U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Leslie C. Smith, Inspector General of the Army. Known for taking care of his buddies and to hell with the law.
Lieutenant General Leslie Smith in his Koala Bear costume, mockingly sticking his tongue out at the military judicial system. The UCMJ simply does not apply to Smitty or any of his friends.

Never let it be said that cover-up artist, Lieutenant General (LTG) Leslie “Koala Bear” Smith doesn’t protect his friends when they get in trouble.

One of those close friends he protected is Lieutenant General Aundre F. Piggee, who, at one time, worked for the Koala Bear as an Army Deputy Inspector General.

Lieutenant General Aundre Piggee is now the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4 (Army Logistics), where he oversees logistics policies, programs, and plans for the Army.

There’s only one problem. Lieutenant General Piggee has a major integrity issue. When attending the Army War College at Carlisle Barracks, then Colonel Piggee decided to take the easy way out by plagiarizing his war college thesis.

That’s right, old “cut and paste” Piggee felt that doing all that writing and research was just too much of a bother to hassle with.

Just a little cut here, and paste there…. and abracadabra; his War-College thesis was all done and ready for submission. While other students were laboring over completing their thesis, Piggee went shopping, cleaned out the garage, played with the wife or did whatever he wanted without having to toil over a thesis that was required for him to graduate.

Once his cheating was discovered, an IG complaint was filed and an investigation was opened to make it look like the Army was taking “decisive action’ against LTG cut-and-paste Piggee. It was all a canard.

Opening an investigation makes people think the perpetrator is going to be brought to justice. The alleged “investigation” ploy gave people a false sense of peace, thinking that justice would finally be done. People in the military should know better.

Once his buddy’s plagiarism had left the collective consciousness, Koala-Bear Smith, posing as the Inspector General of the United States Army, quietly closed the investigation to protect his long-time friend, Mr. cut-and-paste Piggee.

Instead of being drummed out of the military, as would any junior officer, cut-and-paste Piggee went on to an illustrious Army career by rising from a bird colonel, to a one star, then two star and now three star general in the United States Army. When flag-ranking officers screw-up, they are moved up, and the IG’s office is a complete joke.

Cut-and-Paste Piggee was never held accountable for his blatant act of plagiarism, and used his successful completion from the Army’s War College as a springboard to bigger and better things.

The military apparently has no problem with flag-ranking officers who plagiarize their work in the Army’s prestigious War College. Such sneaky behavior is apparently considered an admirable character trait.

Lieutenant General “Cut-and-Paste” Piggee. From the look of his eyes, it appears that old “Cut-and-Paste” Piggee may have enjoyed a six-pack (or two) before beginning his presentation. His lecture probably expounded on the critical importance of personal integrity for all military officers. Ribbons and medals mean nothing if an officer has no personal integrity.

And, LTG Koala Bear Smith gets away with smothering yet another case of criminal and ethical misconduct. Lesson learned, “Cheating is no problem, as long as you have a friend that becomes the Inspector General of the United States Army.”

Well let’s see, there’s probably all sorts of UCMJ violations, but the easiest ones to prove would be conduct unbecoming, dereliction of duty, failure to obey order or regulation, non-compliance with procedural rules, obstruction of justice, and God only knows what else.

There is EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW, except for military personnel. Koala Bear Leslie Smith continues to be a classic example of blatant mockery of true justice. Maybe we should also be looking into how much of the Koala Bear’s thesis had been “borrowed” from other sources.

Is it possible this sort of plagiarism is a chronic problem in the Army among flag-ranking officers? They know their ring-knocking buddies will just look the other way.

It certainly appears to be a chronic problem within the Army. The New York Times reported on Thursday, August 22, 2019, the Army’s War College determined in a preliminary review, that United States Senator John Walsh of Montana appears to have also plagiarized his final paper to gain a master’s degree when he was on active duty. They reported that his thesis appeared to be a remix of others’ works.

