We are investigating the "Martin Case." A Veterans Benefits Administration employee with a criminal rap-sheet as long as your arm was quickly promoted to a GS-14 supervisory level. She went from a pole dancer and crystal meth dealer to denying America's veterans disability benefits. Hey VA, you've outdone yourselves on this one.

LTG Jon A. Jensen and Captain "Hello Darling" Moreno

REVIEW: A woman (Jane Doe) is in a relationship with Army captain Jose “Hello Darling” Moreno. She’s Black, he’s Hispanic. Why that’s important will be explained.

Captain Moreno gets Jane Doe pregnant. Even though he continually begs her to get married, Captain Moreno has no moral compass; he has no idea what it means to be in a monogamous relationship. He hasn’t a clue as to why that’s important.

Army Colonel David Bowling – the “fix it man” for the Pentagon

To make matters worse, the Army captain is a special forces wanna-be and had access to all sorts of military weaponry.

Some of it was still stashed at the home of Jane Doe when he attempted to choke her to death. It’s suspected that some of the weaponry had been stolen from the Army. Amazingly, no one in the Army seems to care.

While Jane Doe is pregnant with his child, Captain “Philanderer” allegedly had sex with men, women, enlisted, officer, and civilians. Anything that moved was fair game.

After his friends begin to tease him about having a Black girlfriend and a Black baby, he snaps and assaults his girlfriend by severely choking her, then goes after his own one-year-old child.

The beating he gave his 1-year-old son, was captured on video. Amazingly, the United States Army was OK with it. No investigation was launched and no Military Protective Order (MPO) was issued. Captain “Philanderer” and his outrageous violent behavior were being protected by the Army.

The girlfriend immediately sought help by requesting a Special Victims Counsel (SVC). On December 1, 2020, Congress passed a law that mandated that victims of violence must have an SVC assigned to them within 72-hours. Some Army commanders in other venues think even that’s too long.

This violence by the Army captain against his intimate partner and his son means that by law, the Army’s Criminal Investigative Division  (CID) was supposed to launch an investigation immediately. Amazingly, they did nothing. Were they waiting for a murder to occur first?

The United States Army picks and chooses what laws they’re going to enforce on any given day. In a big F-you to Congress, the Army decided to ignore the law and do what they could to protect Captain “Philanderer” who obviously has mental issues and violent tendencies.

The ongoing saga of Jane Doe and her attempt to get the Army to abide by the laws of Congress continues. There was a feeble attempt by the Pentagon’s Congressional Liaison to play politics and shift the matter to another congressional representative. They’re all running for cover.

It’s very clear the United States Army doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about protecting women… or maybe, they just don’t care about protecting Black women. Whoops, there goes the race card. Jane Doe has never been one to assert the race card, but MC.com is insisting that she consider it.

There is no doubt from the text messages and emails, the Army has a cadre of officers who are devout racists. For some reason the Army condones their attitude and beliefs. The Army should have taken aggressive action, but instead decided to ignore the whole racial issue we have disclosed.

Captain Alexis Markeson, Staff Judge Advocate to Colonel Bowling.


Let’s pick up the story where we left off from Volume IV. Once the Army discovered they had screwed it all up in the Jane Doe case, the Army’s public relations department swung into action.

Big Army dispatched their fix it man, COL David Bowling to put out the fire. There was a problem. Colonel “Dick Pick Six” Bowling has his own checkered and colorful past. Plus, he has conflicts of interest all over the place.

Colonel Bowling assured Jane Doe he would initiate action within 72-hours. He did nothing of the sort.

Then Big Army dispatches a Black female (Colonel Hill) from the Pentagon. Army strategy was clear. The best way to control a Black person is with another Black person. In this way the racism issue is taken off the table, or severely muted.

Their tactic didn’t work however. And, for reasons that are inexplicable, Colonel Hill has been quiet as a church mouse. Perhaps she discovered the systemic racism at work in the Army’s officer corps.

Amazingly, the Army took action to protect their racist, philandering officers, along with officers who were severely derelict in their duties.

LTC Colleen Shepherd, battalion commander of Captain “Philanderer,” had her assignment abruptly curtailed after only ten months on duty. The Army strategy was to disburse some of the culpable parties so they wouldn’t be forced to take legal action against several officers for their dereliction of duty.

LTC Shepherd “got-the-hell-out-of-Dodge,” ostensibly to protect her from any of the criminal and unethical fallout for her failure to follow Congressional mandated procedures. Instead doing her job, her attitude was, ‘Screw this! I don’t care about that Black bitch, I’m going to Hawaii.’

