JUNE 8, 2023 - Director David Omura was suddenly "detailed" to the "Office of Integrated Veterans Care (IVC). It appears the VA made a decision regarding Omura's antics. What the hell is the "office of integrated veterans care anyway?

Sgt. "Schultz" Omura and Dr. Georgia Lou Huff, MD

UPDATE (08JUN2023):
We were notified that Director David Omura was suddenly “detailed” to the “Office of Integrated Veterans Care (IVC),” whatever the hell that is? Ms. Annette Wyatt, RN, will serve as acting director of the Dorn VA Medical Center at Columbia, SC until Mr. John Merkle takes over as the Director replacing Dr. Omura.

We published the below article about the mistreatment of Dr. Georgia Lou Huff in November 2022. Was the removal of Dr. Omura because of that article? Or, were there other events that finally forced the VA to remove Dr. Omura as Director of the Dorn VA Medical Center?

If anyone out there has the backstory, please feel free to share it with us. As always, your name shall be kept confidential. We know all to well of the government’s propensity to retaliate against people who expose their criminal or unethical misconduct.

The Dorn VA Medical Center and Director David “Sgt. Shultz” Omura are up to their old tricks again. This time it’s not only trickery, but lying, deception, forgery, senior abuse and general malevolence within Dorn’s upper management which lands at the feet of Director David Omura.

There seems to be a malicious and petty desire to harm and humiliate subordinates at the Dorn VA Medical Center. For some odd reason, there seems to be an appetite to inflict injury or suffering on others especially VA doctors, either because of hostile impulses or out of deep-seated meanness.

People may be offended that we put Director David Omura in a Nazi uniform in the photo above. The Nazi’s were an evil organization that set in motion a war that resulted in the deaths of fifty (50) million people, many millions that were innocent unarmed civilians.

While it’s a quantum leap to compare the dubious antics of the Dorn VA Medical Center in Columbia, SC to the German Nazi regime, the leadership at the Dorn VA Medical Center have been accused of mentally brutalizing people. Their tactics are, to some degree, similar to those used by the 1940s German war machine.

Dr. Georgia Lou Huff, MD

This is a story about a gifted physician who devoted her entire life to American military personnel. She has helped literally hundreds, if not thousands of veterans during the course of her stellar career.

Her name is Dr. Georgia Lou Huff, MD. She, at this writing, is eighty-four (84) years young. Her mind is as sharp as it ever has been. She’s been serving America’s veteran community for many decades.

The leadership at the Dorn VA Medical Center viewed Dr. Huff as a senior-citizen physician they no longer wanted and took overt steps to heartlessly kick her to the curb.

Dorn VA even resorted to committing a criminal act of forging her name on retirement documents in order to rid themselves of this magnificent doctor who dedicated her life to healing America’s veterans.

Actually, Dr. Huff kept very quiet about their efforts to forcefully remove her from the VA. She remained quiet because she knew the vindictive and corrupt leadership of the Dorn VA Medical Center would also take steps to attack her medical license.

In Nazi Germany, if you did not fit their Arian profile, the brown shirts would not only kick you to the curb they would have you murdered, or do whatever was necessary to neutralize you. Did the Dorn VA Medical Center attempt to murder Dr. Huff?


In a word, yet! The relentless, never-ending stress placed on Dr. Huff by Dorn VA Medical Center leadership nearly caused her death. Within weeks after administratively attacking her, Dr. Huff suffered a heart attack. She’s on the mend but healing at her age is slow.

Through all this, Dr. Huff has been bravely fighting to get her back wages that were stolen from her by what she viewed as an illegal and unfair removal from her job at the VA. Losing a job at a young age is a terrible shock, but losing a source of income at 84, is down-right frightening.

Any fool can see the VA’s relentless harassment of Dr. Huff contributed to her heart attack. The action by the Dorn VA Medical Center was cause-and-effect, which was malicious in nature and designed to not only discard her, but punish her as well.

We doubt the VA was trying to kill Dr. Huff, but had her death occurred, it could have reasonably been construed as involuntary manslaughter. VA management knew, or should have known, the inordinate stress the were ladling on Dr. Huff would have resulted in her injury or death of most any 84-year-old individual.

