President Donald J. Trump, COVID-19 and Captain Brett Crozier, USN

4/16/2020: LETTER FROM A READER, that while speculative… we believe is dead on target:

Captain Crozier tried to get his immediate superiors to act on this catastrophe in the making. The USS Theodore Roosevelt could become a floating deathtrap. His immediate superiors, ever so cognizant of not drawing fire and focusing on their own promotions, told Crozier to keep quiet and they would handle it.

When it became apparent his superiors were not going to “do dick” (a naval term), Crozier acted aggressively, to counter the inaction of these ass kissers who put their careers ahead of the safety of Crozier’s sailors. You know who should meet a court martial? Crozier? Hell no!

He should be totally exonerated and have his command reinstated. Also not gonna happen. The career-minded brass who learned not to embarrass the Navy if they wanted to get promoted should meet a court marshal and let the chips fall as they may. Not gonna happen either!

Speaking the truth to power in the military is tantamount to career suicide. Captain Crozier’s command of an aircraft carrier was a plum assignment and a sure promotion steppingstone to rear admiral.

This potentiality, no doubt, fanned the jealousy flames of his competitors and elicited lots of backstabbing aimed at Crozier. I should mention that some of the White House naval liaison officers, AKA palace pricks (another naval term), many of whom never had a “command at sea” had their knives sharpened awaiting their chance, and did their best to assure Crozier got axed.

Crozier, I hope, will demand a full congressional investigation of his firing. An internal investigation by the Navy could give credence to the oxymoron: military justice.

UPDATE 4/13/2020: The first sailor from the Roosevelt exposed to COVID-19 virus has died.

Nearly 10% of the crew of the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt have purportedly tested positive for the novel corona-virus, while hundreds of test results remain to be reported.

Of the 92% of the crew that has been tested, 447 have tested positive for COVID-19. The Navy is awaiting results for 775 sailors and 339 have yet to be tested.

The San Diego-based aircraft carrier has a total crew of roughly 4,800 service members, including its embarked air wing and command staff.

The USS Roosevelt pulled into Guam on March 26 after several sailors on board tested positive for COVID-19.

A letter written by the ship’s commanding officer, Capt. Brett Crozier, asking the Navy for more assistance for its sailors was leaked and broadly publicized, resulting in Crozier’s firing on March 2.

Days later, then-acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly flew to the western Pacific island and, in a profanity-laced speech over the Roosevelt’s public address system, said Crozier was naive and stupid if he believed his letter wouldn’t be leaked. It turns out that Navy Secretary Modly was the real stupid one.

Modly resigned, a day after audio of that speech also leaked. It’s likely that President Donald Trump probably said, ‘I’ve got enough stuff on my plate right now, and that stupid Navy Secretary just made things worse.’ We are guessing but the President probably told the Secretary of Defense to get rid of that stupid bastard.

One sailor from the carrier Roosevelt tested positive for COVID-19 on March 30 was found unresponsive in his isolation room and transported to the intensive care unit at Naval Hospital Guam. The Navy did not provide an update for the sailor’s status Friday.

So far, we don’t know if any of the sailors on the Roosevelt have actually died. At least 3,155 sailors have moved to facilities on the island of Guam after testing negative.

USS Teddy Roosevelt CVN-71


We have been receiving lots of communication on the firing of Captain Brett Crozier. Crozier was first a Navy helicopter pilot, but because he had friends in high places, he was able to transition to the fixed-wing jet Navy. Contrary to what the Secretary of the Navy said, Captain Crozier was neither stupid or naive, but we do suspect he was very desperate trying to get immediate action to save the lives of he crew.

One of the primary purposes of an aircraft carrier task force is the projection of power. It make evil dictators sometimes think twice before doing stupid shit. And when the mighty aircraft carrier arrives in faraway places like Pago Pago, the locals in bonka-boats make a whole new religion about the massive ship and its immense power.

Rumor has it that Captain Crozier was ordered to pay a visit to Vietnam. This was a geo-political play to send a message to the growing threat of Chinese power that the American Navy was not going to be bullied, and that we have friends right on their backdoor.

We are told that Captain Crozier expressed his concern about paying a port call to Vietnam because of a new virus that was relatively unknown, but rumored to be highly contagious and deadly. His superiors rejected Capt. Crozier’s concerns and ordered the USS Roosevelt to pay a port visit in Vietnam.

