The 2002 graduating class of the Army's War College... minus one name in the "P" section. The War College sent out a clandestine work crew to grind off the name in the middle of the night - Now You See It, Now You Don't

This article is an update to a previous article about Army Lieutenant General Aundre F. Piggee. Some of the information in that article is brought forward to give our readers a review and background on the Piggee misconduct.

In a thumbnail, the United States Army promoted Aundre Piggee right to the top of the military food chain even though he was functionally illiterate, barely able to read or write. Army officers crafted all his correspondence to carefully conceal Lt. Gen. Piggee’s inabilities. exposed the fact Lt. Gen. Piggee had copy-and-pasted part of his thesis in the Army’s War College in order to graduate. We call that plagiarism and fraud. The Army damage control team swung into action. Piggee was demoted one rank to Major General and quietly retired with an Honorable Discharge and huge pension from the United States Army.


Where did the fraud all begin for Aundre Piggee? Our gut tells us it was probably in the fourth grade. There’s a major shift that occurs for children at the 4th grade level. Prior to 4th grade, children are learning to read. After 4th grade, they are reading to learn. If you cannot read, your learning abilities are severely affected.

We suspect, that several teachers, early in Piggee’s life made sure that little Aundre passed his courses so he could graduate. This loose-nit fraudulent conspiracy, no doubt, continued through his college years. Piggee, with a pleasant demeanor and charming sense of humor, kept getting help from everyone around him hoping he would succeed in life.

The Army did exactly what all Piggee’s teachers and friends did… they covered up his failings and protected him as he rose up through the ranks in the United States Army. While it’s understandable, it’s far more dangerous when you may be called to lead men into battle. Lives are at stake. In such a scenario, could people have been killed because the commander could barely read or write?

Lt. General Aundre F. Piggee can write (cut-and-paste) a thesis in about 60 minutes. And, that’s with two fifteen minute breaks in-between.

One of his biggest protectors was the Inspector General of the Army, “Koala Bear” Leslie Smith. Many rumors permeated Army cocktail parties that Lt. General Aundre Piggee couldn’t read or write, and that he was suspected of plagiarizing his thesis in the Army’s War College.

Anytime someone would be brave enough to expose Piggee’s literary inabilities, the Inspector General of the Army (a professional cover-up artist) made sure his dear friend and fellow flag officer was fully protected.

Was evidence suppressed? Were investigations quashed? Were careers destroyed? If they weren’t, they surely would have been if anyone dared to come forward.

The Army has a track record. How about the My Lai Massacre on March 16, 1968. The helicopter pilot (W.O. Hugh Thompson Jr.) who intervened when Lt. William Calley Jr. ordered his men to murder Vietnamese civilians went through a living hell in the Army.

It’s a sad fact, that when the news is bad, people generally go after the messenger.

Piggee is a symptom of the real problem. The problem is an awful erosion of leadership. Officers trade-in their personal honor to protect their own careers. Why, file a complaint and destroy your own career, when you know the Army will do nothing to fix the problem anyway?

If an Army officer called out Lt. General Piggee for his inability to even draft a simple memo, how long do you think that officer’s career would last? While it’s logical, it’s still a problem. If it were not a problem, then the Army would not have ended up with an illiterate Lieutenant General.

The whole military system is built on a house of cards, because the people at the top will destroy an officer if he/she “breaks ranks” and is perceived to have embarrassed the United States Army. The Army would have embarrassed itself, and ends up killing the messenger just because the message is something they didn’t want to hear.

The problem is a military unit that is largely devoid of leadership and devoid of honor. has fifty (50) years of experience in witnessing one example after another of military debauchery.

Lt. General Piggee surrendered his own personal honor to rise to the top of the military food chain. Pigee may be the ultimate winner for his lying, cheating and stealing. An Army Major General (08), will cash a retirement paycheck somewhere between $12,000 to $15,000 per month for the rest of his/her life.

The military is the ultimate loser, giving us yet another example of their lack of integrity and failure to hold one of their flag-ranking officers fully accountable for his extraordinary misconduct.


Former United States Army Lieutenant General Aundre F. Piggee is purportedly a very nice man. People tell us that Piggee is a very charming and personable, someone who avoids controversy as much as possible.

While Piggee is sweet and lovable like his buddy Army Inspector General Leslie “Koala Bear” Smith, they were/are two of the worst leaders in the American military. They are nothing more than hollow suits that will suck up to anyone to get another promotion.

