The suspected path of communication between the York County Sheriff and South Carolina VA Officials. Sources close to the Goodman case believe York County Sheriff, VA Homeless Coordinator Patricia Bradford and Director David Omura were communicating and implemented the plan to remove Dr. Juitt from his job as Outreach Coordinator so he could no longer visit Joshua Goodman in prison.

There is something definitely rotten, not in Denmark, but in the DORN VA MEDICAL CENTER, Columbia, South Carolina and possibly in the York County Sheriff’s office.

Mark Keel, Chief of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED)

Along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, we are calling on Chief of SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division) to immediately launch an investigation in to what happened in the Joshua Goodman case.

The primary mission of SLED (the State Law Enforcement Division of South Carolina) is to provide manpower and technical assistance to law enforcement agencies

SLED shall conduct investigations on behalf of the State as directed by the Governor and Attorney General.

Chief Keel is also responsible for investigating corrupt sheriffs in South Carolina. This is why a joint effort needs to be made with the FBI and SLED regarding the Goodman case.

The FBI should investigate the skulduggery going on at the Dorn VA Medical Center in Columbia, if civil rights violations occurred and if Josh Goodman was intentionally deprived of medical care by the VA.

The FBI also has jurisdiction if someone is kidnapped and taken across state lines. Since Mischele Calvert’s car was found in North Carolina, it’s likely she was abducted and taken across state line where she was murdered.,

SLED should investigate how and why Joshua Goodman was beaten, while in the custody of law enforcement, and the location of the body of Mischele Renee Calvert, the mother of Joshua Goodman. And, SLED should determine if the arrest and conviction of Joshua has anything to do with the possible demise of his mother.


After our FIRST ARTICLE, on the Joshua Goodman case, the cockroaches at the Dorn VA Medical Center began to run as soon as we turned on the light switch in the kitchen. Some of our sources became silent. Dr. Juitt said he could not speak with us on the matter, but if he was called to testify before a grand jury, he would definitely tell all he knows. Here’s the timeline thus far…

Bishop, Dr. Alex Juitt
  1. Joshua Goodman who is a 100% disabled veteran began to have flashbacks from the Gulf War. He had been diagnosed with PTSD. He called the Dorn VA Medical Center for help, but apparently all the VA did was to send him some prescription drugs in the mail.
  2. On one particular day, the psychotic episodes became overwhelming. Joshua Goodman ran to his neighbor’s house to ask for help. An altercation occurred and police were called. Goodman was maced and arrested OR arrested and maced. While he was in custody, he was beaten. By whom and why is unknown.
  3. Joshua Goodman was a law enforcement officer. Oddly enough, the neighbor with whom he had the altercation was also a law enforcement officer.
  4. Joshua’s mother Mischele Calvert receives information that her son Joshua has been thrown in prison and has been charged with attempted murder. She drops everything and drives from her home in Florida to her son’s home in Rockhill, South Carolina. While driving she is attempting to get information and guidance from Dr. Alex Juitt who WAS employed with the VA as their Veterans Justice Outreach Coordinator.
  5. Joshua Goodman is moved to a high security part of the jail system that requires visitors to endure a labyrinth of security level checks. Dr. Juitt attempts to visit and is denied and tells his boss at the VA (Patricia Bradford) of the problems he was having even getting in to see Joshua Goodman.
  6. Josh Goodman’s mother (Mischele Calvert) takes up residence at her son’s home in Rockhill, South Carolina. She believes her son is being railroaded in to prison and calls the NAACP at least twice that we know of to ask for their help. She believes that since her son was the only Black man in the all-White neighborhood where he lived, race could have been a factor in the way he was being treated.
  7. Suddenly, Dr. Alex Juitt is instructed to no longer make attempts to visit Joshua Goodman. Juitt had been visiting veterans in jails and prisons for the past nine years telling them about VA programs that might be able to help them, as it was his job to do.
  8. When Juitt resists the strange instruction to no longer visit incarcerated veterans, he is fired from his job. The VA denies Juitt was fired. They prefer to call it a lateral transfer to another job that no longer permits him to help incarcerated veterans.
  9. The Dorn VA Medical Center, in Columbia, South Carolina goes into cover-up mode, circling the wagons by directly or subtly threatening VA employees from speaking with anyone, especially those pesky reporters at
  10. Goodman’s mother vanishes. Her car is found abandoned in a seedy neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina. It is presumed by people close to the case, that Josh’s mother has been murdered.


There appears to be a devil’s triangle of communication between law enforcement and VA supervisors. There are many people involved, but the three main corners of the devil’s triangle appear to be…

  1. Kevin R. Tolson, York County Sheriff
  2. David L. Omura, Director of the Dorn VA Medical Center
  3. Patricia Bradford, VISN-7, Southeast Network Homeless Coordinator
Mishelle Renee Calvert, mother of Joshua Goodman who is presumed to have been murdered.

