Major James Josephson, USAF, (Ret.)

There are approximately 21 million veterans in the United States, with an additional 1.3 million currently on active duty. Many are very upset about what they are hearing and seeing on television.

Millions of Americans are witnessing radical changes unfold. There is a movement afoot to tear down our culture and convert our form of government to a socialist model. Ask people who have lived under socialism how that worked out for them.

The most disturbing is the total corruption of our news media which commits lies of omission and commission on an hourly basis.  Notice the “convenient ethics” many of our elected and appointed officials routinely display. They are only ethical and honest when it suits their agenda.

Out of our massive mailbag, we picked one of the letters received from a retired Air Force major, which exemplifies the frustration that we are hearing from our loyal readership. Whether you agree or disagree with his assertions, the point is that people, many of whom are veterans are beginning to speak out. His letter is as follows…

Open letter to

To the patriots, past and present, of the United States of America, I submit the following for your thoughtful consideration:

The USA is under assault by a despicable enemy. This enemy, many who you have worked for in your trials and tribulations have led to some of the more unpleasant, yet well-documented, pieces MCC has published through the years…from the horrible mis-treatment by VA officials to the many different “Different Spanks for Different Ranks…” articles.

These are just evidences of the larger problem. MCC’s following, I suspect, is that of folks who are looking for some measure of justice or solace in knowing they are not alone in questioning the wrong-headed decisions of “senior” leaders.

The enemy: It is called by many names… the “cabal”, the “deep state”, ‘entrenched bureaucracy’, “swamp creatures”, “defense industrial complex”, etc.. These people have for, at least the last 100 years, been guiding us along by the nose.

More noteworthy events are “The Bonus Army”, the original establishment of the Air Force, CIA and NSA in 1947, the insertion of the Shah of Iran, the fixing of the Nixon vs. Kennedy election in 1960, the assassination of JFK, the Viet Nam War, the passage of the Budget Control Act, the oil embargoes of the 1970s, the “drug wars” of the 1980s, the preservation of “free flow of oil to the US’ action in Kuwait in 1991, 9/11 and subsequent war in Iraq.. you get the picture.

We, in the military, first and foremost were motivated by those “leaders” to engage in all of those actions to greater and lesser degrees, all in the hopes that what energy and effort we put forth was for a greater good.

I am a war planner, first and foremost. I understand how the “:system” works and I know many others who do as well. Well, during the 2016 election cycle, I decided, because of what I know, my vote really didn’t matter because the political class had devolved into a clown circus of one side (called Democrat) felt it was OK to take money from one group and give it to another and call it “charity.”

Some might refer to that as taxation. It should be readily apparent that the other side called “Republican” which is comprised of the same philosophy except that they have fooled people to believe that the charity was for a better cause.

This election cycle was different, especially as a patriot and a military member. The tenor had changed coming out of the funk people like me experienced in the wake of the Obama years. I was one of, I think, very few people who did not criticize moves made by Obama.

I viewed him favorably insofar as he did, pretty much, every thing he promised during his campaigns with the exception of getting out of the endless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Success, is measurable and that man did everything he said he would. Our VA system, the multi-culturalist/socialist/Marxist treatment of training in the military and other parts of the Executive Branch are areas where he was extremely successful.

Then, comes along Trump. He is a boorish figure with a no-nonsense, business-like approach to problem solving. He said things very similar to Obama, particularly about the military. As an aside, I believe it’s human nature to want to be “armchair quarterback” and say things like “I would have done it differently”.

Well, I have come to find in watching how this man operates, he seems to me to be the guy who does “it” the way I would and, in all things, follow through with his promises. The old saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” come to mind when one considers the amount of planning and preparation required to defeat a very crafty and well-equipped enemy.

During his 2016 campaign, he did what good (underlined) planners in the business do. He identified the enemy at the strategic, operational and tactical levels. Problem is few people noticed having been drowned out by a whining press hell bent to keep him from making it through the Republican primaries and then in the general election. The most detestable opponents to the notion of Trump becoming President came from people in the Republican Party.