Both of these flag-ranking clowns are terribly challenged in the integrity department. While Aundre Piggee is alleged to be a charmingly nice man, he is also a self-serving idiot who will lie, cheat and steal to achieve a desired result. There isn’t a leadership bone in his body. Aundre Piggee is just another political sycophant.

The Army took away a star, big deal! The military implemented their “protect flag-ranking officers” procedure, by quietly ushering Piggee into retirement at the highest rank they possibly could. It’s the same white-glove treatment provided to all the other admirals and generals who step on their dick.

Piggee should have been busted to the rank he held when he was plagiarizing the hell out of his War College thesis. Then he should have been given what all the other officers would have received for committing such a brazen fraud, an Other-than-Honorable Discharge.

If the Army really wanted to fix the problem, they first have to recognize that having their generals retire to escape accountability is a problem. Unfortunately, the senior leadership in the military don’t see it as a problem.

Every single officer who knew of Lt. Gen. Piggee’s fraudulent propensities that did not come forward to report it, should have been reprimanded at a minimum, either formally or informally. The cadets at the Military Academy put it this way, “A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do.”

Unfortunately, flag-ranking officers always receive an “Honorable Discharge” no matter what they do. General officers can commit murder, and the military would still bend over backwards to ensure the murderer received an Honorable Discharge.

The classic Pentagon tactic is to immediately retire the admiral or general to civilian status with an Honorable Discharge, then let the U.S. Attorney’s office handle the murder charges. No matter what the civilians do, the admiral or general will always have his Honorable Discharge.


Major General Jimmy Grazioplene was quietly retired when the Army discovered he had been raping his own daughter for nearly a decade at foreign Army posts all over the world.

It wasn’t until the civilians said, ‘not so fucking fast general pervert,’ and convicted Major General Grazioplene in a civilian court. This is when the Pentagon decided they better get off their ass to at least make it look like they were punishing the pervert major general.

The Secretary of Defense recalled Grazioplene and reduce him in rank, but even then, made sure Grazioplene received a pension and kept his Honorable Discharge. The military double tiered justice system would have thrown a Captain Grazioplene in Ft. Leavenworth for twenty years.

But, since the pervert major general was a flag-ranking officer, he received what amounted to a slap on the wrist and only after the military was politically forced to take action.

The admirals and generals have always felt they were above the law, and that’s because they are. While the American people are not looking, and our Congress embraces this go-along to get-along policy, flag-ranking officers of the United States military can do as they please, thank you very much! predicts that one day their entire house of cards is going to come tumbling down. And, we’re going to be right there when it happens.


A thesis in the Army War College is called an “SRP” (Strategic Research Project). Click on the link below to read the document that was copy-and-pasted from someone else’s research, the same document that helped to whisk old cut-and-paste Piggee right up the chain of command to attain the rank of lieutenant general in the United States Army. READ PIGGEE’S SRP FOR YOURSELF

If they had caught plagiarism in the war college committed by anyone else, the student would have, at the very least, NEVER BEEN PROMOTED beyond the rank he/she currently held. In Piggee’s case that would be the rank of probably lieutenant colonel, and he would not have entered that exclusive club of general officers who arrogantly hold themselves above the law.

Promoting old cut-and-paste all the way up to lieutenant general sends a message to other lazy-ass officers who steal the work of others, to consider taking the risk. Maybe no one will find out and you’ll enter that special club of admirals and generals who are seldom held accountable.

We love you Army, but those who allowed this abomination of justice and the cover-up, should hang your head(s) in shame. Think of all the careers that have been ruined for a hell of a lot less. Think of the careers that fucking Piggee himself ruined for a hell of a lot less by convening general court martials against other military members.

Think of the damage done to the reputation of the prestigious Army War College. Now, every graduate who played by the rules and did their own work, have to bear the brunt of suspicion the work was potentially stolen and the Army let it pass.

The Secretary of Defense needs to immediately send every graduate of the war college (especially those who graduated in 2002) a letter of apology for failing to attack this plagiarism issue sooner.

And in that letter of apology, beg forgiveness for allowing the Inspector General of the Army to coverup this and many other instances of Army skullduggery for many years.

The Army Secretary should also apologize for the Army’s failure to demote Piggee to the rank he had in the War College. That’s what people of integrity would do. They would admit their mistakes and promise to do better. Hey, we are not holding our breath that anyone in the Pentagon will hold these clowns accountable.

LTG Piggee giving his wisdom to students of the Army War College. Hopefully, he was not telling students how to plagiarize their papers to ultimately be promoted to lieutenant general.