Sources close to the case believe that Juitt’s removal as the Outreach Coordinator occurred because he would not look the other way.

He would not stand down while a fellow veteran who suffered from PTSD was being beaten in prison.

After nine years of extraordinary work as the Veteran Justice Outreach Coordinator, Juitt was forced to accept a different position of Veteran Justice Program Special Assistant.

Dr. Juitt’s work had been recognized by the upper echelon of the VA as being a model for how all outreach coordinators should be operating.

Juitt went from an example for all other Outreach Coordinators to emulate, to a job that is wasting his extraordinary talent of helping veterans.

Normally, when something like this happens, it’s chalked up to just government stupidity, but in this case, there was a secret purpose behind Juitt’s sudden transfer to a different job.

The VA, working with law enforcement wanted Dr. Juitt to cease all of his efforts to help Joshua Goodman. The quickest and best way to prevent Goodman from officially communicating with Goodman was to remove him from his job as Outreach Coordinator. And that, they did.



Kevin R. Tolson, Sheriff of York County, South Carolina where Josh Goodman’s home was located

Sheriff Kevin R. Tolson graduated from Northwestern High School in 1987 and then obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of South Carolina in 1992.

After graduation, Sheriff Tolson began his law enforcement career as a uniformed patrol deputy with the York County Sheriff’s Office.

In eight years, Sheriff Tolson worked in the narcotics unit, served as a member of a federally funded Violent Crimes Task Force and as a detective investigating violent crimes such as serious assaults, robberies and murders within the county.

In 2000 Sheriff Tolson left the YCSO to become a Special Agent for the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) investigating forgeries of state documents, public corruption, officer misconduct and homicides.

In addition, Tolson’s duties at SLED provided law enforcement support during major events within the state, including: rallies, motorcycle events and major weather events such as hurricanes.

In 2001, Sheriff Tolson returned to York County to work as a special investigator for the 16th Circuit Solicitor’s Office. During his tenure, he formed the York County Multi-Jurisdictional Forensic Service Unit serving as Director from 2002-2009.

Tolson continued to work as an investigator with the Solicitor’s Office providing investigative assistance to attorneys and staff in the prosecution of cases ranging from minor offenses to murder, helping to move those cases through the adjudication phase.


Mr. David Omura, VA Medical Center Director. Columbia, SC.

David L. Omura was appointed Director/CEO for the Columbia VA Healthcare System and the William Jennings Bryan Dorn Veterans Affairs Medical Center on March 19, 2017, and was sworn in as a member of the Senior Executive Service on March 20, 2017.

Dr. Omura provides oversight and leadership of a health care system that includes a medical center that is located in Columbia, SC; and seven Community-Based Outpatient Clinics that cover 2/3rd the state of South Carolina.

Prior to Dr. Omura’s appointment to this role, he served as the Associate Director/COO, since September 2012. In this role, he was held operational oversight over fiscal, human resources, engineering, safety, privacy, logistics, and the business office.

Preceding his roles in executive leadership, Dr. Omura served in clinical and administrative roles both at the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System and the University of Florida Health System.

Dr. Omura is a New York native, earning his Master of Science degree in Physical Therapy from Boston University, his Master in Health Care Administration from the University of Florida, and his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Mass General Hospital Institute of Health Professions.


Patricia Bradford, Homeless Coordinator for VISN-7

They call her “Ms. Conduit,” because she is a conduit of information across the VISN-7 spectrum. She purportedly knows everyone, and everyone knows her.

This includes solicitors, judges, sheriffs and politicians of all stripes. Our sources say she was on a first-name basis with Sheriff Tolson.

As the Network Homeless Coordinator, Bradford was Dr. Juitt’s supervisor when he was the Veteran Justice Program Outreach Coordinator (VJPOC).

As Outreach Coordinator, Dr. Juitt was receiving multiple calls from Goodman’s mother begging him to get help from the VA for her son Joshua. Dr. Juitt was faithfully keeping his boss Patricia Bradford informed.

It’s not clear whether Bradford placed a call to Sheriff Tolson, or Tolson called Bradford. But, it’s highly suspected they were communicating about the Goodman case.

If they were communicating, Sheriff Tolson and Patricia Bradford were likely discussing how to prevent Dr. Juitt from speaking with or seeing Joshua Goodman without raising any suspicion as the the reasons why.

Somehow, Director Omura got involved. The order to remove Dr. Juitt from his position as an outreach coordinator allegedly came from Omura’s office. And, the removal of Juitt was not very difficult, because Patricia Bradford held a card up her sleeve.