Jane Doe realized the Army had abandoned their duty to provide her a Special Victim’s Counsel (SVC). She was forced to hire a civilian attorney. Since CID was scared to do anything, Jane Doe filed a complaint for physical assault on her and her son with local civilian authorities.

CID decided, ‘great, now we don’t have to do anything, the civilians are handling it. What’s for lunch.’

LTC Colleen “Get-out-of-Dodge” Shepherd

Jane Doe submitted a complaint to the Office of Inspector General (OIG), who promptly did nothing. When questioned by a congressional staffer, the OIG’s office fraudulently changed the received date on Jane Doe’s complaint.

This was done by the United States Army to deceive a Member of Congress. One would think that’s a no-no.

Since the OIG’s office has difficulty handling paperwork properly and has a habit of fraudulently changing dates on OIG complaints, Jane Doe submitted another OIG complaint. This time with even more information.

After many weeks and two IG complaints the OIG has still failed to even contact Jane Doe. CID still does nothing to investigate a violent assault. Again, this is a direct violation of the UCMJ, not to mention state laws.

The United States Army recently published a new pamphlet on the rights of victims to a Special Victim’s Counsel (SVC). Jane Doe noticed disturbing differences between the new and old pamphlet.

Click here for the OLD and NEW pamphlets concerning victim’s rights for a Special Victim’s Counsel (SVC). The extraction of critical information from the old pamphlet when crafting the new pamphlet is telling indeed.

In their new pamphlet, the Army is intentionally attempting to deceive victims of violence concerning their rights under the law by omitting critical information. This information was appropriately placed in the old pamphlet by one of the few heroes in this story, CPT Joshua Bell.

CPT Bell apparently is more competent than the current Army JAG officers who conjured up the new pamphlet.

SPECIAL NOTE: December 1, 2020, is the same day Jane Doe gave birth to her son. December 1, 2020, is the exact same day the United States Army implemented their SVC program in compliance with the law and began accepting clients who were victims of domestic violence. What are the odds?

The new battalion commander (LTC Marylane Garcia-Rosado) who replaced LTC “Get-out-of-Dodge” Shepherd) was asked to recuse herself of involvement in the Jane Doe case. This is based on the association her husband has with the mentally challenged Army captain who beat up his girlfriend and one-year-old child.

LTC Marylane Garcia-Rosado refused to recuse herself. Apparently she feels she can remain objective and fair concerning Jane Doe’s attempt to get the Army to comply with the law. Jane Doe isn’t buying that. Neither are we.


To see to what lengths the United States Army will descend to when going into cover-up mode. Our readers need to see the chronology of events in the Jane Doe case. So, buckle up and here we go…

Newly assigned BN, LTC Marylane Garcia-Rosado.

Nov 28, 2022

– Jane Doe files a second complaint with the OIG. They have yet to respond to her. IG did reach out to the government employee who filed a separate IG complaint, but attempted to intimidate her to withdraw the complaint. She stood her ground and refused to pull the IG complaint. She did tell the IG office how to contact Jane Doe directly, but the IG’s office just blew it off.

– An email was sent to the newly installed battalion commander, LTC Garcia-Rosado to recuse herself from case due to conflict of interest and impartiality due to her husband’s association with CPT Jose Luis Moreno.

Dec 1, 2022

– LTC Garcia responds and says she will NOT recuse herself at the victims request even though Jane Doe previously had no communication with command due to their negligence in case since July 2022.

– LTC Garcia sends an unrequested and unsolicited email resending the MPO from August 23, 2022 (this was done with Major Jordan and LTC Shepherd, before LTC Garcia took over), that FAP forced the command to give the victim. LTC Garcia stated Jane Doe “ asked” for a copy, however Jane Doe NEVER asked for a copy or spoke with LTC Garcia.

Dec 4, 2022 – CPT Jose Moreno violated the civilian protective orders. NGB and MDW failed to notify Jane Doe or take prudent action such as issuing a Military Protective Order (MPO) and instituting a safety plan. This a direct violation of Army policy, and a contravention of laws passed by Congress.

