"I, Koala Bear Smith, do solemnly swear to avoid investigating any matters that will make me or the Army look bad, so help me God."

Lieutenant General (LTG) Leslie H. Smith (Smitty) is “allegedly” the Inspector General of the United States Army. He occasionally makes speeches to organizations like the Boys & Girls Clubs of America where he touts the importance of “leadership.” But sadly, Smitty doesn’t know the first damn thing about what real leadership is.

It’s readily apparent that Smitty has turned over the daily operations to underlings like Colonel Kevin F. Daniels who has the title of Chief of Investigations Division for the IG’s Office. Our sources say that Daniels is referred to around the office, not as “Colonel” Daniels, but “Flaming Asshole” Daniels (FAD). FA Daniels is a reservist who has been hiding out in the Pentagon for the past five years, content to have other people fight the wars.

A Cheshire Cat is known for a broad grin and big smile. Every time we see one, it reminds us of LTG Leslie “Koala Bear” Smith with a Cheshire Cat grin!

Most of FA Daniel’s job is to make damn sure that nothing gets investigated that could possibly bring discredit upon his Koala Bear boss or the Army. If they he does launch an investigation, it’s for the purpose of finding the damaging information and silencing anyone who might be attempting to report criminal or unethical behavior.

He’s not a friend of Army whistle-blowers, but he is a good friend of Army criminals, providing them cover and concealment to maneuver.

So where the hell is Inspector General Leslie Smith? Smith smiles a lot, and attends all the cocktail parties in Washington while his office goes to hell in a handbag. Smitty needs to be placed on report for dereliction of duty by allowing Flaming Asshole Daniels to ignore the law and his oath of office. Smitty and FA Daniels go out of their way to avoid holding military members accountable for violations of law.

On a certain level, it pains us to call out Smitty on his pathetic, piss-poor management of the Inspector General’s office. Smitty is likable and lovable like a big fat Koala Bear, with a great big smile like a Cheshire Cat. He has a great way with people. By all measure Koala Bear Smith is a consummate politician, people like him and don’t know why.

And, while he is a cuddly Koala Bear with a big grin, he is the absolute worst inspector general we have ever encountered in watching the antics of the military over fifty years. Smitty’s job is not to be cuddly, sweet and lovable, but to be a tenacious bulldog, believing in THE RULE-OF-LAW and fiercely enforcing the law equally across the board.

It may be too much to ask for Koala Bear Smith or his boot-licking minions like Flaming Asshole Daniels to do their job properly, so we have decided to begin the “Smitty Chronicles” to expose their chronic managerial misconduct and dereliction of duty within the Army’s Inspector General’s Office.


Former Army Major Dan Johnson, fraudster, philanderer and general scumbag- traits the Army IG finds acceptable.

Daniel Edward Johnson was, until recently, the Solicitor of Richland and Kershaw Counties in South Carolina. As Solicitor, he was the chief law enforcement officer in both counties in South Carolina defined as the 5th Circuit. Johnson was also an officer in the United States Army.

The civilians charged him with almost fifty (50) counts of criminal misconduct, that could have resulted in a thirty-five year prison sentence. Unfortunately, his punishment was reduced from fifty (50) counts down to only two counts of wire fraud, that involved a long-running scheme  using taxpayer money to pay for his personal expenses.

Johnson was accused of using a credit card from the solicitor’s office to pay for travel, vacations and “romantic liaisons,” meaning he was sleeping with other people’s wives and girlfriends on the taxpayer dime. The Air Force calls this getting paid to get laid.

The charges that Johnson specifically admitted to in court included $280 for a Las Vegas hotel, $911 for a room in Chicago, $685 for a ticket on a Panamanian airline, and $137 for a stay at the Hilton in Columbia.

Major Johnson saw a golden opportunity to double dip by submitting claims to both the State of South Carolina and to the Army for various expenses. Major Dan Johnson was scamming anybody and any agency he could to line his pockets and have fun.

On top of his financial skulduggery, Johnson was also a wife beater and frequently committed adultery. We only mention adultery because the military still court-martial’s people over adulterous affairs. During one of her beatings, Johnson’s wife actually stabbed the Major to protect herself. A real loving relationship to be sure.


Mr Earl Graham, a flooring contractor and former Army officer, confronted Major Dan Johnson about his criminal misconduct. When Mr. Graham began exposing the illegal and unethical behavior of Major Dan Johnson, bad things began to happen.

Mr. Earl O. Graham, former Army Captain became a target after calling out Solicitor Dan Johnson

One or more people set fire to Graham’s house (twice in one week) believing he was in the home at the time. They wanted to destroy any documentary evidence he possessed and silence Graham, once and for all, by burning him alive in his own home.

Lucky for Graham, the arsonists were amateurish and failed to kill him, but they did burn down his home and all his worldly possessions.

Dan Johnson’s associates in the police department, suddenly moved to falsely arrest Mr. Graham for exercising his First Amendment Right to Free Speech. Graham had became very vocal about Dan “the sleaze-bag” Johnson, especially when arsonists slithered in the night to burn his South Carolina home.

