Jose Marrero and the "Healing Garden" - It seems that so many employees are being hurt physically and mentally at the Dorn VA Medical Center, they had to construct a "Healing Garden." You can't make this stuff up.

In keeping with our policy of helping those without a voice we present the case of Jose Marrero. A hardworking guy who was apparently screwed pretty badly by the Veterans Administration. Our investigators received Jose’s side of the story, but have had difficulty obtaining information from others involved.

Normally, we try to avoid getting involved in squabbles that should be properly handled by the human resources department, but we were impressed of how Jose Marrero kept records. If his notes and information are truthful, it appears he caught employees of the Dorn VA Medical Center in Columbia, South Carolina involved in a classic coverup of their own malfeasance.

Simply stated, Mr. Marrero was physically assaulted at work. When he tried to use the typical apparatus (agencies and departments set up to to deal with such things), he was deceived into thinking there would be accountability. There was apparently a blatant attempt to coverup the attack and ignore the victim’s request who wanted to press charges against the perpetrator.

We realize, of course, it’s terribly difficult in an organization of the size and scope of the Veterans Administration to keep everyone happy, but takes issue when there is a coverup of malfeasance and nothing happens. It seems that no one is ever held accountable.

The perpetrators keep their jobs and are emboldened to do the same thing to another veteran down the road.

The first thing is a full and credible investigation needs to be initiated. Then, when misconduct is perpetrated by several people all working together to conceal their ethical and/or criminal behavior, there needs to be a major housecleaning. Seldom does that happen in America, but it should.


A message to the VA Secretary, it’s time to retire the Director of the Dorn VA Medical Center, Mr. David Omura. He needs to be “retired” immediately with or without a pension. We continually communicate to all active-duty military members and the 23 million veterans out there who have already served, that if they are having problems with the Veterans Administration, wants to know about it.

Out of all the 170 VA Medical Centers and 1,063 Clinics in the United States, for some reason, only the Dorn VA Medical Center in Columbia, South Carolina continually pops up on the radar for their maltreatment of both patients and employees.

The only way the chronic abuse stops is to hold people accountable for NOT doing their jobs properly. Mitigating and covering up an assault and battery complaint to make it all go away, is not doing your job properly, especially if you are a police officer.

Clean up your act Dorn, or we will post a report on a daily basis if we have to, until you finally understand the importance of credibility. The Dorn VA Medical Center needs to start holding people accountable.

Just when we think things are improving at the Dorn VA Medical Center, there’s more evidence that a serious deficit of leadership exists. It seems to be getting worse, not better. We are now just hearing about a veteran, who because of the pathetic leadership at the Dorn VA Medical Center, lost his eyesight. He’s now completely blind, because the Dorn VA Medical Center have people working there that simply don’t give a shit.

While we keep a close eye on our active duty military and the chronic skuduggery by flag-ranking military officers, especially in the United States Navy, we also keep our eyes peeled on how those who have served are being sometimes terribly mistreated.


In April 2014, a doctor at the Phoenix VA Medical Center was relieved of her job for being a bit to vocal about the outrageous wait times military veterans were being forced to endure.

It turned out that at least 1,700 military veterans waiting to see a doctor were never scheduled for an appointment and were never placed on a wait list at the Veterans Affairs medical center in Phoenix, raising the question of just how many may have been “forgotten or lost” in the system, according to a preliminary report made public Wednesday.

Veterans were intentionally not given an appointment because the numbers would have looked bad should someone conduct an audit. So, the evil bastards just didn’t provide an appointment which led to suffering and death for those who served America in the military.

According to a retired doctor, at least 40 veterans died waiting for care at the Phoenix, Arizona Veterans Health Administration. No one was held accountable because no VA employee could be fired even for gross or wanton negligence that led to suffering and death.

As stupid as it sounds,  Congress had to pass a law that enabled supervisors in the VA to fire people for failing to do their job properly. But even when they have the authority, you still can’t get them to hold people accountable. It’s an absolute joke and the Veterans suffered terribly.

Folks, if one does not help solve the problem, that same individual IS THE PROBLEM. intends to ferret out the ethically challenged and outright criminals that through abuse, neglect or overt actions hurt members and former members of our military. There has to be some accountability if this is ever going to change. Our Vets deserve better, and quite frankly, America deserves better.

So, here it is… the events placed in chronical order about the assault on Jose Marrero. A coworker at the Dorn VA Medial Center apparently decided one day that his job was too boring and wanted to spice things up by physically attacking a fellow coworker. The VA Medical Center police department attempted to downplay the incident by saying this workplace assault was just an “accident,” even though it was witnessed by another employee.

NOTE: If anyone named in this story feels our reporting is inaccurate in any way whatsoever, please contact and we will give you equal time to present your side of the story. Be prepared, however, to provide specifics as Mr. Jose Marrero has done.

Read the Chronical Sequence of Events which is a; “Classic Example of Pathetic Leadership of the Dorn VA Medical Center”