not long ago the U.s.s Connecticut claimed to have inadvertently hit an uncharted underwater seamount. Our intel is starting to indicate that there was a collision with a Chinese submarine that damaged both boats severely. Both Subs could only travel on the surface and were tracked by satellites. If there's anyone out there with more details, please contact BTW, an accident is not corruption but lying about it is.

Army Private John Christopher stationed at Fort Huachuca, Arizona (center)... wearing his now famous pineapple (sports) bra. He has been accused by a 19-year-old former enlisted woman of rape. According to the victim and her mother, the United States Army protected Pvt. Christopher, rather than launch an investigation which may have proven embarrassing for several in her chain of command. Party-animal friends (on Christopher's left and right) are not yet known.

Our military is sliding downward. America’s power and strength is eroding right before our very eyes.  We have a four star general who said he would call the Chinese if America decided to take military action. Our military is attempting to build a third restroom on every ship and installation in the world to ensure we do not offend.

The admirals and generals feather their nests by being as WOKE as possible so they might be considered for a plum assignment after retirement from the military. A handsome military retirement and money from an appointment somewhere in our massive government would make a tidy sum to be sure. receives communications from all levels and we continue to be saddened by the total lack of leadership throughout America’s military and civilian government. The biggest problem, of course, is the incredible corruption of the American news media. OMG, don’t get us started.

Obviously, we know there are good, honorable and descent people in the American government and military. But, they are very cautious. They know if they don the hat of a whistleblower, their career will eventually be sacrificed. Consequently, real leaders are hard to find. Those with real leadership ability, choose to look the other way. They go along to get along in order to protect themselves and their families.

Recently, we were contacted by a distraught mother who’s daughter was in the Army stationed at Fort Huachuca, AZ. We provide that story after a brief background look at the Army’s base in Fort Huachuca (pronounced: Wa-choo-ka)


Fort Huachuca is a United States Army installation, established twelve years after the Civil War on 3 March 1877, known then as “Camp Huachuca.” The garrison is now under the command of the United States Army Installation Management Command.

It is in Cochise County, in southeast Arizona, approximately 15 miles (24 km) north of the border with Mexico and at the northern end of the Huachuca Mountains, adjacent to the town of Sierra Vista.

From 1913 to 1933, the fort was the base for the “Buffalo Soldiers” of the 10th Cavalry Regiment. During the build-up of World War II, the fort had quarters for more than 25,000 male soldiers and hundreds of WACs (Women’s Army Corps).

In the 2010 census, Fort Huachuca had a population of about 6,500 active duty soldiers, 7,400 military family members, and 5,000 civilian employees. Fort Huachuca has over 18,000 people on post during the peak working hours of 07:00 and 16:00 on weekdays.

The major tenant units are the United States Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM) and the United States Army Intelligence Center (USAICoE). Libby Army Airfield is on post and shares its runway with Sierra Vista Municipal Airport. It was an alternate landing location for the space shuttle, but it has never been used as such.

Fort Huachuca is also the headquarters of Army Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS). Other units include the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC), the Information Systems Engineering Command (ISEC), the Electronic Proving Ground (EPG), and the Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Directorate (IEWTD).

The fort has a radar-equipped aerostat, one of a series maintained for the Drug Enforcement Administration by Harris Corporation. The aerostat is northeast of Garden Canyon and supports the DEA drug interdiction mission by detecting low-flying aircraft loaded with contraband that are  attempting to enter the United States from Mexico.

Fort Huachuca contains the Western Division of the Advanced Airlift Tactics Training Center (AATTC) which is based at the 139th Airlift Wing, Rosecrans Air National Guard Base, Saint Joseph, Missouri.

In addition to the US Army Intelligence Center, Fort Huachuca is the home of the 111th Military Intelligence Brigade, which conducts military intelligence (MI) MOS-related training for all branches of the armed services.

The Military Intelligence Officer Basic Leadership Course (MIBOLC), Military Intelligence Captain’s Career Course (MICCC), and the Warrant Officer Basic and Advanced Courses are also taught on the installation. The army’s MI branch also held the responsibility for unmanned aerial vehicles, due to their intelligence-gathering capabilities, until April 2006.


Olivia Ochoa was sweet talked by an Army recruiter and signed on the dotted line. BFM! (Big Freeking Mistake) She was exactly what the United States Army wanted, bright, talented and excited about life. Entering the Army right after high school, Olivia went through basic training and received orders to Ft. Huachuca, Arizona to attend the intel school.

Some might characterize her as a “party animal,” but she also had the incredible ability to absorb information at an accelerated rate. When she worked, she worked hard. When she played, she played hard.

Olivia Ochoa

She found out quickly that some high school habits were not embraced by today’s Army and quickly found herself in violation of the UCMJ.

But, our readers already know what we think about the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice). There’s nothing “uniform” about military justice. In the military, there is no such thing as “Equal Justice Under Law.”

Article 15 hearings quickly rose to the level of court martial.

In typical fashion the military took a few central issues and applied their famous “add on” charges until Olivia was looking at a rap sheet as long as your arm.

The stack of charges would put her in another Army Fort, the military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. The Army had found a whipping girl to make an example of.


At a hotel off base, Olivia went to “party” with another active duty member, Pvt. John Christopher (pictured above in the center, wearing his pineapple-sports bra).

And party did. But, in the morning he wanted more. She tried to resist but could not match his strength. This is where she says he held her down and forcibly raped her.

We go by the basic premise that if a woman says NO or STOP and you don’t stop, you are now entering in the realm of rape. At the very minimum, sexual assault.