An unintentional homicide, would have been committed in a criminally negligent manner. VA administrators knew, or should have known, what their actions were doing to an 84-year-old woman. It’s almost the precise definition of criminal negligence.

Dr. Huff during happier days

Involuntary homicide is the killing of another person without the intent to kill, but where the person’s death occurs as a result of the negligent or reckless actions by the defendant(s).

Was it negligence or recklessness to forge Dr. Huff’s signature? No, that was a criminal act that has yet to be investigated. It absolutely must be investigated!

Thank God, Dr. Huff did not die. It would have been a tragic loss for all veterans in her jurisdiction.

If we did lose Dr. Huff because of the stress imposed by her unjustified dismissal and heinous forging of her name, would her death have been caused by malicious and spiteful acts perpetrated by the Dorn VA Medical Center?

The Dorn VA Medical Center didn’t want to kill Dr. Huff, they just wanted to get rid of her. Any punishment they could inflict would have been pure entertainment for the Dorn senior staff.

What culpability would have fallen on the VA had she succumbed to a heart attack or stroke? Probably none. Thus far, no one has been held accountable for what has already occurred.

The scheme was simple. Find someone to file a bogus complaint against Dr. Huff. Act shocked and dismayed.

Then, with a full-court press, attack her administratively, emotionally, financially. Make her a pariah among her peers and subordinates until she ultimately capitulates.

And, if necessary, act illegally. Forge Dr. Huff’s signature on retirement documents and cause her as much distress as can possibly be conjured up by the crafty manipulators at the Dorn VA Medical Center. She would surely break sooner or later.

If she didn’t go quietly into the night, maybe she would have a stroke or heart attack, or suffer some sort of mental breakdown. The military quite successfully uses similar tactics on their whistleblowers.

People who have done nothing wrong are skewered in the back by evil and vindictive senior military officers. Here are only two examples of the many that occur each and every year.

REF: Chief Michael R. Tufariello, USN who was thrown in the mental ward of a military hospital for exposing massive payroll fraud in the naval reserves. Upon his arrival at the mental ward, they planned to place him in a straight-jacket, but thought better of it, thank God.

REF: Army Major Andrew Higgins who has undergone seventeen (17) psychiatric examinations because he sent an email exposing the poor leadership that was causing Army personnel to be “less than they could be.” MG Clark gave Major Higgins an OTH and had him and his wife escorted off the base late one night by military police.

Did Dr. Huff occupy a position that someone else coveted? In order to get a crony into a job that is already occupied by someone, they would have to remove the person occupying the job. Was this the impetus for attacking Dr. Huff? Was this the reason the VA lowered themselves to forgery?

A trap was set to remove Dr. Huff with a bogus accusation, then drive her to the brink with an onslaught of harassment and administrative machinations. Two or more Dorn employees conspired to destroy Dr. Huff. The evidence of this is in the testimony not yet given.

Even though she was masterfully doing her job, the VA viewed her as a problem. But why was Huff viewed as a problem child?

Was her age an issue? In other words, was Dr. Huff too old for Dorn VA managment? Aren’t there laws against age discrimination? Did she ask too many questions? Did she demand excellence from lazy people?

Did her work ethic make insecure VA employees look bad? Did she occupy a job that a crony wanted? Did she complain about VA managers receiving bonuses because they saved the VA money by depriving veterans of well-deserved compensation and pensions?

What was the real reason the VA attacked and removed Dr. Georgia L. Huff?

Ask yourself, if the VA will do this to one of their best doctors, what chance does a veteran have seeking medical care? If the VA does not care about their doctors, they sure as hell don’t care about the veteran patients either.


Dr. Samuel Huff and Dr. Georgia Huff

Georgia Lou Huff, MD psychiatrist/neurologist was subjected to unlawful and unjust treatment and relentless harassment by the management at the Dorn VA Medical Center, Columbia, South Carolina.

After decades of working in the medical field Dr. Huff kept trying to improve the system, a system that is recalcitrant. A stubborn system that resists change of any kind.

