An Air Force squadron commander has been fired for digitally drawing a dick on some high-tech mapping equipment in a B-52 COCK-pit. The military immediately took action to appease the MeToo movement that continually donates money to, or threatens Members of Congress. They said the commanding officer had been removed due to a “loss of trust and confidence and his failure to maintain a professional workplace environment.”

Too bad Members of Congress and flag-ranking officers are not held to that same lovely credos and doctrine they force on everyone else. Remember, Congress has a taxpayer-filled multi-million dollar slush fund to pay off women who have accused them of sexual harassment.

Pacific Princess

In World War II Army Air Corps pilots had ground crews draw a big pair of tits (or better) on their aircraft. It was no big deal because they were defending America, placing their lives on the line night and day. Now, in today’s new military, a squadron commander is removed because he wanted to use a screen shot of the phallus drawing to have a few laughs at a squadron party. A woman probably said “Oh my!” and that was all she wrote for Colonel Paul Goossen’s career.

The commander may have failed to erase his penis drawing off the equipment, or someone at the party said, ‘You make me feel so cheap and tawdry, I’m going to report your ass to the generals in the Pentagon.’ What was meant to be a harmless prank, blew up in his face and the Air Force did the usual knee-jerk reaction to pacify everyone. And while these flag-ranking officers spew out their hypocritical, holier-than-thou speeches, they’re putting the dick to somebody else’s wife.

This is double-edged sword isn’t it. Women have rights too. They don’t need or want sexual reminders tossed in their faces all the time, especially by someone in their chain of command they have no power over. Some are offended and that’s certainly understandable. In this politically-correct military, commanders like Col. Goossen needs to retire before he starts becoming so artistic. On the other hand, America invests millions of dollars into the training and experience of a B-52 squadron commander.

It’s so unbelievably stupid when our military
is willing to toss all that experience in the trash
over such trivial crap.

Even Eisenhower knew it would have been utterly stupid to relieve George Patton because he slapped a crying soldier. Would it not have been better to say, “Colonel Goossen, tell the women in your command you are sorry if they are offended, and that you meant no offence. Tell them it won’t happen again, then get back to work you fucking idiot.”

The stupidity of military leadership never ceases to amaze us. If we are in a hot war, would it not be a good idea to keep people like Lt. Col. Goosssen to help us destroy the enemy? Or, let’s just get rid of the dick-drawing colonel and give the enemy a better chance to destroy us. Throwing away a highly-trained pilot over this trivial bullshit is beyond stupid.

If Americans experience true terror and fear from a foreign advisory, do you think they would be that stupid to throw away a skilled pilot who drew a dick for a squadron party?  Anybody who puts his/her live on the line to protect my little American home and my little American family can draw all the dicks he/she wants to.

Sadly we must admit, there are Americans just that stupid. Right now there are millions of Americans who want to disband ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) and have open borders so that MS-13 gang members can come in to rape and murder. These murderous thugs don’t just rob your home, they rape and murder everyone in the home then dismember the bodies of those they murdered and laugh about it. Even in that context, the destruction of a highly-trained military pilot for drawing a penis is acceptable. Good grief!

Reporter Tyler Durden did a fabulous job reporting the story for a terrific website that we regularly enjoy, ZeroHedge.com…

Penis in the Sky, Courtesy of the United States Navy

By Tyler Durden

The US military has apparently cracked down on “phallus-shaped” drawings since two pilots traced a rather unusual cloud pattern in the sky above Okanogan County, Washington. Case in point: The Air Force recently relieved from duty a commander of a B-52 Stratofortress squadron at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota after “sexually explicit and phallic drawings” were discovered inside the bomber’s, um, cockpit during a recent deployment, according to Military.com.

An investigation that’s expected to be released by the Air Force Global Strike Command is explained to recount how Lt. Col. Paul Goossen was removed from command of the 69th Bomb Squadron last week after penis drawings were discovered drawn on a high-tech mapping interface inside the nuclear-powered B-52’s cockpit.

Screenshots of the images were taken to be displayed for “laughs” at a party. Goossen was reportedly removed “due to a loss of trust and confidence from his failure to maintain a professional workplace environment.”

The system, used to display common data such as pre-planned routes for sorties and target coordinates, captured the data for post-sortie debriefs. Screengrabs of the images were later used for laughs at an end-of-deployment party, sources said.

“Any actions or behavior that do not embody our values and principles are not tolerated within the Air Force,” said Air Force Global Strike spokesman Lt. Col. Uriah Orland in response to Military.com’s request for comment.

Orland would not confirm the contents of the CDI, but added the zero-tolerance policy “includes creating or contributing to an unhealthy, inappropriate work environment.”

During the 69th’s deployment to Al Udeid Air Force Base, Qatar, between September 2017 and April 2018, penis drawings were repeatedly created by members of the unit and were captured as screengrabs for a CD montage, the source said. The montage was played at the end of the deployment, and then left behind and later turned in to officials. The suggestive material prompted an investigation.

Lt. Col. Paul Goossen, United States Air Force

Goossen had been in charge of the squadron since the summer of 2017, including during a recent deployment where the squadron during a recent deployment overseas where it flew bombing missions targeting ISIS and Taliban fighters.

Goossen was commander of the 69th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron when the B-52 flew its last missions against the Islamic State before the B-1B Lancer took over the mission in the Middle East, according to the Air Force.

During its eight-month deployment, Air Force units to include the 69th launched “834 consecutive B-52 missions without a maintenance cancellation,” while targeting ISIS and Taliban fighters across the U.S. Central Command region, the service said in a release.

He recently participated during a conference call with President Donald Trump, and was photographed while speaking on the phone with the president. Goossen said at the time that being invited to participate on the call was “a real honor.”

Crews, including Goossen, even took part in a holiday conference call with President Donald Trump Dec. 24 while on station. Goossen was photographed speaking to the president during the conference call.

“Having the 69th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron be selected to receive a morale phone call from the President of the United States is a true Christmas gift and a real honor,” Goossen said of the phone call. “We feel fortunate to represent all Air Force deployed personnel and we are humbled to have the opportunity out of so many deserving units,” he said in the release.

While it’s terrible that a distinguished veteran who served the US bravely during wartime has been dismissed in such a humiliating fashion for something so trivial, we must admit: Being fired for drawing pictures of cocks in a cockpit will at least leave him with a good story to tell at parties.