hey army, if this isn't enough evidence for you to launch a credible investigation, we will certainly consider publishing volume III about SODOM AND GORMORRAH

Lieutenant General Jon A. Jensen and Captain Jose Moreno.

FROM THE MAILBAG: One pissed off individual sent in the following email. He wanted us to put it in VOL III, but we think it needs to go in right now. Read it for yourself…

Let’s talk about how LTC Shepherd mind-fucks people and the high ranking GOs and CSM that allow her to it to protect the few in the “good ole boys club” and the “elite fitness crew”. If you aren’t a member in these clubs, white, weak minded, or willing to sell your soul to protect this group of people, you are pretty much on your own.

These people will band together to make anyone who stand against them to be made out to be the bad guy. Forget taking care of Soldiers, it’s taking care of the few Soldiers and fuck everyone else. Let’s break the rules and pick and choose which regulations to follow.

Oh that’s totally against regulation, no worries, let’s get the G1 SGM Justin Lampert and Policy Branch SGM Joseph Woods and our girl LTC Ginger Wietholder to write a policy so we can do it. We don’t have to answer to anyone cause we are the Army National Guard.

Let’s talk about our latest Release From Active Duty Board that had to be thrown out, rumor has it, majority of the officers selected for release from active duty were black. Let’s talk about all the race issues that were brought to the deputy chief of staff Mr.

Mark Berglund that has done nothing to help the Soldiers. Instead talks about the Soldiers negatively behind their backs and make them out to be the problem. But was quick to put together an Oktoberfest allowing Soldiers to drink from 1100-1500 in the walls of NGB. Where’s the priority? Legal?

Why is it on the complainant to supply all the evidence upfront for LTC Shepherd and LTC Ridgel to decide if it’s investigative worthy? Could it be to give all the parties involved a heads up on what’s coming their way so they can begin their cover up and how they can get out of it and turn it all on the complainant?

Why hasn’t HQDA stepped in yet? Meanwhile, Jensen acting like he doesn’t know what’s going on, he’s trying to secure his seat at the next CNGB. If they let LTC Shepherd PCS without a relief for cause OER, it is a damn shame. Shame on that organization.

Their is nothing about Honor and Integrity in that building. They need to just call it National Bureau. They all want to be civilians collecting military entitlements but don’t want to be held accountable or do anything Army.

UPDATE 10/31/2022: National Guard Bureau (NGB) are a bunch of sneaky bastards. Recently they sent a letter to a Member of Congress. We first noticed the NGB intentionally dated their letter October 25, the day before MC.com published VOL II.

This was a sneaky attempt to invalidate the information in VOL II. Major Jordan should have issued the MPO on July 14, 2022, but didn’t do a damn thing until Jane Doe went in on August 19th.

Then this pathetic Major Jordan issued a weak and poorly written Military Protective Order (MPO) on August 22, 2022. The NGB is doing their very best to deceive the Congressman on the Jane Doe case. We hope they don’t fall for it.

It was Jane Doe that took all the steps, reaching out to Family Advocacy Program (FAP), etc. BTW, FAP is the only organization that has done anything. The Army did nothing to help protect Jane Doe and her child.

Jane Doe filed a complaint with DOD IG’s office October 24, 2022. Still no word from the IG’s office. The Army is circling the wagons and looking for any possible way to discredit Jane Doe or this website. Why not conduct a credible investigation and hold people accountable? How about that for an idea to handle this mess?

VOLUME II ARTICLE: The plot thickens in the Jane Doe case involving the National Guard Bureau (NGB).

The NGB have gone out of their way to avoid any credible investigation of the assault and battery she and her son allegedly sustained from Army Captain Jose Moreno. God only knows what other matters are being covered up as well.

Folks, all the laws and regulations in the world mean absolutely nothing unless there are people of integrity and intellectual honesty investigating violations and leveling charges against offenders of the code. The military’s JAG system is an utter joke. And, this story supports that assertion.


