rumor has it, that a major scandal involving general officers in washington d.c. is about ready to go down. we are waiting for additional information

Book by J.B. Simms describing the incredible corruption of the South Carolina judicial system, and two dear friends, NAACP SC President, Brenda Murphy and Sheriff Leon "head-breaker" Lott.

Whatever happened to the good ole days when African-American people would look out for other African-American people? Throughout American history, because of the difficulty African-American people were confronted with, they had a special kinship. They stuck together. That no longer seems to be the case. NAACP’s tacit policies seem to prove it.

Unfortunately, Blacks were sold out from time to time throughout American history by their brothers and sisters. Black people were hired to help slave traders find and load up ships bound for America. The rich and powerful learned a long time ago, the best way to control Black people is with other Black people. They still do it today because it solves the problem of being accused as a racist.

There is evidence the NAACP is betraying Black citizens, left and right. Many of those betrayed by the NAACP are not only Black, but are veterans of the United States military. We don’t like anyone being stabbed in the back by people who should be helping them, but we especially do not like it when America’s veterans are betrayed by organizations who have a duty to champion their causes.


Betrayal is the sense of being harmed by intentional actions (or a failure to act) by a trusted person, or someone holding a job where it was their duty to assist, but intentionally turned their back. The most common forms of betrayal are harmful disclosures of confidential information, disloyalty, infidelity, dishonesty. When someone has a duty to act and intentionally shirked that duty, we call it dereliction of duty.

Betrayal by your own people, is traumatic and causes considerable distress. It’s the primary reason that strong marriages will fall apart where one of the spouses was a whistleblower. The love for a spouse is displaced by the hatred of betrayal causing an obsessive demand for justice.

The effects of betrayal include shock, loss and grief, morbid pre-occupation, damaged self-esteem, self-doubting, anger. Not infrequently they produce life-altering changes. The effects of betrayal are most relevant for anxiety disorders, and OCD and PTSD in particular.

Betrayal frequently causes mental contamination, and the betrayer is commonly the source of a corrosive anger that contaminates the mind of the betrayed. The betrayal a whistleblower feels frequently leads to an obsessive desire for justice.

While Black people are probably being betrayed by NAACP chapters all over America, we have selected five particular cases that exemplify how the NAACP had been turning its back on the very people they should be defending. Four of the five involved the betrayal of veterans of the United States.


Mr. Earl O. Graham, former Army Captain became a target after calling out Solicitor and Army Major Dan Johnson

Mr. Graham discovered that his wife was having an affair with Richland County South Carolina Solicitor Dan Johnson.

A complaint was filed against the Solicitor Dan Johnson who was also a JAG officer in the South Carolina National Guard. Mr. Graham was understandably very angry and very vocal.

Graham suffered all forms of attacks, including the destruction of his business. When that didn’t work, goons set fire to his home and blamed it on him.

Eventually, the good-old-boys of South Carolina wove their little web and took action to silence Mr. Graham under the color of law.

Graham was suddenly arrested and thrown in jail. Graham believes that County Solicitor and other South Carolina officials were attempting to break him.

Jail became prison as Graham spent nearly two years of his life behind bars without charges filed, without a hearing or a trial. He became a political prisoner in the United States.

After nearly two years behind bars, the Chief Justice of the South Carolina Supreme Court ordered that Graham either be charged or released. For 4.5 years, Graham had bogus and specious charges hanging over his head the attorney general of South Carolina and the creepy solicitor Dan Johnson never officially filed.

Since Graham was innocent and refused to plea guilty, the county solicitor and the AG begrudgingly released Graham from his false imprisonment. Years later, Graham’s record was completely expunged. They finally admitted Graham was truly an innocent man. Graham said recently, this thing is not over with by any stretch of the imagination.

Ironically, the Solicitor Dan Johnson was discovered committing massive fraud and sent to prison himself. For some odd reason the US Attorney’s office failed to add false imprisonment to the list of charges against the ethically challenged county solicitor.

Solicitor Dan Johnson was defrauding both the Army and the Citizens of Richland County and falsely imprisoning people like Earl Graham. The US attorney racked up a slew of charges that could have levied 10+ years in prison, but the US Attorney reduced the charges down to only two or three, thereby resulting in a prison sentence of only a year and a day.

During all of this malfeasance, Graham sought help from numerous organizations including the South Carolina NAACP. The NAACP did absolutely nothing. An innocent man was sent to prison under the color of law and the NAACP leadership chose to look the other way.


