update: the generals in the pentagon hold an "opt" (operational planning team) meeting about the last article on colonel dan wilson. It appears they didn't much care for Dan Wilson's departing words and were trying to figure out how to attack him after he leaves the service.

It's not about fairness, justice, or equal justice under law, it's about political correctness and freeking control.

UPDATE: MARCH 4, 2020:

Colonel Dan Wilson sought redress from President Donald J. Trump. The President ended up sending Wilson a CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION praising his military service.

Not to be left out, the Commandant of the Marine Corps chimed in with his alleged SINCERE APPRECIATION for Wilson’s dedication to the Marine Corps.

Then Wilson received a CERTIFICATE OF RETIREMENT saying he served “faithfully and honorably” in the Marine Corps.

Daniel H. Wilson responded to President Trump with the following LETTER.

We ask, “What the hell is going on? What game are they playing now?” Wilson spends three years of his life behind bars, then has the entire case thrown out by the appeals court.

Vindictive prosecutors then asked the Secretary of the Navy to bust him down to “major” and kick his ass out of the Marines with an Other-than-Honorable discharge.

Block 24. “Character of Service” of Dan Wilson’s DD-214 Form indicates clearly that he received an OTH discharge. Block 28. “Narrative Reason for Separation,” states “unacceptable conduct.”

Now, the President, the Commandant of the Marine Corps in their correspondence pretend like it never happened. Pay no attention to Dan’s DD-214, we say his service was honorable and commendable.

Throwing an innocent man in prison for three years was the real dishonorable act. Somehow the prosecutors were able to convince the Secretary of the Navy they didn’t do anything wrong, and that Wilson should be separated from the military under “other-than-honorable conditions.”

An extraordinary state of confusion now exists. Either Dan Wilson is an Honorable person, or he is not! Which is it? It’s like being a little bit pregnant… sorry, it’s got to be one or the other.

Brigadier General Daniel Conley, USMC. The guy who never got the memo.

It appears someone in the chain-of-command is making the President of the United States (and the Commandant of the Marine Corps) look awfully damn foolish.

The President and the Commandant of the Marine Corps basically said Wilson served honorably, but yet he received an OTH discharge and was busted in rank.

We think we found the silly sack of shit who betrayed President Trump. In February 2020, Wilson received a LETTER FROM BG Dan Conley which basically said, ‘Dan Wilson, you’re a piece of crap, and don’t come on my base anymore.’

This idiot brigadier general obviously has difficulty believing in the basic concept of “innocent until proven guilty.” Did Conley get the memo from the President?

Was the President been betrayed by the Marine Corps? The Marine Corps is making him look like he’s talking out of both sides of his mouth?

Please God, don’t tell us that our beloved President has now become a two-faced politician, throwing a decorated Marine out of the Corps in disgrace, then sending him a letter wishing him happiness and success after he’s illegally spent three years of his life behind bars.

UPDATE – MARCH 11, 2020:

Apparently, the Commandant of the United States Marine Corps must have read our posts and issued orders that his letter to Dan Wilson be immediately rescinded.

The Deputy Commandant for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, told Dan Wilson in his CORRECTION LETTER that the above congratulatory letters from the Commandant were “erroneously received.”

Make no mistake, the military views military personnel as just numbers, faceless people they don’t give a shit about. They put out these congratulatory letters and don’t give a tinker’s damn about the people they’re sent to.

We congratulate the Commandant of the Marine Corps on his leadership. A critically important trait of a good leader is being able to admit when he/she has made a mistake. Unfortunately, the JAG Corps has failed to admit to their mistakes for illegally imprisoning an innocent man for three years.

Is it possible the President’s intervention in the Eddie Gallagher case, caused him to pull back from intervening in military skulduggery? President Trump is fighting so many battles, perhaps he is steering clear of walking into the “military swamp.”

The letter Wilson should have received from President Trump should have said…

“Colonel Wilson, you are innocent until proven guilty. According to the appeals court, you went from dubiously guilty back to innocent, but the Marine Corps never got the memo.

Therefore you have all the rights and privileges an officer in the Marine Corps should have. I am therefore reversing the Navy Secretary’s decision to bust you and toss you out with an OTH.

In my book, you are an innocent man that was wrongfully convicted of something he did not do. I know all too well, what it’s like to be falsely convicted, and beset with a torrent of pernicious lies, lies that can cause insidious harm or ruin. I too was a target of a witch hunt.

As Commander-in-Chief, I extend to you my personal apology for how you have been treated and order that you retain your present rank with the proviso that you can remain in the service as long as you wish.

President Donald J. Trump, over and fucking out.”

