Former Army Major Daniel Johnson in front of his alma mater, the mighty Citadel of South Carolina

The Military College of South Carolina, commonly referred to as “The Citadel” was founded by an act of the state legislature in 1842 as the South Carolina Military Academy it originally consisted of the Citadel Academy in Charleston and the Arsenal Academy in Columbia.

The Arsenal was burned by General Sherman’s forces during the American Civil War and never reopened. The Citadel Academy was occupied by Union troops in 1865 and reopened as an educational institution in 1882.

During the Civil War, the SCMA Corps of Cadets was organized into a military unit known as the Battalion of State Cadets which took part in nine engagements. In January 1861, Citadel Academy cadets manning a battery on Morris Island fired the first shots of the conflict when they shelled the Union steamship Star of the West which was attempting to resupply Fort Sumter.

In December 1864, the cadet battalion made up more than a third of a Confederate force that defended a strategic rail line during the Battle of Tulifinny, The Citadel was awarded 9 battle streamers for service in the Civil War and is one of only 5 American colleges to receive a battle streamer for its students participation in wartime service.

In 1922, the school moved from its original location on Marion Square in downtown Charleston to a new campus on the banks of the Ashley River on the northwest side of the city. The Citadel has grown steadily from an enrollment of 460 to its present 3,500.

During World War II, The Citadel had the highest percentage of any American college student body serving in the military and all but 346 of its living graduates were members of the armed forces. Alumni served as members of the Flying Tigers and Doolittle Raiders; 280 died in the service of their country.

The first black cadet enrolled in 1966, the first woman admitted was Shannon Faulkner after a successful court battle in 1995. She matriculated into The Citadel with an otherwise all-male corps of cadets on August 15, 1995 but soon withdrew. In 2018, The Citadel appointed the first female, Sarah Zorn, to lead the entire South Carolina Corps of Cadets as Regimental Commander.


The Citadel has a long and proud tradition of producing some of America’s great military leaders. But, no matter how hard great military schools try, the sense of honor and integrity taught to cadets doesn’t always take root. Citadel graduate Daniel Johnson is a classic example.

Dan Johnson was all that, and a bag of chips. Johnson graduated from The Citadel and went on to law school, then passed the bar exam and became a licensed attorney in South Carolina. He affiliated with the South Carolina Army National Guard and became a JAG officer dropping the hammer  on one military member after another for violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

All that success wasn’t enough for the over-achieving Army Major Dan Johnson. He decided to run for office and was elected to be the chief law enforcer of Richland & Kershaw Counties, South Carolina. Instead of enforcing the law, Johnson felt he was above the law.

Somewhere along the line, Dan Johnson’s moral compass went on the fritz. It’s almost as if Johnson had flown through the Devil’s Triangle and lost his way like five Navy torpedo bombers (Flight 19) who disappeared and were never heard from again. As a side note, a PBM search air and rescue aircraft with 13 aircrew aboard was also lost looking for Flight 19.

But, we digress, back to Dan Johnson…

Dan Johnson began to line his pockets with money he was stealing from Richland County taxpayers and with money he was stealing from the Army National Guard. It was a double billing scam. Dan the scam would copy his receipts and send one set to Richland County for reimbursement, then send the same receipts to the Army for reimbursement. He worked his way up to $44,000 of stolen funds before his house of cards fell in.

On top of Johnson’s little fraud scam, he was having difficulty keeping his dick in his pants, messing around with other men’s wives. (And, God only knows what else he was doing)


In one particular case, the husband (a former Army captain) caught Johnson and his wife playing hide the salami, and filed an ethics complaint against County Solicitor (and Army Major) Dan Johnson. This is when it’s believed Johnson or his “friends” went on the offense and burned down the Army vet’s home.

When burning his home down wouldn’t intimated the Army vet, Johnson, acting under-the-color-of-authority, trumped up bogus charges against the Army vet and ILLEGALLY threw him in jail.

Johnson, with malice aforethought, held this Army veteran in jail for nearly two years on bogus charges, without a hearing, without a trial, until the Chief Justice of the South Carolina Supreme Court ordered the pathetic solicitor (Dan Johnson) to either bring the Army vet to trial, or release him immediately.