Dec 5, 2022 – 

  1. LTC Garcia-Rosado sent an email to Jane Doe’s personal email address after Jane Doe requested a week prior for LTC Garcia-Rosado to recuse herself due to a conflict of interest involving her husband LTC Flores. LTC Garcia-Rosado said ‘NO’ to Jane Doe’s request which is a clear violation of her victim’s 6b rights.
  2. Victim requests an MPO against LTC Garcia due to her unethical privacy violations and not adhering to treating victim with dignity and respect. MDW Legal Division has thus far failed to respond to Jane Doe.
  3. FAP alerts certain officials of warrants due to CPT Moreno’s violation of protective order and update to safety plan to command. To this day, the command has failed to provide an updated safety plan to Jane Doe. Again, a clear violation of her victim’s 6b rights.
  4. NGB XO sends out information to personnel regarding the arrest CPT Moreno. The information goes to personnel who do not have a need to know and are offenders. CPT Moreno is remanded to jail officially making him a “jail bird.”
  5. Command/MDW Legal failed to notify or update the victim per regulation offender’s status. It’s common sense that victim’s should know when their attackers are sent to jail or RELEASED from jail.

Dec 6, 2022

  1. CPT Moreno is released from jail, and command fails to notify or update Jane Doe per regulation of offender’s status. They just don’t care.
  2. Another warrant is issued in another county due to the violation of a valid protective order.
  3. FAP notifies certain officials of new warrants, but failed to notify Jane Doe or update her per regulation of status of offender. Again, a violation of victim’s 6b rights.

Dec 7, 2022 (Pearl Harbor Day)

  1. CPT Jose Moreno turns himself in to the police in the other county, but quickly released on his own recognizance.
  2. An updated safety plan was requested by Jane Doe, but yet again and nothing was received. More evidence the Army just doesn’t care about victims of violence. Or, maybe they just don’t care about Black victims of violence.
  3. Command/MDW legal failed to notify Jane Doe or update her per regulation of status of offender. Once again, a clear violation of victims 6b rights.

Dec 9, 2022

  1. At close of business MDW Legal sends an email without an updated safety plan or measures for the victim.
  2. An updated safety plan, MPO, or care for the victim was not addressed.
  3. Email was sent by 3 MDW Legal personnel listed in IG complaint who should not be working the case due to unethical actions and violations. (MAJ Cleveland, CPT Markeson, LTC Ridgel), Yet again, a clear violation of victims 6b rights.

December 9, 2022, – Website for the Staff Judge Advocate MDW, Fort Myer was viewed on for the purposes of looking at the SVC trifold brochure since Jane Doe had been denied SVC services.

December 12, 2022, –  a new trifold was published showing a date of 3-9-21, that reflected the Army Resilience SHARP program. Fort Myer updated their pamphlet in December 2022. For some odd reason the Army chose to remove crucial information from their newly published downloadable pamphlet designed for victims of domestic violence.

The Army reported to Congress that Jane Doe refused the local Special Victims Counsel (SVC). This is a blatant lie. The Army then claimed they  assigned another SVC from out-of-state to accommodate Jane Doe.

Long after the 72-hour rule expired, Jane Doe felt compelled to secure a civilian attorney at her own expense. The Army said they were only granting Jane Doe an SVC because of the verbiage in the pamphlet. That’s funny. The older pamphlet was derived from the law. It wasn’t something someone just conjured up, for Heaven sake.

Sadly, the MDW legal (Maj Cleveland and CPT “Sit by the Beach” Markeson) were apparently unaware the verbiage on their pamphlet is the actual regulation mandated by Congress. The same verbiage they removed from their updated pamphlet of December 2022. The Army only complies with the law when it’s convenient for them.

LTC Carol Brewer tried to reach out to Jane Doe after she had retained counsel due to her and her son being denied SVC. Jane Doe’s son is a dependent of CPT Moreno and his 6b rights were violated as well as Jane Doe’s due to the incompetence of the legal advisors and attorneys on her case. To this day CPT Sean Rowland tries to justify why Jane Doe and her son were denied, but here is a copy…

§ 806b. Art. 6b. Rights of the victim of an offense under this chapter
(a) RIGHTS OF A VICTIM OF AN OFFENSE UNDER THIS CHAPTER.—A victim of an offense under this chapter has the following rights:

1. The right to be reasonably protected from the accused.

2. The right to reasonable, accurate, and timely notice of any of the following:

(A) A public hearing concerning the continuation of confinement prior to trial of the accused.
(B) A preliminary hearing under section 832 of this title (article 32) relating to the offense.
(C) A court-martial relating to the offense.
(D) A public proceeding of the service clemency and parole board relating to the offense.
(E) The release or escape of the accused, unless such notice may endanger the safety of any person.

3. The right not to be excluded from any public hearing or proceeding described in paragraph (2) unless the military judge or investigating officer, as applicable, after receiving clear and convincing evidence, determines that testimony by the victim of an offense under this chapter would be materially altered if the victim heard other testimony at that hearing or proceeding.