Olivia didn’t immediately report the incident. She felt with all her other problems, no one would believe her.

With encouragement from friends and relatives, Olivia apprehensively did come forward to report the unwanted sexual encounter.

And, what do you think the United States Army did? Not a damn thing.

Pvt. John Christopher was given a pass. Olivia was called a whore by people on base. She was castigated and verbally assaulted all over the base including by members in her chain of command.

The stress induced from the relentless harassment got to the point that she just wanted to get drunk and block it all out. Olivia started to consume alcohol and went a bit too far. Instead of going after the individual who was supplying underaged teenagers alcohol, The Army decided to drop the hammer on Olivia Ochoa and tossed her in jail.

When jailers found Olivia unconscious on the floor in her cell, she was transported to the hospital. She had consumed so much alcohol it became toxic. This is called alcohol poisoning.

It was reported that Olivia attempted to commit suicide, but that was totally false. Hospital staff incorrectly interpreted Olivia’s alcohol poisoning as a suicide attempt. This is how rumors get started and how badly they can hurt people. Olivia’s had to confront this incorrect assessment ever since.

This reminds us of the case of Navy Chief Petty Officer Michael Tufariello. He jokingly told one of his subordinates that he was extremely frustrated by the chronic and massive payroll fraud he discovered. He told a subordinate over the phone that he planned to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge.

There was a problem with that because the Brooklyn Bridge is in New York and Chief Tufariello was stationed at Naval Air Station Dallas, Texas. His off the cuff remark was a joke. Even though the Navy knew it was a joke, they had armed Marines cart him off to a mental hospital to neutralize his whistleblower tendencies.

The point is, Olivia, just like Chief Tufariello, had unintentionally given her adversaries the “ammunition” they needed to get rid of her if and when they desired to do so. It’s the game of “gotcha” the military loves to play to protect the chain of command at all costs.

Chalk it all up to being 19 years old, and not understanding how the military political and legal world actually functions to rid itself of people they characterize as undesirable.

So, again, we asked the question…. was Olivia raped by Pvt. John Christopher? Unfortunately, the Army was in no hurry to investigate the matter. No one wanted to even initiate a viable investigation into the allegation of rape.

If a 19-year-old girl was raped by another active duty member and that word got back to Congress, the whole chain of command could be reassigned. Just the word rape is kryptonite in Washington cocktail parties which could ignite a desire to investigate. My goodness, we can’t have that now can we?

If the Army just allows relentless harassment and hopes the little private makes a mistake, they can focus on the dubious behavior of the victim and they won’t have to investigate the rape. The plan was implemented with military precision and worked flawlessly.


As we said above, no one really knows what happened. Military prosecutors convinced the judge to send the “perp” (Olivia Ochoa) into pretrial confinement. Then drag your feet until the accused is ready to sign anything to get out of jail. It’s a sneaky way to punish people, without a trial and before innocence or guilt is ever determined.

The harassment continued even behind bars. The jailers allowed Olivia to take a shower, but the Army refused to provide the soap and shampoo her father had purchased.

After being held in Cochise County jail for 103 days, 19-year-old Oliva Ochoa, under extraordinary duress, agreed to accept an OTH (Other than Honorable) discharge. This tactic has worked beautifully for the military for many years.

The Marines did the same thing to Colonel Dan Wilson. After the appeals court threw his case out, and after three years behind bars, the Marines gave Colonel Dan a choice; agree to an OTH discharge, or you’ll spend another three years behind bars as we will drag our feet with a plethora of dubious legal machinations.

Olivia Ochoa is now a civilian and attempting to get back in school. Because of the OTH, there is, so far, no help from the Veterans Administration. We recommended Olivia contact a new organization called Not sure if they even have their website up and running yet.

While is new, the founder Mr. Earl Graham is not new to helping Veterans. He’s been doing it for many years and has helped countless vets with one issue after another. We strongly recommend Olivia contact this fabulous new organization.


We guess the people at any Army base which is located just fifteen (15) miles North of the Mexican border would have no problems getting any drug of choice. We are sure the drug cartels are keeping Fort Huachuca well supplied, as they are all of America.

Olivia certainly was willing to accept responsibility if she was wrong. The problem is the Army is not so eager to admit to their mistakes and pathetic leadership. The Army would prefer to protect the likes of Pvt. John Christopher, and call the female victim a whore, rather than to properly investigate the matter.

Fort Huachuca Army officers would prefer to avoid any embarrassment for the United State Army. By investigating, many questions would rise to the surface causing unwanted scrutiny on how Fort Huachuca is being managed.

Again, how are underage teenagers getting all the alcohol? Where in the world are all those drugs coming from? Why was Olivia put in jail for more than three months while others were not held accountable for their misconduct? For the Army, there would be one problem after another if they really investigated what happened to Olivia Ochoa.

The Army’s unwritten policy at Fort Huachuca was to just look the other way and administratively discharge anyone generating potential embarrassing situations that could adversely affect the careers of Army officers. Consequently, the drugs and alcohol at Fort Huachuca continue to be an out of control problem.

Was the leadership at Fort Huachuca seriously deficient? We don’t know, because a credible investigation was never conducted. At the very least the leadership is more than suspect in Olivia’s case.

Maybe the questionable behavior at Fort Huachuca is an outlier for the Army, and there’s nothing to worry about… or the antics at Fort Huachuca is a peek into what is really going on in our new WOKE military, which places us all at risk from foreign aggression.