Having lost most all of their worldly possessions, Colonel Wilson's wife (Susan), now lives in a tent at Lake O'Neill Campground, not far from where her husband is imprisoned.

Marine Colonel Daniel H. Wilson continues to languish behind bars, even though the Navy-Marine Court of Criminal Appeals (NMCCA) ruled the Marines never had enough evidence to convict him in the first place.

Wilson’s conviction was all based on the testimony of a six-year-old child who was coached by her mother, then craftily guided by so-called military investigators who interviewed interrogated the child. They asked the child the same questions over and over again, until they heard what they wanted to hear.

This case revealed that Navy and Marine Corps prosecutors apparently have perfected methods to skillfully manipulate a military court, in order to achieve a conviction. They have also mastered tactics to keep someone in prison for as long as “legally” possible.

The Colonel Daniel H. Wilson case is a pure abomination of true justice, that has resulted in the punishment of an innocent man and caused painful suffering for his entire family. In a military court, it isn’t necessary to have the legal skills of Trey Gowdy, F. Lee Bailey or Melvin Belli, to easily achieve a conviction.

But, convicting an innocent man and sentencing him to 5 1/2 years in prison is as base and vile as it gets. Then, keeping that same person in prison for months after the Court of Criminal Appeals unanimously threw out his conviction with prejudice, is beyond reprehensible.

At the very least, Colonel Wilson’s conviction was legal malpractice. At the very most, the railroad job perpetrated on Wilson was a criminal conspiracy, perpetrated under the color-of-law. In this case the prosecutors need to be prosecuted.


Colonel Daniel H. Wilson – when good, decent men are thrown away like a paper cup, we are all in trouble

Marine Colonel Daniel H. Wilson is falsely accused of molesting a child, arrested, tried in a military kangaroo court, then illegally convicted, resulting with a 5 1/2 prison sentence. He has thus far served two years, seven months of his unlawful imprisonment.

A three-judge panel from the Navy-Marine Criminal Court of Appeals (NMCCA) handed down a stinging REBUKE. The Marine Corps simply did not have enough evidence to convict Colonel Wilson.

That fact didn’t seem to bother anyone, including the general officers who convened the court=martial, picked the jury and approved the conviction.

After being completely embarrassed by the NMCCA three-judge panle, military prosecutors waited until the final day to file an appeal asking the entire nine-judge court to overrule the three judge panel’s decision.

Twelve days later, the NMCCA in their DECISION indicated they would not hear the case. They were fine with the three-judge panel determination, thank you very much.

To save face, the military then resorted to a different tactic. Attempting to use Wilson’s desire for freedom, prosecutors tried to entice him to sign a document accepting an Other-than-Honorable (OTH) discharge.

If Wilson would only sign and agree to accept an OTH, prosecutors implied he could be in the arms of his wife by nightfall. The trick might have worked on someone else, but not a seasoned Marine colonel with dual masters degrees.

By all that is right, Colonel Wilson should have been immediately released as soon as NMCCA threw out his baseless conviction. Vindictive prosecutors, embarrassed by their own pathetic legal work, have everything possible to keep Wilson behind bars and prolong his pain and suffering as long as their legal games would allow.

Military prosecutors have until October 11, 2019, to submit their appeal of the NMCCA decision to the United States Court of Appeals Appeals for the Armed Forces (CAAF). They know that because of the court’s backlog, they can keep Wilson in prison for an additional three to six months.

Even though the prosecutors know their effort to appeal the case to CAAF would be a total loser, they probably will submit it anyway. Their legal bungling of the Wilson case has brought great discredit upon them, as well as the United States Navy and Marine Corps.

By continuing to appeal, they are attempting to shift blame to appellant judges to conceal or obscure their own legal misconduct.


Obviously, innocent people should never be sent to prison, but once legal misconduct by the prosecution is suspected, innocent individuals should be immediately released from prison. Simultaneously, an investigation should be initiated about what caused due process (justice) to fail so miserably.

The Wilson family lost all tangible items… car, home, furniture, motorcycle, etc. Nearly all of his so-called friends turned against him. Long-time friendships were lost as well. One of the only people that remained loyal, was his wife Susan Wilson. The Marine Corps certainly turned its back on Colonel Wilson, but also on his wife as well.

After running out of money, Susan Wilson literally pitched a tent about three miles from where her husband is incarcerated. It’s hot and the insects are no fun, but she’s a Marine’s wife.

