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The Navy and Marine Corps JAG officers continue to sadistically inflict pain on a Marine Corps officer and his family out of pure vindictiveness, and an attempt to save face for railroading an innocent man into prison.

Colonel Daniel H. Wilson was wrongfully accused of child molestation after they took in a family who had fallen on hard times. The mother of the child, for whatever reason, coached her child on what to say police authorities, fabricating a complete lie designed to ruin Colonel Wilson.

Colonel Wilson was dismissed from the Marine Corps and sentenced to prison for 5 1/2 years in prison on conjured-up false testimony.

After two years and six months, a three-judge panel of the Navy-Marine Criminal Court of Appeals (NMCCA) tossed out Wilson’s conviction with prejudice, and issued a FIFTY-SEVEN-PAGE DECISION. Essentially, NMCCA said the Marines did not have enough evidence to convict anyone of the charges they levied against Colonel Wilson.

Dr. Doris Wilson posing with tribe members in Africa

By all that is right and just, the military should have immediately released Colonel Wilson after the appeals court tossed out his conviction, but prosecutors instead decided to keep him in prison and wait until the very last day to submit an appeal to all nine judges of the NMCCA.

The nine judges of the NMCCA issued their EDICT that they would not hear the case, basically saying they saw no problem with the findings of the three-judge panel. Once again, the JAG Corps should have immediately released Colonel Wilson.

Now the evil bastards of the Navy and Marine JAG Corps are waiting once again until the last minute to file yet another appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces (CAAF).

Based on how badly they screwed up their case against Colonel Wilson, another appeal is a losing proposition. The only thing it does is keeps Wilson in prison for as long as “legally” possible.

Their politically motivated legal maneuvers are malicious and petty designed to harm, annoy, frustrate and humiliate Colonel Daniel H. Wilson. Their attitude is hardly professional and demonstrates a bitter ill will towards Colonel Wilson that is more than just a childish grudge.

The  juvenile actions by military prosecutors reveal a desire to inflict injury and suffering on Colonel Wilson and his family, either because of a hostile impulse, or out of deep-seated meanness which is inexplicable.


Colonel Wilson’s appellant lawyers were not letting grass grow under their feet by recently filing a PETITION FOR EXTRAORDINARY RELIEF. They revealed where the government had failed to meet two important deadlines as well.

In the military, the law can be manipulated and twisted at the whim of the prosecutors. Defense counsels must meet all deadlines, but for some reason, the prosecutors are exempt for following their own rules.

The military continually demonstrates the depths of their pettiness…

When attorneys sent an electronic copy of the “Petition for Extraordinary Relief” to prison authorities for them to print out and give to Colonel Wilson, THEY DID NOTHING. When Colonel Wilson discovered from his wife that his lawyers had sent him a copy of the petition, he asked his jailers why he had not received it…

Their pathetic, petty and contemptible reply was, “We don’t have enough paper.” It was just another damn lie from the military. Colonel Wilson asked is prison counselor if his wife could go to Office Depot and buy copy paper so he could have a copy of the petition his lawyers had filed on his behalf.

With that, his counselor went and printed out a copy clearly indicating that prison officials were blatantly lying to him once again. When talking about honor and integrity, we can tell our readers the wrong people are serving time behind bars. Many of the jailers and policy makers in the military, badly need to experience what they are putting others through.


Colonel Wilson is the son of Dr. Doris Wilson, MD and Rev. Talmage Wilson (preacher and English teacher). Doris and Talmage ventured into the jungles of Africa for decades to provide aid and comfort to the sick and dying.

Talmage would teach English and preach the Word of God, while his wife Dr. Doris Wilson would medically help the indigenous tribe members fight against a wide range of diseases and ailments contracted from things American always take for granted such as clean drinking water.

Dr. Wilson seeing patients during regular sick call at the Doleib Hill Clinic in Africa

For the people of Africa that Dr. Doris Wilson served, her medical knowledge and experience was truly a godsend. To many people in Africa, Dr. Doris Wilson was a clone of Mother Teresa. Dr. Wilson saved many lives and helped to alleviate the suffering of thousands more.

Dr. Albert Schweitzer normally would give a congratulatory speech to groups of  newly graduating doctors. One young doctor raised his hand to ask, “What do we do now?”

Upon hearing this, Dr. Schweitzer smiled and said, “One thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.”

While others she graduated from medical school with went on to live in multi-million dollar homes and drove his-and-hers Mercedes, Doris and Talmage Wilson were swatting flies in the sweltering heat of darkest Africa.

Doris and Talmage Wilson committed their lives to serving, not themselves, but their fellow man. The proved that what Dr. Albert Schweitzer said was true, they sought and found how to serve… and were very happy to do so.


In 1959, Dr. Doris Wilson became pregnant and returned to their home in Shelton, Washington to have Daniel H. Wilson in 1960. After Dan was born, the Wilsons returned to Africa where their knowledge, skills and abilities were sorely missed.

The Wilson family was comprised of two daughters (Becky and Carol), and three sons (John, Phil and Daniel). Each child received an extraordinary education and valuable life experience from living in some of the poorest regions of Africa.

The Wilson children attended school in Kenya and learned to speak the native tongue of Swahili, a Bantu language spoken in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, and widely spoken in the African Great Lakes Region.

The brother-in-law of Doris Wilson worked hard to build a massive business farming shellfish called Taylor Shellfish Farms. Another family member has a huge business growing Christmas trees called Hunter Farms.

When the Wilsons felt it was time to leave Africa and return home, they returned to an area located near Olympia, Washington. Dr. Doris Wilson went to back to work practicing medicine at Mason General Hospital in Shelton, Washington until she ultimately retired.

