VADM John "screw those innocent people" Hannink, Judge Advocate General of the United States Navy

Arrogant vindictiveness on display for all to see from the United States Navy and Marine Corps. Colonel Dan Wilson is still being kept behind bars even though the appellant courts clearly stated the court had insufficient evidence to convict him. Could it be, because he was completely innocent?

Wilson’s case had been appealed to the Navy-Marine Criminal Court of Appeal (NMCCA). A three-judge panel reviewed the trial transcripts along with briefs from prosecutor and defense counsels, and unanimously voted to issue a stinging 57-PAGE REBUKE.


Colonel Daniel H. Wilson – when good, decent men are thrown away like a paper cup, we are all in trouble

The embarrassing admonition from the three-judge panel, and the possibility an innocent man was sent to prison, had no effect on the Navy’s Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps.

The prosecutors, the staff judge advocate and the biggest boob of all, the man in-charge, VADM John “screw the innocent” Hannink, forged ahead to look for other legal remedies to keep Colonel Wilson in prison.

The JAG Corps decided to do whatever they could to keep Colonel Dan Wilson in prison for as long as possible, regardless of the fact he was innocent of the charges. JAG officers are sometimes prone to knee-jerk reactions, blinded by their drive to punish, they just couldn’t or wouldn’t see a man’s innocence.

The insatiable desire to punish Dan Wilson was analogous to sharks in a feeding frenzy. When sharks go in for the kill, a protective eyelid descends to protect their eyes as they slash and tear their prey to bits. During the attack, sharks cannot see, just as the prosecutors in the Colonel Wilson case could not see Wilson’s innocence.

The JAG Corps converted themselves into a group vigilantes, and with emotions at a fever pitch to exact punishment, they led the charge to convict Colonel Dan Wilson of a crime he did not do.

Since VADM John “I don’t give a shit” Hannink is in charge, he is ultimately responsible for keeping this innocent man behind bars. And, knowing just how biased the entire military judicial system is, there are certainly other innocent people pacing a prison cell at this very moment.

Waiting until just prior to the filing deadline, vindictive military lawyers submitted a motion to the NMCCA requesting that all nine judges of the NMCCA reconsider the 57-page condemnation from the three-judge panel in the Colonel Wilson case.

The JAG Corps was hoping to convince the nine-judge court, to overrule the embarrassing censure received from NMCCA’s three-judge panel outlining their legal malpractice. The motion is called a request for an “en banc” reconsideration.

It took the court less than twelve days to summarily REJECT THE MOTION from the perturbed prosecutors and staff judge advocate. The message from the appellate court was clear. NMCCA basically said, the entire court wasn’t going to waste their time to reconsider the 57-page admonishment of the three-judge panel.

And that’s pretty much it.

Even with insufficient evidence, the military was successful in convincing a handpicked jury that Colonel Dan Wilson was guilty of child molestation, but they couldn’t bullshit the judges. The conviction was REJECTED WITH PREJUDICE, then the entire court sided with the three-judge panel and rejected the prosecutor’s attempt for reconsideration.

A court case that is dismissed with prejudice means that it is dismissed permanently. A case dismissed with prejudice is over and done with, once and for all, and cannot be brought back to court.

Military lawyers cannot appeal the NMCCA decision to United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces (CAAF), because CAAF only reviews matters dealing with improprieties of law, and not of facts. Even though the JAG Corps had been smacked down at every turn, they continue to keep Colonel Wilson locked up, behind bars.

In a sneaky, face-saving move, the JAG Corps offered Colonel Wilson immediate freedom if he would accept an “Other Than Honorable” (OTH) discharge from the Marine Corps. Colonel Wilson said, “Not only NO, but hell no.” The military convicted an innocent man and now they cannot bring themselves to admit to their egregious error.

Military officers only receive a dismissal (dishonorable) discharge, or an honorable discharge. Anything other than that, is an attempt to manipulate the system in order to save face for despicable acts carried out under the color of law.


Once he received news that NMCCA had slapped down the court-martial sentence with prejudice, Colonel Wilson submitted a request to be transferred to the minimum security area of the prison. A hearing was held, but his request was rejected by an unusual ten-person panel.

We are told that such hearings are normally heard by three to five member panels, but for some strange reason, there were ten people attempting to stare down Colonel Wilson. The military prison system was working hand-in-glove with the JAG Corps to inflict as much pain and discomfort to Colonel Wilson as they could get away with.

Normally, minimum security is reserved for inmates that are within 18 months of release. Colonel Wilson has served 2.5 years of a 5-year sentence. One of the hearing participants said since Colonel Wilson still had 2.5 years left to serve, he was not eligible for minimum security status.

