Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin could get involved to correct this travesty of justice, but has thus far taken a pass. He also has the power to discipline a Lt. General for lying to Congress.

When the Air Force Inspector General discovered the military had, through malicious intention or bumbling ineptitude, imprisoned an innocent man for 3 1/2 long years, the Air Force’s “moral compass” shattered. The “broken USAF moral compass” pointed the IG in the wrong direction.

Did the IG do the right thing and recommend a new trial? Had he done so, we would not be writing this article. Sadly, Inspector General Sami D. Said (and his ilk) chose the path of least resistance.

The senior leadership of the United States Air Force ventured down an immoral path. It was a path involving deception, deceit and outright lies, presumably to protect the Air Force from international embarrassment and shame.

People in government just don’t offer up mea culpas, an acknowledgment of one’s responsibility for a fault or error. Individuals or institutions do their level best to avoid getting caught. But, when the kitchen light goes on, they all scramble and damage control teams take over.

The Air Force wants to also avoid holding a slew of other officers accountable for perpetrating the heinous crime of unlawful imprisonment under the color of authority. It’s better policy for the military to do everything possible to keep the story from hitting the mainstream media.

“It is better to risk saving a guilty man than to condemn an innocent one.” – Voltaire

We can think of ten plus court martials that need to be convened for maliciously railroading an innocent man into prison. The damage control boys in the Pentagon likely whisper to one another, “We screwed up, let’s not talk about this anymore. Just ignore any calls for restitution.”

Former Secretary of the Air Force, Barbara M. Barrett.

A year ago, informed its readers that the Air Force Inspector General was ordered by former Secretary of the Air Force Barbara M. Barrett, to investigate the circumstances surrounding the court martial of Major Clarence Anderson III.

The Air Force Secretary wanted to know if senior Air Force officials had used their judicial powers to railroad Major Clarence Anderson III right into prison.

To understand how Air Force Lieutenant General Sami D. Said misled Members of Congress, we must reorient our readers to the circumstances that led to Major Anderson’s post-trial hearing, and why Air Force Secretary Barbara M. Barrett wanted the matter investigated further.

In a “she-said/he-said” court martial (convening April 2015) with no physical evidence and plenty of dubious activity by the so-called victim, Major Clarence Anderson was convicted by a military court for committing domestic violence against his now ex-wife, Kendra Anderson.

Upon discovering Kendra Anderson was having an affair behind his back (and later bore a child from that affair), Major Anderson understandably filed for divorce and requested custody of their daughter.

The judge’s decision to award Major Anderson custody sent Kendra Anderson into a blind rage. She would do anything to get their daughter away from Major Anderson. This included filing false charges and suborning perjury.

The judge’s decision to give Major Anderson custody so outraged Kendra that she and her mother conjured up an evil strategy to use the Air Force as an unwitting accomplice in order to gain custody of the daughter.


The evil mother/daughter team falsely reported to Air Force Jag officers that Major Anderson committed acts of violence (sexual assaults) against her. The charges were despicable lies designed to manipulate a politically motivated and gullible Air Force.

Was the Air Force a willing participant in a wicked scheme to help the unscrupulous mother/daughter team get the upper-hand in a nasty custody dispute. There were two different Air Force commands, with two diametrically opposed opinions of culpability.

Major Anderson’s previous command investigated the allegations and concluded Major Anderson never committed any crime against Kendra. (REF: PRIOR COMMAND MEMO)

In May 2015, a month after a general court martial found Major Anderson guilty of sexual assault against his wife, exculpatory evidence was discovered, but the Air Force didn’t want to hear any of it. It didn’t fit the narrative.

Kendra’s mother (Katheryne Horace) helped to convict Major Clarence Anderson, buying testimony with her money. Major Anderson’s mother (Beatrice Anderson) jumped in to find the truth.

It was the battle of the mothers, each coming to the rescue. One used her money to bribe a witness; the other got the witness to admit to his malicious activities.

Beatrice Anderson secretly recorded a phone conversation with Kendra’s boyfriend (John Madden). NOTE: not the famous sportscaster John Madden who is presently 85 years of age.

Alabama Rep. Martha Roby (Photo by Shealah Craighead)

Kendra’s boyfriend John Madden admitted to Beatrice Anderson that he was having an affair with her son’s wife (Kendra), but on the witness stand he lied under oath denying the relationship.

The bombshell of the recorded conversation was when John Madden admitted to Beatrice Anderson that he had received $10,000 from Kendra’s mother.

It wasn’t until Kendra Anderson was under cross-examination when the whole truth came out. The money paid to the perjurer was closer to a whopping $100,000.

This occurred back in the day when $100,000 really meant something. Now, you can’t even fill up your gas tank in California with that paltry sum.

The legal beagles call it suborning perjury. The street calls it hush money. Whatever it’s called, it’s quite serious and quite illegal.

At this point, you would think someone in the United States Air Force would have yelled, “Stop the presses right fucking there.” A credible and honorable military judicial system would have ended this travesty of justice before sending Major Anderson to a military gulag for 3.5 years.