Poor policies and dubious methods have become intrenched and ingrained in the VA system. The chronic stupidity rankled Dr. Huff. She kept asking, “Why in the world are we doing things this way, when it could be run so much better?”

Dr. Huff’s work history at the VA includes working as a PTSD specialist at the Charley Norwood VA Hospital in Augusta, Georgia PTSD Clinic for over four years. She ultimately transferred to the Dorn VA Mental Center in Columbia, South Carolina where she served for a time in the Greenville VA Community-Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) as a staff psychiatrist for three years.

The VA currently has over 800 Community-Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs). Veterans Health Administration (VHA) implemented these clinics to make access to health care easier for America’s veterans.

Huff then transferred to the Anderson VA CBOC Compensation and Pension (C&P) Department as a certified C&P specialist.

Due to Dr. Huff’s medical certifications, she was credentialed to help veterans with filing mental health claims and claims for all other medical problems. Huff was given the responsibility of correcting deficiencies in returned claims submitted by other providers.

Appellate judges in Washington called upon Dr. Huff to review veteran claims and render her medical opinion. By all measure, Dr. Georgia Lou Huff was and is a most extraordinary physician. (A doctor you would think the VA would want to keep)

Huff’s dedication to her job can be found in the immense workload she shouldered on any given day. Dr. Huff had achieved a 135% rating in her workload, having the highest workload percentage at the Greenville Clinic in the year she transferred to the Anderson CBOC. Lazy, she was not!


If that’s not enough, the amazing Dr. Huff also…

  1. Has two BS degrees, one in Medical Technology with certification (ASCP) laboratory scientist, the other a BS Degree in Health Sciences.
  2. Is a certified South Carolina school teacher in science, certified to teach all science courses in secondary education.
  3. Has a master’s degree in Science Education with emphasis in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology with a minor in Science Education.
  4. Possesses an Associate Degree from Anderson University with emphasis in Chemistry
  5. Possesses A Diploma from the Anderson Memorial Hospital School of Medical Technology where she was Blood Bank Supervisor for two years
  6. Was a Hematology Specialist, and the Director of baccalaureate program with Clemson University and Med School of Medical Technology, for twenty-five years.
  7. Was assistant professor at…
    • Clemson University
    • Lander University
    • Central Wesleyan University
    • Erskine College
  8. Taught courses in Bacteriology, Immunology, Hematology, and Medical Technology.
  9. Taught physical science and chemistry in School district five, received Teacher-of-the-Year Award, for School District 5 (Her portrait hangs in the Circle of Honor in the Administrative Building of Anderson University).
  10. Taught classes in medical school, and taught residents while working in affiliate hospitals
  11. Taught medical residents at the Medical College of Georgia and supervised and instructed medical residents at Eisenhower Hospital at Fort Gordon.

While other doctors took two-martini lunches and probably spent inordinate time on the golf course, Dr. Huff worked as hard as a Missouri mule to serve as many veterans as she possibly could. She aspired to be the very best physician possible, in order to properly serve the veterans she loved so dearly.

All of Dr. Huff’s incredible experience and education is provided in her jaw-dropping RESUME.


Veterans are special people for Dr. Huff. She was three years old when World War II began. Several members of her family served in the military during WWII.

Huff vividly remembers many of the the hardships created by the war. She remembered the sacrifices caused by rationing. She clearly recalls the newsreels and especially remembers radio presentations and speeches by President Roosevelt.

Huff recalled the scary news about German submarines threatening the harbor at Charleston, South Carolina, and sirens sending people scrambling for their basements.

Huff had three brothers who served in the US Army, one retired from then Army, one played football at Fort Jackson, and the youngest was drafted and went to Vietnam where he contracted malaria. Huff’s younger brother was special forces receiving two purple hearts and many citations for bravery.

Dr. Georgia Huff outlived three husbands who all served in the military. Two of her husbands served in the United States Army, Dr. Samuel Huff served in the United States Navy as a physician. She said, “He was nothing short of a medical genius.”