Plagiarism has probably been a major issue in the military for many years. It’s endemic corruption that continues unabated, and why, because the plagiarizers all belong to an exclusive club of admirals and generals.

ONE OF OUR SOURCES REPORTED THE FOLLOWING: Lieutenant General “cut-and-paste” Piggee received an honorary doctorate degree from some school in Arkansas. He has been admitted into the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame; both of which would not have occurred had the Army taken action on his plagiarism (cheating) when he was a student at the War College.

If digs deeper you will uncover even more. It’s far worse than anyone knows. Look at the generals that have fallen under the extraordinary leadership of LTG Piggee.

Hurley was fired and allowed to quietly sneak out the back door for an affair with a subordinate. Rumor had it he got her pregnant.

Kirklin fired for getting busted twice at massage parlors around Fort Bragg. He too is receiving a happy ending.

There are plenty more scoundrels who wear stars on their uniform. Check out Piggee’s CSM and the cover up in Germany. We hear that MilitaryCorruption is already working on an article about MG Michel Russell who was  busted for BAH and TDY fraud in Korea.

Cut-and-Paste Piggee coordinated with Koala Bear Smith so the flag-ranking officers could “pay it back” and quietly go one with their careers. Russell was promoted to a 2nd star and moved from Korea into Piggee’s office in the Pentagon.

The Army Colonels who know about this stuff are cowards, afraid to report numerous instances of gross misconduct because they all want to enter the exclusive club called flag-ranking officers.

The junior officers either don’t see the massive corruption, or they are scared to death of losing their careers. It’s just as you say, it’s a big damn rigged system.

NCOs just shake their heads and say, “different spanks for different ranks.” By the way, I did call someone up at Carlisle where the prestigious Army War College is located. He said that names are quietly getting laser-erased from the “Wall of Graduates” they are so proud of.

Apparently, everyone who graduates from the Army’s War College has their name carved on plaques outside the school for all the world to see. I hear there have been hundreds of cases where plagiarized papers have been discovered.

This plagiarism scandal isn’t a scandal because it’s all being brushed under the rug. Since the only way to reveal the extraordinary amount of plagiarism at the War College is for the Army to investigate itself, the scandal will go unnoticed. The Army fox Koala Bear is still guarding the hen house.

The War College is attempting to quietly pull back degrees without hurting the general officer’s career. Not sure if Piggee is one of those names being erased or not. Only on does anyone hear about any of this stuff. Please continue your excellent work.

ANOTHER SOURCE RECOMMENDED… The Army Inspector General might be interested in covering up LTG Piggee’s past plagiarism, but perhaps the Army Education Advisory Committee (AEAC) who is responsible for accreditation of Army schools would be interested in discovering that masters degrees are being handed out for plagiarized papers.

Mr. Wayne Joyner is the designated federal officer for the committee, located at the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), 950 Jefferson Avenue, Building 950, Ft. Eustis, VA 23604. To write the committee use “ATTN: ATTG-ZC, TRADOC” for the subject of the letter, or by phone… call (757) 501-5810.


A website called John Q. Public makes it clear. The IG’s of the military are supposed to be watchdogs, ferreting out corruption and evil. Unfortunately, military inspector generals aren’t watchdogs at all. They are actually guard-dogs, protecting flag-ranking officers from any accountability. The entire system has been designed to protect itself. It has nothing to do with enforcing the law.

This excellent ARTICLE from John Q. Public lays it out for all to see.

These scumbags stand in front or our Flag espousing the importance of honor and integrity, while they toss innocent men in prison and plagiarize until the cows come home.  Trump needs to fire these bastards and rebuild the military with new blood and with new rules.

Make no mistake, my fellow Americans, the military of the United States is dire need of serious reform.


Sadly, in today’s politics, there are attempts to make us believe that everyone in America is a racist. That’s pure bullshit, of course. Racism is not nearly as bad as it used to be, but it still exists, and we must be always vigilant to stamp out real racism.