Nine years ago, when Dr. Alex Juitt was hired by Patricia Bradford to be the Judicial Outreach Coordinator, she intentionally did not fill out and submit VA Standard Form (SF-50) for Dr. Juitt. This vitally important form is considered a person’s Federal Employment Birth Certificate.

The SF-50 is the Notification of Personnel Action, and is used to notify human resources that an individual has been hired for a specific job. The form should have been completed by a department supervisor, in Juitt’s case Patricia Bradford, something that she intentionally failed to do.

Supervisors need to fill out an SF-50 for such things as reassignments, promotions and terminations. This is a sneaky tactic used by VA supervisors if for some reason the person they hired is not working out so well, or there’s some kind of personality conflict between boss and employee.

If the supervisor gets any blow-back when they attempt to fire an employee, they pull out the SF-05 card and start laughing as they say, “Hey asshole, you have never been working at the job you currently hold, because I never sent in this little form. So, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.”

When Dr. Alex Juitt was doing his job protecting veterans just a bit too well, so Bradford decided to disclose the cruel surprise by pulling out a blank SF-50, and Juitt was gone. He could no longer help any of the incarcerated veterans suffering from PTSD, especially Joshua Goodman.


Renee Oshinski,
Deputy Under Secretary for Health for Operations and Management (10N), Veterans Health Administration

We ask, why the cover-up, because we believe a major cover-up is being initiated to protect people who failed in their duties — the refusal of care for Joshua Goodman by the VA, the beatings he has been subjected to behind bars and the possible murder of Mischele Renee Calvert, Joshua’s mother.

In twenty years of investigating cases, has witnessed more than one cover-up attempt, and they all seem to follow the same pattern.

Preventing Dr. Alex Juitt from communicating with Josha Goodman, or actually seeing bruises from the beating he sustained could have been one reason for the cover-up.

Maybe Juitt has a suspicion on who may have kidnapped and killed his mother, and if police officers or former police officers were involved; it could have been another reason for the cover-up.

The VA also had reasons to help in the cover-up. Goodman is a 100% disabled war veteran who was crying out for help, and the VA did little or nothing to help him in his hour of need.

Just more evidence of people working for the VA that don’t give a tinkers damn about veterans in dire need of help.

One of the VA supervisors at another facility was relieved because they discovered ants were crawling all over a veteran who was in their care.

Maybe VA supervisors at the Dorn Medical Center took overt steps to protect their own asses by pulling all help away from Joshua Goodman.

There are just too many questions that demand answers. Federal and state authorities need to immediately launch intensive investigations to get to the bottom of Goodman mystery.

It isn’t just the deprivation of needed and well deserved medical care from the VA, the case also involves a possible murder of the veteran’s mother who was also crying out for help.


Where in the world is the leadership at the VA? Why hasn’t Under Secretary Oshinski launched a preliminary investigation to determine if laws have been broken or ethical norms violated?

Oshinski was appointed Deputy Under Secretary for Health for Operations and Management, effective September 1, 2019. She had been serving as the Acting Deputy Under Secretary for Health for Operations and Management since January 3, 2019.

Oshinski is duty bound to provide executive leadership and direction for the…

  1. Office of Patient Centered Care,
  2. Office of the Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for Administrative Operations,
  3. Office of the Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for Health for Clinical Operations,
  4. Office of the Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for Access to Care
  5. Eighteen (18) Veterans Integrated Service Network Offices.

Why doesn’t Under Secretary Renee Oshinski launch an investigation into why Joshua Goodman was denied help when he needed it and the reason why Dr. Alex Juitt was suddenly removed from his job after nine years of extraordinary stellar work? The time for decisive leadership is long overdue.

Joshua Goodman not long after he sustained a severe beating he apparently received while in police custody.


Too many questions without any answers. Surely there is more to this story than a Black man living in an upscale all-White neighborhood? Please God tell us these horrific events were not just about race.

There has got to be much more to the story for the VA to throw a 100% disabled veteran under the bus by denying him the medical attention he desperately needed.

And why isn’t there a full-blown investigation underway right now to find out what really happened in the Josh Goodman case? Well, the short answer is, that order to discover the truth, you first have to want to find the truth.

It seems there are forces at work here that want this matter all swept under the carpet. They want the entire issue to disappear just like Goodman’s mother.

Only in the Devil’s Triangle of South Carolina can you plead for help from the VA and NAACP, then end up sent to prison while your mother is apparently kidnapped and murdered.

And, the only guy (Dr. Alex Juitt) who was making a sincere effort to help you, was fired from his job at the VA to ensure he could no longer have access to you.

In the Bermuda Triangle, aircraft and ships disappear. In the South Carolina Devil’s Triangle, your mother can disappear along with any help from the Veteran’s Administration.