Dr. Huff with her Tennessee Walking Horse “Magic Flute”

What does it mean to be “kicked to the curb?”

It means to be discarded, abandoned, or dismissed (as from employment) due to being unwanted, obsolete, redundant or just too old for people who may have wanted to install a close friend or relative in Dr. Huff’s job.

In 2016, Dr. Huff received the gut-punch phone call from the lead physician at Dorn VA Medical Center, Dr. Robert Marino.

Marino said she was being accused of acts involving fraud, waste, and abuse. The accuser was head nurse, Ruth Mustard.

A social worker, Stacy Reeves, who worked at the Greenville VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) allegedly told Ruth Mustard that a veteran who came to Dr. Huff for help in writing his claim had lied resulting in being over compensated for his C&P claim.

Director of the Dorn VA Medical Center David Omura immediately placed Huff on suspension and directed three physicians to review Huff’s work. Innocent until proven guilty? Not at the Dorn VA Medical Center.

Dr. Huff was forced to sit in her office not being able to help a single veteran with their respective claims for over three (3) months. A gifted doctor used to a hectic schedule and heavy workload serving veterans was being punished before any evidence of wrongdoing was produced.

Dr. Bernard Dekoning was Chief-of-Staff. A few months prior to these slanderous accusations being levied at Dr. Huff, Dr. Dekoning declared that Dr. Huff’s work was satisfactory. Dr. Huff had never been counseled for doing anything wrong in her job.

Never has Dr. Huff received a negative rating by anyone, from patients or employees.


Dr. Huff called Mr. Omura and Dr. Marino but was ignored. Dr. Huff called the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) in Washington DC. She spoke with a counselor who gave her a case number and told her that it would be a few weeks until he could help her.

Dr. Huff asked Senator Lindsey Graham’s office for help. A Congressional Inquiry was initiated.

A six-member congressional committee arrived at the Dorn VA. Senator Graham received a letter from the OIG that Huff’s work had nothing wrong with it.

There was no evidence that Huff was involved in any fraud, waste, or abuse. The letter stated the problem must be a personnel problem. Nothing was wrong with Dr. Huff’s work.

Director David Omura wrote a letter to Huff telling her that the three physicians who checked her work did not find anything wrong, and that she was going to be placed back on the schedule to help veteran’s with their claims.


The letter was a relief but there was a gotcha, an “oh by the way” caveat. Dr. Huff was to be put on FPPE-for-Cause. FPPE=Focused Professional Practice Evaluation

FPPE-for-Cause is the term referring to FPPE which is used for the evaluation of the performance of practitioners when issues affecting the provision of safe, high-quality patient care are identified. The word “peer” refers to an individual practicing in the same profession and who has expertise in the appropriate subject matter.

Are you confused? The VA tells Dr. Huff, there’s no problem with your past work, but we are going to sanction you with a FPPE-for-Cause until further notice.

You’ve done nothing wrong, but we don’t trust you. A social worker who knows absolutely nothing about the responsibilities of medical doctor submitted a bogus accusation against you. For undisclosed reasons, we are going to side with the social worker. Thank you for your understanding.

The pressure was mounting. Dr. Huff could not make a single error on her work or she would be fired immediately. This policy is not in the VA employee policy handbook. Out of 388,000 VA employees, she is the only one who must make 100% benchmark or be summarily discharged.

This was against federal law and a violation of Dr. Huff’s Civil Rights. Make one error in your work and your fired. It’s an official form of harassment and abuse of a senior citizen, at the very minimum.

Furthermore, she was required to meet with Dr. Marino and Ms. Bridgette Schusterson, Quality Management Supervisor, every two weeks to discuss Dr. Huff’s work. This was more harassment concealed under the policy façade that the VA was taking “prudent” steps to protect veterans from a rogue doctor.

Mind you, a congressional inquiry found nothing wrong with Dr. Huff’s work. The Chief-of-Staff also found nothing wrong with Dr. Huff’s work. It was nothing more than harassment under the color of law.


Dr. Georgia Lou Huff, MD

It should be noted that Dr. Marino hired an outside psychiatrist, a Telehealth psychiatrist, Dr. Paul Fredette.

