U.S. Navy Cmdr. Richard J. Zamberlan, and Cmdr. Phillip Lundberg, were relieved of their command, but no one knows why. Rumor has it Lundberg and Zamberlan's removal resulted from their mishandling of a sexual harassment investigation. wants to know the backstory, contact us if you know.

Fort Leavenworth - The Black Hole of Calcutta

Hello readers.

Another year comes to a close, but unfortunately military corruption goes on unabated. The American people have no real clue about who Joe Biden or Donald Trump really are.

We are forced to view them through the eyes of a corrupt new media, and their corruption knows no bounds. Most of the corruption is found in a torrent of lies, mostly lies of omission designed to force a false narrative and mislead the American people.

Remember the slogan of  “Hands up, don’t shoot,” which originated after the August 9, 2014, shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The problem is, the whole thing was a lie perpetuated by a corrupt news media. And, because of the pervasive corrupt news media, millions of Americans still believe it happened.

Dear readers, please know that we do our very best to ensure we get the story right and accurate all the time. If we fail in that duty, it’s not because of malice. Upon discovering such a faux pas, we will devote a front-page mea culpa to set the record straight.

We do our best to vet our stories, but we are up against a sly adversary. Our military will do almost anything to minimize and neutralize career-ending embarrassments for flag-ranking officers of the United States military. Our website has been a victim of numerous attacks from military-paid computer hackers. It must mean we are doing our job.


We find ourselves in a new and interesting time where military leaders are more concerned about ensuring they don’t offend an active duty transgenders, rather than training a lethal group of warfighters.

We’ve done stories about how the Army was dumbing down the green beret special forces training program. While there are many in Congress that care about the plight of military personnel, there are an ever increasing number of Congress persons who don’t give a damn about military personnel.

Once they get done defunding the police, they will then go after the military budget. Mark our words. loves our military men and women, and we absolutely detest military commanders that commit the same crime or more then are allowed to retire to avoid and investigation and/or prosecution.

Congress says they care about the suicide rate of military personnel, but we have evidence they do not care. They see it as just the cost of doing “military” business. Hogwash!


The Christmas season is a time for family gatherings, giving thanks, and remembering those less fortunate. Military members who find themselves behind bars should also be remembered. After 46 years of watching the antics of the military system, we have formed an opinion.

Of the civilians convicted in a civilian court and sent to prison, about 4-5% are actually innocent of the crime. Another 20% may have broken the law, but were terribly over sentenced. We cite the Colorado truck driver who originally received 110 years for manslaughter, which was later reduced by the governor to 10 years after a public outcry.

Outrageous sentences (too low or too high) occur primarily because of politics. We suspect these numbers may have gone down because many district attorneys are allowing the accused go free.

Of the military members convicted in a military court and sent to an American military gulag, about 40% are innocent, with another 40% terribly over-sentenced. Instead of receiving 6 months in prison, the individual would receive 6+ years.

Ironically, these numbers are probably increasing because of the military’s desperate attempt to become as WOKE as possible. To satisfy screwball Members of Congress, military leaders serve-up heads on platters and railroad people into prison at an ever increasing rate.


  1. Air Force Major Clarence Anderson III,
  2. Marine Corps Colonel Dan Wilson,
  3. Air Force Captain Leon Brown IV
  4. Army Major Erik Burris,
  5. etc, etc, etc, etc…


Oh, we can hear it now. Where is coming up with these outlandish statistics? You have got to be kidding, 40% in military prisons are innocent? People affiliated with have a combined military experience of hundreds of years. We have watched one abomination after another of military justice. We have seen one admiral and general after another protected from the glaring eyes of a military tribunal.

One individual who is a veteran and became a police homicide detective in Los Angeles for 30+ years, actually told us he thinks 50% of the people in military prisons are actually innocent. This same individual investigates court martial activity for a non-profit organization devoted to expose military injustices.

Sadly, the people who really should be keeping accurate data on their flawed system is the military, but one cannot have the fox guarding the hen house can we? From the military’s point of view, the system is working beautifully, thank you very much.

It’s the military that files the charges, convenes the court, picks the judges, jurors, prosecutor and defense counsel; so, what can possibly go wrong? This framework of justice just would not cut it in the civilian world.

In the civilian judicial system, the people are represented by two separate but equally important groups, the police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders.

Unfortunately, the unique mission of the military makes people believe they need a “unique” judicial system that enables flag officers the ability to manipulate the judicial apparatus in order to expedite the removal of malcontents and undesirables from military ranks.


