A National Guardsman from New Jersey on TAD to Salt Lake City may have turned into a Bona-fide Pervert

MUGSHOT - Stephen G. Grogan, New Jersey National Guard

Stephen G. Grogan may have turned into a pervert or was a pervert all along… who knows.

Grogan, was arrested as a result of an incident occurring in the City Creek Mall in Salt Lake City on suspicion of voyeurism by electronic equipment, concealed or disguised — a class A misdemeanor. He was allegedly taking inappropriate pictures of women without their knowledge or consent using the camera on his cell phone.

Grogan who is 41 years of age is with the New Jersey National Guard appears to have demonstrated a real junior-high-school mentality. He was in Utah on TAD (Temporary Additional Duty) and involved with some type of training.

It was a hot day. A woman in a summer dress was in the American Eagle store located in City Creek Mall on Saturday, June 9, 2018, checking out the jeans selection when a man believed to be Stephen Grogan brushed up against her. She saw him holding his phone beneath her skirt with the camera lens pointing upward. She ran to her husband and the two saw him do the same thing to another woman.

Stephen G. Grogan, New Jersey National Guard

The couple contacted store employees, who in-turn contacted mall security. When mall security officers confronted the suspect they asked to see his phone to see if he had risque pictures of store patrons, he beat feet out of there.

The incident was immediately reported to Salt Lake City’s finest by the woman’s husband who eventually took Stephen G. Grogan into custody on Monday, June 11, 2018. It appears police reviewed mall cameras and went on the hunt finally arresting Grogan.

Every person is assumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but it appears the police nabbed the right man. We thank “Bill,” a viewer who knows about our website and possibly lives in the SLC area for alerting us to this story. Thank you sir.