She said, “If my husband can crawl a mile on his belly with a knife in his teeth, behind enemy lines, I can certainly live in a damn tent for a few years. I don’t like it, and it won’t be any fun, but I can do it if I have to.”

After a few weeks, Susan Wilson had to pull up stakes because even living in a tent is a costly venture. A small tent will cost $30 per night, plus and additional $5 because she had a dog. So, for a life of battling insects and dealing with the heat and cold, it wasn’t worth $1,050 per month. Where she resides today is unknown, but she’s a tough woman who has stood by her railroaded husband since this ordeal began over four years ago.

Mrs. Wilson continues to visit and speak with Colonel Dan as often as the sadistic jailers will allow. Recently, they had their first argument, and hurtful words were said, that should not have been uttered. But, they quickly realized, it was them against the world, and they could withstand tremendous adversity by remaining steadfast against the evil doers in the world.

Susan Wilson tells it in her own words…

What happened after the colonel’s conviction?

Can you tell us briefly what actually happened?

What about the mother of the girl that Dan allegedly molested? What’s her story?

Was the child coached by the mother?

We understand, there was no DNA found which belonged to your husband Colonel Wilson?

Then the nurse who examined the child decided to pile on as well?

We understand also that Colonel Wilson “failed” a test which tended to prove he was not a child molester?

We have heard that you have run out of money and now live in a tent?

The cost of a good defense is expensive, how are you doing with confronting those issues?

We also heard that prosecutors would not allow character witnesses to testify…


Brigadier General Daniel B. Conley, USMC. – Will he use his power to end the suffering?

Is there no one in the entire military chain of command with the courage to do the right thing? By now, surely people who had the same knew-jerk reaction, should realize the system convicted and punished an innocent man.

With the wisp of his pen, Brig. Gen. Daniel B. Conley could end the suffering by ordering Wilson’s immediate release from captivity. Conley assumed command of Marine Corps Installations West – Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton at the joint region and base headquarters building on July 22, 2019.

As both commander of the region and the base, he is now responsible for promoting the combat readiness of the operating forces as well as missions of other tenant commands by providing training opportunities, facilities, services and support responsive to the needs of Marines, Sailors, and their families.

Brig. Gen. Conley is a native of Falmouth, Massachusetts and was commissioned in 1988 following graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy. He is a graduate of the US Marine Corps Command and Staff College.

Conley has the power, but does he have the courage to buck the system that is terribly flawed and biased against anyone falsely accused and illegally convicted. According to the Navy-Marine Criminal Court of Appeals, the United States Marine Corps was wrong, but BG Conley can make it right.

A close associate of this website said that Conley would not dare get involved. He said, “The only thing that is on the mind of a one star general, is how he can get his second star.” And, wherein lies the problem. The political-correct dragon has them all by the scruff-of-the-neck.

If BG Conley does not wish to inject himself into this matter by releasing Col. Wilson from prison, then he needs to order his staff car to take him to Susan Wilson’s tent. He should graciously get out of the car and ask her to come with him to the Navy lodge where she can stay for free indefinitely until her husband is released.

With the billions of dollars the military wastes on any given day, we are sure there is money in the coffers for her to stay at the Navy lodge. Conley could also issue an order that Colonel Wilson shall not be targeted by jailers as is being done by Jungle Jane. Why they call her Jungle Jane, no one knows?

UPDATE: Looking to BG Daniel B. Conley for help is apparently a wasted effort. We received this from one of our readers…

“I knew BG Daniel B. Conley about ten years ago. I would be shocked if he got involved in Col. Wilson’s situation. Conley is not a free thinker and will tow the line completely.”


UPDATE: Colonel Wilson’s 93-year-old mother suffered another fall on September 10,2019. Doctors don’t think she is long for this world. Lawyers are attempting to get Wilson out of prison as soon as possible so he can see her before she passes away.

But, knowing the evil bastards as we do, it’s not likely they really care about any of Wilson’s family issues, and they will continue to keep him in prison for as long as they possibly can. We suspect they will release him a few days after his mother dies as a final sharp stick in the eye.

And where the hell is the United States Congress? They don’t seem to care about the plight of innocent men illegally incarcerated in a United States military prison.

With each passing day that Colonel Wilson remains behind bars, the shame and embarrassment for those who illegally put him there grows exponentially.

Those with the authority need to do the right thing! They should release Colonel Daniel H. Wilson from prison right NOW.

The Camp Pendleton Gulag where Marine Colonel Dan Wilson currently resides courtesy of a corrupt military judicial system.