One of our readers believes most fervently that he has experienced racism from an Army flag-ranking officer. He wrote to us saying the following…

Then Colonel Duane “I Hate Puerto Ricans” Gamble – He loves to first pick the person, then post the job.

I filed an official IG complaint against Army Major General Duane A. Gamble, the current commanding general of the Army Sustainment Command (ASC). Soon, he will be promoted to the rank of lieutenant general and assume the position of Army G4.

Duane “I hate Puerto Ricans” Gamble violated proper procedure when he made a pre-decision, then a pre-selection, in the selection and hiring for a position (we thought was still open).

I possess an email where sixty (60) days prior to the announcement for the position being posted on USAJOBS.GOV, Major General Gamble had already made the decision to circumvent fair access practices, denying me and others the opportunity to be fairly considered for the job.

After I filed the complaint with the Army Inspector General’s office, I received a letter from none other than Smitty’s right-hand man, Colonel Kevin “Flaming Asshole” Daniels, telling me that my complaint wasn’t a matter for the inspector general’s office.

I politely requested a face-to-face meeting, but Flaming Asshole Daniels, who represents the inspector general of the Army, completely ignored my request. My complaint was a request for the Army IG to look into the process Major General Gamble used in determining how people were considered for employment. Unlawful discrimination is definitely something the any inspector general should be concerned about.

I also possess an email where an anonymous LRC-West Point employee had the impression I was “fired” (which was not the case) because I’m Puerto Rican. This communique tended to solidify my belief that Major General Duane Gamble is an honest-to-God racist. All of the Army should know, that I’m Puerto Rican, and proud to be so.

I’m tired of being given the runaround, and it is all because I challenged the decision making process of a flag-ranking officer. Again, what was the decision process for Major General Gamble in filling the position? Did he fill the job with a personal friend, or a friend of a friend? Or, did he decide to fill it with anyone but a Puerto Rican?

Only a legitimate, fair and unbiased investigation can determine what really happened and why it happened.

I will do whatever it is necessary so that no one else, Puerto Rican or others are subjected to a racist flag-ranking officer. These guys cover-up for each other over and over again. Just because they are above the law, does not mean they should be.

Surely, the inspector general of the Army (Koala Bear Smith) can remember what it’s like to be discriminated against because of race or nationality. Koala Bear Smith should know how painful it is for segments of our armed forces when a racist is put in a position of power.

Most Respectfully and Sincerely
Jose Aviles

Edited for clarity by staff


This FOX VIDEO says it all…

If you are in the military…. we strongly recommend you get out. If you are thinking about going into military service, you had better think again. You could also end up with murder charges because you were doing your job killing the enemy.


Lieutenant Colonel Anne McClain, United States Army

Air Force officer Dominique Collier was badly beaten by her boyfriend who is currently in the Army. The Air Force and Army decided to look the other way. Now there is another dispute between Air Force intelligence officer Summer Worden and her former spouse Army officer and astronaut Anne McClain.

Anne McClain is a West Point graduate, who flew more than 800 combat hours in Operation Iraqi Freedom before joining NASA in 2013. She remains a lieutenant colonel in the Army.

Apparently, while she was in space on a NASA mission, Lieutenant Colonel Anne McClain allegedly hacked into her former spouses bank account to see what she was purchasing. It’s being touted as the first crime committed in space. The NASA Inspector General is allegedly investigating, because you won’t hear a thing from the Army’s Inspector General, the lovable Koala Bear Smith.

The full story can be found on this LINK.

A PERSONAL NOTE TO LIEUTENANT GENERAL PIGGEE: Our sources tell us that you indeed did plagiarize your War College thesis. Normally, our sources are 100% on target, but if you feel the truth has been maligned in any fashion, we are glad to hear your side of this story, and bring your thesis with you. If we missed the target, we will correct the record. We offer you the opportunity to set the record straight right here on

P.S. And, the same goes for you Smitty