Flash: dateline: camp pendleton, ca, wednesday, October 2, 2019, In a hearing lasting over three hours, major general Kevin M. Iiams handed down his decision denying Colonel Wilson's release from prison saying he was too much of a flight risk, and just because NMCCA said there was not enough evidence, does not mean he is innocent. The three other colonels rumored to attend the hearing failed to show up. The Marine Corps and their spokesman MG Iiams will soon be displayed permanently in our hall of shame.

Colonel Daniel H. Wilson did not pass GO, and ended up losing a hundred thousand dollars. Colonel Wilson was railroaded in to prison by a pathetic bunch of corrupt general officers, over zealous prosecutors, and unscrupulous NCIS investigators, who were all eager to carve the notch of a Marine colonel on their gun-belts.

The United States Marine Corps, to use a Marine analogy…  got their dick caught in the zipper, when they illegally convicted Colonel Daniel Wilson.

They completely botched the case against him, because they became enraged to think that a Marine Corps colonel could even think of molesting a child.

An overwhelming response from Marines, active, separated and retired has been received by our website. Marines all over the world, know what really happened and are demanding the Marine Corps correct their errors.

The officers and men of the Marine Corps demand the release Colonel Wilson, and demand a full investigation as to how and why an innocent man was given a 5 1/2 year prison sentence for something he did not do.

Marine rage hit a fever pitch, when the accusations of child molestation swept like a wildfire. Military power brokers and policy makers assumed the accusers were telling the truth. Everyone placed their trust in the investigators, assuming they were honorable people who would not conjure up damning evidence to secure a conviction.

The fact that Colonel Wilson was innocent, was simply not something anyone wanted to hear. Like sharks in a feeding frenzy, the convening authority, over zealous prosecutors and unscrupulous investigators ripped and tore until they had thoroughly destroyed Colonel Wilson and his family.


They lost everything… car, home, credit rating, etc., until the Colonel Wilson’s wife was living in a tent. His wife could consider herself lucky. Usually, when the United States Marines attack, people not only lose their home and possessions, but their life as well.

Navy and Marine JAG officers didn’t really care about the validity of the evidence against Colonel Wilson. In fact, they didn’t need any evidence at all. Just mere accusations were enough to rid themselves of a man they indelibly marked as an outcast, a pariah, a military leper.

The mother of the alleged victim six-year-old was molested when she was a child and complained that no one would believe her. Using her own daughter, she channeled her anger from her own past at Colonel Wilson and conjured up a get-rich-quick scheme.

The plan was simple. First, use the military judicial system to establish and injury. A military conviction could then be used as an imprimatur for civil action to line your pockets with taxpayer money.

Only weeks after Wilson was convicted and tossed in prison, the mother of the alleged victim filed a twenty-five (25) million dollar lawsuit against the government. Her plan may have worked, but lucky for the taxpayers a wise judge tossed it out.

Unfortunately, the military fell for her scam, and pushed away anyone who had the audacity to question the child’s coached testimony, or the biased questioning of the child by investigators. Toss-in some unlawful command influence here and there, and now you know how an innocent man can end up behind bars in today’s modern military.


After the Navy-Marine Criminal Court of Appeals (NMCCA) tossed out the molestation conviction with prejudice, the Marines didn’t know whether to shit or go blind. All of a sudden, they had a man behind bars with is conviction over turned.

Colonel Wilson isn’t just any man, he is a heavily decorated Marine colonel with dual master’s degrees. In fact, Colonel Wilson is the most senior colonel in the entire United States Marine Corps.

On September 27, 1019, sadistic prison guards ransacked his cell seizing his personal diary which they illegally absconded with and used it for their own amusement. Some little puke-face lance corporal was reading it aloud to his fellow sentries. Then as Colonel Wilson was on the phone talking to his daughter a few days ago, the guards attacked him, leaving a dangling phone receiver.

They hurried him off into solitary confinement. For what, he did not know. Colonel Wilson was in solitary confinement until the warden changed her mind, and had him returned back in his cell. A gunnery sergeant returned the diary back to Colonel Wilson with an apology.


Colonel Daniel H. Wilson, United States Marine Corps

One of the main culprits involved in helping to convict Colonel Wilson and get him 5 1/2 years in prison was the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS).

NCIS is the civilian federal law enforcement agency operating within the military, responsible for investigating felony crime, preventing terrorism and protecting secrets of the Navy and Marine Corps.

