UPDATE: on 10/5/2021, Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller was released from pre-trial confinement.

(Left) Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, (Right) a new package of Iams Dog Food. Unfortunately, there's a mistake on the package. It should say the "The #1 Ingredient is Chicken Shit" has received large numbers of emails from people about the wrongful incarceration of Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller. Many of the emails were from people calling themselves retired Marines. The majority came to the defense of Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller.

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller was placed in pre-trial confinement Monday, 28 September 2021, in Camp Lejeune’s Brig (AKA: military prison).

Lieutenant General Kevin Iiams, the Commanding General of Training & Education Command for the Marine Corps in Quantico, Virginia, was the officer who issued the order directing that Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller be placed in pre-trial confinement at Camp Lejeune’s brig. Reason given was that Lt. Col. Scheller had allegedly violated a “gag” order, by making a social media post.

Lt. Col. Scheller was fired as the Commanding Officer of Advanced Infantry Training Battalion, Camp Lejeune, after he called for accountability of senior military leaders over the Afghanistan debacle; the piss poor prior planning for withdrawal, and the slip-shod and careless force protection measures, which paved the way for the suicide-bombing that killed thirteen (13) service members.

Ironic, is it not; Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, another so-called whistle blower lied under oath before Congress, but nothing… not a damn thing happened to him. If there was anyone who needed to be court-martialed it was Vindman. If you appear before Congress and lie under oath, that isn’t a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice so long as the good old boys approve of what you’re saying.


The three main reasons for placing a service member in pre-trial confinement are…

  1. the individual represents an imminent danger to society, based on the egregious nature of the allegations against them, or their behavior;
  2. the individual represents a danger to themselves (likely to commit suicide); or
  3. the individual represents a flight risk – may take off for Mexico, or parts unknown.
Col. Dan Wilson, USMC

The United States Marine Corps during a moment of insanity, decided to throw away one of their best Marines, Colonel Daniel Hunter Wilson. Wilson was politically convicted on the coerced testimony of a six-year-old child. This highly decorated war fighter, a guy you would have wanted in the thick of the fight, was tossed in prison for three long years, then tossed out of the Marine Corps as if they were throwing away a paper cup.

The conviction and railroading of Col. Dan Wilson was a graphic example of how the military judicial system can be highly manipulated to produce a certain politically expedient result. The stupidity of it all cannot be understated.

It was two years ago, on 2 October 2019, that then Major General (MG) Kevin Iiams was the hearing officer for Colonel Daniel Hunter Wilson, USMC, following his exoneration by the appellate court. Although the appellate judges had “set aside” Wilson’s felony conviction “with prejudice,” they had left alone those add-on minor convictions, recommending “no punishment.”

Remember, when an individual is sent to a court martial, the military does what is called, “file loading” to add as many frivolous or minor infractions to ensure a felony conviction. It’s but one of the reasons the military conviction rate hovers around 98%.

MG Kevin Iiams was dispatched to determine if Col. Dan Wilson should remain in the brig pending a new sentencing hearing on the minor charges. MG Iiams disingenuously (pulled a reason out of his ass) claiming that Col. Dan Wilson was a “flight risk,” and ordered that he be retained in prison. Wilson was hardly a flight risk after winning his case in the appeals court.

It strengthened the government’s bargaining position against Col. Wilson, leading to a dirty deal that he signed under duress in order to obtain his freedom from prison. Wilson had spent nearly three years of his life in an American military gulag. The military continues to seek new ways to destroy an  individual, rather than admit they had falsely charged, convicted and imprisoned  a man for three years with no credible evidence.

By keeping Col. Dan Wilson in confinement, it created a “virtual duress” situation, forcing Col Wilson’s hand in signing an unfavorable agreement, which the convening authority turned around and breeched/violated immediately with impunity. So much for men of honor.

Placing Lt. Col. Scheller in pre-trial confinement is an absolute abuse of authority by Dog Food Iiams. Lt. Col. Scheller meets none of the criteria for placing a service member in jail. But, the military can do whatever the hell they want with complete impunity, because the Congress of the United States has failed in their sacred oversight duties over the military.


Now Lieutenant General Kevin “Chicken-Shit for Brains” Iiams, (pronounced like Iams dog food)

In a past article we called then MG Kevin Iiams… MG Kevin “Dog Food” Iiams, because his name is pronounced like the popular dog food.

If the Iams Dog Food Company packaged dog shit or chicken shit for fertilizer, we would have preferred to use one of those names so as to not denigrate Iams dog food.

The Marine Corps apparently appreciates “Dog Food” Iiams because he’s just another POS politician in a uniform, willing to do or say anything for another star.

