CBS Report on the Fat Leonard Scandal

To see the problem in the military, all you have to do is to carefully watch a CBS Report from reporter David Martin about the Fat Leonard Scandal involving the United States Navy. The Report aired on “CBS WEEKEND NEWS” on October 16, 2021.

The Fat Leonard Scandal involved a big tubby guy (Leonard Francis, AKA: Fat Leonard) who knew how to game the system to get fabulously wealthy. He did what the Russians have always done, bribed Naval officers who sold out their country by trading classified information for money and sex.

Unfortunately, the civilian world just doesn’t get it. The core of the problem is the multi-tiered justice system as so clearly identified in this CBS Report.

Ray “let ’em get away” Mabus

Raymond Edwin Mabus Jr. (born October 11, 1948) is an American piece-of-shit politician, who served as the 75th Secretary of the Navy from 2009 to 2017.

Mabus previously served as the State Auditor of Mississippi from 1984 to 1988, as the 60th Governor of Mississippi from 1988 to 1992 and as the United States Ambassador to Saudi Arabia from 1994 to 1996.

Watch and listen carefully to the CBS Report where Good Old Boy Ray “the hangman” Mabus talks about how he “censured” some naval admirals, implying that he really punished their ass. Give us a break Ray!

Old “hang ’em high Ray Mabus “censured” a vice admiral and eight rear admirals that allegedly ended their careers! Oh my, that’s severe punishment. This Mabus guy is just like Judge Roy Bean for Heaven sakes.

Screw that! Those admirals received no punishment at all… just some mild and temporary embarrassment at the very most.

How about an innocent man tossed in a military prison for three years just so the Air Force could be politically correct. Ref: Major Clarence Anderson III.

Or, how about how the Marines falsely convicted and labeled Col. Daniel Wilson as a child molester. He was sent to prison for 5.5 years but only served 2.5 when the appeals court said the case against him was bullshit and tossed it out.

Desiring a way around the appeals court rebuke, the Marine Corps coerced Wilson using his freedom from prison as bait. He could have his freedom, only if he agreed to a dirty deal that would provide a face-saving measure for the Marines who railroaded him into prison.

Or, how about Major Andrew Higgins who merely sent an email the commanding general felt was too embarrassing for his administration, so he forced the Major to numerous unwarranted psychiatric exams.

When the psych exams didn’t work, General Ron Clark convened a board of cronies and had Higgins and his wife escorted to the gate and thrown off the base with an Other-than-Honorable discharge. If you’re squeaky clean, the military then uses administrative measures to remove the threat.

These truly honorable men weren’t lucky enough to receive a letter of censure. Even censure would have been improper, because they were innocent of the crimes they were accused of. But in the military, the system is so corrupt, they don’t need evidence to obtain a conviction.

These good and decent men were wrongfully and illegally thrown in prison and lost everything. Hey Ray Mabus, that’s fucking punishment my friend. It’s not a damn puny letter of censure you gave your cocktail-party admirals, which was orchestrated to appear as punishment and accountability.

We know the word games you play. You said your little letters of censure ended their careers. These words are carefully chosen to deliberately deceive people. They think the the corrupt navy admirals who surrendered their personal integrity were fired and lost their jobs and lost their pensions and lost everything else.

The most your admirals ever lost, aside from their own personal sense of integrity, was an article of clothing or a cufflink in a luxury hotel suit paid for by Fat Leonard.

They were only censured, which is code speak from SECNAV that says, ‘it’s time for you to consider retirement with full military benefits. Even though you flagrantly violated the law, you still get an honorable discharge from the United States Navy.’

Flag ranking officer are almost never court martialed. Flag-ranking officers are almost never held accountable. The most they received is a temporary notoriety by the embarrassment. You’ll notice the admirals that were allegedly censured by Ray Let ’em get away Mabus were not named.

So, even their embarrassment from their criminal activity is covered up. They are truly a protected class. So, when old Ray baby implies he “punished” the admirals, don’t you believe a damn word of it.

By making flag rank (admiral or general), you are given a get out of jail card in case you violate the law, in this case trading secrets for some nooky with some hookers in a luxury hotel suit. God only knows what we are not being told about what really happened in Hawaii.

David Martin is the National Security Correspondent for CBS News. Why didn’t Reporter David Martin ask more salient questions?…

  1. Secretary Mabus, do you feel any personal responsibility for all this happening on your watch?
  2. Do you really think a letter of censure is adequate punishment for trading classified information for sex?
  3. Secretary Mabus, would you look right into that camera lens and talk to the fathers and mothers of service members who are serving time in military prisons for doing A HELL OF A LOT LESS THAN THE ADMIRALS YOU ONLY CENSURED.

A letter of censure is only an expression of disapproval. In some cases it is considered as harsh criticism, kind of an ass-chewing put on paper. This is  away for the military to make it look like they are severely punishing someone. You’d be amazed how many of those so-called letters of censure never end up entered into a service record. It’s all a big joke. People joke when they say, “a strongly worded letter to follow.”

A letter of censure is non-binding (requiring no compulsory action from the censured party), unlike a motion of no confidence (which may require the referenced party to resign). Old “let ’em get away” Mabus issued letters of censure as a wink and a nod.

The dog-whistle message from “Let ’em get away” Mabus is …

‘gosh darnit admiral, you stepped on your dick by getting caught. You leave me no choice but to make it look like I’m punishing you. It’s time to consider retirement. If you need extra time, no problem. We can drag our feet for as long as you need because the public has become numb by all the corruption in Washington, and frankly doesn’t care anymore.’

The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) is hardly uniform when your scumbag admirals are allowed to retire with an honorable discharge while other lower-ranking military members are being crucified?

We know of one young naval reserve lieutenant who had sex with an enlisted woman not in his chain of command. The Navy convened a general court martial and threw him out of the military with a felony conviction and a dishonorable discharge.

Trust us when we say there are many more cases where the admirals get a pass, while others are thrown in prison. The whole military judicial system is a complete and utter joke. We have been reporting on military corruption for over twenty years and observing the corruption for decades before that.

This young reserve naval officer who “fraternized” wasn’t trading sensitive or classified information to get laid, but paid the supreme price. Whoops, check that; for a single count of fraternization a military officer can get two years in prison, as well as the felony and dishonorable discharge. Since he didn’t receive prison time, the admirals would say he got off easy.


Will you tell the truth Ray Mabus and admit that flag-ranking officers of the United States military are above the law? Will you admit the credo on the Supreme Court of “Equal Justice Under Law,” just does not apply to you and your fucking navy admirals?

A SPECIAL MESSAGE TO EVERY MEMBER OF THE MILITARY, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO ARE ENLISTED AND JUNIOR RANKING OFFICERS… get the hell out of the military at your earliest opportunity. You have no clue as to the danger you are in, especially given the current stupid political climate. China is rising in power, but the civilians don’t care because it’s your life on the line, not theirs.



If you read this and you join anyway, then don’t contact us when you are abused by a corrupt system. We told you so.