NCIS has approximately 2,000 personnel, 1,000+ serving as Special Agents. Director Omar Lopez reports directly to the Secretary of the Navy. Today, NCIS operates in approximately 191 locations, in more than 41 countries.

Whenever the military goes on a “legal” attack, they do what is called file loading. They may have one central charge, but they load it up with other charges… anything at all, that they can add to the charge sheet to make the accused go from a mere “offender” to the realm of an evil bastard.

In Colonel Wilson’s case, they did just that. NCIS normally deals with scumbag sailors dealing in drugs, but when a combat-decorated Marine colonel was framed for child molestation, they hit the “jackpot.”

NCIS agents fanned out all over the world to dredge up as much dirt on Colonel Wilson as they could possibly find.

Their were other charges against Colonel Wilson, besides the alleged molestation. NCIS discovered that Colonel Wilson failed to show up to work for a few days and charged him with “unauthorized absence” (UA).

He was charged with UA during the Christmas leave period between Christmas and New Years Day after Colonel Wilson had been relieved as Operations Officer of the MEF (Marine Expeditionary Force) in the Third Division in Camp LeJeune.

While on duty in Australia Colonel Wilson noticed that one of the female civilian workers had inadvertently left her Common Access Card, “CAC” card at her desk. The CAC, a “smart” card, about the size of a credit card, is the standard identification for active duty uniformed Service personnel, Selected Reserve, DoD civilian employees, and eligible military contractors.

Colonel Wilson was accused of using her CAC card to send a prank email to her boss who was a friend of Wilson’s. The prank wasn’t on the female contractor, it was more of a prank on her boss whom he had known for quite sometime. This prank email was harmless but resulted in more charges against Wilson as the NCIS was doing all it could to load his file before his upcoming trial.


There was one more charge, an innocuous charge that was converted to a career-lethal barb against Colonel Wilson…

Marine Captain James Blaul caught a glimpse of an alluring picture of Colonel Wilson’s wife Susan. The picture was a little on the sexy side. Colonel Wilson jokingly told the young Marine captain, now that you’ve seen my wife, you need to show me a picture of your wife.

The young Marine captain knew Colonel Wilson was joking and it was quickly forgotten, forgotten until years later when NICS agents were poking around looking for dirt on Colonel Wilson. A lot is said and done in the testosterone-filled world of the military, until someone decides they don’t like you anymore. Then, what was said as a joke, becomes a felony conviction.

NCIS agents scared the young Marine captain with potential charges for concealing information and obstructing justice, if he did not become a witness against Colonel Wilson. So, the Marine captain, more worried about saving his own career, decided to give NCIS agents all they asked for, which was the last nail for Colonel Wilson’s coffin.

After making a false statement that Colonel Wilson had pressured him to provide a picture of his wife, Captain James Blaul wrote a letter to the judge in order to alleviate some of his own guilt and remorse for falsely accusing Colonel Wilson. His statement helped the military to illegally crucify Colonel Wilson.

In his letter to the judge, Captian Blaul begged the presiding judge to “go easy” on Colonel Wilson. As a reward for helping prosecutors convict an innocent man, the Marine Corps promoted James Blaul to the rank of Major.

By all that is right and just, NCIS needs to have their internal affairs division HONESTLY investigate whether Captain Blaul was pressured by NCIS agents to conjure up a false statement in order to convict Colonel Dan Wilson. We think Capt. Blaul was indeed pressured by NCIS agents, otherwise, why didn’t he initiate a complaint when it happened?


On Wednesday, October 2, 2019, Major General Kevin M. Iiams (prounounced like the dog food) arrived at Camp Pendleton to hold a hearing. The rumor of an additional three other colonels attending was false.

MG Iiams held a so-called secret hearing and ordered that Colonel Wilson will remain behind bars until he can be sentenced on the lingering convictions NMCCA did not address…

  1. being allegedly absent two days around Christmas 2016, while on duty at Camp Lejeune and,
  2. a prank email sent to a civilian contractor’s boss and,
  3. the alleged pressuring of Capt. Blaul to see a picture of his wife.

Major General Iiams decided that Colonel Wilson was a flight risk and just because the Criminal Court of Appeals said there was not enough evidence, it didn’t mean that Colonel Wilson was innocent. And, with that, Iiams got back on a jet for the East Coast.

