Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego - No, actually it's LTG Chris Cavoli, LTG Gary Volesky and MG Ron Clark who ran Army Hawaii. LTG Cavoli has moved on to a new assignment in Europe

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were thrown into a fiery furnace by King Nebuchadnezzar when they refused to bow down to the king’s image; the three were preserved from being burned to death. This famous Bible story is analogous to the special treatment admirals and generals receive when they violate the law.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were protected from being burned alive by a higher power, just as Army generals are protected by higher authority in the Pentagon. The BIG DIFFERENCE, of course, is that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were good guys; the Army generals who conspired to discredit Major Andrew Higgins for reporting fraud… are the bad guys.

American flag-ranking officers and a select few fawning parasites are seldom “burned” by “flames” of accountability when THEY violate the law. The military has a “gentleman’s agreement” with the Intel community and Congress, that if Congress relinquishes oversight of the military on judicial matters,  the military will scratch their backs when needed or considered necessary.

So, that’s the policy, the civilians handle civilian matters, and the military “handles” military matters. The only time Congress interferes with that subrosa agreement is when the military inadvertently gets themselves in the news. Even then, Congress makes it appear they “took action” to curtail military corruption.

And, when the admirals and generals are caught up in some sort of embarrassing skulduggery, the military has a Congressionally approved method to protect these above-the-law individuals. The typical playbook is to drag out the issue until people forget, then quietly usher the general or admiral out the back door into retirement.

Retiring to avoid prosecution is wrong on so many levels. This bulletproof clandestine military policy continues to protect senior officers from the due process they force on others. They consider themselves above the law, and time and time again, we find they are.


Major and Mrs. Higgins behind the big podium in the Pentagon briefing room.

Major Andrew Higgins stepped forward to report massive fraud, corruption, poor leadership and plain stupidity that he witnessed while assigned to the 25th Infantry Division in Hawaii. In other words, Maj. Higgins felt he had no choice but to become a WHISTLE-BLOWER. Well, do we need to tell you what happened then?

The Army DID NOT say, “Maj. Higgins you are right. This is no way to run an Army of any kind. We will work diligently to correct the problems and officially recognize you for bringing this to our attention by giving you a field promotion to Lieutenant Colonel.” Unfortunately, it’s extremely naive to believe anyone in Army leadership would do the right thing.

If the Army really did what was is right, they would line up a whole bunch of senior officers for court-martial, but it was easier and more expedient to destroy a major in the Army. Attacking only Major Higgins wasn’t good enough. His wife suffered harassment and reprisals at work also.

Like the mafia, the military will occasionally attack your family as well. Even though despicable, the military has no qualms in employing all sorts of reprehensible tactics to silence and neutralize a whistle-blower.

The Army responded to Major Higgins information as they usually do, with a litany of reprisals to discredit him in every way possible. Maj. Higgins fought back by submitting a barrage of letters through his chain of command. One was a Military Whistle-blower Reprisal (MWR) COMPLAINT LETTER on November 20, 2018. Maj. Higgins levied complaints against the following Army officers…

  1. Lieutenant Colonel Jennifer McDonough, Commander, Brigade Support Battalion
  2. Colonel Kevin Williams, Commander 2nd Brigade Combat Team
  3. Colonel David Womack, Chief of Staff, 25th Infantry Division

Whistle-blowers play a vital role in
ensuring that
the federal government is accountable
to the people it serves – Seth Moulton

Lieutenant Colonel Jennifer MacDonough, U.S. Army

Of the year 2000 OCS class, only two were promoted BZ Major, and both were females (Jennifer MacDonough included). The other female is purportedly an excellent Army officer, but graduates say Jennifer MacDonough was not. It was pretty shocking to many of the OCS graduates to see Jennifer MacDonough’s name on the BZ Major list.

The year 2000 OCS class had prior enlisted Delta operators, Infantry NCOs assigned PIR at Bragg, Drill Sergeants, Warrant Officer rotary-wing pilots wishing to fly Army C12s, and a Candidate awarded the Soldiers’ Medal for his actions in Mogadishu. To our knowledge, none of them got BZ Major.

