(Left to Right), Dan Johnson, Leon Lott, Byron Gipson - Three Peas in a Pod

Corruption in Richland/Kershaw Counties, South Carolina knows no bounds. MilitaryCorruption.com cannot let go of the fact that a 100% disabled Army veteran was falsely imprisoned for nearly two years, and no one in the State of South Carolina gives a damn. No one was ever held accountable.

The victim was former Army Captain Earl O. Graham, now a 100% disabled veteran who caught Dan Johnson having an affair with his wife, when a complaint was filed, the South Carolina apparatchiks wove their subtle little web and attacked the victim.

After sending warning signals to Mr. Graham for him to shut the “F” up, someone set fire to Graham’s home (twice), ostensibly to destroy evidence that Graham was gathering. The strategy was to commit a crime of arson, then blame the victim for committing the crime.

Mr. Earl O. Graham, former Army Captain, now 100% disabled veteran, became a target after calling out Solicitor and Army Major Dan Johnson

Phase two; handcuff the victim and hold him indefinitely in jail  without any charges or credible investigation.

The 5th Judicial Circuit Solicitor, with the help of Sheriff Leon Lott quickly moved to silence Graham by putting him behind bars.

Slamming Mr. Graham in the “slammer” solved all sorts of problems for the evil cabal which was demanding his silence.

These people stand in front of American Flags enticing people to vote for them, while they commit crimes under the color of law  concealing their heinous criminal misconduct.

Throwing a 100% disabled veteran in prison under false pretenses is indeed criminal misconduct, which had three important features…

Keeping Mr. Graham in prison allowed authorities the ability to monitor who he was communicating with. Jailing Mr. Graham also kept an oblivious (and sometimes lazy) news media in the dark. You can hear the sheriff saying to any inquiries from the news media and others as to why Graham was in jail, ‘nothing to see here folks, let’s keep moving along.’

Falsely imprisoning Earl Graham for two years was really designed to break his spirit. They wanted him to cop a plea and admit to a crime he didn’t commit in order to get out of the retched Richland County gulag.

But, being “Army Strong,” Graham wouldn’t break. It was something the Solicitor and Sheriff had not counted on. Solicitor Dan “slime ball” Johnson would have kept Earl Graham in prison for many more years, but the Chief Justice of South Carolina’s Supreme Court had to finally intercede on Graham’s behalf.

The Chief Justice laid down the law and told the State Attorney General and Solicitor Dan Johnson how the legal cabbage is chewed.

South Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Jean Toal professionally smacked the Attorney General and Solicitor Dan Johnson in the face by ordering them to either charge Earl Graham or release him, in essence… the Chief Justice ordered them to do their fricking jobs.

No one else in law enforcement had the leadership ability, or the belief in the rule of law, to demand an end to Earl Graham’s unlawful confinement. It had to take the Chief Justice of South Carolina to order the Attorney General and Solicitor to comply with the law. How sad is that?

Feeling the heat, the ethically and morally-challenged South Carolina Attorney General and 5th Circuit Solicitor released Earl Graham from jail after 22 months of illegal incarceration. He was released from prison to a home burnt to the ground and a business utterly destroyed. Welcome to justice South Carolina style!

Even though the Solicitor and AG were finally compelled to release Earl Graham from prison, it took another three years for Graham to receive a letter of expungement indicating that he was cleared of any wrongdoing. The expungement letter is kind of helpful during an employment interview in case is two years in prison becomes a talking point.


While Mr. Graham languished in jail that ultimately turned into a prison sentence without a trial, the U.S. Attorney was investigating slimy Solicitor Dan Johnson who was guilty of all manner of criminal misconduct.

The U.S. Attorney certainly knew (or should have known) that Dan Johnson had falsely imprisoned a 100% disabled veteran for nearly two years, but the U.S. Attorney was apparently OK with it. When the Feds finally charged Johnson, Mr. Graham’s false (two-year) imprisonment was conveniently left off the list of charges.

Mr. Graham sought help justice from everyone. He attempted to ask the Governor for help, he asked SLED for a thorough investigation because of the implications that Sheriff Lott could have been obstructing justice. Everyone let him down.