Since the Marines successfully got a conviction on the lingering charges, they plan to take full advantage of it. If these other so-called crimes were not accompanied with the horrific charge of child molestation, there would have been a far different outcome.

If these lingering charges were really a problem to maintain the “good order and discipline” of the unit, they would normally be handled much differently than to convene a full-blown general court-martial.

In normal cases, assuming that officers had a rational mind, the military would have valued the experience and skill of a decorated Marine colonel. It’s likely someone in the chain of command would have said, “Dan, knock off the shit, otherwise you’re going to end up with a few dings on your fitness reports that could affect your career.”

When a six-year-old child is coached by her mother to say just the right things, the Marine Corps went into a blind rage and threw every charge they could find against Colonel Wilson. Transgressions and pranks that should have culminated with a mild reprimand or become a mere footnote on an officer’s fitness report, ended up becoming felony convictions.


The Marines have terribly botched the case against Colonel Wilson, and NCIS were enablers that helped military prosecutors to convict an innocent man. What the Marines really should say to Colonel Wilson…

“Because we were terribly wrong to convict you on such scant and suspicious evidence, and in view of the fact that you have suffered terrible indignities behind bars for 2 1/2 years, we are dropping all charges against you immediately.

We are giving you your back pay with interest along with a letter of apology from the Commandant of the Marine Corps, and the Director of  the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.”

It’s highly doubtful the Marines or NCIS  will have the courage or integrity necessary to right the wrong committed against this innocent man.

Colonel Wilson is now wearing a blue jumpsuit instead of the typical prison orange jumpsuit. They only changed it when guards were eavesdropping on one of his phone calls that revealed the Marine Corps had violated yet another provision in the law against Wilson.

The military is big on color coding things, including people. The blue jumpsuit indicates that Colonel Wilson is now in “pre-trial confinement” status.


Colonel Wilson entrusted his entire life to the USAA insurance company, but in less than a month after his conviction, USAA  sent him a nasty letter. The letter essentially said, that USAA doesn’t want anything to do with people of your ilk. In other words we don’t want anything to do with a child molester like you.

Following the military’s lead, USAA stomped on Colonel Wilson, kicking him and his family when they were down.

Colonel Wilson had literally everything insured with USAA, from the beginning of his military career. His cars, his home, his motorcycle, his life insurance, his banking, his investments, his mortgages…. you name it; it was all handled by USAA. Colonel Wilson was the best customer USAA had. He used virtually all their services and was never late with a payment in over thirty (35) years.

But, that wasn’t good enough for USAA. They decided to pile on like everyone else. USAA should send Colonel Wilson a letter of apology, especially since the Court of Criminal Appeals tossed out the case, saying that Colonel Wilson had been illegally convicted.

Until USAA does a major mea culpa, everyone doing business with USAA should consider taking their business elsewhere. You can get better car insurance from Costco/Ameriprise, or even the Automobile Club of America (AAA), than with USAA.


We cannot suggest strongly enough the importance of correcting this terrible injustice perpetrated upon Colonel Daniel H. Wilson. In view of the fact the presiding officer ruled to keep Colonel Wilson behind bars, all Americans need to cut off all recruiting and have no more to do with the military until they have demonstrated a true sense of honor and fully exonerated Colonel Wilson.

The only thing that will get their attention, is either a direct order from President Trump, or a full boycott of all military related events and activities, to include recruiting and any participation in ROTC and NROTC.

We ask all of the young men and women in high school and college, to think very carefully before you sign on the dotted line to enter military service. If the military can railroad a full-bird colonel into prison with essentially no real evidence and generate false statements through coercion and intimidation, the same damn thing can happen to you.

We ask all of our loyal readers to do something, write something, say something. Use social media, write the President…. just do something to protest the illegal conviction and incarceration of Marine Colonel Daniel H. Wilson.

We were sad to learn of the decision that Major General Iiams made. Marines, all over the world, who read our website are demanding the injustice against Wilson be fully corrected. Sadly, Major General Iiams didn’t have the guts to do it.

Failure of the Marine Corps to release Colonel Wilson, means they have failed to uphold justice once again. will be writing another article about Wilson’s denial of freedom. Major General Iiams will soon be interring our Hall of Shame, and will remain their permanently until Colonel Wilson is properly released from prison.

The ongoing saga continues… we will keep our readers fully informed and we sincerely thank all the military members past and present for their sincere comments about Colonel Wilson’s plight.