Battalion Commander Lieutenant Colonel Colleen Shepherd, United States Army

One of the first people that Jane Doe sought help from was from Battalion Commander LTC Colleen Shepherd. After our first article, one reader wrote in to share the following information…

I served under LTC Shepherd in Kuwait last year. I ended up filing a MEO complaint against her for her out-of-control anger issues, toxicity, etc. I’m glad to provide MilitaryCorruption.com with the unredacted 15-6 that was completed on her.

Is she an out-of-control Army officer, a wacko case, who has no business commanding a battalion or even being an Army officer? Or, did Shepherd act prudently and the complaint was bogus?

We don’t know because the Army cannot seem to investigate itself with any measure of integrity or independence. MC.com is working to obtain an unredacted copy of the 15-6 filed against LTC Shepherd.

LTC Shepherd did nothing of any consequence. She just sat on her fat ass leaving Jane Doe and her son in danger of more beatings or worse. Fine piece of leadership indeed.

Army Colonel David Bowling – the “fix it man” for the Pentagon


When we wrote an article about the plight of Jane Doe, the boys at the Pentagon sent in their fix-it man, Colonel David “put out the fire” Bowling.

According to Jack Murphy investigative journalist and novelist who also happens to be former special forces, Colonel Bowling is apparently the guy the Pentagon sends in to stamp out the fire before it engulfs one of their flag-ranking buddies.

Check out this article by Jack Murphy from January 11, 2018, entitled DICK PIC SIX: THE SEX AND BLACKMAIL NETWORK IN THE US SPECIAL FORCES.

Captain Alexis Markeson, Staff Judge Advocate to Colonel Bowling. She’s clearing her mind at the beach during what she calls  a “thot shot.” (that hoe over there)

Colonel David “put out the fire” Bowling (known in certain social circles as “Dick Pic Six”) was called over to LTC Colleen Shepherd.

It’s hard to figure out who is what in this story because there are so many people involved. Bowling normally deals with personnel on Title 10 (federal). Bowling has authority over NGB personnel since he is the Garrison Commander at Fort Myer.

His responsibility was to provide oversight on the FAP case regarding Captain Moreno. Captain Markeson is his Staff Judge Advocate (SJA).

The Navy says, you cannot chart a course until you know where you are. Bowling’s job was to essentially find out where he (the Army) was on this case. Then he could devise a strategy to make it all go away.

Make no mistake, Colonel Bowling’s real job is to stamp out anything that makes the Army look bad, which means anything that would make LTG Jon A. Jensen look bad. Both go hand in hand.

Bowling was on a fact finding mission. Once he finds the facts, he’ll know how to dispose of them.

Bowling’s promise to Jane Doe to take immediate action didn’t happen. Listen to the promise he made…



It’s a damn shame that Jane Doe has to go to Congress seeking help.

No one in the Army is interested in properly investigating the matter or guaranteeing that her rights are protected and complied with. And it’s not just the Army either… the Air Force is involved as well.

To this date, the United States Army still has not initiated a 15-6 investigation into the things we listed in the last article.

The Army has to avoid investigating while they try to find an officer or a JAG type that will “massage” the findings of fact and will skew the investigation in favor of the Army.

Officers are being allowed to cut short their tenure and rotate out of their assigned jobs like rats jumping off a sinking ship.

Battalion Commander Shepherd and Major Matt Jordan are allegedly sneaking out the back door, being allowed to rotate out to new duty assignments well before their normal rotation was due.

The Army is OK with it. In fact, the Army is orchestrating this sneaky move to protect officers who should be held accountable for their piss poor leadership.

Until they can find someone who will produce a bogus investigation, the Army is dragging their feet and leaving Jane Doe twisting in the wind.

In typical delaying-tactic fashion, the Army states they need evidence before they can initiate an investigation.