Joshua Goodman was a resident of Rock Hill, South Carolina, and a 100% disabled Army veteran from the Gulf War. Joshua reached out to the VA for help in coping with symptoms related to PTSD. The extent of help Josh got from the VA was to merely send him more prescription drugs through the mail. The VA should have immediately recognized that Josh had a severe PTSD problem and needed to be in counseling right away. But, they just tossed a few drugs in the mail and were done with it.

Mishelle Renee Calvert, mother of Joshua Goodman who is presumed to have been murdered because she knew too much about police corruption..

Josh suffered terribly from horrific flashbacks from the war. In one particularly bad episode, he ran to his neighbor’s house in Rock Hill, SC to plead for help. A recipe for disaster to be the only Black guy in an all-White neighborhood and having flashbacks of the war.

Perhaps a bit frightened by Josh’s behavior, the neighbor called the cops. But before police arrived, it became a physical struggle. Josh is now in prison convicted of attempted murder.

Somehow, between asking his neighbor for help and being thrown in jail, Josh was severely beaten. Was it the neighbor’s husband that beat Josh up, or the arresting officers? Or, was Josh beaten in jail by police guards, or possibly by other inmates once he was taken into custody?

It appears the beating occurred while in police custody, because Josh is wearing an orange jumpsuit in both before and after pictures. Sheriff deputies are going to have difficulty claiming Josh suffered his injuries because he resisted arrest?

It’s not likely that sheriff deputies arrived at Josh’s neighbor’s home saying, “Josh, before we beat the hell out of you, would you mind very much slipping into this snappy prison-orange jumpsuit, so we can get a picture of you while your face is still in good condition?”

Ironically, Josh Goodman became a police officer when he got out of the military. This fact is a new dynamic in mystery as to how Josh Goodman was severely beaten while in police custody. Josh reached out to the NAACP who turned their back on him. When he needed them most, the NAACP didn’t do a damn thing.

SIDE NOTE 1: When Joshua Goodman was going through his trial, his mother traveled from her home in Florida and moved into Joshua’s home in Rock Hill, South Carolina. She must have known why police used her son as a punching bag, because Mishelle Calvert disappeared and is presumed murdered with her body in some clandestine grave somewhere.

SIDE NOTE 2: The VA had an outstanding outreach coordinator by the name of Dr. Alex Juitt who spoke with Joshua Goodman in prison. Suddenly, Juitt was ordered to no longer speak to Goodman. When Dr. Juitt asked why, he was summarily fired as the the VA’s justice outreach coordinator and retired a few months later.


Army Veteran Carlos Martin

Carlos Martin was on active duty stationed at Fort Jackson in South Carolina. He had inserted his key in the door of his residence when one of Leon Lott’s deputies by the name of Ben Fields yelled, “hey you, come over here.” Little did Carlos know that he had run into a deputy who had some major anger management issues.

The deputy demanded to see his license and registration. When Carlos provided a paper version of driver’s license because his card version had been lost during his transfer to the USA from Germany. When Carlos referred to the not-so-nice deputy as “dude,” Deputy Ben Fields tackled Carlos to the ground.

Carlos initially curled up into a ball knowing that any resistance at all would be considered as resisting arrest. Deputy decided to make Carlos Martin’s life more miserable by emptying out a can of mace on his face.

Martin’s wife heard the scuffling in the front of their residence and came out asking the officer to stop spraying her husband with mace. Although emotionally distraught, Mrs. Martin had the presence of mind to snap a few photos of the dubious police stop. Her cell phone had some photos erased by law enforcement to destroy evidence of police abuse.

While Carlos Martin was being held on the ground he saw Deputy Joseph Clarke slamming his wife on the ground, apparently for taking pictures of the police abuse. His wife was not interfering with officers and stood several feet away. Her only “crime” was taking taking pictures of bullies with badges and guns as they sprayed mace and roughed-up her husband on the ground.

(left) a picture of thug and sheriff’s deputy Ben Fields as he held Carlos Martin on the ground. Carlos used this photo to construct the cover of his book, “A War on Friendly Grounds.”

Later, an internal affairs report basically confirmed that Carlos had done nothing wrong and was improperly treated by overbearing officers. Martin and his wife were ultimately released by the “Gestapo of South Carolina”…. why?, because Mr. and Mrs. Martin hadn’t violated any law.

Carlos sought help from multiple organizations including the pathetic South Carolina NAACP, who promptly turned their backs on the Martin family. Worse yet, the first thing the NAACP President said to Carlos was, “How much money did you donate to the NAACP last year?”  They finally showed Carlos their true colors. They were nothing but money-grubbing political opportunists.