Colonel Wilson quickly responded to the 10-person kangaroo court, “Because the Criminal Court of Appeals ruled the court-martial improperly sentenced me with insufficient evidence, I have no months left to serve.”

Once the NMCCA rejected the prosecution’s motion for an “en blanc” reconsideration, Colonel Wilson was assigned a new prison counselor who recommended that he submit another request to be transferred to the minimum security area.

This time, someone in the system actually possessed common sense, and prison staff begrudgingly moved Colonel Wilson to the minimum security area. Even though he was not yet a free man, Colonel Wilson felt he may be getting closer to being released from the Navy’s gulag at Camp Pendleton, California.

Minimum security inmates have certain perks that do not mean much to people who live in freedom everyday, but to men held under lock and key for months, years and decades, IT’S A VERY BIG DEAL.

Minimum security inmates don’t have to be escorted everywhere, they get priority for the chow hall, and they can call their loved ones on the outside of the prison walls more often, but each call is limited to just ten minutes. God, we wish that rule was in place for teenage daughters.


Then RADM John Hannink (left) standing proud with VADM James Crawford – “birds of a feather flocking together” for the camera. Before he retired, Jimmy Crawford helped to throw innocent men in prison by unlawfully influencing the court, then his buddy Hannink is more than happy to keep innocent men behind bars. The United States Navy can be justifiably proud of this particular tag team. They get the job done, without those pesky laws getting in their way.

VADM John Hannink and VADM James Crawford are truly birds of a feather.  These two clowns exemplify the incredibly pathetic leadership of the United States Navy’s JAG Corps.

Our readers surely remember super-scumbag Vice Admiral Jimmy “obstruction of justice” Crawford…

Military Judge Navy Commander Arthur Gaston, ruled that Vice Admiral James Crawford exerted unlawful command influence (UCI), which short-circuited a fair trial for three enlisted men accused of allegedly taking part in the kicking and beating of Afghan prisoners in Uruzgan Province in May of 2012.:

Special Warfare PO1 Daniel V. Dambrosio Jr.
Special Warfare CPO Xavier Silva
Special Warfare CPO David W. Swarts.

VADM Jimmy “I’ll do what I want” Crawford had also been accused of exerting unlawful command influence in other military cases. He is believed to have unlawfully interfered with the 2015 court-martial of Special Warfare Senior Chief Keith Barry.

Crawford is also suspected by defense attorneys of placing his thumb on the scale of justice in the May 2016 investigation of James Lovelace’s pool drowning during initial Navy SEAL training. God only knows how many other trials Jimmy Crawford has attempted to manipulate during his so-called “stellar” naval career.


And lest we forget, the piss-poor leadership from the Army Inspector General Lieutenant General Leslie “Koala Bear” Smith, arrogant behavior even in his Koala costume.

The military judicial system is AFU.

Military members don’t know what law the military will enforce on any given day. Equal Justice Under Law simply does not exist.

Junior officers are sent to a general court-martial for fraternizing, while scumbag admirals and generals are allowed to rape, pillage and plunder with complete immunity from the law.

VADM Crawford loved to apply unlawful command influence in order to achieve court-martial convictions. VADM Hannink is content with allowing his prosecutors to undertake all sorts of legal machinations to keep innocent men behind bars.

Justice conducted with a wink and a nod. Inspector generals in each branch of the service have a tacit agreement to never investigate any flag-ranking officer.

The Navy JAG Corps  giggle with glee at their ability to easily manipulate the judicial and prison system to keep innocent people behind bars.

They get even more enjoyment when over-sentencing people, something that should have garnered six months ended up in a six-year prison sentence. THE MILITARY DOES NOT NEED EVIDENCE TO CONVICT ANYONE.

The military has mastered how to coerce the accused to admit guilt to guarantee a conviction and avoid a lengthy trial that could potentially expose exculpatory evidence. They also have mastered how to subtly threaten jurors to ensure a conviction if the accused won’t admit any guilt.

The military has their own courts, their own laws, their own hand-picked juries, their own lawyers and their own judges…. what can possibly go wrong?

When the convening authorities write or approve the fitness reports (OERs) on members of the jury, there is an inherent bias to convict the accused. The entire structure allows the easy manipulation of the jury through unlawful command influence.

Once factual or legal errors were disclosed from a three-judge panel, VADM “I don’t give a shit” Hannink, was completely content with keeping an innocent man in prison, even when the appellant court was loudly proclaiming, there was insufficient evidence to convict.

Come on admiral, get your head out of your ass and immediately release this man from prison. Dig down deep for a sliver of leadership, and do the job you are supposed to be doing.

Two and a half years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, is an abomination of justice. Keeping an innocent man incarcerated after receiving the stunning legal reprimand from the appellate court, is adding insult to injury.


Major General Walter Lee “throw his friends under the bus” Miller, USMC.

