Lieutenant General Jon "I don't want to know" Jensen and Army Captain Jose "Hello Darling" Moreno

Just when you think the United States military couldn’t sink any lower, they are going way past crush-depth as the submariners say. The Office of the Inspector General is caught in a web of lies and deceit.

First, they lie to a Member of Congress through his staff, then after a sufficient delay to protect culpable Army officers, OIG suddenly finds the complaint, but then secretly and illegally alters the document’s date.


Bowling’s boss, MG Allan M. Pepin. People wonder, why in hell hasn’t Major General Pepin  jumped into this with both feet to clean it up. If you don’t help solve the problem, then YOU SIR, ARE THE PROBLEM.

We refer to the National Guard Bureau (NGB) and the Pentagon as being similar to the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

As some of you know, Sodom and Gomorrah were two cities destroyed by God for their wickedness.

Their destruction was as a result of God’s anger provoked by man’s sins.

For our purposes, the two cities are the National Guard Bureau (NGB) at 111 S. George Mason Dr., Arlington, VA 22204, and the mighty Pentagon at Richmond Highway 110 at I-395, also in Arlington, Virginia.

God hasn’t destroyed either of these two particular “cities,” but given the present corruption in the Pentagon and  especially the National Guard Bureau; it’s likely that God could be thinking about “getting their attention.”

MilitaryCorruption.com believes that America was created with three primary items, God, guts and guns. Without any one of those three, all of us would be speaking with a heavy Cockney accent.

It’s such a shame the military of the United States has lost their way. In this particular case, the United States Army has lost all sense of honor, dignity and respect.


The Jane Doe story continues to sadden and amaze us. Both the Pentagon and National Guard Bureau (NGB) are deeply involved.

Jane’s boyfriend, Army Captain Jose Moreno, who is continually begging her to get married, impregnates her then runs all over town sleeping with anything he could get his hands on, civilians, officers, enlisted, you name it.

He was a caldron of insecurities adrift on a raft of racism, which manifested itself one day, compelling him to choke his girlfriend and beat the hell out of their one-year-old son.

The thrashing he gave his son was captured on video. Amazingly, it wasn’t enough evidence for Big Army or the NGB to launch an investigation.

Jane Doe sought help from Moreno’s battalion commander LTC Colleen Shepherd, along with virtually every possible agency in the Army.

All she wanted was help, guidance and protection. Family Advocacy Program (FAP) did all they could, but like Jane Doe, were stymied at every turn.

Finally, with no other recourse, she sought help from civilian authorities who took action.

The Army attempted to hinder and block Jane’s efforts for accountability and protection.

A JAG officer called civilian authorities to falsely say Jane Doe wanted to drop all charges against Army CPT Moreno in favor of allowing the Army to “handle” the matter. This was a lie.

The Army has misplaced objectives to protect as many violators as possible and convert the Jane Doe/CPT Moreno dispute into a she said, he said matter that everyone is expected to ignore and discount as a lover’s quarrel.

We continue to ask, what if CPT Moreno really went berserk and began to kill everyone in sight including Jane Doe and his own son.

How quickly do you think the Army would move to destroy evidence of Jane Doe’s repeated pleas for help? They would have moved with military precision and speed to effect a massive cover-up in order to protect flag-ranking officers.

In order to understand this case better we have placed some of the main events in chronological order…

September 7, 2022 – MilitaryCorruption.com Volume I released.

September 26, 2022
Jane Doe meets with COL David Bowling – who assured her he was going to do something within 72 hours.

Numerous violations of the UCMJ by senior officers and MDW legal team were reported to COL Bowling, but he did nothing.

October 24, 2022
Jane Doe files an official complaint with the Office of Inspector General (OIG). She finally received a response on November 18, 2022.

Jane Doe believes the only reason she received a response at all was because another complaint was filed on November 16, 2022, whoops, November 17, 2022.

(We have to be careful. The United States Army is looking for anything possible to attack the credibility of this website).

Army Strategy: ignore UCMJ violations, protect field-grade officers and attempt to discredit the messenger.

We are not sure exactly who filed the second complaint but it’s interesting to note the person who filed the complaint immediately received a phone call, or so we have been told.

The victim (Jane Doe) never received a phone call. The dates on the respective IG complaints don’t match up.

The IG’s office changed date of Jane Doe’s IG complaint. This is an overt criminal act to fraudulently “doctor” an official document.

October 26, 2022 – MilitaryCorruption.com Volume II released.

October 27, 2022
After being outed by MilitaryCorruption.com, Col. David Bowling finally decides to launch a preliminary inquiry, not a 15-6 investigation, just a preliminary inquiry.

