Lieutenant General Jon A. Jensen and Captain Jose Moreno - VOLUME III

Pieces of the NGB puzzle could very well be coming together.

One of the main characters in this story is Battalion Commander Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Colleen Shepherd.

Here’s the gist of what’s going on… Jane Doe and her son are being verbally, emotionally and physical assaulted by Army Captain Jose Moreno who also happens to be the child’s father.

Jane Doe pleads to numerous entities in the Army for help and protection. In the initial phase, Jane Doe pleaded with Battalion Commander LTC Colleen Shepherd for help. That turned out to be a complete waste of time.

Jane Doe felt both her and her son’s life are potentially in great danger, but LTC Shepherd did absolutely nothing to intervene. This meant that CPT Moreno’s actions could very well have escalated from simple harassment and assault to a murder/suicide situation.

It’s pretty obvious that CPT Moreno has some major emotional and mental issues. Anyone that thrashes a one-year-old child surely has some mental short-circuiting going on. Shockingly, the United States Army is OK with having a wacko Army officer assaulting a woman and their son.

Instead of taking prudent action to protect a mother and her child from an Army nut job, LTC Shepherd tells the victim to provide her with proof CPT Moreno has done anything wrong, then promptly goes on leave to Hawaii.

In other words, LTC Shepherd didn’t give a tinker’s damn about the well-being of a one-year-old child and his mother. Wiggling her toes in the sands of Waikiki was far more important that doing her duty as battalion commander and military officer.

After all, the Hawaii getaway was probably planned months ahead of time and she was so much looking forward to it. Shepherd was not going to let anyone interfere with her vacation plans.

So we kept asking ourselves why? Why would LTC Shepherd flagrantly abandon a woman begging her for her intervention? Surely she left someone in command to act in her stead while she was on leave. She could have given the second-in-command instructions to do whatever was necessary to help Jane Doe and her son.

Jane Doe desperately needed some decisive leadership. She needed someone in the Army to launch a 15-6 investigation and issue a Military Protective Order (MPO). Can you imagine the finger-pointing and the burning of documents if Jane Doe and her son were murdered?

Jane Doe solicited the help from Family Advocacy Program (FAP). FAP helped the command draft up an MPO correctly because Major Matt Jordan was attempting to coverup the fact that he failed to issue a Military Protective Order (MPO) in July 2022.

Why did LTC Colleen Shepherd cavalierly ignore the danger that Jane Doe was potentially confronted with? Many of the people we spoke with thought it could be simple racism since Jane Doe is an African-American.

None of it was making any sense. There had to be a reason the command gave Jane Doe and her son absolutely no help whatsoever. Was it sheer ineptitude, a mere oversight? Or, was the Army’s failure to act prudently being intentionally orchestrated. And if so, WHY?

While racism could have been part of it, there may be another possibility why LTC Shepherd ignored the pleadings of a woman who was being strangled by one of her officers and her one-year-old son subjected to physical abuse. Fasten your seatbelts kiddies, it’s going to be a bumpy ride and a potentially a shocking answer.


LTC Colleen Shepherd and Tania Sheremeta, believed to be a wedding photo

We use the word “mafia,” not to offend anyone, but because the mafia has no scruples. They don’t care who gets hurt in the course of business.

Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, there is a very strong contingent of gay folks in the United States Army. Some are man-hating lesbians, and others are militants that hates anyone who is not like them, part of the clique.

Our investigations have provided anecdotal evidence that Army Captain Jose Moreno is bisexual. In the baseball vernacular, he’s a switch hitter. As one person put it, “In certain situations, he’s gay as goose,” whatever the hell that means.

It also turns out that Lieutenant Colonel Colleen Shepherd is gay and married to Tania L. Sheremeta. Our investigators believe that Shepherd’s wife is possibly the link to Captain Jose Moreno and the reason why CPT Moreno was being protected.

It’s could be that LTC Shepherd’s wife could have lobbied her spouse, Battalion Commander Shepherd, asking her to ‘go easy’ on CPT. Moreno.

We have some slim anecdotal evidence that Sheremeta and Moreno may have known each other. It’s possible they knew each other only through friends or associates.

Tania Sheremeta and her association with Jose Moreno or friends of Moreno could be the reason CPT Jose Moreno was being protected, we just don’t know for sure, but it deserves further investigation.

Again, why LTC Shepherd did nothing and lied, saying a 15-6 investigation had been initiated when it wasn’t, makes no sense at all. Anyone out there who knows the reason why is invited to contact us.

Remember the words of Scottish novelist and poet Sir Walter Scott: “Oh, what tangled webs we weave, When we first practice to deceive.”