Dr. Fredette didn’t work with PTSD patients and was not certified to see veterans diagnosed with PTSD. How the hell could he possibly know whether Dr. Huff’s work is satisfactory or not?

Mr. Raymond Mitchel the VA Union President conducted a 3-way telephone conversation with Dr. Marino and Ms. Schusterson.

It was clear that Dr. Huff was experiencing hostility, retaliation, and verbal abuse from Dr. Marino.

Dr. Huff was able to review claims that Dr. Fredette critiqued. Dr. Huff quickly discovered this Telehealth doctor didn’t have the experience or education to critique anyone’s work in the PTSD field. His critiques were pathetic and invalid.

Dr. Fredette wrote that some of the claims lacked symptoms and a diagnosis.

His dubious statements meant that Dr. Huff would not meet 100% benchmark on all her claims. She was being set up for the slaughter.

Symptoms and the diagnosis were always written on the DBQ for PTSD, and anyone knows that a claim cannot be completed without proper information. Dr. Huff states that in the three years of working in C&P she never had an addendum sent back to her to correct a claim.

There are witnesses that will state that Dr. Huff corrected other providers claim forms so the claims could be completed and sent forward. Huff knew exactly what needed to be done. The idiots dispatched to critique Huff’s work were severely lacking and not qualified to review her work.

Dr. Huff filed a complaint with the EEO when she was wrongfully accused of improprieties. Raymond Mitchell the VA Union President helped her with completing the paperwork for the mediation. Dr. Huff answered the interrogatories and complied with other requirements for the mediation scheduled for June 2018.

During the mediation meeting with EEO Judge Stephens from Charleston, SC, Judge Stephens paused the mediation and stated that she wanted to consult with the VA’s Vison-7 Department to obtain additional information before rendering a decision on Huff’s case.

In other words, the judge wanted to “consult” with the opposing side so she could render a “fair and unbiased” decision. What an absolute joke.


Dr. Huff was asked if she wanted to retire. Since Dr. Huff’s EEO mediation had not been finished, she did not want to retire until she received a decision from EEO Judge Stephens. Little did she know the judge had made her decision but failed to inform Dr. Huff. Instead she received a letter from David “Sgt. Shultz” Omura.

Much to her shock and dismay, the letter revealed that she was officially fired. No longer would Dr. Huff be able to help America’s veterans. The VA threw all her knowledge, skills and experience in the trash bin with the same consideration as if throwing away a paper cup.

According to “Sgt. Shultz” Omura in his letter, Huff had not met the 100% benchmark on her work. In the dismissal letter, Omura went on to accuse Huff of falsifying  information on the claims she was handling.

This extremely talented and hyper-educated physician received what was tantamount as dishonorable discharge from the VA. No words can describe her hurt and anguish by the loss of her job and the false accusations.

Huff had called Senator Lindsey Graham’s office when she was put on FPPE-for-Cause. She called Senator Graham’s office again. Her case was investigated again, but the second time it was investigated by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) in Washington.


Dr. Huff enjoying a moment’s peace at home.

Counselor Teddy Gilbreth kept Dr. Huff informed about the investigation. The investigation took almost two years to complete.

The OPM counselor wrote to Huff via email telling her they found that her Civil Rights had been violated, the HIPPA laws were broken, and that Dr. Huff had been targeted for retaliation.

Information from the investigation was available to Huff under the Freedom of Information Act. Huff requested the information several times, and the information was never sent to her.

The government views compliance with FOIA requests as just mere guidelines they don’t have to comply with if they don’t want to.

Dr. Huff became terribly ill during the first few weeks of her suspension of her job in 2016.

She was suffering from extreme anxiety, depressed mood, insomnia, abdominal pain, hypertension, and atrial fibrillation.

Dr. Huff was diagnosed with Leukemia and received Chemotherapy while she was on suspension.

Dr. Huff states that she also went to the hospital several times at night for treatment of a-fib, was cardioverted several times, and her labs revealed she had suffered with a heart attack on one admission to the hospital.