This was just another attempt to buy time so little miss Colleen Shepherd could escape out the backdoor without being flagged for dereliction of duty.

October 31, 2022
A congressional representative monitoring the Army’s behavior in all this receives a letter.

The letter was conveniently backdated to October 25, 2022, with a wet signature instead of a CAC signature stating MDW would be investigating allegations related to other officers in which Jane Doe disclosed to LTC Sheppard in her meeting with her back on August 30, 2022.

Jane Doe disclosed the same details (and more) in her meeting with COL David Bowling on September 26, 2022.

Conveniently, Jane Doe’s meeting with COL David “the fix it man” Bowling was not addressed in the letter to the congressman’s office. That would create a conflict of interest for COL Bowling since he failed to do anything in the seventy-two (72) hours that he promised to Jane Doe. It also implicates Colonel Bowling for his failure to act.

November 4, 2022
The newly assigned Public Affairs Officer (PAO) who is to head up the investigation decides to reach out to Jane Doe’s civilian attorney that Jane Doe was forced to retain since the Army declined her request for a special victim’s counsel (SVC).

CID makes a statement to the effect they are waiting for the civilian case to conclude to do anything. Why would the command try to interfere when it is already being “investigated” by CID.

Their focus/scope should be on the officers violating the UCMJ as well as Captain Moreno. MDW legal division now needs to recuse themselves as numerous personnel have been identified with conflicts of interest.

November 7, 2022 – MilitaryCorruption.com Volume III released.

November 16, 2022
MDW reported Jane Doe did have a special victim’s counsel. That was a blatant lie. Jane Doe was forced to hire her own attorney after being denied an SVC.

The OIG deceived a congressional staff representative saying that a check in the IG computer system indicated Jane Doe did not have any record of submission or an open active IG case and that she needed to find out what happened to her complaint.

This is very interesting because the IG complaint that Jane Doe gave one of our researchers indicates at the top that it was received and the date it was received by the Inspector General’s Office.

November 17, 2022
Another IG complaint is submitted by a government worker, or so we have been told. This second IG complaint was submitted allegedly due to the coverup of the Jane Doe fiasco by the CID, United States Army, MDW legal, and Office of the Inspector General.

When IG’s office indicated to a Member of Congress that Jane Doe never submitted a complaint because it wasn’t in their system. Another IG complaint was filed to see if the IG’s office would “lose” that complaint as well.

When the IG’s office lied to a congressional staffer, the staffer had the very complaint in front of him with the date-time stamp of exactly when Jane Doe’s complaint was received by the IG’s office.

Our gut tells us that Colonel Bowling’s fingerprints are all over this. Our guess is that when Jane Doe submitted her complaint, Bowling who was hell bent on protecting the other Army officers.

He embraced a delaying tactic and probably told the data entry clerk to not enter Jane Doe’s complaint in the system until further notice.

In this way the Army could quietly usher Major Jordan and LTC Colleen Shepherd out the back door without having to flag their files.

Oh, and here’s another interesting note. No one seems to know where LTC Shepherd is going. Normally, during the celebration of a change of command, everyone seems to know what the new duty assignment will be for the outgoing commander. Not in this case they don’t.

We think that LTC Shepherd is being ushered over to the Pentagon to sit at desk with a phone and do nothing until further notice. The Army will concentrate on looking for a plumb assignment for little miss, and wait for the furor to die down.

Again, this is just a guess, because there is no one in the United States Army that can be trusted to tell the truth anymore. The OIG’s office is just as corrupt as all the other agencies who decided to take a powder and do nothing.

November 18, 2022
Jane Doe FINALLY receives an email response from IG only after being told her IG complaint was “supposedly processed” even though this was the first confirmation of her complaint being processed.

Shockingly the date-time stamp on her IG complaint now has a different date. Someone in the IG’s office was perpetrating an act of fraud.

The 15-6 investigation the Army finally launched is targeting only CPT Jose Moreno. We guarantee, the Army is playing a confidence game, telling CPT Moreno, don’t worry, we are on your side as they prepare a 5 x 10 foot cell in Fort Leavenworth.

Behind his back, the United States Army is setting Moreno up for the kill and make it look like it is all Jane Doe’s bidding.

The Army is doing the level best not to address the charges of racism and all other manner of debauchery (violations of the UCMJ) committed by officers of the United States Army.

Newly reporting BN, LTC Marylane Garcia

The whole point of the 15-6 was to address the RACISM (the Army conveniently left that part out).

