President Trump shakes hand of Army 4-Star General Mark A. Milley. Sorry Mr. President, General Milley is a bum. Milley surrendered his own personal honor, to not only protect a sexual predator, but several ethically challenged officers who conspired to effect a cover-up of the predators misconduct so he could graduate from West Point.

A West Point cadet commits several instances of sexual deviancy. The United States ARMY goes out of its way to cover-up his sexual misconduct to make sure he graduated from West Point.

Cadet William Ostland (Willie) severely lacks in the social graces, especially with women. While we have no evidence Willie Ostland raped or attempted to rape anyone, investigations found that his sexual misconduct was borderline sexual assaults.

Forgive us, but we have to use the words quid pro quo to describe some of his activities. Willie Ostland would say things to first year female cadets like, ‘I gave you a ride to the airport, now show me your tits,’ and it¬†spiraled down from there.

Subordinate plebes, first year cadets at the Military Academy were his preferred prey. They were subordinate to Willie Ostland who was a third year cadet at the Military Academy at West Point.

Several courageous young women came forward to report Willie’s deviant misconduct to the brigade tactical officer (colonel) who went to the Commandant of the Military Academy. The Commandant ordered a preliminary inquiry.

The military academy is run a bit different than the regular Army in that a “misconduct investigation” is done in lieu of a 15-6 investigation.

An Army captain is ultimately charged with conducting the preliminary inquiry and finds the complaints from the first year cadet women were credible. In fact, the perpetrator admitted to his sexual misconduct.

The captain reported back, there was clearly misconduct by we-Willie-winky, and his dubious sexual behavior definitely warranted a full-blown misconduct investigation.


Steven W. Gilland, United States Army

The Commandant of Cadets, then Brigadier General Steven W. Gilland, plays it politically safe and ordered a misconduct investigation.

A female lieutenant colonel is assigned the task of investigating Willie’s sexual misconduct.

According to our sources, she did a phenomenally professional job, leaving no stone un-turned.

But, no matter how hard the investigating officer worked to find the truth, the Army wanted nothing to do with the truth.

She was ordered not to investigate the predator cadet as sexual misconduct case, but rather, she was instructed to characterize her investigation as a “conduct unbecoming” case.

The reason for this unusual direction was clear. If one is found to be guilty of sexual misconduct, it’s considered a non-waiverable offense. Sexual misconduct would prevent a cadet from being commissioned as an Army officer.

First and second year cadets could just walk away, but third and fourth year cadets would owe the military for the money that was thus far spent on them. Only the Secretary of the Army could waive actions that bar cadets from being commissioned as officers in the Army.


Father of Cadet William Ostland, Colonel Bill Ostland, United States Army

Understandably, the investigating officer was extremely upset about being ordered to not call Willie’s antics what they were, sexual misconduct. The Army was attempting to get her to “launder” the investigation in order to protect the perpetrator.

The investigating officer and the Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) went round and round on the issue. In the end, she was forced to call Willie’s deviant sexual behavior as simply “conduct unbecoming” to make sure he could become an Army officer.

Since the investigator was not allowed to write up sexual misconduct in her findings, she decided to write it up in a category of her investigation called, “collateral findings.”

Even though she had concrete evidence and admissions from the perpetrator that he committed several instances of sexual misconduct for his own sexual gratification, she was forced BY THE UNITED STATES ARMY to call Willie’s deviant behavior as simply “conduct unbecoming” a cadet.

During the legal review of the investigation, the Staff Judge Advocate (SJA), acting as a co-conspirator to the cover-up, told Superintendent Robert L. Caslen that he did not have to use the collateral findings of by the investigator.

This gave the Superintendent and easy out. He felt he was covered politically. He decided to ignore the truth of Willie’s extraordinary sexual misconduct in his final recommendations.

So Willie, the predator cadet, was determined guilty of only “conduct unbecoming.” The initial recommended punishment was for Willie to be turned back a year, that he would have to do his senior year over again.

Instead of the class of 2018, cadet Willie Ostland would graduate with the West Point class of 2019. At least that was the suggested punishment for his sexual misconduct.

Cadet William Ostland’s father (Army Colonel Bill Ostland) was working for Brigadier General Steven W. Gilland, and they were very tight indeed. It’s safe to say they were bosom buddies, and that’s where the train jumped the tracks.

