The Pentagon was none to happy about the arrival of Secretary of Defense once ordered an officer to monitor, 24/7. We would receive information from confidential sources, including both civilians and military personnel, long before the Pentagon would every hear about it through official channels. When too much truth began to surface, the military did what it could to prevent the truth from leaking out.

In an attempt to cut off communication and interfere with the website, the military got their computer geeks in the Pentagon to attack the site through various means. One of the most common attacks is a “Denial Of Service” (DOS) attack that would load up the email address account published on the website so that people could not leave information for the reporters at MCC. Our computer people confirmed this was intentionally being done by the Pentagon. The Pentagon only likes the truth when it benefits them in the realm of public relations.

Ironically, we are (or should be) after the same thing, a better more powerful military that guards its integrity with a passion. Unfortunately, the Pentagon believes the best way to guard their integrity with the American people is to prevent anything embarrassing from getting out. In this way they artificially prop up the image of the military in the eyes of the American people. The most obvious way they bury the truth is to allow flag-ranking officers to retire to avoid prosecution.

We believe the American people have the absolute right to know just how their security team is doing. If you hire a security team to protect your home and discover they are doing drugs, not properly trained, raping women, getting drunk — chances are you would be concerned that your home is not being protected at all. What is true for a residence is also true for a nation. We must all be concerned if the security team that we have hired to protect our country is lacking basic integrity.

While we have had our problems with the Pentagon, we hope that one day they will embrace reforms that will conform to the basic American belief of Equal Justice Under Law. Until such time, we will continue the fight for reforms that will hold the admirals and generals just as accountable as the military holds its enlisted personnel.