4. The right to be reasonably heard at any of the following:

(A) A public hearing concerning the continuation of confinement prior to trial of the accused.
(B) A sentencing hearing relating to the offense.
(C) A public proceeding of the service clemency and parole board relating to the offense.

5. The reasonable right to confer with the counsel representing the Government at any proceeding described in paragraph (2).

6. The right to receive restitution as provided in law.

7. The right to proceedings free from unreasonable delay.

8. The right to be treated with fairness and with respect for the dignity and privacy of the victim of an offense under this chapter.

(b) VICTIM OF AN OFFENSE UNDER THIS CHAPTER DEFINED.—In this section, the term ‘‘victim of an offense under this chapter’’ means an individual who has suffered direct physical, emotional, or pecuniary harm as a result of the commission of an offense under this chapter (the Uniform Code of Military Justice).

(c) APPOINTMENT OF INDIVIDUALS TO ASSUME RIGHTS FOR CERTAIN VICTIMS.—In the case of a victim of an offense under this chapter who is under 18 years of age (but who is not a member of the armed forces), incompetent, incapacitated, or deceased, the military judge shall designate a representative of the estate of the victim, a family member, or another suitable individual to assume the victim’s rights under this section. However, in no event may the individual so designated be the accused. Survivors Have Rights to Legal Services Provided by the Army.

Survivors Have Rights to Legal Services Provided by the Army


The texts tell the story. The Army can pretend that racism doesn’t exist in the officer ranks, but we know differently. The United States Army is not properly addressing Jane Doe’s concerns and they are completely ignoring the racism that was uncovered.

“When the victim’s rights are not being respected, the special victims’ counsel’s job is to step in—whether it’s filing motions in the court, filing complaints with the commander, or coming up through their technical chain of supervision (even up to myself at the program) to reach out and try to help their clients. That is when a special victims’ counsel gets to be their client’s advocate and support that victim.”

Article 6b in the Uniform Code of Military Justice also grants victims certain additional rights. “There are specific rules to make sure that victims are treated with fairness and respect throughout the process,” Brewer said.

“The Army JAG Corps’ policy is that any case involving a sexual assault or Family violence will be reviewed by the special victim prosecutor,” Brewer said.

If a victim has a concern about a prosecutor, they can reach out to their legal services office or talk to their SVC who can share their concerns with the appropriate authority.


One of the major heroes in this story is Family Advocacy Program (FAP). The counsellors at FAP refused to be bullied by the Army.

They know how to comply with Congressionally mandated directives. Unfortunately, the Army does not.

What the hell is the Army thinking? FAP is on the front line of all this. Before those stupid lawyers attempted to write a new brochure on Special Victim’s Counsel, they should have first consulted with FAP.

In fact, if they were smart, the Army shouldn’t publish anything of this nature without FAP’s approval.


Army Captain Jose Moreno’s MUG SHOT. The Army refused to do anything, so the civilians had to clean up their mess.

There are many culpable officers involved in the fiasco we call the Jane Doe case. There are officers who have directly violated 6B rights of both Jane Doe and her now 2-year-old son.

Our investigation has discovered numerous instances of UCMJ violations that include, dereliction of duty, conduct unbecoming, fraternization, adultery and the list goes on and on and on.

The most disturbing is the intentional disregard for Congressionally mandated laws that should have been followed. Instead, the United States Army chose to downplay, mitigate and cover-up misconduct by numerous Army officers.

Most disturbing is the attempt to cover-up the blatant racism that MC.com uncovered, which is on display in numerous text messages we have provided on this website between senior ranking Army officers.

The Army is pretending it just isn’t happening, or they know it’s happening and basically condone the racist  attitudes and behavior. LTG Jon Jensen and MG Allan Pepin continue to hide under their beds until the storm blows over.

Folks, we know that many of our readers are sick and tired of cries of racism where it simply does not exist. So many racist accusations have been found to be false which have diluted the word “racism” itself.

Millions of Americans still wrongfully believe the slogan of “hands up, don’t shoot” that originated after the August 9, 2014, shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. It was, and still is, a blatant lie. It never happened. And the lie is still believed unto this very day.

MilitaryCorruption.com is cautious before wading into the racism matter, but we will not shy away from it when we discover credible evidence. We have provided the United States Army with that evidence of racism in their officer corps, and thus far, Army commanders have done nothing to address the issue. They are weak and cowardly.

If you’re a young Black American graduating from high school or college thinking about service to America in the military, you have better think again. Closely examine how the Army as behaved in this particular case. Do you really want to join an organization that finds this behavior acceptable?