The Army is doing all it can to shield itself from the “MeToo” movement that has infected many members of Congress. Most Americans, including the owner of this website wants equal opportunity for women, but not favoritism of any kind.

It’s glaringly obvious the United States Army has demonstrated unwarranted, over-the-top favoritism for LTC MacDonough to inoculate against charges of being an Army of misogynists.

One of our emails commented, ‘I shook my head when I read about MacDonough, and her attempts at trying to ruin the career of Major Andrew Higgins. With Army generals in her pocket, there’s probably no stopping what she is trying to do.’

Major Higgins found himself working for alleged man-hating LTC Jennifer MacDonough having dubious leadership abilities by creating a toxic command climate in the 25th Infantry Division of Big Army Hawaii (BAH). LTC Jennifer MacDonough has a reputation for frequent “blow-ups” over nothing burgers and hair-on-fire temper tantrums. Just what every army needs, a mentally unstable officer to potentially command people into combat.

The Army had a simple choice, investigate the fraud and failed leadership of a female lieutenant colonel they had fast-tracked promoted, or destroy the subordinate reporting the fraud and her challenged leadership. And, for fifty points in the game of common sense… which path do you think the United States Army chose?

Surprise; the first thing the Army did was to order Maj. Higgins to undergo two psychiatric examinations. The rationale is that anyone reporting on the failings of a female officer in our new politically-correct world, and reporting massive fraud that made senior officers look bad; that guy had to be crazy.

A contributor to our website said the following referring to LTC Jennifer McDonough… “I went through Officer Candidate School with Jen. She needed help and was kind of inept. Jen was a BZ select for Major, and a BZ for LTC. Which means BIG ARMY wanted to show they love women. Which also means she has no idea what she’s doing. And now Jen is going to be a BZ to full eagle. I shudder at the thought.”


The Army didn’t stop with illegally using psychiatric examinations to discredit a whistle-blower; they employed their most diabolical weapon, the base chaplain. Suddenly one day, the chaplain stopped by the Higgins residence. While this could have been an innocent gesture by a chaplain with due concern for the welfare of the Higgins family, we think more sinister things were in play.

It’s not uncommon for the chaplain to act as a spy for the commanding officer/general. The chaplain first begins by using the “I’m concerned about you” tactic. Like a pit-viper, the chaplain will buddy-up to the whistle-blower in an effort to gain his/her confidence.

Whistle-blowers make the mistake of letting down their defenses, because it’s difficult to remain on DEFCON 1 for extended periods of time. This is another reason the chaplain will pay a visit to a private residence. They know a whistle-blower will feel safe and secure in their own home and have more of a tendency to spill their guts.

The whistle-blower, thinking that all things said will be held in strictest confidence, will finally succumb and tell everything he/she knows. Right after leaving the home of the whistle-blower, Chaplain Benedict Arnold makes a bee-line for the general’s office to regurgitate everything he heard. In order to defeat the “enemy” generals utilize all the weapons at their disposal. It’s critically important the evildoers find out what they’re up against in order to plan a strategy to destroy the “enemy.”

Everything the whistle-blower “in-confidence” told the chaplain, goes directly to the cover-up artists who are desperately trying to save their respective careers. The chaplain could have been sincere, but we at MilitaryCorruption.com think he was a spy, doing the bidding of either Shadrach, Meshach, and/or Abednego.

Folks, we know exactly how the military utilizes their chaplains, because this technique has been used on many others in the forty-nine (49) years we have been observing military tactics. We expose this nefarious military tactic, not to entertain, but to warn all of our friends on active duty in all branches of the United States military.


Thirty-two (32) years ago, U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer Michael Tufariello testified before a House subcommittee to help pass the Military Whistle-blower Protection Act of 1987, which specifically prohibits using psychiatric examinations as a tool to discredit whistle-blowers. To protect their asses from the exposure of massive fraud, waste and abuse, officers in the United States Army decided to ignore that particular law and do whatever the hell  they wanted.