At the strategic level, President Trump went after China, in particular, in his rhetoric and followed through by re-balancing the trade practices the CCP used (and was facilitated by previous administrations) to their advantage on the world stage. The technological imbalance was and continues to be addressed through administrative and legal actions to the “America First” cause.

President Trump went directly at Boeing and Lockheed Martin, in particular for their fleecing of the taxpayer regarding the Presidential Aircraft and F-35/JSF programs, respectively. Still a lot of work to be done there, but he is not the kind of executive you disappoint in a negotiation.

President Trump has also done made some interesting moves through the administration to address the fleecing of taxpayers in the medical “Industrial Complex,” the oil business and other natural resources. These actions, to those who rely on the ‘continuous flow of taxpayer money to buy mansions and build skyscrapers in and around the Beltway” way of being, are going to get very uncomfortable knowing that this man is intent on “Draining the Swamp”.

These actions had to be done to draw the enemy out and into the open. The crescendo of noise from the MSM has become deafening and were it any other man, I do believe, he would have succumbed to the pressure. On the contrary, it appears that he relishes the challenge.

Now to the events that led to the election as this one could very well be the last one we enjoy the true privilege of being equals regarding rank or political stature or bank account. President Trump signed an Executive Order on 12 Sept 2018 declaring a “State of Emergency” about foreign influence in US elections.

It went almost entirely unnoticed even by me. I encourage people to look it up and review it as it has some very poignant points. In the military we are drawn in our work and training to the term “effects.” This means that, when ordered, whether in a direct action or in a supporting role to do something and that something is the effect that “leaders” wish to place on a map or a situation.

Rarely, though MCC seems to draw this out in its readership, does the military member consider the “cause.” To wit: what “caused” us to be instruments of effects in a particular battlespace or providing support thereto. I have found that traditional Marine Corps training would have it’s people more considerate of the causes as they are developed very early on to understand the chain of command better than the other services.

The President knows who the enemy is, by name and by association. When developing a strategy, one first identify the enemy, the fronts on which the enemy operates and then come up with plans to deal with them. The biggest challenge the enemy has put in front of the President has been that they believe that the plan cannot be communicated to those who are expected to execute the plan because the “traditional” means of communication has been blocked (Twitter, Facebook, ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, Google, etc.). The fatal flaw in that mindset is arrogance. People know there are other outlets in which to communicate and securely.

What has the enemy done to be called an “enemy”. The enemy bought voting machines that are programmable to the point (and this is verifiable and being brought as evidence as I write) where your vote can be “weighted” at the outset. What this means is, let’s say, you voted for candidate “A” and someone else voted for candidate “B”, candidate “A” might receive 0.77 of a vote when candidate “B” receives 1.23 votes for each vote tabulated for the respective candidates.

The machines were purchased by state governments (at the Secretary of State level) for each respective state in 29 states where this programming occurred. Let’s expand on that point. If candidate “A” is found to have enough votes in spite of the scale tipping program to overwhelm the system that was favored for candidate “B” in anticipation that that would be enough to secure victory, then you have a problem.

This appears to be the case in the following states… Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. Why can that conclusion be made one might ask? It can be made on the basis that in every one of those states, tabulation of votes was halted on election night because candidate “A” had beaten the program and subsequent measures had to be taken to ensure “victory”.

In each of the states previously mentioned (and witnesses in various hearings have and are testifying to this), an old, time-tested, vote cheating method was employed. Truck loads of ballots were delivered to counting facilities to overcome the clear deficit in order to win. This is a form of election fraud employed infamously by Chicago’s Mayor Daly in 1960 called ballot “stuffing”.

President Trump is engaged in resolving this matter right now. This is an issue that affects all of us no matter what our political leanings may be. Our individual “equality” is truly measured by the privilege to vote in the United States. If you want that to continue, I encourage you to reach out to your State representatives in every state and hold them accountable; brush up on that document that you swore an oath to uphold and defend; and realize that this may very well be the last time you have an opportunity to do so.

Major James Josephson, USAF (Ret.)