The stress and maltreatment she received at the VA by David “Sgt. Shultz” Omura and Dr. Mariano was seriously detrimental to her health and wellbeing. They didn’t want to just fire Huff, they wanted to punish her, and ultimately exerted enough stress to almost kill her.

That’s called murder three (3).

Dr. Huff made numerous attempts to get her retirement from the VA, and after calling HR, the EEO in Washington, and ROSSO in Topeka, Kansas she was unable to obtain a retirement packet.

Dr. Huff was told by a counselor at the Rosso office that she is not retired, that she is listed as a full-time employee of the VA, and for her to retire she will have to sign retirement papers.


While Dr. Huff was still listed as a full-time employee, for her to retire, she would have to sign retirement paperwork.

It was disclosed to Dr. Huff, and also to a veteran’s advocate that she already signed her retirement paper(s).

Dr. Huff said, “Like hell I did!”

Someone apparently inside the Dorn VA Medical Center forged Dr. Huff’s signature in an effort to put her out to pasture.

Dr. Huff sitting in front her incredible achievement wall.

We do not have evidence of the forgery yet, but we do have a witness that her signature was indeed forged. Two different people were told by VA representatives at two different times, that Dr. Huff signed her retirement document(s).

Forgery of a signature on official documents is a serious offense, a violation of law. At common law, forgery and uttering a forged instrument are separate offenses.

Dr. Huff’s signature was forged, then the forged document was “uttered” to convince a veteran’s advocate that Dr. Huff had voluntarily decided to retire.

There needs to be an full investigation to determine who forged Dr. Huff’s signature and for what purpose? It’s likely the VA is “burning” documents to avoid having to hold upper management accountable.

The VA will circle the wagons to protect the criminal who forged Dr. Huff’s name. Nothing to see here folks, let’s keep the line moving.

No one past a certain level is being held accountable anywhere in our government. People in the upper echelons of our government break the law with impunity, laughing all the way home. They wreak havoc and cause people terrible hardship through their skullduggery and subterfuge.

For several years, Huff’s life has been consumed with trying to get some semblance of justice and resolution for the mental, emotional, and physical trauma that she has endured from her wrongful dismissal and violation of her Civil Rights.

Too many managers in the VA are incompetent and lazy. Too many VA employees have no sense of honor or decency. Instead of cleansing the ranks, the VA allows people of dubious character to be promoted right up the chain of supervision.

Dr. Huff fervently believes the VA is supposed to be a place where veterans can go to and find care, comfort, assessment, treatment, and healing for their emotional, mental, and physical problems.

It’s understandable why the VA is sometimes careless and cavalier towards veterans seeking help when they treat their physicians like this. A major house cleaning needs to occur, beginning with the Dorn VA Medical Center under the “brilliant leadership” of  David “Shultz” Omura. We suggest a house cleaning similar to what Elon Musk is conducting at Twitter.

Most veterans continue to have a long wait to see a medical provider. There is a serious shortage of doctors, and nurses that has resulted from the lack of support, respect, and maltreatment from non-medical incompetent managers. This is a fact the VA fails to address.


Dr. Georgia L. Huff, MD

Medical doctors and nurses should be the ones responsible for patient care and should make the decisions about what patients’ need for treatment, healing, and recovery.

Excellent medical care and a good outcome for the patient is not attainable by employees who are untrained and lack knowledge about their job.

For the past six years this remarkable woman and gifted doctor has endured stress and disappointment from VA management, but her faith in God has kept her spirit positive and has given her hope.

Dr. Huff states, “My entire life has been navigated by the word of the Lord and my suffering will soon end and “joy will come in the morning.” Psalm 30″

There are many irregularities about Dr. Huff’s dismissal, and the statements listed are things that should be considered for a fair and impartial outcome.