After Maj. Higgins blew-the-whistle on fraud and extremely poor leadership by LTC Jennifer McDonough, the Army decided they needed to destroy the guy raising red flags and exposing extraordinary waste and fraud he had discovered. Once the Army finally figured out where the “problem” was, the reprisals were swift and unrelenting.

Higgins was ripped from his office, illegally ordered to undergo psych examinations, ordered to work from his home, then removed from his position as Brigade S1 OIC. The Army gave the excuse for their actions against Higgins saying he was removed because of his email about the leadership failures of LTC Jennifer McDonough. For some reason, the Army forgot to mention the massive fraud.


Major General Ronald P. Clark, U.S. Army

A MEMORANDUM dated January 2, 2019 was sent to Major General Ronald P. Clark who is in charge of the 25th Infantry Division & U.S. Army Hawaii.

Major Higgins clearly lays out the situation for his commanding general because his chain-of-command decided to stay politically correct and side with the female lieutenant colonel.

Her leadership failings made no difference. The fact she was a female made all the difference. The Army wanted to hit two birds with one stone. By defending the female officer, the Army could remain politically correct and cover-up massive fraud as well.

There’s an old adage that applies here, “If you don’t help solve the problem, then you ARE the problem.” Maj. Higgins was painfully beginning to realize his superior officers in the chain of command were more interested in hiding the fraud and staying on the good side of a female Army officer, no matter how bad of a leader she was.

Some may remember the quote, “A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do.” Once cadets graduate from the Military Academy and become commissioned Army officers, all tenets of the honor code no longer apply. All those beautiful credos that Army officers allegedly abide by such as “Duty, Honor, Country,” were ignored in Hawaii in favor of hiding massive fraud and remaining politically correct. These beautiful sayings are written on plaques and chiseled in stone, but when fraud is discovered it appears they are cast to the side to save their own hides.

Maj. Higgins was hoping Maj. Gen. Clark could see through all the political bullshit and take decisive action to hold all those involved for the fraud and poor leadership fully accountable. If true accountability occurred, the Army would have to admit that major fraud was occurring and that several officers in the chain of command had overtly attempted to cover it all up. For Army brass in Hawaii (and probably in Washington D.C.), the solution was clear; let’s slilence Maj. Higgins and railroad him right into Ft. Leavenworth if possible.

Maj. Higgins is the proverbial “scholar/warrior” earning his PhD while temporarily assigned in Washington D.C. He most recently graduated from the prestigious Air Command and Staff program at Maxwell Air Force Base. With all of his talent and extraordinary credentials, the Army decided to pummel him night and day hoping he would break for daring to even question the leadership skills of a female officer and for exposing fraud totaling billions of dollars.

Hey President Trump, if you need more money for the WALL, immediately fire a bunch of Army officers in Hawaii and take aggressive steps to eliminate the ongoing massive fraud they were responsible for.


Major Andrew Higgins and wife Nah-Lin Yanez in Hawaii after she received a certificate of completion from the Installation Mgmt. Command

The redundancy of this story is killing us. How many times have we seen reprisals against whistle-blowers, instead of addressing the core issues of their complaints? Maj. Higgins now finds himself under assault from all quadrants, just as many other military whistle-blowers have experienced in the past.

The Army tried to break Maj. Higgins with multiple psych examinations, and when that didn’t work, they moved him to a demeaning job, whispered behind his back and did everything they could to provoke him to take a punch as a senior ranking officer. The Army desperately looked for something to enable the use of their corrupt military judicial system.

Much like the mafia, the military will attempt to exploit (and possibly create) any weakness at all, gambling, women, alcohol, etc., to destroy a good man. If he doesn’t have a drug problem, they will consider planting drugs. Occasionally, the military will resort to murder as an example of Col. Sabo and dozens of others who knew too much.