Has anyone heard of unlawful command influence? Remember the top JAG officer in the Navy… Admiral Crawford who manipulated the military judicial system on a regular basis. It’s time for a major overhaul of the military’s judicial system.

When a junior officer or enlisted man who speaks truth to power, he/she is characterized as “undesirable.” If the military cannot (in good conscience) remove such individuals through trumped up charges and a full-blown court martial, they have other administrative remedies to rid themselves of problem children.

Detrimental discharges that are administrative can be implemented to quickly remove someone the military no longer “likes.” (Ref: Army Major Andrew Higgins, railroaded out of the Army with an OTH for daring to speak truth to power)

If only 1% behind military prison bars are innocent, it’s still an outrageous number of people. The point is, the military judicial system is terribly biased in favor of the government and prone to be manipulated that results in abominations of justice. They know it, and so do we. The quest for “good order and discipline” is not an adequate excuse for falsely imprisoning people.

The objective of military justice is NOT fair administration of justice, but a method to maintain control and satisfy their civilian task masters. Fairness and honesty in dispensing military justice is thrown out the window in favor of  “good order and discipline” (at all costs).

We believe our military can have their cake and eat it too; the military can have their good order and discipline along with equal justice under law. And, don’t get us started on the admirals and generals who are allowed to retire to avoid prosecution.

The military judicial system is a joke. Remember, Beau Bergdahl served with honor and distinction. Give us a freeeking break.

The military judicial system is designed to protect the system. This protection also extends to flag-ranking officers who preside and manipulate that same corrupt system. Lady Justice for the military does not wear a blindfold at all, and the scales of justice she holds are heavily tipped in favor of the government.


We plan to do the same thing we always do, fight for truth, expose the corrupt and try to fix what is broken.

We have become increasingly concerned about the plight of the people the military railroads into their military gulags. The flagship of those facilities is the United States Federal Penitentiary at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

We are always looking for people who want to fight for military reform and one particular individual we have our eye on suggested a series of articles describing what really goes on behind the granite walls of an American military prison.

He said…

Countless families are ruined at the hands of overzealous JAG officers. The military justice system hardly comports with the Constitutional principle that people are innocent until proven guilty and beyond a reasonable doubt. Rather, the UCMJ, in practice, resembles more of the Lavrenti Beria’s tactic of  “show me the man, and I will show you his crime.”

Even the Supreme Court of the United States solidified the fact that military members do not have full protections under the Bill of Rights. (O’Callahan v. Parker, 395 US 258 (1969). A grand jury indictment under the Fifth Amendment, and trial by a jury of peers under the 6th Amendment simply does not exist for members of the United States military.

In upcoming articles on, we will delve into things that the corrupt lamestream media will not touch. Congress and the American people need to know what’s really going on behind the walls of American military prisons.

So, if you are frankly not interested in knowing the truth about our military judicial system, you may want to skip reading occasionally in 2022. MilitaryCorruption does not view imprisoned people as “throwaways.” They are human beings. Some were whistleblowers who wanted to address corruption and ended up railroaded into into prison.

We plan to expose military corruption in the hope that someone in the American government, someone with power, will initiate action for change and reform, that will embrace our Equal Justice Under Law credo. We admit, it’s a daunting task given the fact this system is so entrenched after decades of use and manipulation.

So, fasten your seatbelts and let’s get ready to thunder in 2022.

And, P.S. – anyone with evidence of corruption, especially by any flag-ranking officer, feel free to contact us with the truth and facts. Knowing the military as we do, they will retaliate against anyone attempting exposing criminal misconduct by senior ranking officers.

So, we suggest keeping good notes then waiting until you are once again a civilian. Never provide us with any information that could lead back to you. Even so, we will continue to keep your identity an absolute secret.

We know all too well, how the military, especially the United States Navy, manipulates their judicial powers to neutralize and punish whistleblowers.

As proof, we cite the case of Chief Petty Officer Michael Tufariello who caught his commanding officer paying hundreds of reservists for work they never did. The United States Navy sent him to a military hospital to be placed in a straight jacket, then went to the officer’s club so celebrate. This reporter was there and witnessed the whole thing.

Again, take careful notes with names, times, dates, etc… then carefully plan your exit from the military. We say this because we know how they are and how easily they can convene a general court-martial against you on trumped up charges.

While you are on active duty, no one can protect you from a corrupt military judicial system supported by corrupt government officials pulling the levers of power in Congress.

Our objective is to expose military corruption, without having people railroaded in into prison for blowing the whistle.

The year 2022 begins now.