Now retired, Major General Wally Lee Miller is the man who decided to play it safe politically, and convened a court against his old drinking buddy, Colonel Dan Wilson. Because he successfully convicted an innocent man, he received the “Navy Achievement Medal” at his retirement ceremony. You can’t make this shit up!

You sir, are a complete asshole. You should be deeply ashamed for the pain you have inflicted on your friend under the color-of-law. Anyone who trusts you, should be very careful indeed, primarily because of the way you turn on you friends to protect your own ass.

Let’s see just how long it takes the military to realize they have thrown their integrity right out the window. The United States military needs to admit their system is flawed and they were completely wrong to prefer charges against Colonel Dan Wilson.


It’s important to include another flaming asshole by the name of Lieutenant General Robert Hedelund who replaced Major General Wally “guard my own ass” Miller. Miller convened the court, but Hedelund handpicked the jurors to ensure he got Wilson convicted.

It was Lieutenant General Hedelund who went after Colonel Wilson family much in the same way the mafia used to do to family members of an opposing crime family.

It’s customary in the military that after the decision is handed down by the court, the convening authority (Hedelund) takes some time to review the court’s decision.

While the convening authority is reviewing the decision of the court, it has always been customary to maintain the paycheck of the service member for the dependents to allow them time to extricate themselves from base housing and begin a new life somewhere else.

Lieutenant General Hedelund immediately took action to cut off all income for Wilson’s family, and had his family escorted to the gate and kicked off the base.

Wilson’s attorney submitted three requests to Hedelund requested his family receive his paychecks during the review process, so his family could make the transition to civilian life. LTG Robert “super-asshole” Hedelund flatly denied all three requests.

Lieutenant General Robert “brain fart” Hedelund, USMC – one of the major assholes in the Wilson trial debacle.

Hedelund’s scorched earth policy towards Wilson’s family was at best, an extremely mean-spirited thing to do. We guess it made him proud to be Marine.

After Wilson’s wife and children were ripped from their home and escorted off the base, Dan’s wife Susan received a bill from base housing saying they did not comply with the agreement on how base housing is to be left after vacating the residence.

Since all income had been cutoff, Mrs. Wilson said, “Go ahead and take it out of my husband’s salary.”

Colonel John Henry conducted the command investigation, which ran concurrently with the Naval Investigative Service investigation. Since Colonel Henry could find nothing of merit in the original charges, he focused in on some trivial infractions that occurred in Australia.

The military was digging deep for anything at all they could use to seal Colonel Wilson’s fate. Investigators went way back in Colonel Wilson’s career auditing virtually ever TAD assignment the found, to see if they could dredge up any other impropriety, no matter how slight. The super sleuths found a few minor infractions that were blown way out of proportion.

When they were added to Wilson’s court-martial, each minor infraction rose to the level of a felony because Wilson was being brought before a general court-martial. Colonel Henry also happened to be good buddies with the presiding judge, Colonel Pete Rubin.

Judge Rubin would have normally thrown any frivolous infractions, but they were converted into felony charges because it was Judge Rubin’s good friend Colonel Henry that discovered them during his prolonged witch-hunt investigation.

Judge Rubin presided over Wilson’s kangaroo court and allowed several hearsay matters into evidence. Judge Rubin wasn’t interested in ensuring his court demonstrated fairness and impartiality; he was part of the good-old-boys that wanted Wilson’s head on a platter to inoculate themselves from female Members of Congress.

Lieutenant Colonel JJ Stephens was the lead prosecutor who wove the web around Wilson portraying him as a diabolical sexual predator on little or no evidence. The appellant court characterized the evidence as wholly insufficient, but because the military judicial system is weighted so heavily in the government’s favor, they didn’t need evidence to convict.

Major General Daniel J. Lecce is the staff judge advocate and has the authority to release Colonel Wilson right now, but he apparently prefers to continue Wilson’s punishment for an undetermined amount of time.

Or, maybe MG Lecce is simply taking orders from Vice Admiral Hannink to keep Wilson in prison until they can find out how the military can save face and avoid embarrassment.

The military must now admit their errors, and get out their check book. Colonel Dan Wilson should be released and the following day receive all his back wages taken from him while he was incarcerated.

He also needs to be promoted to lieutenant general for demonstrating extraordinary courage and restraint. If the military was smart, Dan Wilson should be put in charge of the entire military prison system. No one knows better what reforms are needed, than a man who has been subjected to 2.5 years of hell in a naval gulag.

Mr. President, order Dan Wilson released immediately, and further order that he be made whole for all of the injustice levied upon him by an out-of-control military judicial system. It’s the right thing to do.

We have passed along a message to the Wilson family. It’s on a plaque in our offices which reads, “Just sit back and wait. Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves, and if you are lucky, God will let you watch.”