senior executive and his subordinate is apparently just fine with her.

Folks, we’ve been around the block more than once. We have witnessed the very best and the very worst examples of leadership. With due consideration for our own credibility with you, we say without hesitation that Vice Admiral Nancy Norton is the most pathetic naval officer we have ever encountered.

We weep for all those who are suffering under her leadership, but we will continue to expose the corruption at DISA until a real leader makes the necessary changes to put DISA on a steady course.

VADM Nancy Norton, one of the worst naval officers we have encountered in forty-five years.
And let’s not forget those who aid and abet corruption