LTC Shepherd could have taken prudent steps to protect Jane Doe and her son from potential domestic violence incidents that could have resulted in serious injury or death? Her failure to act basically said, ‘Screw you. You’re on your own bitch. I’m going to Hawaii.’

The text messages we have tend to suggest there is a very strong gay contingent in the National Guard Bureau. We don’t have a problem with that. But, when any group of individuals begins to circumvent due process of law to protect one of their own, we have a very big problem indeed.

We remember when Admiral James A. Michener was commanding an aircraft carrier group in the Pacific during the height of WWII against the Imperial Japanese Navy. Michener, was allegedly gay and his boyfriend was one of the pilots stationed aboard the carrier.

Colleen and Tania

During a night recovery in darkened ship conditions to avoid detection by the Japanese fleet, Michener ordered the lights be turned on so his boyfriend could land in a safer condition, rather than under darkened ship conditions.

The other Navy pilots who had to land under darkened ship conditions quickly realized their lives didn’t count as much as Michener’s boyfriend.

Admiral Michener was willing to expose the entire aircraft carrier to attack by giving away their position to the Japanese so his boyfriend could land safely aboard ship.

We believe as the late Senator Barry Goldwater who said, ‘I don’t care if you are straight. I only care if you can shoot straight,’ or words to that effect.

Gays have been in the military probably since George Washington. Gays in the military is not the issue. The issue is one gay person protecting another gay person from accountability and placing other lives in danger in the process.

When the LGBT community (or any other organization) attempts to circumvent the law, that’s when there’s an issue. Sometimes, these relationships become entanglements that become a distraction and erode an effective fighting force. The military calls it, prejudicial to good order and discipline.

Again, the question must be answered. Did Battalion Commander Colleen Shepherd ignore Jane Doe’s pleadings for help because CPT Jose Moreno was part of the gay community? Did her wife have anything to do with her decision to ignore the dangerous situation Jane Doe found herself in?

LTC Colleen Shepherd is slated to have her change-of-command ceremony on 22 NOV 2022, even though she just reported for duty less than a year ago on January 28, 2022. The normal rotation is 2.5 to 3 years. If the Army can get her out of town soon, they won’t have to flag her file and hold her accountable for being derelict in her duty as an Army officer.

The Army is doing their level best to usher her out the back door to save her illustrious Army career. Trouble in Kuwait. Trouble here. We think the Army should put her in charge of CENTCOM if they really want to fuck things up. The old Army saying is true, “you fuck up to move up.”


Colleen and Tania, the athletes

Apparently, an investigation has been launched, but by whom is still a mystery. Since the National Guard Bureau cannot investigate itself and since LTC Jon A. Jensen is a feckless commander, they have to bring in an outsider.

Our trusted sources in the Pentagon tell us Big Army has dispatched a female Black colonel to head up the investigation. It turns out she is in charge of public affairs for the Army at the Pentagon.

That’s an old trick to insulate against charges of racism. Use a Black woman to attack (control) another Black woman. It’s one of those special tools the government has long used to inoculate itself and neutralize the race card issue.

The racist text messages provided in Volume II, clearly indicate the presents of racism in the National Guard Bureau. That’s why Lieutenant General Jensen is hiding under his bed all this time.

This tactic of installing a Black person as the gatekeeper is rooted in our slavery past. White people hired Black people to go kidnap their fellow Blacks and bring them aboard ships bound for America to be sold into slavery.

But there’s another problem…

In the allegations raised to LTC Shepherd and COL Bowling, a colonel had already been identified as an offender. This was the reason a brigadier general had allegedly been dispatched to head up the investigation.

COL Bowling is more recently included in this leadership fiasco. Bowling was derelict in his duty for  failing to do what he said he would do for Jane Doe in their little meeting.

Bowling told Jane Doe he would initiate some action in 72 hours. Unfortunately, 72 hours has turned into over a five (5) weeks.

Furthermore, this new Black female investigating officer is the public affairs officer for the Pentagon. Her job is to protect the generals. Her knowledge of legal procedure is highly suspect.

Jane Doe was promised a general officer would head up the investigation, but it took months to even get the Army to investigate.

It’s clearly obvious the Army is doing everything possible to pick one scapegoat (Captain Jose Moreno) to crucify so they don’t have to file charges and court-martial several Army officers. Racism, fraud, false official statements, fraternization, etc. etc., are really not something the Army want’s to delve into.


LTC Colleen Shepherd must be held accountable for her lying and deception which placed Jane Doe and her son in Harm’s way.