But, the greatest betrayal was from the new Solicitor of the 5th Judicial Circuit, Byron Gipson. Mr. Graham discovered that Byron Gipson was going to challenge Dan Johnson for his job. Graham immediately swung into action to help Gipson get elected.

Obviously, it was a personal issue for Mr. Graham but he was also excited about helping to elect someone who had some integrity, or so he thought. Graham worked night and day in support of getting Byron Gipson elected winning by a respectable margin.

Mr. Graham asked for a meeting with Solicitor Byron Gipson and was excited to think he actually might receive some semblance of justice for his two years of false imprisonment and the burning of his home and belongings.

Unfortunately, the new solicitor held the meeting in an effort to only appease Mr. Graham, not to launch a credible investigation. He had no intention of holding anyone accountable, even though it was his job to do so. Solicitor Byron Gipson was just another typical scumbag politician, not a person who believed in the rule of law.

The man he had helped to get elected stabbed Graham in the back. Solicitor Byron Gipson simply didn’t want to investigate because it could have potentially ripped a gaping hole in the South Carolina good-old-boy network.

Gipson might have the unsavory task of arresting some people he calls friends, or people who may have donated to his election campaign. Or, people that could potentially support him in his next election. Hell, he might have to rat out the ethically dubious county sheriff.


Former Army Major and JAG officer for the South Carolina Air National Guard, Dan E. Johnson (right). He was a fraudster, philanderer, cover-up artist and general scumbag, but character traits the United States Army found “favorable,” because Big Army made sure Johnson received an Honorable Discharge.

The whole reason this case has the attention of MilitaryCorruption.com is because of how they have abused Mr. Graham who is a 100% disabled veteran.

When Dan Johnson was the Solicitor of the 5th Judicial Circuit, he was also a JAG officer in the Air National Guard.

It turns out he was double billing the Army and the Solicitor’s office for alleged business trips. Dan Johnson fraudulently stole $44,000, of which $7,000+ was from military accounts.

The military JAG types decided to protect Johnson as best they could by turning the matter over to the U.S. Attorney.

In this way Major Dan Johnson would not be charged with violations unique to the military such as conduct unbecoming an officer, adultery, dereliction of duty, etc.

The United States Army decided not only to give Major Dan Johnson a pass on his military crimes, but decided to reward him with an HONORABLE DISCHARGE. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause. It’s called a multi-tiered judicial system designed to protect a protected class of individuals.

Dan Johnson was convicted in a federal court and sentenced to a lousy year and a day. But, because of the COVID thing, he spent less than that. Major Johnson received less than a year in prison when other officers in the military are hammered.

We have evidence of a reserve military officer who was sent to a general court martial and received a dishonorable discharge for submitting a $75 travel claim. Not getting paid for it mind you, just submitting the claim.


Mr. Graham, we fully recognize the horrendous corruption in Richland/Kershaw Counties in South Carolina and strongly encourage you to seek legal counsel to sue every conspirator that joined together to wrongfully imprison you for almost two years.

Find a producer in Hollywierd who wants to tell the Earl Graham story.

  1. If the Army is OK with the theft of $7,000+ of federal money by an Army major, and;
  2. South Carolina law enforcement entities are OK with your two-year false imprisonment for a crime you did not commit, and;
  3. the local news media are OK with local and state authorities obstructing justice by intentionally not investigating an outrageous crime…

… go find a producer of true crime stories to tell your story so that all the world knows the danger they are in when visiting the banana republic of South Carolina.

People charged with the duty of enforcing the law, then flagrantly ignoring the unconscionable crime of false imprisonment in order to protect their own asses need to be held accountable themselves.

A criminal solicitor who used his office to settle personal scores, a corrupt sheriff who knew that a crime had not been committed, but decided to use his badge and gun to arrest an innocent man, and a new solicitor that didn’t want any part of exposing friends or potential donors when seeking re-election; THEY ARE ALL THREE PEAS IN A POD.

The solicitors of South Carolina’s 5th Judicial Circuit are one and the same man, they just wear different color suits.