the unofficial VA motto: "delay and deny until they all die"

Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Robert L. Wilkie Jr. - AKA Darth Vader was once a heroic Jedi Knight for the Emperor, but was seduced by the dark side of the Force in the U.S. Government. Lord Secretary Vader seeks to eliminate any legislation that provides medical help for suffering and dying American veterans.

The VA had a 56% increase in employees in just 13 years, going from 219,000 to a whopping 341,000 employees. Ninety percent of VA employees are in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). It goes almost without saying that a large percentage of VA employees are truly wonderful and dedicated people.

Unfortunately, a percentage of VA employees at the top are absolutely despicable people who frankly do not care at all about America’s veterans. But, rarely do they reveal that sentiment as they are doing now.

For years now, a great coalition of people from the Military Veterans Advocacy non-profit organization have been attempting to obtain fairness for military members who served in Vietnam that were exposed to DOW Chemical’s infamous Agent Orange defoliant. They drafted up a BILL to right a wrong, called the “Blue Water Navy Veterans” Act (BWNV).

Many veterans who were in the jungles of Vietnam were sprayed with Agent Orange and are receiving treatment from the VA for ailments associated with that deadly toxin. Unfortunately,  military personnel, many of them from the Navy who were operating in the waterways in and around Vietnam, were also exposed to Agent Orange. They are being denied medical care from the VA for the ailments associated with exposure to Agent Orange.

The Veterans Administration under the dubious leadership of Secretary Robert Wilkie, hopes to quash or delay any law that would provide America’s suffering veterans the care they need and deserve. The VA’s attempt to stop the BWNV Act is the most despicable and reprehensible decision to come out of the VA in many years, and that’s saying something.

Sadly, not only are our veterans suffering from the horrible effects of Agent Orange, but countless civilians who were caught in the middle also suffer greatly. The suffering is indescribable. To know that our country has embraced a policy of, “delay and deny until they all die” is very hard to comprehend. How can people in the Veterans Administration be so callous and cold?

RIGHT NOW…. AT THIS VERY MOMENT, there are people who have served America faithfully in the United States military who are suffering terribly from the insipid and painful afflictions associated with exposure to Agent Orange. When the afflicted go to the VA hospitals and clinics, they are being refused treatment for a condition the American government caused.

There is something very dark going on here which is inexplicable. Usually, the upper-echelons of the VA love any opportunity to prove they are fighting for veterans causes. In this case, quite the opposite is true. The VA is proud to ignore and resist this incredibly important and life-saving legislation. We are certain, there is much more to this story than any of us know.

The Military Veterans Advocacy (MVA) group that is spearheading the BILL through Congress received nearly a unanimous vote in favor of the BLUE WATER NAVY VETERANS ACT from the United States House of Representatives. Then in a U.S. Senate committee meeting, the VA arrogantly steps up to the microphone to lobby AGAINST the BILL. Yes, you read it correctly. The Veterans Administration made a plea to the United States Senate to NOT VOTE for this incredibly important legislation. You could hear gasps from the audience.

The VA has even gone as far as blatantly lying to Members of Congress by misrepresenting the true facts about the cost of the legislation, all in an orchestrated effort to kill the BILL. It was a Republican from Wyoming (Senator Mike Enzi) who actually killed HR 299 AKA: BLUE WATER NAVY VETERANS ACT, which would have restored Agent Orange related health benefits for veterans who served in the harbors and coastal waters of Vietnam.

The VA intentionally deceived Senators about the actual cost of the BLUE WATER NAVY VETERANS ACT. Why in the world did the VA do that, we wonder?

Former Navy Commander John B. Wells who heads up the effort to get the BILL passed into law said that while veterans are suffering and dying, the VA is playing games. Despite overwhelming support for the BLUE WATER NAVY VETERANS ACT in both House and Senate, Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi, believing the falsehoods told to him by VA officials, essentially killed the BILL for this year.

The only way around Senator Enzi’s block is for Senator Mitch McConnell bring it to the floor for an immediate vote. You would think that with veterans suffering and dying right now, he would immediately bring the BILL up for a vote immediately.

As a little background, in 1991 Congress passed an Agent Orange BILL to provide coverage for veterans exposed to the toxic chemical. The 1991 legislation did not discriminate between those who served offshore and those who served on the ground.

But, due to a decision made by some narcissistic VA bureaucrat in 2002, health coverage from the VA for those who served in offshore units was wiped out. We are guessing the bureaucrat who denied all these people medical care probably wanted some extra money to hire some friends, or give some VA friends some bonus money.


We ask all our our brothers in arms to rise up by picking up the phone and calling their representatives to demand their support for the Blue Water Navy Veterans Act. Make one phone call to your representative then call Senator Mitch McConnell’s office (202) 224-2541 to request the BLUE WATER NAVY VETERANS ACT be brought to the Senate Floor.

The most heartbreaking thing in knowing THE VOTES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR PASSAGE if we can get it out of committee and to the floor of the Senate. If you don’t know what to say when you call, then say these words…

“As citizen of the United States who has enjoyed freedom from tyranny because brave men and women have been fighting for me all of my life, I demand the BLUE WATER NAVY VETERANS ACT be brought to the floor of the Senate and voted on before the end of this year. Put it on the floor for a vote and let’s see which of our Senators want the suffering to continue.”

Take the time to make this call. Right now there are about 23 million Americans who were either in the military or are currently serving on active duty. The time is now to fight for those who have gone before us and suffer everyday. PLEASE MAKE THE CALL.