The Marine Corps cannot even figure out if the guy they are throwing out of the service is honorable, or less than honorable. How can any military unit fight a damn war, if they cannot figure out what a man’s character of service really was.

It’s the kind of political bullshit that is disgusting, and is a classic example of vindictiveness instead of leadership.


Since the most senior colonel in the United States Marine Corps is being unceremoniously shit-canned from the military with an Other-than-Honorable discharge on March 1, 2020, we offered him the opportunity to speak directly to the loyal readers of

Many Russians know what it’s like to be arrested. You’re going along fat, dumb and happy, then suddenly the state security police kick down the door of your home, place you under arrest and whisk you away. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, while imprisoned in The Gulag Archipelago 1948-1956, explained it this way…

“That’s what arrest is: it’s a blinding flash and a blow which shifts the present instantly into the past and the impossible into omnipotent actuality.

That’s all. And neither for the first hour nor for the first day will you be able to grasp anything else.

Except that in your desperation the fake circus moon will blink at you: “It’s a mistake! They’ll set things right!”

And everything which is by now comprised in the traditional, even literary, image of an arrest will pile up and take shape, not in your own disordered memory, but in what your family and your neighbors in your apartment remember: The sharp nighttime ring or the rude knock at the door.

The insolent entrance of the unwiped jackboots of the unsleeping State Security operatives. The frightened and cowed civilian witness at their backs. And what function does this civilian witness serve?

The victim doesn’t even dare think about it and the operatives don’t remember, but that’s what the regulations call for, and so he has to sit there all night long and sign in the morning. 1 For the witness, jerked from his bed, it is torture too—to go out night after night to help arrest his own neighbors and acquaintances.”

Colonel Daniel H. Wilson knows exactly what it was like to be sudden arrested over a crime he never committed. He knows what it’s like to lose everything. Unlike what Solzhenitsyn wrote above, the witnesses against Colonel Wilson were willing participants with the “state security police.”

While Colonel Wilson wasn’t taken out and shot like Stalin used to do to thousands of people, many other tactics employed against him were of a similar nature. When a judicial system lacks basic integrity, it becomes very similar to many police states found in totalitarian regimes across the world.

Being arrested for something you didn’t do, and thrown in prison for three years bestows a whole new perspective on life to the chosen victim. We, therefore, thought Colonel Wilson would like to share some words of wisdom that he gleaned from his horrific experience, before being ushered out the door.

Colonel Wilson seized upon the opportunity and provided us the following essay, he calls, “The Broken System.”


Colonel Daniel H. Wilson, Washington D.C.

The military legal system is broken and corrupt, and not just because I was a victim of it. On 01MAR2020, following 39 years on active duty, both as an enlisted Marine, and as an infantry officer (aka, “Mustang Officer), I will be separating from military service.

I don’t plan to fade away. The military judicial system has left an indelible mark upon my soul, and I’m duty bound to help others who find themselves entrapped and punished by a corrupt system.

“Military justice” is an oxymoron, which is why I will refer to as the military legal system. You may be asking yourself right about now, “what gives Colonel Dan Wilson the credibility to make such an bold declaration?” Well, I was a convening authority myself for a combined 7 years; as a Major, Lieutenant Colonel, and Colonel.

Essentially, a convening authority is a Commanding Officer, or a Commanding General, with the authority to send a military member to a court martial. Following false allegations against me 2016, I was on the receiving end of the military legal system. My convening authority directed that I be investigated, charged, and sent to a General Court Martial, which was nothing more than a “Kangaroo Court.”

Colonel Dan Wilson during the Battle of Fallujah, NOV 2004

I was investigated by NCIS for 14 months with a separate “witch hunt” in a command investigation by a corrupt “swamp” military JAG. A “pogue” on a mission to dig up whatever he could in order to add more charges to the “charge sheet” for the court martial.


One of the effective tactics the military employs is to load up a charge sheet with as many charges as possible, no matter how frivolous or specious they may be.

I faced 27 charges when I entered the court room at Camp Lejeune on 28 August 2017 – 16 serious charges from two different women. But to ensure a conviction, the military employed the tactic of “file loading” with frivolous/minor charges from the command investigation.

I was found innocent of 15 of the 16 serious charges, but my officer panel of senior officers (aka, “jury”) found me “guilty” of 1 serious charge, and “nicked” me with 7 frivolous charges.

Lt. Col. Dan Wilson, Ramadi, Iraq

The military sentenced me to “dismissal” from the Marine Corps, and 66 months of confinement in a military prison.

Before I was escorted, handcuffed and shackled back to Camp Lejeune’s Brig, I assured my wife and daughters the serious conviction would be overturned “with prejudice.” It was just a matter of “when” it would be overturned, and not “if” it would be overturned.