Since the Army vet did nothing, but complain about a love triangle, Solicitor Johnson, feeling the heat from the SC Supreme Court,  had no choice but to release the betrayed husband. Johnson was using the power of his office to break the angry husband. But the man would not break!

Even after being bitch slapped by the SC Supreme Court Chief Justice, the evil county solicitor continued to harass illegally using the power of his office.

It took the Army vet five more years to get his record expunged. Dan “double bill” Johnson intentionally ignored the Army vet’s expungement requests. In this way, the evil solicitor continued to harass and harm this sturdy Army vet long after maliciously carting him off to jail for two years.

Try getting a job with a police record. When bogus charges are filed, there is no way for potential employers to know the charges are false. The general public didn’t know the solicitor they elected was so base, so vile as to imprison a man just so he could play with his wife without interference.

Why in God’s name, the Army veteran didn’t file multiple lawsuits, is still a mystery to us. The State of South Carolina had a duty to investigate allegations of corruption by one of their county solicitors. They failed in that duty. The ethics commission had a duty to investigate and file their own report, and they also failed in their duty as well.

Rumor has it, the Army vet didn’t want a protracted legal battle being splattered all over the news while his kids were growing up. We fully understand that, but his children are adults now, so where are the lawsuits?

This Army vet, who suffered the jackboots of Richland County law enforcement on his neck, needs to rise up against this massive corruption. He needs to locate a viscous and direct attorney outside the good-old-boy network of South Carolina, if these ethically-challenged people are to ever to feel the long arm of the law.


The corruption all over America is at an all-time high. It’s sadly become commonplace. No one seems to care about the law or the enforcement of the law. Five thousand people a day illegally enter the United States and the DOJ is OK with it. Yeah, let’s defund the police and see how that works out for us.

But, the incredible audacity of a South Carolina solicitor to use the power of his office to throw a complaining husband in jail, so he can continue screwing the man’s wife without any interference, is beyond the pale. And the fact that no agency in SC has fairly investigated the matter, adds insult to injury. It’s a complete abomination of justice.

The outrageous behavior of military authorities really chaps our hide.

Even after the corrupt JAG officer and county solicitor was caught and admitted to the theft of $44,000, a percentage of which was from military coffers, the military decided NOT TO COURT MARTIAL the scumbag JAG officer. But, the ultimate insult was bestowing upon former Army major Dan Johnson an HONORABLE DISHARGE. WTF OVER!!!

What should have happened is that when the Army found out from the US Attorney they had evidence of massive fraud, Dan Johnson’s military file should have been flagged. A “flagged” file means that no favorable action can be taken regarding this service member until exonerated. Had this been done, Johnson would have been court martialed and hopefully received a fair and just punishment from a military court.

Lot’s of questions here… did the Army flag Johnson’s file? If not, why not? Who was responsible for allowing Major Dan Johnson to resign his commission and to receive an Honorable Discharge?

We remind our readers; there are service members who have received Dishonorable Discharges and are serving time in military prisons right now who have done far less than Major Dan Johnson did on any given day.


This pathetic act by the United States military cheapens all former military members who have received and deserved an Honorable Discharge. Not long ago, we discovered the military had quietly ushered Major General Jimmy “Chester-the-Molester” Grazioplene out of the military because he was sexually molesting raping his own daughter for nearly a decade.

It wasn’t until a civilian court convicted the pervert Army major general, that the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) felt pressured to address the scumbag major general’s propensity to rape children.

So, SECDEF ordered major general pervert back on active duty to administratively reduce him in rank to second lieutenant. Remember: general court martials are not for the generals – they are above the law they enforce on everyone else.

The rationale was that when the pervert major general was a second lieutenant his daughter wasn’t born yet so he couldn’t have been molesting her. In this way the Secretary of Defense was able to “justify” giving the pervert major general a military pension and, wait for it… an Honorable Discharge.

The United States Army did their very best to protect the pervert major general by doing what doing what the good-old-boy flag-ranking club always does. When you get caught violating the UCMJ, they circle the wagons, wait for the headlines to disappear from the news cycle, then about a year later, they approve leave orders.