Burning down his home didn’t make Graham any quieter. This is when Johnson and his thugs in the police department decided to violate his rights under the color of law. Graham was arrested, basically for voicing his opinion about Solicitor Johnson and certain unscrupulous police officers.

For all Graham knew, the arsonists were police officers who used incendiary items from the trunk of a police cruiser. In this way, if they were caught, they could say they were chasing the arsonists who got away. Again, the objective was to destroy all documentary and digital evidence Graham may have had in his home and kill Mr. Graham if they could in the process.

The Fire Marshall attempted to concoct a story that Mr. Graham had set fire to his own home to collect insurance money. But, the attempt to turn it around on Graham failed when they discovered Graham was renting the home and had no insurance policy. The beneficiary would have been the owner of the property.

We don’t have hard proof that Dan Johnson sent goons out to destroy evidence and kill Earl Graham by torching his residence. But, Earl Graham said,

My home didn’t spontaneously combust like a bunch of oily rags. The fires were intentionally set within a week of each other, and the arsonists believed I was present at my residence when the fires were set… that’s attempted murder.”

We also do not possess proof that Dan Johnson sent police officers to falsely arrest Graham, but you’ll never convince Graham the phony arrest and the multiple fires at his residence, were not connected to Dan Johnson.

As karma would have it, Earl Graham was fully exonerated, and Dan Johnson was sentenced on June 4, 2019. For all his outlandish and illegal behavior, Johnson only received ONE YEAR in prison when he should have received thirty-five years. Johnson was also ordered to repay $44,000 he misappropriated.

Feeling the Great State of South Carolina could no long bear the burden of this horrible embarrassment, Governor Henry McMaster, took away Johnson’s badge and gun by removing him from the office of 5th Circuit Solicitor.

On top of it all, Dan Johnson also lost his license to practice law in South Carolina and is now a convicted felon (inmate #33778-171). As a side note, Johnson is doing time with another famous scam artist by the name of Bernie Madoff.

What your mother said was true, birds of a feather, indeed do flock together.

At the state level, Dan Johnson was indicted last September on misconduct in office and embezzlement charges. In February, he was indicted at the state level again on one count of obtaining property by false pretenses. Johnson’s state charges are still pending, and any prison sentence he may receive in connection with them would have to be served upon the completion of his federal sentence.


Atty Debbie Russell decided that Major Johnson’s behavior had to be exposed, but paid dearly for her bravery and courage

As we look back, it was excruciatingly clear that Major Daniel E. Johnson was absolutely drunk with power. People in South Carolina knew it, and so did the United States Army.

The military felt that if the civilians were okay with Johnson’s flagrant violations of law, why should they be concerned. Many of the women in the Army and the civilian world who worked for Johnson were scared to death. Johnson made it crystal clear through direct and subtle messages that he would severely retaliate should anyone rat him out.

Attorney Debra Russell was the kind of woman who refused to put up with Johnson’s sexual harassment and stalking behavior. She was not intimidated by the solicitor bully. What first began as innocuous communications soon evolved into blatant sexual harassment.

When rejected by Russell, Dan Johnson launched a dirty smear campaign leaking to the press a pack of lies in the form of a… wait for it…. a “dossier” about Russell’s love life. At this point we all hate hearing the word “dossier,” but it accurately describes the document, sorry!

None of the information contained in the slimy dossier excuses the mistreatment and relentless harassment Russell endured from Major Dan Johnson. Major Johnson attempted to discredit Russell by ruining her good name and reputation. Johnson dredged up information on Debra Russell about a previous affair, an office fling and a failed marriage.

As we all have, Debra Russell has some regrets from her past, but her past mistakes were being used to distract the public from her valid claims of sexual harassment and stalking by Major Dan Johnson. When Johnson wasn’t stalking women who worked for him, he began stalking his estranged wife (Kana Rahman) by using a GPS tracker he installed on her vehicle. Oh, but it gets worse.

Major Johnson really went berserk one day by pulling a gun on FBI agent Mario Martin who was allegedly having an affair with Johnson’s estranged wife, Kana Rahman. “I’ll put a bullet in you, motherfucker,” Johnson screamed at Martin. If Martin had pulled his gun and shot Johnson right between the eyes, we wouldn’t be writing this story. Justice would have been administered.

Major Dan Johnson felt he could do virtually anything he wanted to anyone at anytime, without any accountability. Johnson sexually harassed and stalked women, committed fraud, pulled a gun on an FBI agent and allegedly conspired to commit attempted murder by sending goons out to burn down Earl Graham’s home thinking he was there on two separate occasions.

When Earl Graham complained about the solicitor’s illegal behavior, Johnson’s goons in the police department wrongfully arrested him, in yet another attempt to silence him. You don’t have to go to a third-world country to witness third-world behavior, just visit Richland County, South Carolina.


Why was Major Dan Johnson’s ethical and criminal misconduct basically okay with the Army? The United States Army chose to look the other way as one of their officers embarked on a six-mile wide path of destruction in South Carolina, stealing money, falsely arresting people, harassing and stalking women and God knows what else.