That friendship caused the cadet’s father and BG Gilland to surrender their personal honor to protect the deviant cadet.

Darryl A. Williams, United States Army

BG Steven Gilland attempted to get the punishment against the predator cadet tossed out so he could graduate with his class.

But, the newly assigned Superintendent of the United States Military Academy, Darryl A. Williams said, this is bullshit.

This little bastard is a sexual predator who needs to be reigned in…. or words to that effect.

Finally, some real leadership emerged, thank you Darryl Williams. But as in “A Few Good Men,” the Army couldn’t hand the truth.

What the Army called “improprieties” by BG Steven Gilland, was really interference with due process, or maybe even obstruction of justice.

BG Gilland’s interference did not go unnoticed. A report was filed to, none other than LTG Leslie “Koala Bear” Smith as the Army’s Inspector General. My God, you cannot make this stuff up. Once again, it was the fox guarding the hen house.

Most people don’t know it, but Army two-star generals and below, are investigated by the Army’s inspector general (DAIG), while complaints against Army three-star general officers and above go to the Department of Defense Inspector General.

This is why Lieutenant General Aundre F. Piggee’s plagiarism was easily covered up. Complaints about his cut-and-pasting went to the master or cover-up, Koala Bear Smith and not the DoD IG. Had Piggee’s plagiarism gone to SECDEF, it may have had a different outcome. But then again, probably not.

U.S. Army Gen. Mark A. Milley, 20th Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff. Other than that, he’s a bum who doesn’t give a damn about holding sexual predators accountable.

The Army’s Chief of Staff, Mark A. Milley decided to intervene because he was good buddies with BG Steven Gilland.

The good-old-boys were definitely circling the wagons to protect little wee Willie winky. Daddy wanted son Willie to graduate from West Point regardless of crimes he had committed.

Well, we don’t need to tell you what happened. With the military muscle of a four-star general, the matter was entirely covered-up.

We suspect that Milley ordered Koala Bear cover-up Smith to downplay it, mitigate it and toss it in the circular file.

A comprehensive list of people to interview was sent to Leslie Koala Bear Smith, and not a damn one of them was questioned.


At the time all this was going on, the Army decided to promote Steven W. Gilland to Major General.

Could he have been promoted for the effective way he obstructed justice and protected his friend’s son from the long arm of the law?

Gilland is currently in command of 2nd Infantry Division in Korea. God help the women under his brand of leadership.

The Army then decided to toss out any punishment against we-Willie-winky, the predator cadet. William Ostland was commissioned as an officer in the United States Army in May 2019.

Can we all sing together? … For it’s high high hee, in the field artillery, shout out the women he has wronged,
for wherever Willie goes, the Army always knows, that they were complicit in his crimes all along.

We hope the Army pukes that allowed this to happen are proud of themselves. At some point, William “Willie” Ostland is likely to cross the Rubicon and begin physically assaulting women, if he hasn’t already. How many other victims were afraid to come forward?

Here’s a call out to all women who know of William Ostland’s deviant behavior to report in to MilitaryCorruption.com. We have a terrible feeling that William Ostland will take his deviancy to higher levels, and we will hear about him in the future.

The preliminary investigating O-3, and the misconduct investigating O-5 did their level best to get the system to work as it should. Because, the Willie the predator, is the son of a senior ranking officer, and because that senior ranking officer had friends in high places who protected the perpetrator, women are more at risk.


The Commandant of Cadets is the ranking officer in charge of the Corps of Cadets at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York.

The commandant is head of the Department of Tactics and, under the superintendent is responsible for the administration, discipline, and military training of cadets at the academy.

A model for all cadets, the commandant is an academy graduate of impeccable character and bearing who has demonstrated accomplishment in both academic excellence and active military service in the field. Dubious moral character is apparently OK.

Occasionally, we find glaring instances that our military is rotten from the top down. This is especially true of some of the general officers in the United States Army.

Young women were targeted by a sexual predator. They had the courage to come forward, but their senior officers didn’t have the courage to do what is right and hold the perpetrator accountable.

Hang you heads in shame ARMY, hang you heads in shame. And, you people in Congress who are concerned about how the military covers-up sexual misconduct against women…. well here you go.