The siblings of Colonel Daniel H. Wilson (Becky, Carol, John and Phil) all went on to achieve great things in their own right. John Wilson was initially an Army Ranger, then went on to retire from a government farm bureau job. Phil Wilson went to work for a small upstart company nobody ever heard of called Microsoft.

Becky Wilson got her masters degree and is a highly respected Registered Nurse. Carol Wilson followed in the steps of her mother by becoming a medical doctor in Oregon practicing internal medicine.

Dan Wilson fell in love with the idea of serving his country and joined the United States Marine Corps. But, little did Dan know, that one day he would become a scapegoat for the politically-correct generals in the Pentagon, that would result with his professional and financial life utterly destroyed over false, conjured-up allegations.

When Congresspersons clamored for more accountability in military sexual assault cases, flag-ranking officers began looking for any opportunity to throw military members to the wolves. This gave flag-ranking officers cover they needed to protect their own ass.

The fact that some of those they convicted were innocent, is of no matter to self-serving generals, as they protect their own careers from the politically-correct wrecking crews in Congress. It’s not about the law or equal justice, it’s just a cesspool of self-absorbed civilian and military politicians destroying lives… just because they can.


Dr. Doris Wilson spent every waking hour to help the sick and needy at her clinic in Africa

Colonel Wilson’s mother is 93-years-of-age. After the Criminal Court of Appeals threw out the findings against her son Dan Wilson, Doris Wilson suffered a fall and fractured her hip. Not long after that, she suffered yet another fall.

The prognosis for her is not good. She may very well be on her death bed right now, but the military could give a tinker’s damn about an innocent man they have locked up, or about his desire to see his mother one last time before she dies.

The Red Cross was notified to get the terrible news of Dr. Doris Wilson’s falls to Colonel Wilson while he paces his prison cell.

Numerous attempts have been made to get the evil bastards in the JAG Corps to release Colonel Wilson immediately so he can rush up to see his mother before she passes away.

The military has apparently indicated to Mrs. Susan Wilson that her husband can be taken from Camp Pendleton to Mason General Hospital in Shelton, Washington but his hands and feet will have to be shackled and he’ll have to wear an orange jumpsuit so everyone in the airport will know he is a “criminal.”

Apparently, he will have to shuffle into the hospital wearing his manacles and shackles while he visits his dying mother. Then, he will be taken to the county jail, while his escort officers go to the Hilton to enjoy shrimp cocktails. Their party at the Hilton will not on the government dime. The family of Colonel Wilson was told they will have to pay for the round-trip airfares for Colonel Dan and his military police escorts.

Mrs. Wilson will also have to pay for their lodging and car rentals and presumably their bar tabs as well. Obviously, the Colonel’s wife who was forced to live in a tent, doesn’t have the money to pay the tab for police escorts to party while her husband spends the night in the county jail.


Colonel Daniel H. Wilson, United States Marine Corps

Why is the military doing this? Why would they make Colonel Wilson shuffle through the hospital passageways, shackled and in handcuffs wearing an orange jumpsuit, in the same hospital where his mother has worked for decades?

The hatred and contempt they have for Colonel Wilson is beyond description… or is it a a case of extreme narcissism. It’s logical to assume they love their own careers more than they do the rule-of-law and their own personal integrity.

Reports are indicating that Colonel Wilson’s mother is deteriorating rapidly, but the military is bound and determined to keep Colonel Wilson behind bars until they literally run out of excuses on how to keep him incarcerated.

We’ve asked this before, where the hell is Congress? Members of Congress are by design supposed to be overseers of the military. Why hasn’t any Member of Congress immediately gotten involved?

The failure of congressional oversight is a classic case of dereliction of duty. Unfortunately, Members of Congress are truly above the law, especially military law… so they cannot be held accountable for being derelict in their duties.

We are putting out the word to all of our ten million readers to help us find out the names of each prosecutor involved in the Colonel Wilson trial debacle.

We also need to know the state where their law licenses are held. It takes us weeks for FOIA requests, and believe us when we say they go out of their way to drag their feet when MilitaryCorruption.com submits a FOIA request.

Anyone out there who has this information, please contact us immediately. Don’t worry, if you wish to remain anonymous, we guarantee to keep that information strictly confidential.

No one knows better than we do how the military retaliates against their people… so we assure you that your contact information will remain a closely guarded secret.

We ask all of our readers who care about true justice, to invest a lousy stamp and write to anyone, congressperson, senator, president… anyone who will intervene and order the evil bastards of the military to immediately release Colonel Wilson so he can see his remarkable mother before she passes away.

Send the Wilson’s your love, support and financial help if you can, then send us the name of each prosecutor involved in the Wilson trial and the State where their law licenses are held. We will take it from there.

Donald J. Trump, Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces

A SPECIAL NOTE TO PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP: Of all people, Mr. President, you know what it feels like to be falsely accused. False accusations rain down upon you twenty-four hours a day from a corrupt news media.

If your adversaries had their own little judicial system just like the military does, you could have ended up in prison yourself.

Sir, we respectfully ask for your immediate intervention. We ask that you order Colonel Wilson’s immediate release from prison. This entire affair is an outrageous abomination of justice that you can correct with the wisp of  your pen.

Since no one else in the military seems interested in demonstrating true leadership, we have no alternative but to ask for intervention from the Commander-in-Chief. Please sir, do not let Dr. Doris Wilson die without seeing her son Daniel on last time.

Dr. Doris Wilson now a patient herself at the very hospital where she practiced for decades. Dr. Wilson is so proud of her Marine son, that Colonel Dan really doesn’t want his mother to see him in prison garb with his hands and feet shackled in the very hospital where all her friends are.