Major Higgins continues to stand strong in the face of relentless attacks. When one is completely surrounded with relentless attacks, hazing, bullying, social isolation, false allegations, illegal mental examinations and all manner of reprisals, some people do buckle under the strain.

Major Andrew Higgins makes us proud that he continues to demonstrate the strength and courage of a United States military officer. The only thing left for the Army to do is put him in a cage and slowly starve him to death as the Viet Cong did to our men during the Vietnam War.

Major Higgins sends another MEMORANDUM dated February 23, 2019, to Maj. Gen. Clark, via LTC Brian Hayes addressing the Letter of Reprimand he had been given. The memo speaks for itself. It’s clear that Maj. Higgins is beseeching the officers in his chain of command to open their eyes to what is going on and that it’s not good for the Army to protect such a pathetic officer who could very well lead people into combat. A scary thought to be sure.


Maj. Higgins, doing his best to expose the fraud and corruption and defend himself at the same time fires off a “COMMAND GROUP INVESTIGATION & INJUNCTION REQUEST” to the Department of Defense Inspector General. By this time he’s the target of two, count ’em two, General Officer Memorandum of Reprimands (GOMORs, aka: GOMARs).

With a GOMAR, the military created an instrument they could use to levy accusations that are non-rebuttable presumptions of guilt. Even thought they have what appears to be a “fair” process, a GOMAR cannot be challenged and generally becomes a death-sentence for anyone’s career who receives one. Why is it the military always throws out their best and brightest?

It isn’t about truth and honor, it’s about breaking ranks. If you have a supervisor who is completely inept, and you just know that in combat people are going to be needlessly killed – what are you going to do? Are you going to stand up and report the stupidity of that officer to higher ups, or are you going to go along to get along and not say a damn word to anyone? It’s a dilemma that many of our active duty members are confronted with every day.

And remember the Military Whistle-blowers Act of 1987? It doesn’t work! The military chooses what laws they want to enforce and ignores the rest. We discovered the military never tells active duty personnel their rights under the law. Chances are, Maj. Higgins knows about them now, but most people don’t have a clue and the law is designed to give the military an out with statutes of limitations.


Major Andrew Higgins, is a stellar military officer. He’s always received top 5% on his Officer Efficiency Reports (OERs). He’s worked hard to gain the knowledge, skills and abilities that anyone would want in a combat infantry man or woman. But all of his ability and skill is completely disregarded because he has committed an unforgivable sin, he told the truth about a female officer and exposed billions of dollars in fraud.

Today’s military is a cauldron of weak and pathetic officers who are much more sensitive about inadvertently offending someone, than learning how to be the best war fighter God put on this earth. General Patton wouldn’t last ten minutes in today’s Army. The Army would have gotten rid of George S. Patton in boot camp. The military system is designed from the ground up to primarily protect itself.

One of those things the military needs to protect itself from is Congressional policies. Right now Congress has a policy of not calling an emergency what is clearly, an emergency. We have 4,000 people a day invading across our Southern border and Congress doesn’t care. Nineteen lawyers on Special Council Robert Mueller’s team took 2.5 years but could not find any collusion between Trump and Russia, but Congress continues their witch hunt.

If you have children, tell them to look elsewhere for a career. We cannot in good conscience suggest the military as a good career path for any young man or woman. Look at the outrageous things they do to people like Major Higgins who only wants the best for the Army. Learn lessons from how good and honest people are being treated by the military. Would you really want to subject your son or daughter to an organization that does not believe in the rule of law?

Keep fighting as best you can Major Higgins! All of us who absolutely detest the never-ending corruption and fraud wish you all the very best. If the Army does not have brains enough to retain a top-notch Army officer with a PhD, it’s just another indicator of the stupidity the permeates the upper echelons of the military.

Major Andrew Higgins sir, if the United States Army is so asinine and short-sighted to wrongfully release you from active duty, you have a standing invitation to be a staff writer for MilitaryCorruption.com. If the Army proves people cannot fight corruption from within, then help us to fight it from without. Unlike the military, we recognize real talent when we see it.