Sure enough, on 1 July 2019, the Navy-Marine Corps’ Appellate Court judges, “dismissed” the serious conviction “with prejudice,” and authorized “no punishment” for the remaining frivolous/minor convictions. My sentence was “set aside in its entirety.”

The appellate court Judge’s message to the “jury” was loud and clear. “Even in today’s military, you must have evidence to convict someone!” In a country that allegedly believes that men (and women) are considered innocent until proven guilty, setting aside my conviction meant that I was legally innocent. That was because, I am innocent.

This meant that all they took from me should be returned. I’m still waiting for full restoration of my pay & allowances for my 1009 days of wrongful confinement in three different military prisons.

Military lawyers then spent till 18 October 2019, fighting the decision of the appellate court in my case. But, the Navy-Marine Corps Appellate Court DENIED the government’s request for “reconsideration,” and the Navy’s top JAG (a 3-star Admiral) refused to send my case to the Civilian Court of Appeals of the Armed Forces (aka, “CAAF”) for “Certification.”


Colonel Dan Wilson, Parris Island, 2013

Immediately after my exoneration by the appeals court, I made a appeal directly to the Secretary of the Navy for release from wrongful confinement. A month later, he sent me a letter, denying my request.

It wasn’t until I was coerced to sign a “dirty deal” with my new convening authority that I was able to walk out of the prison at Camp Pendleton on 18 October 2019, with my “Eagles” pinned back on the collars of my uniform.

I was now the most senior Colonel (aka, “Bull Colonel”) on active duty in the Marine Corps with nearly ten years of time-in-grade. Bottom line folks, is that I may know a thing or two about the military legal system, the good things and the bad things… and the reprehensible things that should be abolished.

A few years ago a brave & courageous Navy SEAL team captured pirates, off the coast of Somalia? They then brought the pirates back to the United States, and placed them in the jurisdiction of a Federal Court. The minute he entered the Federal Court’s jurisdiction, they had more legal rights, than the very SEALs who captured them.

Does anyone think it is right that military members who are willing to write a blank check, payable in the full amount of their blood, should be accorded less legal rights than a blood-thirsty Somali pirate? Yet, that is exactly the case today in today’s military legal system.

The problem is that most American’s have a love affair with their military, and this love affair blinds them to the horrible things going on in the military each and every day.

The American military is the finest fighting force in the world, and are very good at doing what they do, fighting battles and winning wars. The ranks of our military are filled with outstanding American Patriots. However, no one seems to know anything about the military’s corrupt and “unjust” legal system. That part is carefully concealed under the radar.


Colonel Dan Wilson, Okinawa, Japan 2016

I’m just going to scratch the surface in this article about what needs to be fixed. I will flush things out in more detail once I am able to complete the book I’m working on.

No one in the civilian justice system would accept that the District Attorney be allowed to pick the jury pool in a trial. Are you kidding me? The very authority wanting you prosecuted in court has the ability to hand-pick potential jurors! How unfair is that to a defendant?

The convening authority can do nearly anything they want to in today’s military. Many times they are acting in their own self-interest, but they want us to believe they are acting in the best interest of the military.

In my case, my convening authority placed two generals into my “jury” pool who worked directly for him. He wrote their evaluation reports.

A subliminal message is sent by the convening authority to a potential “juror” when selected for jury duty in a military court. “I’m picking you for a reason, and conviction is your mission.”  This is called “unlawful command influence,” which can be both subtle or direct.

Imagine sitting down in Vegas for a game of poker, where the dealer is allowed to pick his own hand. He’s going to pick himself a straight flush, and win every single game. Rarely in any military court martial does a defendant walk out a free man, with total acquittal. The “jury” of senior officers will find something to convict you of.

You are considered “guilty” when charged, until the military can conjure up the imprimatur of guilt from a guilty verdict through a carefully controlled military “legal” process.


Lt. Dan Wilson, Desert Storm FEB 1991

From the United States Constitution, civilians are entitled to a “jury of their peers.” One never has a “jury of your peers” in a military court setting. It is a hand-picked panel of officers. My true peers would have been fellow colonels who are “infantry” officers by MOS.

Instead, my convening authority stacked the jury pool with officers senior to me, mostly generals, and none of them were “infantry” officers. So much for a jury of one’s peers.

Imagine a police officer in a civilian court room for an alleged wrongful shooting charge, and his jury pool are all police officers, hell-bent on convicting him to please the chief of police. Yeah, it’s kind of like that in every single military courtroom.

Equal protection under the law is a Constitutional right of all citizens in a civilian court of law. I mistakenly believed that, even though I was in the military, I was entitled to the same protections.

In today’s #MeToo politically correct military, if any woman points an accusing finger at a man, you are going to a court martial, regardless of the credibility of the accuser.