  1. Dr. Huff was never counseled about her work not meeting work requirements.
  2. There is no VA policy that employees must meet 100% benchmark and that her civil rights were violated being singled out to have to make 100% benchmark and be dismissed
  3. Dr. Huff is listed at the Vison-7 as a full-time employee even though she was sent home, essentially told she was fired.
  4. An employee in Mr. Omura’s office signed a statement that is recorded at the EEO in Washington which states that my EEO case was settled, and the employee, Latora Thompson in Mr. Omura’s office signed it as the judge for her case.
  5. Dr. Huff is receiving $1400 per month suspension pay and has been receiving pay for four years after dismissal. There’s a question as to where does suspension money come from? Out of what budget is that provided?
  6. Dr. Huff is listed as a full-time employee at the VA at the Vison-7 Department. She’s never retired, but been on suspension for four years.
  7. Dr. Huff was told that someone signed her name as requesting retirement. Dr. Huff states that she has never signed anything concerning retirement, someone in the VA forged her name. Forgery is a criminal act which must be investigated immediately.
  8. When Dr. Huff received the dismissal letter by certified mail at her home, no one requested her ID card or keys. A deeply saddened Dr. Huff voluntarily provided these items to the VA police.
  9. Social worker, Stacy Reeves, who accused Dr. Huff of fraud, waste, and abuse, broke the HIPPA laws and two other social workers James Capobianco, and Belton Caughman broke the HIPPA laws and conspired with Stacey Reeves about patient’s condition. All three (Reeves, Capobianco and Caughman) were practicing medicine without a license.
  10. Local VAs need to have employee advocates, not EEO clerks because the clerks are not competent, and there is too much unnecessary paperwork. The paperwork used gives no results. Patient advocates and employee advocates to be able to communicate with people in higher management who are able to resolve problems for employees and the veterans. Dr. Huff stated she would like to see more accountability in management with real working solutions instead of more paperwork and no resolutions.
  11. Dr. Huff stated that she would like for employees to have access to legal advice or counseling, and legal help when needed.
  12. The person in charge of Mental Health Department for the WJB Dorn Medical Center which includes the Mental Health Services at the VA CBOCs should be a Board Certified or board eligible Psychiatrist who is a MD and not a social worker who has no medical expertise.

Dr. Huff’s professional opinion is that the VA should not allow non-medical employees at the VA do any medical work that pertains to patients including assessment, diagnosing, and treatment of patient’s illnesses.

Social workers should not be supervising medical staff. VA supervisors for patient care should only be personnel who have met medical standards and qualifications in their field of expertise.


An exasperated Dr. Huff ultimately sought help from the VA Secretary…

Honorable Kevin Richard McDonough
Secretary of the United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs
Washington DC 20420.

Dear Honorable McDonough:

This letter is a follow up letter of the letter I wrote to you November 18, 2021, concerning my wrongful dismissal and not being properly retired from the Columbia VA.

I received a reply from your office in January 2022, saying that you had given my request and information that I sent to you to the Leadership Committee in your office for their investigation of my wrongful dismissal at the Columbia VA. To date no one from your office or the Leadership committee has contacted me about this matter.

I am listed as an employee at the Columbia VA because my EEO Mediation was never completed or settled by the presiding EEO Judge. My case has been on hold by the EEO judge who wanted more information about my case.

I nor my representative have ever been notified by anyone at the VA to be present to complete my mediation session. I was dismissed by the CEO at the VA from my job without due process. Even though I never retired from the VA, I am receiving a small monthly check from the Columbia VA.

I phoned the RSSO in Topeka, Kansas. An employee there told me that I am still an employee of the VA, that I was never processed out for retirement, and I do not have a retirement number.

I am asking you to help me process my retirement as I am not getting cooperation from anyone in the system to send me retirement papers so that I might get retirement benefits.

This problem for me has been ongoing for more than three years and I would like to get this problem settled as soon as possible. I need to hear back from you within two weeks. I am willing to speak with you and the leadership committee about this matter.

To our knowledge, Dr. Huff has yet to receive a reply from the Secretary of the Veterans Administration. And, the saga continues, but will continue to investigate and ferret out any additional misconduct we find.

We ask our readers affiliated with the Dorn VA Medical Center to keep us informed. In that way, we can keep our world-wide readers informed.

And as always, we at only seek the truth. We have no interest in information that is not factual. If you have any information that counters what we have said here, please contact us immediately. Thank you.