For JAG officers climbing the ladder of success, a court martial conviction is a notch in your gun handle. They just didn’t want to hear about any new evidence which would potentially embarrass them and overturn the effort to convict.

Divulging exculpatory evidence after Anderson was already dragged off to prison would have provided more evidence the entire military judicial system is terribly flawed.

Admitting the military judicial system is not working well is something no one wants to admit to. The policy is to go along to get along. If innocent people are tried, convicted and hauled off to prison, in their minds, that’s the cost of defending a democracy.

The following exculpatory audio files are what the Air Force did not want anyone to hear. We invite our readers to listen and you make the call…



In September 2015, Alabama Congresswoman Martha Roby submitted a CONGRESSIONAL INQUIRY to the Air Force on evidence from the recorded phone call involving witness tampering, suborning perjury and lying under oath.

The Air Force responded in October 2015. They affirmed to Rep. Roby that Major Anderson would be allowed to present evidence from his mother’s recorded phone call at a post-trial hearing. The Air Force further declared the military judge hearing the case had full authority to rule on any motion.

This included a motion to dismiss the charges or order a new trial.

The response from the Air Force to Rep. Roby clearly delineating the hearing judge had full authority to rule on any motion.

The post-trial hearing revealed that witnesses perjured themselves and that Kendra’s mother paid her daughter’s lover a huge sum of money to commit perjury in order to get Major Anderson convicted and carted off to prison.

The United States Air Force reneged on what was affirmed in its official statement to Congresswoman Roby. In an effort to derail any embarrassing decision, the Air Force now stated the judge DID NOT have the authority to rule on any motion.

The Air Force suddenly reversed course saying the judge DID NOT have the authority to hear the evidence of perjury or order a new trial.

The rational for this sudden reversal was because the record-of-trail was authenticated prior to the post-trial hearing.

It’s called a legal loophole to put a messy court martial to bed in order to avoid the embarrassment of admitting they threw and innocent man in prison, sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.


This is what happens when the admirals and generals embrace the philosophy that all women are to be believed all the time. Believe it or not, some women (like some men) are evil and conniving and should never be believed.

Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert

In an effort to mollify their Congressional purse-string holders, the United States Air Force abandoned honor and integrity to serve up the head of any man who was merely accused of sexual misconduct.

The Director of the Air Force Judiciary chimed in.

Director Douglas Cordova said, that even though the judge did not have the authority to order a new trial or hear additional evidence of perjury, he still could “entertain” arguments from Major Anderson’s counsel on additional relief.

(Ref: Letter from Colonel Douglas Cordova, Director, USAF Judiciary)

Colonel Cordova’s letter is also a lie and deception. At the bottom of PAGE 806 from court transcripts, the judge categorically states…

“… the court WILL NOT ENTERTAIN follow-on motions or subsequent motions as part of this post-trial 39(a) session.”

The Air Force would have dragged their feet indefinitely on the SECAF initiated investigation, if Members of Congress Louie Gohmert and Barry Moore had not requested to be briefed on the conclusion of the investigation. Translation; “quit dicking around and render a decision asshole.”

On July 29, 2021, the Inspector General of the United States Air Force, Lieutenant General Sami D. Said finally reported to Congress that the Air Force did nothing wrong in the court martial of Major Clarence Anderson. OMG, the United States Air Force did everything wrong.

Lieutenant General Said categorically stated the Air Force followed all applicable statutes and regulations, and that the Air Force did not mislead Congresswoman Roby.

Sometimes one must define what the meaning of is, is. In this case, we need to figure out the validity of what Said said. It’s pretty clear to the reasonable person, the Inspector General of the United States Air Force (AFIG) was blatantly lying to Congress.

The AFIG did his best to further obfuscate the matter by saying the judge at Major Anderson’s post-trial hearing had the authority to hear evidence and order a new trial, but used his discretion not to.

If you want clear and convincing evidence that a Lieutenant General in the United States Air Force committed a bald-faced lie to the United States House of Representatives, look no further than what Said said.


Lieutenant General Said’s statement to Congress on the judge’s discretion differs from the ruling by the Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals, which indicates Lt. Gen. Said clearly deceived Congress.

Air Force Inspector General, Lt. Gen. Sami D. Said

The Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals (AFCCA) ruled authentication of the record-of-trial prevented the judge at Major Anderson’s post-trial hearing from ordering a new trial.

The Court DID NOT rule the judge had discretion. They ruled that authentication of the record-of-trial, eliminated the judge’s discretion.

Is anyone confused yet? If you are confused, it’s because the Air Force wants you to be confused.

This flawed interpretation of the rule is why the judge did not allow Major Anderson to present any motion to prove his innocence, or order a new trial. This was affirmed by the Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals.

Folks, can you see the smoke and mirrors game being played here? The Air Force Inspector General is doing his level best to say to anyone inquiring about the Major Anderson case, ‘nothing to see her folks, keep moving along.’

Apparently, the Air Force Inspector General (AFIG) is not only a so-called “investigator,” he is also a crafty spin-doctor. With great stealth, the AFIG insidiously moved the goalpost to deceive Congress, and hopefully prevent anyone else from looking into the matter.