Even if Carlos had become a member of the NAACP and donated money and time to the organization, they still would have betrayed him because it was not politically expedient to help Carlos and his wife fight police brutality. Keep in mind that Mr. Graham was a dues paying member, and they still turned their back on him as well.

Deputy Sheriff Ben Fields was the same individual who several years later, tossed a high school student across the classroom for not putting her cell phone away. Another student was recording the incident which went viral. The sheriff was forced to fire Deputy “body slammer” Ben Fields.

It was a clear case of police brutality that apparently the NAACP was okay with. To this day, under the “leadership” of Brenda Murphy, the SC NAACP has done nothing to defend the rights of a Black man who was serving his country in the United States Army.

Carlos even asked the JAG officer on the base for help. Guess who that was? Give our readers a kewpie doll… it was none other than Richland County Solicitor Dan Johnson who had thrown former Army captain Earl Graham in prison for two years because he blew the whistle on his illicit affair with his wife.

This was the same Dan Johnson who was sent to prison for $44,000 of fraud, $8,000 of which was stolen from the South Carolina Air National Guard. Oh yes, did we tell you the military had no stomach to court martial Major Dan Johnson for his deception and theft. Instead they allowed him to retire with an HONORABLE DISCHARGE.

After Carlos was betrayed by his attorney that he feels to this day was part of the cabal to protect Sheriff’s Deputy Ben Fields, he wrote a book about his encounter with Richland County Sheriff Deputies entitled, “A WAR ON FRIENDLY GROUNDS.” And, he didn’t quit there. Carlos then made a movie of his own book which recently received an award as an excellent documentary.

Again, we ask, where the hell was the NAACP. Why didn’t they even sit down to write a letter expressing outrage of how Carlos and his wife were treated as he attempted to enter his home after a long day at work. One asks, “Who does the NAACP actually represent?”

If the NAACP had done their job when Carlos was attacked, there’s a possibility Deputy “people beater” Ben Fields would not have been there to throw a high school kid across the classroom. God only knows how many other people have felt the wrath of this out-of-control deputy.


Major Clarence Anderson, USAF

Major Anderson found himself in a bitter custody battle with his x-wife. Desperate to deprive Major Anderson of custody, she resorted to a lie saying that Anderson had sexually assaulted her.

She called local police, but when they could not substantiate her claim. Police warned her about making false claims and left.

Realizing the military was looking for heads to chop off, Anderson wife decided to file a complaint with military authorities.

Seeking any opportunity to prove to Congress they take crimes against women seriously, the military judicial system was more than happy to file charges against Major Anderson.

Anderson was convicted and spent 3+ years in prison. His x-wife got what she wanted, custody of their daughter.

A letter was sent to national headquarters of the NAACP seeking help on Anderson’s behalf. The NAACP said in their LETTER RESPONSE, they were just too busy to intervene on Major Anderson’s behalf. Stated another way, the NAACP simply was not interested in the blatant railroad job the military did on a Black major in the United State Air Force.

It’s a possibility that had the NAACP swung into action to prevent an abomination of justice against an innocent Black man, Major Anderson may not have spent 3+ years behind bars for something he didn’t do.


Mr. Robert Reese, a gifted individual who has more leadership in his little finger than most people will ever have.

Mr. Robert Reese is the only one of the examples who is not a veteran, but his story is so incredible we had to give him (and his story) an honorable mention. And, even though he’s not a veteran, you will find no greater supporter of veterans causes than Robert Reese.

It’s a story about how he was double-crossed by the very people that should have been supporting him. It involves, guess who? … the wheeler and dealer, BRENDA MURPHY and the truly pathetic NAACP office of South Carolina.

We interviewed Mr. Reese at length and found his story to be very credible. We decided to provide our readers with a downloadable pdf version to printout and read at their leisure.

It’s a story of how an organization with insipid prowess, weaves their little web around a man of character, a man of leadership, to ultimately attack his good name and remove him from the organization completely.

Mr. Reese helped us to fully understand the corruption of South Carolina’s NAACP President Brenda Murphy and the overall corruption of the people who frequently support her as she hobnobs with South Carolina’s rich and powerful.


The target of this article is BRENDA MURPHY and every other person who prefers a personal policy of betrayal, rather than doing what is right.

Millions of people still believe that Michael Brown yelled “hands up don’t shoot” in Ferguson, Missouri. It was all a lie. If you say, let’s go shopping, it’s black Friday… young people quickly retort that “black Friday” is a racist statement.

