Then, Lt. Dan Wilson during Desert Storm, FEB 1991

The (Acting) Secretary of the Navy has finally made a decision in the Dan Wilson case. As of March 1, 2020, Colonel Daniel H. Wilson will be busted down to Lieutenant Colonel and discharged from the United States Marine Corps with an Other-Than-Honorable discharge.

As military members already know, (or should know); an OTH (other-than-honorable) discharge is an “administrative” discharge, meaning the military doesn’t have to convene a court to issue an OTH discharge. For a quick review: TYPES OF DISCHARGES.


Adrian Perry, mother of the child who accused Colonel Wilson

Colonel Wilson and his wife were attempting to help the Perry family who where visiting the Wilson’s to use their washer and dryer and get caught up on some laundry.

The daughter of Adrian Perry who is the child’s mother was ushered into a bathroom where it is believed that Mrs. Perry carefully coached her daughter to falsely accuse Colonel Wilson of child molestation.

Colonel Wilson quickly found himself isolated and all alone. All it took was mere accusation, and the Marines went into a feeding frenzy. Friends he had known for decades turned their backs on him. The allegations were false, but no one in our politically correct world would hear his pleas for truth.

Instead of responsibly investigating the matter, the Marines were trying to pick out the uniforms they were planning to wear at his firing squad.

Lady Justice, in this case, had on her blindfold to ignore Colonel Wilson pleas for fairness and justice. She was blind to the fact the JAG Corps had their thumbs on the scales of justice to make sure they achieved a conviction and another notch in their gun belts.

The military needed to use Colonel Wilson as a scapegoat so that female members of Congress would get off their backs about military tolerance of abuses against women. Colonel Dan Wilson became the perfect fall guy for a large group of fawning political parasites.

Major General “Brutus” Miller convened the kangaroo court martial. His successor Robert “Fuck wad” Hedelund approved the conviction without batting an eye.

Major General Walter Lee, who was also a “major” drinker, decided to throw Colonel Wilson under the bus so he could tout himself as a stanch defender of women and children.

You may remember from previous articles that Robert “Fuck wad” Hedelund ordered Mrs. Wilson escorted off the base, not giving the customary time to get family affairs in order.

No member of the MeToo movement was going to accuse a Marine general of going soft on crime against women or children, no sirree bob.

The United States Marines were going to use Wilson as a prime example of just how tough the Marines can be when there is even a hint of impropriety. A “hint” of impropriety does not qualify as evidence.

Colonel Wilson was railroaded in prison to serve a 5.5 year sentence for a crime he did not commit, all based on the words of a child that had been coached by her mother and overzealous naval investigators.

After three years in prison, and losing virtually everything except the love of his wife who lived in a tent outside of Camp Pendleton waiting for her husband’s release, Colonel Wilson finally got some good news.

The Navy Marine Court of Criminal Appeals (NMCCA) unanimously tossed out his conviction saying the military simply did not have enough evidence to convict him or anyone else of the crime of child molestation. The senior judge was female and made it very clear that the court had great consternation about how this entire case was handled.

DECISION: United States Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals,
United States, Appellee
Daniel H Wilson, Colonel (0-6), U.S. Marine Corps,
Case Number: 201800022

Lieutenant General Robert “Fuck wad” Hedelund, USMC

Thinking the military would immediately release him after the stinging rebuke from the NMCCA, Colonel Wilson discovered just how embarrassed the the JAG officers were when they kept him in prison for several months afterwards.

The Marines Corps sent out “Shit for Brains” Kevin Iiams (like the dog food), to make it look like they were being fair.

Iiams (again, like the dog food) had his marching orders to keep Col. Wilson behind bars in the naval gulag at Camp Pendleton, until the Marines could figure out how they were going to get rid of the man who exposed just how stupid the so-called military judicial system really is.

Well, if they couldn’t get Colonel Wilson “legally” they sought to remove him from the service with an administrative remedy.

The decision to keep, or get rid of Colonel Dan Wilson, ended up on the desk of the Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spencer. asked Colonel Wilson for permission to send SECNAV a LETTER OF SUPPORT, but deep down, we knew the fix was in, and the military was hell-bent on removing Colonel Wilson.

And, just when you think things were normal, shit happens. The Secretary of the Navy ended up stepping on his own dick when he crossed President Trump. He was fired just as they were laying the decision for Colonel Wilson on his desk. The decision was now up to Thomas B. Modly, who was acting SECNAV.

Major General Kevin “Shit for Brains” Iiams, (like the dog food)

A week ago, Acting Secretary Modly made the decision to kick Colonel Wilson out of the Marine Corps with an OTH discharge.


When their manipulations of their so-called judicial system fails, the military will seek an administrative remedy, rather than admit they were terribly wrong and railroaded an innocent man into prison for three years.

It’s so very sad that no one in a position of leadership had the courage to say, “Whoa, wait a minute, we don’t have enough evidence that Colonel Wilson actually did anything wrong.”

The JAG Corps, can be justifiably proud of how they all handled this case. Even though they botched the case terribly, they still ended up winning in the end, because no one in the entire chain of command had the honor and decency to intervene to prevent an incredible travesty of justice.

Richard V. Spencer, (FORMER) Secretary of the Navy

Adrian Perry attempted to sue the Marines for tens of millions of dollars.

Colonel Wilson believes that his professional and financial demise was due to a mentally unstable woman who coached her child, and put on an award-winning act during the trial, all to ultimately gain a financial windfall in the end.

It’s certainly possible that just as the creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti attempted to shake down Nike for millions, Adrian Perry attempted to cash in on her insidious but brilliant coaching of her daughter and false testimony in court.

Colonel Wilson decided to appeal the railroad job the Marines were doing on him right to the Commander-in-Chief.

Mr. President, if you read our website, we beseech you to demonstrate what virtually every commander in the chain of command failed to do… write a terrible wrong to prevent the Navy and Marine Corps from executing this egregious wrong.

Thomas B. Modly, (ACTING) Secretary of the Navy

America needs to keep the Colonel Wilsons of this world and get rid of all those who had their fingerprints on this outrageous railroad of a man into prison, and when that failed, are attempting to railroad him out of the military with an other than honorable discharge.

Protecting women and children is certainly important, but protecting a nation is also important. They simply did not have enough evidence to convict Wilson.

No one stop to think that maybe he was completely and totally innocent of the accusations. The insatiable desire to make Colonel Wilson an example blinded everyone to the truth.

And, you say that you will recommend entering the military to a young man or woman who asks you what you think they should do with their lives.

So many of the general officers in our military are phony hypocrites and political sycophants. Remember when former SECNAV John Lehman gave himself pilot wings, when he was never a pilot at all. Some of the worst people in the world are “highly decorated.”

It’s bad enough to be shot in the back by a foreign enemy, but it far worse when your own people shoot you in the back in their quest for political posturing to protect themselves from accusations of bias. It’s all so outrageous…

It’s outrageous that Colonel Wilson was even charged.

It’s even more outrageous that he was convicted.

It’s outrageous that he spent 3 freaking years behind bars for a crime he did not commit.

It’s outrageous that when the criminal appeals court slaps down the decision in a stinging rebuke, that Colonel Wilson was not immediately freed from prison and made whole again.

And, it’s extremely outrageous the military has embarked on an administrative remedy to further punish Colonel Wilson for a crime he never committed.

It’s outrageous this all occurred in a country that allegedly embraces the rule-of-law.

Colonel Daniel H. Wilson, United States Marine Corps