ARMY SPC Leiana Macusi and How Fort Benning’s Pathetic Leadership and Pathetic Healthcare Failed Her

Army SPC Leiana Macusi. To end the relentless harassment, she took her own life. Tell us again why you're encouraging your daughter to serve on active duty in the United States Army?

This is a tragic story about the needless loss of life at Fort Benning.

Danny at; did a very nice job describing how everything went down. We are working on a major story about how the admirals and generals view military suicides in the military as, “just the cost of doing business.”

They regard it as a sort of collateral damage that has to be absorbed when defending a nation. This is, of course, an outrageous position to hold. Sometimes, military commanders, through overt acts or ignorant indifferent actually drive people to suicide. We view this a murder.

When Major Mac used to write articles, he always said he wanted to write a book entitled “Murder in the Military” describing how people are murdered then military officials label it a suicide. In other words, the military is saying to Congress and the civilians, “nothing to see her folks, keep moving along.”

Major Mac started on his book but never got to finish it before suddenly passing away from complications associated with Agent Orange.

Take a short few minutes and read Danny’s EXCELLENT ARTICLE about how Fort Benning’s pathetic leadership failed a beautiful young life.


  1. If you were on Ft. Benning and have inside information you feel has never been told about Leiana Macusi’s case, feel free to contact us and we will do an addendum to this article.
  2. Big stories coming down the pike. We are looking at that crazy Dorn VA Medical Center again. We are guessing the callous indifference for the health and wellbeing of America’s Veterans is occurring at many VA Medical Centers and probably as more than a few CBOC’s. Let us know if you have a story you’d like to share.
  3. We thank most sincerely, Lieutenant Colonel Mark T. Nakagawa for his general donation. Our readers know that more than every is needed to help expose the misconduct occurring in America’s military today. With the pathetic leadership of General “Thoroughly Modern” Milley, (and others), our military members lives are in grave danger.
  4. And to all those serving and those who have served, our undying love and devotion. They only way we can thank you, is to expose the evil bastards that are disgracing the military that defends us. If you have stories to tell, keep the cards and letters coming in. We have your back.