Mr. Reese is very well aware of racism, and knows the damage that specious and false claims of racism do to those who have legitimate claims of actual racism. Mr. Reese strikes us as a person who rises above racism, a true leader who only seeks the truth because he knows the truth, and only the truth can set you free.

The NAACP used to champion truth. They used to defend people who had no voice and no money. They used to fight for people by speaking truth to power. Now they first ask those who are filing complaints if they have donated to the NAACP.

The NAACP is supposed to be part of the checks-and-balances of our society. They used to be suspicious of the rich and powerful, now they butter up to them.

Brenda Murphy prefers to look the other way on cases she should be screaming high Heaven about. If she looks the other way, virtually selling Black citizens down the river, maybe the police or the sheriff will give her a break on parking tickets.

She’ll scratch their backs, if they will scratch hers. Murphy prefers being a politician rather than a strong leader. Brenda helps the good-old-boys to keep the Black people under control. She won’t fight, even when she knows that many people are suffering, a pure politician.

SC NAACP President Brenda Murphy, always taking the path of least resistance.

Brenda Murphy has betrayed the very people she is supposed to be protecting. She prefers to go along, to get along, rather than get in the face of the powerbrokers causing the suffering. That way she gets invited to all the cocktail parties and is part of that protected group we call the good-old-boys.

Brenda Murphy should be deeply ashamed for failing to do her job as the NAACP President. She should be ashamed for allowing the powerbrokers to incarcerate Earl Graham in prison for nearly two years without charges or even a hearing. All you heard from Brenda Murphy was crickets.

Brenda Murphy should be ashamed for not using the power and influence of her office to intervene on behalf of Joshua Goodman. Instead of getting help from the VA and the NAACP, he’s serving a ten-year stint in prison. Joshua Goodman needed help and everyone let him down and looked the other way when police beat the crap out of him.

The NAACP of South Carolina should be ashamed for not helping Carlos Martin and his wife when their civil rights were thrown out the window by a bully with a badge. Even now, Brenda Murphy could voice the displeasure the NAACP has with the way the Martins were treated by law enforcement, but she prefers to go along to get along instead.

Brenda Murphy should be deeply ashamed for firing Robert Reese. Very few people these days have the courage or Moxy to be an effective leader. Robert Reese is a natural born leader and should have been bigger and better assignments within the NAACP organization. Instead, she betrayed him and fired him. It was a big mistake and a terrible loss for the NAACP and all Black citizens everywhere.

The NAACP national leadership should also be ashamed for allowing people like Brenda to routinely betray one person after another in favor of being accepted in local politics. Every other chapter of the NAACP who has a Brenda Murphy in charge should also be ashamed and immediately resign.

Money really is the root of all evil. It makes people weak; takes the fire out of their belly. Here’s a chart that shows the salaries for the leaders of the NAACP. What Brenda makes for heading up the South Carolina office of the NAACP is not known. For all we know, president of a state chapter could be a volunteer position. But, whether her position is salaried or not, there’s great value to currying favor from the rich and powerful in South Carolina.



As always, we like to offer an opportunity to hear (read) the opposing side. If you feel you have been unfairly maligned by anything we have published, we want to hear from you.

Even though we attempted to contact Brenda Murphy at her office, no phone calls were ever returned. This offer for rebuttal is once again offered to Brenda Murphy.

To Brenda “The Sellout,” or anyone else for that matter; write down what you want to say, then find a notary public who will administer a jurat, a sworn statement that everything you say is the truth. We will give serious consideration to publishing your sworn statement without any redaction.

If you have a story about how the NAACP has betrayed you, contact us. We may use your story in a follow-up article. Unlike the NAACP, your donation to our organization is not necessary before we will help you.

In support of what we say, there’s an excellent ARTICLE on how the NAACP is letting down the Black community, not just in South Carolina, but across the nation. Take a few additional minutes to read it as well.

RECOMMENDATION: We offer this humble recommendation to the powerbrokers of the NAACP… Take steps to immediately retire Brenda Murphy and offer the job of South Carolina NAACP President to Mr. Robert Reese.

Robert Reese is the perfect individual to be the President of the South Carolina NAACP. Make no mistake about it.

Mr. Reese would carry out the duties of SC NAACP President with great zeal, abounding confidence and extraordinary integrity, for the benefit of all. Everyone would benefit except the evil doers and the good-old-boys who consistently cover-up their malfeasance.