And if you are a parent ready to sign up your child in a junior ROTC program, better check out the latest information coming across the news wires  about how they were sexually abusing Black children in JROTC. And, once again, the military has been covering it all up. The article came out on December 13, 2022.

This coordinated pedophilia ring has taken root in the JROTC program and is occurring almost exclusively in Black schools. Racism blended with child molesters, and the military turns a blind eye. Wake up America, your military is going down the toilet.

And for those considering service in the military, there are other opportunities out there that don’t involve taking orders from a racist lieutenant colonel in the Army. Don’t join. It’ll be the biggest mistake of your life. We say this with a heavy heart, but it happens to be the truth.

Sadly, the military has a very hard time investigating themselves. The inspector general offices are set up to protect the military establishment, not to ferret out the truth and investigate wrongdoing.

The military has a hard time hold themselves accountable for the same laws they apply to all the junior officers and enlisted personnel. People are in Ft. Leavenworth today who have done far less than many of the admirals and generals do on any given day. Know it to be true.

Here’s a (partial) list of some of the people associated with the Jane Doe case who may very well be guilty of unethical behavior, criminal negligence, or flagrant violations of law…

  • LTG Jon A. Jensen
  • MG Allan M. Pepin
  • COL David Bowling
  • LTC Ginger M. Wietholder
  • LTC Ryan Nelson
  • LTC Tim McCormic
  • LTC Carol Brewer
  • LTC Donna Ridgel
  • LTC Marylane Garcia-Rosado
  • LTC Colleen “get-out-of-Dodge” Sheppard
  • MAJ Chase Cleveland
  • MAJ Anthony Stumbo
  • MAJ Jennifer Peebles
  • MAJ Tania Sang
  • MAJ ? Kristi Berry Ann (Morice)
  • CPT Sean Rowland
  • CPT Alexis Markeson
  • Mr. Patrick Duprey

WE DISCOVERED JUST TODAY: Administrative action by the Commanding General was allegedly taken against Captain Jose Moreno. Basically, Moreno was allegedly given three options…

  1. resign,
  2. get an Other than Honorable (OTH) discharge from a hand-picked board, or
  3. face a general court martial.

The question is, will Captain Jose Luis Moreno receive an Honorable Discharge? Unfortunately, not one of the people listed above will ever be held accountable for their unethical and/or criminal misconduct. And the racism continues unabated.

So, when you see the admirals and generals appear before Congress and tout they are doing everything humanly possible to address these issues, you will know it’s an absolute lie.

Brian T. “Pup” Connelly, Colonel, United States Army

To make matters worse, here’s another crazy story that fell in our lap while we were drafting this article. Other news services ran with it, but we thought at first it was a spoof of some kind. It was just too shocking for the conscience.

Unfortunately, the story was apparently true. Our sources are telling us there’s a group, albeit a small group, of people associated with the Military Academy at West Point who are into pedophilia.

Brian T. “Pup” Connelly (AKA: Colonel POS)

In order to write this story, we had to place a barf-bucket close to the computer, because it just made us sick to know how much our military has been declining.

An Army colonel by the name of Brian T. Connelly took it upon himself to done a mask that is apparently used to denote the members of the pedophilia society.

Forgive us if we make a mistake here. This is all new to us and the fact these groups have infiltrated the military makes us…. whoops here we go again, our face in the bucket tossing our cookies.

There once was a time when, if someone did even a fraction of this behavior, the military would just take them out in a cornfield for some target shooting. Now, these people are heroes.

Colonel “Pup” Connelly will probably write a book and be on all the talk shows. He’ll make a cool five or ten million dollars from his notoriety and in-your-face wokeness.

All this while the Navy has thrown people in prison for adultery. We plan to do an update on the only female the military has ever imprisoned for adultery, courtesy of the United States Navy.

We may even do a story about a young naval reserve lieutenant who was convicted by a general court martial for 1 count of fraternization and 1 count of improperly submitting a travel claim for $75.51.

Even though he was a gifted naval aviator, his professional life was destroyed because any conviction from a general court martial is a felony conviction.

The airlines would not hire him because their insurance carriers would not allow a convicted felon in the cockpit of a commercial airliner. Equal Justice Under Law; give us a freeeking break.

We continue gathering information on Colonel “Pup” Connelly. So standby for more disgusting information courtesy of the United States Army.

The last word we had was that the Army is now investigating Pup Connelly. But, if the Army investigates Colonel Pup, the same way they investigated the Jane Doe case, nothing will happen.

NOTE TO OUR READERS: If any of the information we provide here is incorrect, please contact us immediately. We are only interested in publishing the truth.