One of the central issues is the physical abuse of Jane Doe and their one-year-old son by Army Captain Jose Moreno.

Thus far, there has been no investigation initiated or charges filed against CPT Moreno even though there is a damning video of him physically assaulting his one-year-old child.

A video of the crime just wasn’t good enough evidence for the Army to launch an investigation.


Moreno has hired a high-profile lawyer for his defense, but many wonder who in the world is paying for this expensive law firm, much in the same way O. J. Simpson hired Johnny Cochran.

Get ready. Those smooth talking lawyers are bound to hold up a used condom in front of the jury saying, “if it doesn’t fit you must acquit.”

The United States Army outrageously denied Jane Doe access to a Special Victims Counsel, stating that she and her son were unqualified.

An Army officer is beating the hell out of mom and son, but the victims do not rate legal representation or legal protection from the United States Army.

When Jane Doe asked the Army to put that Denial in writing, the cowardly bastards ignored her requests.

Lieutenant Colonel Tim McCormic, United States Army

They also said Jane Doe didn’t qualify because there is no active investigation. The Army refused to provide a denial letter even after meeting with Colonel “nothing to see here folks” Bowling. The Army has a copy of the video showing CPT Moreno physically abusing his own son.

It turns out Colonel Bowling has (at least in his own mind) the universal power to deny victims of legal representation, but doesn’t have the courage to make the denial official.

The strategy of course is to later say he never told her she couldn’t have Special Victims Counsel. Sure, just call the victim a liar. That generally always works.

It was only after Jane Doe hired her own attorney at her own expense did the Army suddenly approve her for Special Victims Counsel to cover up their blatant neglect for her and her son’s rights.

The cowardly Army still won’t give her the denial letter, however she has proof she was denied.

Army pulls a fast one. Since Jane Doe could not get any satisfaction from the Army, she filed a complaint with her congressional representative.

Some one from the Army told the civilian law enforcement agency that Jane Doe wanted to drop the charges against Captain Moreno.

It was a pathetic attempt to get the civilians to back off so the Army could cover up the entire matter. The entire lie blew up when civilian officials called Jane Doe to confirm. We don’t know who placed the phone, but some speculate it was the Staff Judge Advocate for Colonel Bowling.


Captain Moreno’s secret stash of weapons.

Soldiers wrote-in to express they were instructed to not talk about the last MC.com article or the racial text messages of Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Tim McCormic.

His own soldiers, especially those of color, do not feel comfortable even being in the same room with LTC McCormic.

But, the National Guard ignores all this and allows LTC McCormic to conduct business as usual. Never mind that some of his soldiers think McCormic is a card-carrying member of the Ku Klux Klan.

The Army has made sure there has been no urinary analysis, the Army Substance Abuse program has not been initiated, nor has the Drug Team been dispatched.

The Army gave everyone lots of time to get the drugs (evidence) out of their system in case Congress demands the Army launch an investigation.


LTC Donna Ridgel, is the SJA for HHC, LTC Shepherd, Major Matt Jordan. Failed to notify Fort Myer FAP, failed to flag or initiate investigation, failed to notify proper resources, failed to provide special victims services.

As far as we can tell, LTC Ridgel is still covering for the command and has done nothing to initiate 15-6 investigation. LTC Ridgel has over 25 years experience and spearheaded the Equal Opportunity program. She knew better and should have taken immediate action, but real leadership is hard to find at the NGB.

LTC Ginger M. Wietholder

LTC Ginger M. Wietholder, Chief, Enlisted Policy Branch. According to Jane Doe, LTC Wietholder was married to Avery Paul Kerr, an Army Ranger and NCO in Oregon while she was doing curly cues under the sheets with Army Captain Jose Moreno.

If true, there is yet another violation of the UCMJ. And, the arrogance of it all when you are the Chief, Enlisted Policy Branch.

Here’s a COURT DOCUMENT that appears to verify Jane Doe’s assertion.