The AFIG is saying the judge had discretion, and used that discretion to not entertain evidence nor order a new trial, but the opinion from the Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals ruled that because the record-of-trial was previously authenticated, the military judge was prevented from using discretion.

These are two entirely different conclusions.


Evidence also shows the Air Force violated its discovery rules when it DID NOT DISCLOSE to Major Anderson’s counsel, what it told Congresswoman Roby in writing prior to his post-trial hearing.

Air Force Chief of Staff, General Charlie Q. Brown. General Brown could intervene, but has thus far failed to do so. Anytime anyone in the military is intentionally deprived of due process and the fair and equal application of the law, then sent to prison for 3.5 years, all of us should intervene, especially flag-ranking officers of the United States military.

Major Anderson’s lawyer could have used this information to prove to the judge that HE WAS INDEED GRANTED AUTHORITY to hear evidence of perjury and to order a new trial. Sneaky bastards these people.

At the time of Major Anderson’s court martial in 2015, Rule of Court Martial (RCM) 701 (a)(2)(A) said trial counsel shall provide…

“Any books, papers, documents, photographs, tangible objects, buildings, or places or copies or portions thereof, which are in the possession, custody, or control of military authorities, and which are material to the preparation of the defense.”

Major Anderson learned of the congressional response the Air Force gave to Congresswoman Roby not from trial counsel, but from his own mother four months after his post-trial hearing. It’s obvious that Major Anderson was up against a stacked deck from the very beginning.

The United States Air Force DID NOT follow all applicable statutes and regulations in trial of Major Clarence Anderson. By very definition, it was a railroad job to convict and imprison.

This is particularly true concerning the rules of discovery. Again, the Inspector General of the United States Air Force falsely reported (lied through his freeeking teeth) to Congress that the United States Air Force did follow all the rules. We say balderdash!

It’s obvious to those of us who have been viewing one travesty of justice after another for the last 40 years that the entire American military criminal justice system needs a complete overhaul from top to bottom.

Congress can start by addressing the unethical and criminal misconduct used to wrongfully convict and incarcerate Major Clarence Anderson. This reaches the pinnacle of outrageous behavior by the highest leadership of our military.


Congress and the military have a wink, nod, nod relationship. Congress has relinquished their oversight duties of the military. In return, the military looks the other way when Members of Congress are breaking the law.

The Washington cocktail party orthodoxy is; scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

The wrongful conviction and imprisonment of Major Clarence Anderson speaks volumes about how innocent people can be railroaded right into an American military gulag over nothing more than a mere accusation.

The Anderson debacle makes us wonder how many others are suffering in a military prison cell because of overzealous JAG officers attempting to impress their chain of command?

When everyone lets you down, where does Major Clarence Anderson turn to reverse this horrible travesty of justice? He was thrown in prison for 3 1/2 years, over a she said/he said dispute.

When extraordinary exculpatory evidence surfaced, no one wanted to hear the evidence. Instead, the Air Force was more than happy to point fingers and confuse the entire matter. It’s part of circling the wagons until interest in the case dies down.


We are witnessing a military war tactic called “meaconing, intrusion, jamming and interference (MIJI).”

President Biden

As any savvy military pilot will tell you who has flown along the DMZ in Korea, MIJI attempts by the enemy are common place.

The enemy attempts to interfere with your instruments in the hope you’ll follow your gauges that are receiving the wrong signal and unknowingly fly across the border into North Korea.

MIJI attempts are deliberate actions intended to deny a pilot the effective use of his instruments. MIJI attacks are designed to confuse and deceive the pilot.

In Anderson’s case, the Air Force intentionally uses every underhanded tactic possible to confuse and deceive those who inquired into his case.

In doing so, the United States Air Force denied Major Clarence Anderson due process of law and railroaded him into a prison cell. Shame be upon them all!

The United States Air Force continues to obfuscate, conceal, confound and obscure any attempt to properly investigate the Anderson trial, conviction and imprisonment.

When deceitful measures do not work, the spin-doctors prevaricate like Lieutenant General Said has done in his report to Congressional representatives. “When policemen break the law, then there isn’t any law. Just a fight for survival,” said Tom Laughlin in the 1971 movie Billy Jack.

Major Clarence Anderson was forced to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. He received a felony conviction and Dishonorable Discharge. When the whole system is rife with corruption, the only person who could actually correct this travesty is the Commander-in-Chief.

So embarrassed was the Air Force for what they had done to Major Anderson, they didn’t have the guts to provide him with a DD-214. He had to ask the VA for a copy. Oh yes, the Dishonorable Discharge means Major Anderson has no VA benefits at all.

Clarence Anderson III




Listen to Former Major Clarence Anderson describe the contorted machinations of the United States Air Force to of one of our roving reporters…

NOTE: Thus far the United States Air Force has had no comment about our article.

The Air Force is welcomed to submit their rebuttal to us. We ask their response be submitted in the form of a sworn affidavit. You will note that we avoided calling the organization who protects the skies above us as the United States Air “Farce.”

It surely appears, however, the way the USAF defends the rights of the accused is a complete farce. Air Force, send in your response and we will make sure your side of this egregious story is addressed.