And. there were numerous UCMJ violations by Army officers involving adultery, fraternization and steroid illicit drug use.

CID supposedly is waiting for the civilian case against Moreno to conclude before leveling military charges against CPT Moreno.

If the civilian case against Captain Moreno falls apart, the Army could use that as an excuse not to investigate or levy charges against Moreno.

Battalion Commander LTC Sheppard is having her change of command ceremony tomorrow (22 November 2022).

She was only in her last assignment for about 10 months instead of the usual 2.5 to 3 years. What’s up with that?

Mr. Fix It David Bowling is doing his level best to ensure she is not held accountable for her failures as an officer of the United States Army.

In good ole “dick-pic-six” fashion (a nickname he earned from his past), Bowling is trying to elude another 15-6 where he is also implicated. The fox is guarding the hen house and calling all the shots.

Jane Doe has already named LTC Sheppard and Bowling as offenders in her IG for their lies to her face about helping her. Who in the world appointed the Pentagon’s PAO to be the investigating officer (IO) in a case where Shepherd and Bowling were negligent.

You guessed it, none other than Col DAVID “the fix it man” BOWLING. The United States Army simply cannot investigate itself.

LTC Garcia will be the new BN commander for CPT Jose Moreno. LTC Garcia’s appointment as battalion commander is also a conflict of interest. LTC Garcia is married to LTC Flores. They know a lot of the offenders in the Jane Doe case and have partied with the offenders.

Jane Doe met her husband (LTC Flores) at LTC Tim McCormic’s promotion party at the Army/Navy Club. And also at LTC Tim McCormic’s residence.

There were many things that Jane Doe didn’t want to talk about that occurred at Tim McCormic’s residence. Jane Doe has been invited to the Garcia home where some very wild parties have, for the lack of a better word, “erupted.”

LTC Flores has even played with Jane Doe’s son. Because of their familiarity with Jane Doe and with CPT Moreno, BN LTC Garcia should recuse herself from any investigation in this matter.

Jane Doe wants LTC Garcia to have no part of this investigation because of their familiarity and friendship with Captain Jose Moreno.

LTC Garcia with her husband LTC Flores

Jane Doe is appalled that NGB would appoint someone who they know has partied with and has direct correlation and relationships with all the offenders

Jane Doe listed off all the offenders to LTC Shepherd, IG and COL Bowling.

LTC Shepherd considers all of peers as “one big happy family.”

LTC Garcia is taking over a command in which she admitted she knows nothing of the processes, and she has yet to attend Command and Staff school.

Jane Doe asked as part of her initial safety plan to LTC Sheppard to have CPT Moreno remanded to the base.

This is even more important now since their son’s birthday is approaching and the holidays approach.

Jane Doe feels the pressure is so high on CPT Moreno, he could very well snap. It’s given her great safety concerns.

Moreno is now undergoing counseling and allegedly taking basket weaving courses to calm his mind.

It was relayed to Jane Doe that legal can’t do that, however there have been numerous enlisted soldiers who have done way less who are remanded to post.

Most offensive is the fact that LTC Garcia did not even ask about the welfare of Jane Doe and her family, nor has LTC Sheppard. The Army sure knows how to pick them. They also know how to protect them as well.


When the Inspector General breaks the law, then there is no law, just a huge bias in favor of the government. the OIG’s duty, their real mission, is not to ferret out wrong doing and bring people to justice through thorough investigations.

The inspector general system in the military is all about protecting the ruling class of the armed forces, the admirals and generals. That is their secret primary mission, make no mistake about it.

The real mission of the Inspector General in all branches of service is to find out who is complaining and do whatever is necessary to make sure their complaint(s) do not cast a bad light upon the service.

We found out the real mission of the fraud, waste and abuse hot-line was to find the person making the call and destroy them.

Since the establishment of the so-called “fraud, waste and abuse hot-line” in 1985 by Ronald Reagan and the boys, not one single person has ever been charged less convicted with any malfeasance.

The entire system was set up to find whistleblowers and destroy their careers. It was and is an absolute joke. Only a fool would use the fraud, waste and abuse hot-line to report criminal mischief.

Like fictional character Billy Jack said, “when policemen break the law, there isn’t any law, just a fight for survival.”

Oh BTW, here is the IG complaint that Jane Doe submitted with the IG lied about receiving. And Oh, the date/time stamp on this one is accurate and correct… not the date and time provided by a sneaky IG office. HERE IS JANE DOE’s OFFICIAL COMPLAINT.

Is it just bumbling ineptitude, or is this being done intentionally to make the Jane Doe case go away? You be the judge.