He’s the fix-it man for when the Marines have a potentially embarrassing situation.

We are pretty sure “Dog Food” Iiams probably received orders from higher ups to throw Lt. Col. Scheller in jail as quickly as possible, because CENTCOM General McKensie, SECDEF Austin and General “Warn the Chinese” Milley were within hours of testifying before Congress.

By throwing Scheller in jail, the military was able to fully silence him. Scheller’s father said he only spoke with his son for five minutes before all communication had been cutoff.

It’s amazing to what lengths these generals will go to stop the truth from leaking out. This includes murder that is frequently labeled as a suicide. Being a whistleblower in the military is a dangerous game, because the military is a country unto themselves with their own police, courts, prisons, hospitals, etc. all of which can be controlled and manipulated to produce a desired result.

The callous “Dog Food” Iiams decided to obey his taskmasters and jail Scheller as soon as possible, making sure he did not talk to his parents, his wife or his three daughters, and especially members of the press. Heaven forbid! Someone above the rank O-6 of might actually be held accountable.

Lieutenant General “Dog Food” Iiams needs to be prosecuted and unceremoniously tossed out of the Marine Corps for abusing his authority to intentionally hurt a stellar Marine officer and his family. Unfortunately, that won’t happen. Real justice seldom occurs when it’s a flag-ranking officer who commits the crime.

His superiors in the Marine Corps need to understand that Dog Food Iiams’s abuse of power does not bode well for Marine Corps recruiting. Why would anyone want to join the military? If, during your military career, you decide not to go along to get along, the military has a hundred ways to punish you and anyone who associates with you?

It takes courage to speak truth to power, because senior military commanders who don’t want anyone to hear your truth will use their power to silence and punish. Military commanders can order you to a court martial under bogus, trumped up charges. They can order you for multiple psychiatric exams to destroy your credibility. They can and do all these things on a regular basis, but only once in a while does the American public hear about it as they have in the Scheller case.

It is unconscionable that Lt. Col. Scheller is being treated like a common criminal for pointing out that the Emperor has no clothes. How ironic is it that the officer calling for accountability, is the only officer being punished? The people responsible for the pathetic Afghanistan withdrawal and the needless loss of life it caused are not held accountable, but probably promoted instead.

Our former Army members have a saying, “You fuck up to move up.” No truer words were ever spoken.

If the young men and women out there finally realize just how stupid things can get, military recruiters should be very concerned at how this  targeting of Lt. Col. Scheller plays out. Instead of coming to Scheller’s defense and honoring the service members who lost their lives in Afghanistan, these flag-ranking sycophants would rather play politics and suck up to the “big guy.”

And, one more note; This phone call General Milley made to his Chinese counterpart is most disturbing. Imagine if China finally decided to seize Taiwan with a full military assault and the president decided to send in American forces to defend Taiwan. After all, we have continually promised Taiwan we would defend the Taiwanese from Chinese aggression since WWII.


Can you imagine General “Sneaky Bastard” Milley decides to secretly call to warn the Chinese military of a pending U.S. attack that was planned to protect an ally. The Chinese generals would obviously prepare for the U.S. attack by setting up an ambush for our sailors, soldiers and Marines.

After wasting the lives of our military members by alerting the enemy a head of time, the traitor general or admiral would then go to the officer’s club and have a drink to celebrate a “successful operation.” Remember, General POS Milley and his associates have been trying to convince us the Afghanistan withdrawal was, under difficult circumstances, a good operation, when it was really an example of piss poor leadership and planning.

We wonder what would have happened if an American general warned the Germans on June 1, 1944, that an Allied invasion was really going to be at Normandy and not under General Patton at Calais. How long do you think that traitor would have lasted once he was discovered? Patton would have personally carried out the execution.

Now, that analogy may be far too much for some to accept, but the point is made. If a general or admiral feels so strongly against military policy, he can say, “No, I am not going to do that. I’ll go to jail first, or resign.” One doesn’t call up the enemy and betray our men and women in uniform so they can be slaughtered.

In today’s new WOKE military, traitorous generals (and admirals) are celebrated. General POS Milley will probably end up with a book and a movie deal. After he retires, he’ll be appointed as ambassador or get some other plum assignment. Hell, he might even be offered a job in China so he can divulge America’s secrets on a daily basis.

America’s young men and women had better think twice before joining America’s new WOKE military. Remember, you are putting your life in the hands of some people who don’t give a damn about you.

Lt. Col. Scheller lost his career and now his liberty. Don’t you go losing your life for some political POS general who is politically feathering his bed for a governmental appointment after retiring from the military.

Better think it over. The danger for you by entering the military is very real especially when 4-star generals don’t have your back.