Convening authorities at the general-officer level, do not want a Member of Congress calling them out, which will nearly guarantee that same officer won’t put another “star” on their collar. Furthermore, when have been charged with “sexual assault” in a military court, you are forbidden from using your “good military character” as part of your defense. How stupid is that?

Fox News Bill Hemmer with Lt. Col. Dan Wilson in Iraq.

You can be charged with any other crime, and use your “good military character” as part of your defense, but NOT, if you are falsely accused of “sexual assault.”

We have the femi-nazi cabal in Congress to thank for that change to the UCMJ in 2014, via a “rider” on the National Defense Authorization Act.

A perfect example of their own version of “Quid Pro Quo;” sign off on our outrageous violation of Constitutional rights, and the military will get their money this year!

The femi-nazi cabal literally held the NDAA hostage, until they got enough votes for passage with their nasty “rider,” therein jeopardizing the security of our country, and the continuation of military operations around the globe.

Imagine sitting in a courtroom, next to a guy accused of “murder,” whereas you have been accused of “sexual assault.” He can use his “good military character” in his defensive strategy, but you are forbidden from presenting your stellar record. This seems to be a clear violation of “equal protection” in my humble opinion!

Unfortunately, for many future military members, it might take a decade or longer to right the wrong. A case would have to rise to the level of the Supreme Court in order to overturn that “unjust” change to the UCMJ. The femi-nazi cabal in Congress knows this, and are still giggling about it, and searching for new ways to punish men in the military.


Lt. Col. Daniel H. Wilson (right), Ramadi, Iraq

There is yet another injustice. At my court martial, it only took two thirds of the “jury” members to convict. In a civilian court, it takes every single jury member to vote in favor of a conviction. That’s 67% in a military court, and 100% in a civilian court.

In other words, the convening authority only has to hand-pick a jury with 67 percent accuracy, in order to achieve the desired conviction.

If a general officer convenes a general court martial against you, then it’s logical to believe that same general officer thinks you are guilty of the charges being levied against you.

I’m told the 67% requirement, has now been changed to 75%. If this did happen, it occurred while I was serving time in prison. A step in the right direction, but not good enough. It needs to be changed to 100%. Not many Americans know these huge differences between the civilian justice system, and the military legal system exist.

The military legal system needs to be completely reformed, and I will forever be an advocate to restore “justice” into the equation. Future American sons and daughters of Patriots, willing to lay their lives down for America, deserve better.

Colonel Daniel Wilson on the firing range

I depart the Marine Corps, clinging to the camaraderie of so many heroic warriors with whom I was privileged and honored to have served with on active duty.

I am no hero, but I have served shoulder-to-shoulder with so very many who are heroes. I have a legion of new friends, I met through my most recent military journey.

To all those who believed in me and always knew I never was guilty of the heinous and despicable acts I had been charged with, I salute you. Your loyalty and friendship helped me to walk on the hot coals of injustice and endure all sorts of humiliation.

I am a United States Marine and we are taught to fight. My new fight is to expose the stupidity and terrible injustices that are ingrained into the military judicial system.

For the incredible Patriots who proudly serve in America’s military, and with devout reverence for the Constitution, I’ll work tirelessly to transform the military judicial and prison system into something for the entire world to emulate.

Make no mistake, the military judicial system of the United States is in dire need of major reform and restructuring, which will install the checks and balances necessary to restore its basic integrity.

The lack of integrity in the military judicial system I know it all too well from my own personal experiences, which cost me several years behind bars and the loss of my military career.

Semper fidelis is a Latin phrase that means “always faithful” or “always loyal.” It is the motto of the United States Marine Corps, usually shortened to “Semper Fi.” Most Marines believe the motto means to be always faithful to the Marine Corps and fellow Marines. But, it means more than that.

Even though the Marine Corps have labeled me as being “Other-than-Honorable,” I shall always remain faithful to those who believe in the rule-of-law, and to the Constitution of the United States from which our laws are derived. This is supposed to include military law as well.

Semper Fi!

Colonel Daniel H. Wilson,
United States Marine Corps

As former members of the military, we swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Unfortunately, domestic leaders continue their witch-hunt against Colonel Daniel H. Wilson.

Colonel Wilson was falsely accused and imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. Not able to admit to their outrageous mistake, the Marines chose to continue their witch-hunt by throwing him out of the service administratively with an Other-than-Honorable discharge.

President Trump, correct this egregious act of injustice against Colonel Wilson and his family. Keep him on active duty at his present rank, and put an end to this despicable witch-hunt once and for all.

Editor & Staff


Colonel Dan Wilson, FEB 08, 2020, thinking about the Harley that his wife had to sell to pay his legal bills.