Their marriage according to court records was dissolved in July 2020 while CPT Moreno’s partner (Jane Doe) was pregnant with their son that he was using for a punching bag.

Ginger has a very close friend by the name of Shannon Monihan. According to the text messages, CPT Jose Moreno was bragging how he was sleeping with both women.

While LTC Wietholder was out of town, the pig we know as CPT Moreno was playing hide the salami with Shooter Shannon in Gingers bed. How disgusting is that?

There are three things one should never do; spit into the wind, tug on Superman’s cape and violate the sanctity of your girlfriend’s or wife’s bed, otherwise you are nothing more than trailer trash. The Navy calls it being lower than whale turds.

“Shooter” Shannon Monihan

Shannon was managing a shooting range. In our office we call her “Shooter Shannon.” While she is a sweet and wonderful person to many people, to others she’s a horrible best friend and a hoe.

Shannon’s shooting range promotes “women’s empowerment,”  which we fully support whole heartedly. Ironically, Shooter Shannon empowered herself by sleeping with her best friend’s boy friend (CPT Moreno).

Empowerment could be defined as carrying your own gun and knowing how and when to use it. But it may mean many different things to different people.


Folks, it gives us no pleasure exposing the underbelly of the United States Army and the National Guard Bureau. This story is outrageous and horrendous on so many levels.


Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, racism. We, like so many Americans are so sick of baseless accusations of racism and the race-baters in the world like the pathetic Rev. Al Sharpton.

Did the BLM help Black Americans? Absolutely not! Race-bating people like Patrisse Cullors of BLM will steal all the money they receive from their racial shakedown activities and spend it only on themselves, their relatives and friends.

The only thing African Americans get is being used by unscrupulous people lining their own pockets.

The abuses by race-baters does not mean racism doesn’t exist however. The attached text messages below reveal numerous examples of in-your-face racism.

The Army must take aggressive action to address racism everywhere, but especially in their officer corps.

This pathetic Army Captain Moreno sired a child with a Black woman, then went out and laid just about anything he could get his hands on, officer, enlisted, civilians; he didn’t care.

We suspect that Army Captain Jose Moreno has some serious emotional problems. He hated the idea he had a Black child.

He hated the idea so much so that he used his strength to bludgeon his one-year-old child, his own flesh and blood. Then he strangled his girlfriend and the mother of his child.

The best buddies of CPT Moreno were LTC Tim McCormic and LTC Ryan Nelson. All of these officers have racism coursing through their blood. The text messages tend to prove it most definitely.

And this is the guy (CPT Moreno) the Army has entrusted with a plethora of weaponry. How stupid is that?

Especially, in light of the fact that he threatened to barricade himself with his girlfriend and have a shootout with law enforcement if he felt it necessary.

Army Captain Jose Moreno clearly has his brains in his dick. He could not think beyond his own penis. And it’s got to be a fairly small pecker, because he’s really short in the brains department.

Being the “excellent” Army officer he is, Moreno didn’t care if the woman he zeroed in on was married, officer or enlisted. The world as he viewed it was his oyster.

Remember the old adage, women need a reason, men need a place. This is especially true where Army Captain Jose Moreno is concerned.


Oh, it gets worse. Moreno was apparently the main supplier of steroids for military members and civilians alike. God only know what else he was involved in.

Compliance with the ethical and legal requirements of an officer in the United States Army concerned him not. We wish we had a nickel for every statute of the UCMJ Captain Moreno has violated.

His text messages have opened up an incredible view of how the National Guard Bureau really operates. Lieutenant General Jensen either does not have a clue, or he is fully aware and has adopted a strategy of feigning ignorance through the crafty leadership trait of plausible deniability.

What did the Army do for Jane Doe? So far, nothing has been done. Jane Doe was forced to seek help from civilian law enforcement agencies.

Someone, probably in the JAG office, called the civilian law enforcement authorities and lied saying that Jane Doe wanted to drop all charges against Jose Moreno.