Audre F. Piggee may be on the fringes of being functionally illiterate, but you would never know it by the emails he wrote. But, did he write those emails?

Piggee would tell a subordinate to conjure up a “GEM” for some purpose. The code acronym “GEM” stands for “ghost E-mail.”

One of his underlings would draft a beautiful email and save it as an .oft extension. Then, attach the email “template” to an email sent to Piggee. The email attachment was completely filled in with the TO, FROM and COPY blocks filled in. When Piggee would pull up the attachment it was insert his signature block, so all he had to do was just hit the send key.

Piggee was smart enough to know it was to his benefit to surround himself with brilliant people who were true professionals. He would use their mastery of the written word to propel himself up the chain of command. All Piggee did, was to just hit the return key, and wallah…  he looked like the smartest fucker on the block.


Once again we reiterate. The Army knew of Piggee’s misconduct allowing a guy who couldn’t write a coherent memo rise to the pinnacle of success as a lieutenant general in the United States Army. The fact that Piggee couldn’t write a coherent sentence was the worst kept secret in the Army.

Our sources tell us that Piggee’s buddy, Lieutenant General Leslie “Koala Bear” Smith knew about the plagiarism going all the way back to when Piggee graduated from the Army War College. Not only did the IG(s) do nothing, they took overt steps to protect Piggee from any scrutiny, as he rose up through the ranks.

Most all Americans love a fairy tale story of extraordinary achievement. We love to hear about people who rose up from poverty and disadvantage, to achieve extraordinary things. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that Piggee was protected throughout his career. He was a sweet lovable guy that people wanted to see “make it to the top.”

While we understand it, it still is not right to achieve success on the backs of others. For the fairy tale of success to come true, the individual had to have earned it, and not stolen it from others. Otherwise the fairy tale is nothing more than a fraud.


Only about 12% of regular Army officers are selected to enroll in the Army’s War College. In the regular Army, once an officer achieves the rank of lieutenant colonel, they apply for enrollment in the war college correspondence program, referred to as “DDE” Department of Distance Education. Officers have to be board selected to enroll in the distance education program.

Once students in the Army’s War College are immediately hit with a minimum of reading 150+ pages per day. Students have to write a five to eight page paper that is due every two weeks or so. If you don’t like doing homework, this is not the place for you.

Once students graduate, the War College creates a massive bronze plaque with raised lettering showing all of the graduates. For eighteen years, they left Piggee’s name on the plaque, but then late one evening workmen probably wearing black turtlenecks and a tactical vest, rolled up to the War College and took out an electrical grinding tool to grind Piggee’s name off the plaque of honor.

Once the truth came out about Senator Strom Thurmond’s sexual exploits, authorities scratched off the word “four” and replaced it with the word “five” and included the name of his fifth child, Essie Mae Washington-Williams

It reminded us of when people were forced to confront another fraud. Workman went to work on the statue of Senator Strom Thurmond in an effort to correct the record. Thurmond was a noted segregationist and one-time member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Old horn-dog Strom Thurmond  fathered a child (Essie Mae Washington-Williams), with a 15-year-old Black girl who was employed by the Thurmond family. That’s called statutory rape.

Workmen went over to the Thurmond statue on capitol grounds to include Essie Mae’s name to the list of his other children, going from four to five. Our advice; when these senators and flag-ranking military officers start tossing around that word Honor, be very cautious as to who is slinging around the most abused word in the military.

Our sources say that Aundre Piggee is the COO of the Piggee Consulting Company. This is a common transition for former flag-ranking officers. If they are lucky enough to find a sucker out there, they’ll line their pockets with 200-300 dollars per hour. Many times it’s just a vehicle to have tax write offs.

On the Army’s plaque that lists the War College graduates of the 2002 class, in the “P” section, between the names of Carol Pierce and Herbert Pittman, once was the name of Aundre F. Piggee. Again, one can wipe the name, but cannot wipe the shame.

So embarrassed was the staff at the Army’s War College, they ordered a clandestine crew of workers to grind Piggee’s name off the graduation plaque affixed to the wall of the War College.


We know you have officers among your ranks who have done far worse than cut-and-paste Piggee. What the Navy did to Chief Petty Officer Michael Tufariello (and his family), and to Brandon Caserta (and his family) makes the United States Navy our highest priority for articles concerning corruption and flag-ranking skullduggery.

We strive for absolute confidentiality for contributors and we ask for help on your end, especially if you are on active duty. You know how these people are.