What they didn’t tell anyone is the fact their orders were for “terminal leave” where the violating flag-ranking officer stealthily slips out the backdoor into civilian status and NO PUNISHMENT. Military leaders have been successfully using this tactic for many years because Congress doesn’t care and the civilians are oblivious.

The military continues to make a mockery of the entire system when they coverup for their buddies, handing out Honorable Discharges to people who should have been tossed in prison (or shot at dawn by a firing squad). Remember, that an Honorable Discharge opens the door to a plethora of veterans benefits.

While certain military criminals are rewarded for their malfeasance, junior officers and enlisted personnel are crucified. God help you if you are an airman last-class who absconded with a stapler and three-hole punch from an officer’s desk. It’s Ft. Leavenworth for you MF.

Shame be upon the so-called leaders of the United States military who allow these things to continue over and over again. They are a disgrace and lack personal integrity. People ask, “Why was Dan “double-billing” Johnson was not sent to a general court martial?”

In an effort to protect the slimy Army Major and JAG officer, the military wanted to avoid having Major Dan Johnson face a slew of charges that are uniquely military, charges such as “conduct unbecoming an officer,” “adultery” “dereliction of duty,” etc. etc. It’s just another sneaky military tactic to protect one of their buddies from real justice.

Now this fuckwad Dan Johnson, will no doubt begin filing claims for PTSD with the VA. Eventually he’ll be declared as 100% disabled by the VA, making a mockery of yet another system. Equal Justice Under Law, certainly not in the United States military.


Not only did Dan Johnson violate federal law, he also was breaking South Carolina laws left and right. So where the hell was SLED (South Carolina’s Law Enforcement Division)? Why didn’t they investigate the house burning and the unlawful two-year incarceration of a former Army captain.

Why did South Carolina give this scumbag Army lawyer and county solicitor a pass? The Army vet who was illegally thrown in jail for nearly two years has yet to receive any justice from anyone in South Carolina. Everyone in law enforcement turned their backs on him.

The current Richland/Kershaw County Solicitor Byron Gipson has also taken a powder. The Ethics Director of South Carolina Ms. Megan Walker has also not done a damn thing when there have been numerous ethics violations from here to Timbuctoo.

The coverup of this Army vet’s unlawful incarceration is massive. We tend to believe that many heads would roll if the truth of all this ever got reported in the large local newspaper of South Carolina called, “The State.”

That’s why authorities have circled the wagons and are doing what they can to downplay, mitigate and avoid the whole unlawful imprisonment issue.


On July 7, 2021, the South Carolina Supreme Court officially disbarred Dan Johnson. The citizens of South Carolina believe that now Johnson will never be able to hold a law license. Carolinians can believe that if they want to, but we certainly do not.

There’s probably a loophole somewhere that says after so many years Johnson can take the bar exam over again and become reinstated as a lawyer in South Carolina. Then, after being reinstated as a SC lawyer, some school with hire Johnson to teach their students about ethics, law and justice.

We encourage the citizens of South Carolina to be ever vigilant. SC authorities can burn down your house and throw you in jail for two years if you dare complain about someone in the South Carolina ruling class screwing your wife.

A special message to the venerable Citadel. You did your best for Dan Johnson, giving him a great start in life and he threw it all away. He thumbed his nose at all those Citadel values that have guided graduates for centuries. We believe the Citadel is America’s last best hope for honorable men and women to guide America through these challenging times. It’s a wonder the Citadel hasn’t demanded Johnson’s graduation ring be returned.

A special message to the Army captain who was illegally imprisoned for two years, and whose family was ripped apart with the help of Daniel Johnson and his ilk.

Good gawd man, FILE A DAMN LAW SUIT. Otherwise the truth will never be told about what Dan Johnson (and his friends) were really guilty of doing. There’s a Pandora’s box of all sorts of criminal and unethical misconduct that we don’t even know about.

No one has been held accountable for these horrific things perpetrated against you under the color of authority. You’re Army strong… fight these evil bastards! Let the people of South Carolina find out exactly what’s going on… and the kind of people in the SC nomenklatura that have been elected and appointed.

NOTE: for more details on Danny Johnson, feel free to search our website…. just make a pot of coffee and enter in the name Johnson in the search field, then enjoy the read.

An example of the people we really fight for. We pray they do not lose sight of those important Citadel values they are being taught right now.