Then, they poured more salt in her wounds. The Army denied her special victims legal assistance. It wasn’t until Jane Doe went out to hire her own attorney, that the Army begrudgingly offered her legal assistance. It was too little, too late.

When she asked them for guidance on all the weapons CPT Moreno had stashed away in the basement of her home, they told her to discard them.

Sounded like a set up. The Army needed something on Jane Doe to derail the political and legal freight train heading directly towards them. They screwed up and they knew it.

Colonel Bowling arrived on a white horse to allegedly save the day, but has thus far done nothing. The Army, with all the evidence that exists, still refuses to initiate a 15-6 investigation which they need very badly.

The United States Army wants to find a scapegoat so they don’t have to court martial or discipline a large number of officers.


The Army credo should say , an Army officer does not lie, cheat, steal or have sex with the spouses of other people.

Many of the officers in this article can be charged with many violations of the punitive articles of the UCMJ. Most of the misconduct will be found in Article 134 of the UCMJ that is prejudicial to good order and discipline.

No one to our knowledge has been flagged in accordance with Army Regulations 600-8-2. The Commander’s Legal Handbook clearly states to NOT TAKE A WAIT AND SEE approach before imposing flags.

Flags are mandatory if a 15-6 investigation is initiated. Perhaps that is why the investigations have not been initiated. It gives time for some of the officers to rotate out of the command before the hammer drops.


ARMY LOVE-BIRDS; SGT April Jeffcoat and Army Captain Jose Moreno. Jose texted that little April was conquest #9

Then there is the security aspect to all this. The Navy, who is just as dirty as the Army on coverups and malfeasance, conveyed to everyone to be careful what the sailors and officers threw in the trash.

The Russians would cruise behind our ships to scoop up the garbage in an effort to gather intelligence about anyone and everyone on the ship.

If a service member was deep in debt, had a drinking problem or adulterous relationships, Russian agents could use that to potentially recruit a spy, much like the Walker family in 1985.

John Walker helped the Soviets decipher more than one million encrypted naval messages, organizing a spy operation that The New York Times reported in 1987, is the most damaging Soviet spy ring in history

The Russians and/or Chinese would have a field day with the text messages that we have uncovered. And sadly, it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Members of the National Guard Bureau and the United States Army like…

Lieutenant General Jon A. Jensen
Colonel David Bowling
Captain Jose Moreno
Lieutenant Colonel Ryan Nelson
Lieutenant Colonel Tim  McCormic
Lieutenant Colonel Colleen Shepherd
Lieutenant Colonel Ginger Wietholder
Major Matt Jordan
Captain? Justin Long
Captain? Graham Collins
Major Tania Sang
Major Jennifer Peebles
Captain? Kristi Berry Ann (Morice)
Sergeant April Jeffcoat

and many others, …. these are the people guarding us. Sleep well America, sleep well.

AKA: National Guard Bureau

WARNING: Those who are under 18 years of age should not click on the link below. This information was created by people, not acting like adults, and therefore only adults should read the text messages and view the images.

NOTICE: In writing this article, we did our very best to get our facts straight. If you feel what we reported is not accurate or truthful, please contact us immediately so we can enter in your version of what happened.

Many allegations can spiral down into a “she said/he said” dispute. We did our best to give proper weight to the integrity of Jane Doe and others before we posted the story. We have no interest in being untruthful or biased, so if you have a different version, contact us immediately.

Our byline reads, “fighting for the truth, exposing the corrupt and trying to fix what is broken.” Slimy text messages indicate to us the Army has some major issues they need to address. Going along to get along doesn’t cut it. Decisive leadership is long past due.

Ok, fasten your seat belts; here we go into the pit of hell. If you are interested in reading more we have assembled thirty-two (32) text messages from hell. Know what kind of leadership can be found in the National Guard Bureau. Read ’em and weep…