Colleen and Tania as activists. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) lobbied extensively for the repeal of the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”(DADT) law, which barred gay and lesbian people from serving openly in the military. Human rights do not apply just to gay marriage in the military. Human rights also applies to protecting a mother and her baby… from harassment to murder.

The scope of the 15-6 investigation should address the misconduct and flagrant violations of the UCMJ by numerous officers, not the least of which is Lieutenant Colonel Colleen Shepherd:

1) Allegations of egregious misconduct by officers within NGB (higher ranking officials other than CPT Jose Moreno)

2) Charges of assault and battery by CPT. Moreno are being handled by civilian authorities.  Jane Doe had no choice but to seek help from civilian law enforcement because the pathetic NGB and the LTC Shepherd wouldn’t do a damn thing.

The Criminal Investigative Division (CID) told Jane Doe they were waiting for that civilian case to be resolved before they would get involved.

Emails from LTC Sheppard to COL David Bowling are most disturbing.
REF. EMAILS DATED: (Aug. 25, 2022 & Sep. 13, 2022)

Emails show the military is negligent and Jose’s battalion commander (Shepherd) explicitly lying about the status of the case and initiating a 15-6. We have emails where Shepherd is attempting to get the information from Jane Doe and not the CID.

The garrison commander (COL David Bowling) stated in emails on Sept 13, 2022, that his office should assume the lead on the investigation, but clearly nothing was done by “nothing to see here folks” Bowling.

Jane Doe met with Bowling on Sept 26, 2022, and he purportedly acted like he didn’t know anything, but yet, the emails reveal proof he did.


Lieutenant Colonel Colleen Shepherd has a history of problems in other commands.

In April 2021, a Military Equal Opportunity complaint was filed against LTC Colleen Shepherd on Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.

The MEO complaint processing system in the Army addresses complaints that allege unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex (to include gender identity), national origin, religion, or sexual orientation and harassment which includes hazing, bullying, and other discriminatory harassment.

The Army’s MEO program seeks to eliminate unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment against military members, family members, and retirees based on race, color, sex, national origin, or religion.

One of her subordinates had become a target by LTC Shepherd’s bullying and singling out style of leadership. While the investigating officer uncovered evidence of bullying by LTC Shepherd, it was concluded there was no evidence Shepherd had engaged in acts that created a toxic work environment or harassment.

Even so, LTC Shepherd was “counselled” by her superior commissioned officer. The investigating officer recommended she attend an “Effective Communication Course for Leaders.” We’ve been told it’s a candy-coated title for an anger management course.

Basically, we felt the individual who filed the MEO complaint was credible, but all his witnesses would not back him up because they knew that LTC Shepherd would retaliate on their Officer Evaluation Reports (OERs), in an attempt to destroy the Army career of anyone who sided against her.

But don’t take our word for it. Read the 15-6 investigation against LTC Colleen Shepherd for yourself.


Lieutenant Colonel Colleen Shepherd blatantly lied to garrison commander (COL Bowling) about the status of the Jane Doe case:

  1. Jane Doe never told LTC Shepherd she had an Special Victim’s Counsel (SVC) assigned. Nor, did Jane Doe tell Shepherd that she wouldn’t talk to FAP. This is just the beginning of the lying and deception by LTC Colleen Shepherd.
  2. Shepherd allowed Captain Moreno to live with a female, even though Jane Doe told her he is a predator and preys on women just like her. Shepherd clearly ignored what Jane Doe had told her. Jane Doe also asked for CPT Moreno to be remanded to the base as apart of the safety plan through Family Advocacy Program (FAP). She was derelict in her duties and ignored that as well.
  3. Shepherd quickly made a kneejerk determination about the relationship. Shepherd told COL Bowling that Jane Doe wasn’t Moreno’s spouse thereby making the relationship appear to have less value than the typical husband/wife relationship. Jane Doe wasn’t a mere girlfriend. Jane Doe and CPT Jose Moreno lived together and Moreno asked her several times to get married.
  4. Shepherd did not take immediate action to initiate a 15-6, which would have been the prudent thing to do in light of the danger Jane Doe was in. Jane Doe quickly realized that LTC Shepherd wanted information so she could alert the other officers and cover it all up.
  5. Shepherd lied saying CID was conducting investigations. They never were. Jane Doe discovered CID is waiting on a resolution to the civilian case.
  6. Shepherd lied saying all other allegations were being investigated. The fact of the matter was that Shepherd didn’t initiate a 15-6 investigation nor is CID investigating allegations of misconduct by multiple officers within NGB.
  7. Shepherd deferred COL Bowling’s assistance by deceptively saying, ‘they have it under control,’ when she absolutely did nothing.
  8. Shepherd apologized for the extreme delay to regarding the CCIR. It should have been issued in July, however they had zero intentions on issuing one. Shepherd did issue the CCIR at the end of August after Jane Doe went to FAP and command was scolded for the lack of action. LTC Shepherd stated, “I didn’t know about the incident and the Lieutenant General Jenson didn’t have time for such trivial cases like this.” She also stated to Jane Doe that she was articulate, insinuating that she was articulate for a Black person. (FAP representative witnessed the conversation).
  9. Shepherd only asked about Jane Doe seven (7) weeks later, only after Jane went to her congressional reprentative’s office to seek their help. Shepherd, according to Jane Doe, didn’t ask or care to ask about either her or her son, but rather attempted to downplay her relationship with the child’s father (CPT Jose Moreno). Shepherd blew off Jane Doe’s cries for help to enjoy a vacation in Hawaii with her wife.
  10. Jane Doe’s son is a Family Advocacy Program (FAP) victim, but LTC Shepherd failed to address that issue at all.
  11. LTC Shepherd viewed both videos where Jane Doe’s son was being physically assaulted by his father (CPT Moreno) on 30 AUG 22. Watching a one-year-old child being beat-up by an officer in her command didn’t bother her at all. She failed to do anything to protect either the child or his mother from further retaliatory beatings.
  12. LTC Shepherd, for some odd reason, classified the risk assessment as LOW, but she was instructed to change her risk assessment to HIGH by FAP. Why in the world, after viewing a video of a muscle-bound Army captain beating up a one-year-old child, did she determine the risk to him and his mother was LOW?

NGB and MDW are apparently playing games. Emails clearly demonstrate the command did nothing and lied about their non-involvement. All of these people need to be held accountable for their lack of prudent action involving the abuse of a 1-year-old child, and blatant attempts to cover-up their dangerously pathetic response which is in direct violation of current directives, policies and regulations.


There was supposed to be a brigadier general assigned to head up the investigation. The general was allegedly flying in from overseas. Hey, maybe they didn’t let him in to the USA because he didn’t have a COVID shot? Or maybe his plane was forced to ditch near a deserted island in the Pacific?

Jane Doe was specifically told a brigadier general was going to get to the bottom of all this. Instead, the Army assigned COL David ‘the fix it man’ Bowling. Now Big Army has dispatched a Black female colonel to do the mopping up.

At this point any Army colonel will be promoted to brigadier general if they can make this mess go away.

The government found out a long time ago that it’s very advantageous to use a Black person to control other Black people in order to take the race card off the table. Remember, when America needed slaves to pick cotton, they hired Black people to kidnap other Blacks and force them into slavery.

The Army is doing their level best to circle the wagons and protect one of their own, Lieutenant General Jon Jensen. They are also doing everything possible to limit the scope of the investigation and throw Captain Jose Moreno under the bus.

This Black female public affairs officer (PAO) is inadequate response to a cesspool of UCMJ violations. A colonel cannot investigate another colonel, it’s a violation of well-established military protocol.

This is a setup and we caution Jane Doe to check her six-o’clock, in other words, watch her back. This PAO is being sent in to mitigate and cover-up. The Pentagon isn’t interested in ferreting out the truth. They just want it all to go away.


One of our newest sources says that LTC Ginger Wietholder is on the Army’s FY22 promotion list for full bird colonel.

The Army’s Promotion Selection Board, however, is requesting Wietholder to show cause for slapping a subordinate. (She’s a regular General Patton for Heaven sake)

To our knowledge, no action was taken against Wietholder for an assault consumated by battery across the chops of a subordinate, not to mention conduct unbecoming an Army officer.

Clearly, Wietholder has a pattern of misconduct which must be addressed.

The Title 10 Section of the NGB is truly a mess and simply out of control. Many Army officers need to be reprimanded. Several should be sent out on an OTH, and others need to be court-martialed and sent to Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas for an extended period of time.

Army, you had better get your act together, otherwise you are forcing us to publish a monthly article on one scandal after another concerning Army skullduggery. The letter “W” does not mean WOKE, it means WARFIGHTER. Better to concentrate on recruiting and training warfighters. For God sake, forget this other nonsense.

Can we make a suggestion? Send in a general officer who believes in the rule-of-law and give him or her the authority commensurate with their responsibility. The order should be clear; ferret out the violators and bring all to justice. Clean up this God awful mess. Just for once, forget the damn politics and do the right thing.

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