Apparently an ocean of truly dishonorable activities committed by an Army officer is considered acceptable behavior by the Army, as long as his crimes were committed in the civilian world.

At what point does the Army say, “Now, that’s enough?” What does it take before the United States Army steps in to hold one of their officers accountable for his criminal misconduct? Good God Almighty!

Air Force Captain Dominique Collier on crutches after her Army ex-boyfriend beat the hell out of her. Once again, the Army IG did nothing to a woman beater.

How many women were sexually harassed in the Army that we don’t know about? How much money did Johnson misappropriate from the Army that we don’t know about?

Apparently, there are those the Army will investigate, and there are those the Army won’t investigate. Someone in the Army made the decision to be complicit, by allowing Major Dan Johnson to perpetrate one crime after another.

By failing to demonstrate leadership and choosing to look the other way, the United States Army gave Major Dan Johnson tacit approval to continue his crime spree in South Carolina. His criminal activity had the Army’s imprimatur, their stamp of approval.

The United States Army has no problem with one of their officers, stealing money, committing adultery, committing assault and battery on his wife, stalking female employees, pulling a gun on an FBI agent or sending thugs out to burn down a house in order to destroy evidence and hopefully murder the whistle-blower inside.

What the hell ever happened to “conduct unbecoming an officer,” from the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

The Army’s failure to assert jurisdiction, especially when Johnson was receiving a paycheck from the military when he was committing his crimes, is beyond outrageous and a classic example of poor leadership by the Army Inspector General.

Is giving a woman abuser protection by not prosecuting, some sort of unwritten policy in the Army? Air Force officer Dominique Collier’s ex-boyfriend (Joel Maldonado-Ramos), currently serving on active duty in the Army, beat the hell out of her and put her on crutches, while the Army’s IG office did absolutely nothing.

Army personnel can apparently commit any range of crimes with complete impunity, so long as their victims are civilians, or in another branch of service. Is this the new unwritten Army policy?

Mr. Graham who is himself and ex-Army officer filed a complaint with LTG Leslie “Koala Bear” Smith as the Inspector General of the Army and once again, the Army did absolutely nothing.

Graham received a BULLSHIT LETTER from Colonel Daniels, which basically says, ‘fuck you, we can do what we want and we don’t have to respond to you anymore about any of this stuff.’

The Army doesn’t even investigate to find out the extent of the criminal misconduct. An investigation may not give them plausible deniability when they testify before Congress. Beating the hell out of a woman is just find with the military, unless they have to sacrifice an officer on the alter of political correctness.

Major Dan Johnson was allowed to resign his commission and quietly leave the Army. No investigation was ever conducted, no charges were filed. Major Johnson got the same luxury treatment the generals receive. WHY?

When flag-ranking criminal misconduct comes to light, they are quietly retired to avoid prosecution. Equal Justice Under Law… may exist in the civilian world, but certainly not in the military. Never forget the famous phrase by Major Glenn MacDonald, “Different Spanks, for Different Ranks.”


When American military officers are commissioned they are told, they will be held to a higher standard. But, one finds out that in real life, it’s all a bunch of crap, at least in the United States military.

When the Navy discovers an officer with the potential of being a whistle-blower that could spark a huge investigation, they use their court system to hold that officer to much higher standard…

While Bill Clinton was enjoying blowjobs from Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office, a reserve Navy lieutenant and pilot was court-martialed and received a dishonorable discharged and felony conviction for one count of fraternization, and for the improper submission of a $75.51 travel claim, which he never received any money for. The United States Navy apparently holds their officers to a much higher standard than the Army, or even the President of the United States.

The military ignores the “Equal Protection Clause” clause within the text of the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution. The clause, which took effect in 1868, provides, “nor shall any State […] deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” We wonder if it also means equal protection from the law as well?

These Constitutional concepts are apparently alien to the Armed Forces of the United States. Innocent people are carted off to prison, while real criminals are allowed to retire or resign to avoid prosecution. The military judicial system is an utter joke. The fair and equitable application of law simply does not exist in the American military.

President Ronald Reagan instituted his 1-800 Fraud, Waste and Abuse hotline. Hundreds of thousands placed calls to report fraud, waste and abuse in the military, but not a single person was ever charged or prosecuted.

The whole fraud, waste and abuse hotline program was designed to help the military find and destroy those pesky whistle-blowers. Lives and careers were ruined. People were thrown in mental hospitals as the military illegally used their psych evaluations to rid themselves of whistle-blowers.

Major Dan Johnson and Dominique Collier’s ex-boyfriend (Joel Maldonado-Ramos) should have, at a minimum, been court-martialed for assault and battery. For whatever political reason, the United States Army chose to immunize these people from any accountability.

Our next article will be called “Smitty Chronicles #3.” Since the Army is satisfied to have their inspector general operate in this fashion, there are bound to be many more examples of dereliction of duty by the IG’s office.

Standby, my friends, standby…