Do we need to tell you what happened then? Sailors did, what sailors do. One or more people became infected with COVID-19 and came back aboard ship infecting many others. The virus loved the close quarters of an aircraft carrier and swept through the crew like Grant took Richmond. No doubt the ship’s doctor called Captain Crozier to tell him he had a serious problem and needed his help.

We suspect, that because Crozier loved his crew, he jumped out of his chair on the bridge and hurried down to sickbay. Since most of the sailors are in their teens and early twenties, they really haven’t had the time to damage their lungs yet. Consequently, the sickbay medical department on the carrier probably only had one or two ventilators, which they had to dust off.

As Captain Crozier was surmising the dire situation in sickbay and the dangers to his crew and ship, he himself became infected.


For some reason the Navy is doing their level best to keep the carrier group commander’s name out of the equation.

Usually, each carrier will have a two-star admiral aboard who is the Commander Carrier Group (COMCARGRU) which Captain Crozier would report to.

Are we to believe that Captain Crozier didn’t have one or several conversations with the carrier group commander who was aboard at the time?

The US Navy maintains 11 carrier strike groups, 9 of which are based in the United States and one that is forward deployed in Yokosuka, Japan.

The Carrier Strike Group commander of COMCARSTRKGRU NINE) which includes the USS Roosevelt is Rear Admiral Stuart P. Baker, AKA: “Studa” Baker.

His resume reveals ole Studa Baker has been groomed for flag-rank from the beginning of his career.

RADM Baker served on the Joint Staff in Washington, D.C., in the J-39 Special Technical Operations Directorate and as the executive assistant for the director for operations, J3.

At U.S. Fleet Forces Command, he served as the consecutive assistant to the commander.

As a flag officer, Baker served as Director, Operations and Plans, for the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, N31.

He assumed his current duties in June 2019 and is privileged to command the Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group, which consists of over 7,000 sailors across the carrier air wing and eight ships, including USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71), USS Bunker Hill (CG 52), and Destroyer Squadron 23.

Are we to believe that RADM Studa Baker didn’t have anything to do with the Roosevelt matter? He had no conversations with Capt. Crozier and made no recommendations or issued no directives? Ole Studa Baker is up to his neck in this thing but the Pentagon decided to hang the entire matter around the neck of Capt. Brett Croizier.

After his crew began to get sick, Captain Crozier wanted desperately to removed many of the crew from the ship in Guam to isolate the problem. His chain of command were wringing their hands and really didn’t know what to do.

Navy admirals simply couldn’t make a damn decision. Someone in Capt. Crozier’s chain of command rejected his requests and were fine with just letting the ship flounder on the high seas as one crewman after another contracted the deadly disease. Instead of helping a desperate crew, United States Navy admirals were donning their N95 masks and went to fight for rolls of toilet paper at Costco.

A United States aircraft carrier with a sick crew and a frantic captain surely were a concern in the Pentagon, but not at the level it should have been. Instead of admirals saying, “Let’s help that captain right fucking now,” the admirals were probably saying, “Hell, I got seasick once during the Korean War… what’s for lunch?”

The point is, the infection rate in a carrier strike group was not the priority it should have been and who was the numb-nuts who ordered the strike group to pay a port call to Vietnam when they knew there was a very high probability members of the crew would bring aboard the deadly disease.

Captain Crozier was desperate to protect the lives of his crew. He made the decision to email a five-page meno to twenty-some recipients. Even though the admirals in the Pentagon were having a terrible time making a decision on what to do with sickened carrier strike group, it took them no time at all in deciding to fire Captain Brett Crozier.

Then, Secretary of the Navy Modly “made the decision” to fly from Washington D.C. to the Island of Guam so he could give his colorful George Patton speech, dropping a few “F” bombs along the way in an attempt to endear the sailors of the Roosevelt. That didn’t work out too well.


Sometimes the Navy will utilize tactics the lame-stream media, and politicians use…. lying by omission. Did the Navy reveal all the facts to President Trump about the events leading up to Capt. Crozier’s dismissal? Were they deceiving President Trump by not telling him all the details in the hope he would back their decision to fire Capt. Crozier?

The Navy has attempted to “train” the President to let them handle all judicial matters without what they perceive as his interference. Remember the beautiful legal work the Navy did in the Eddie Gallagher case when another Seal Team member got on the witness stand and stunned the courtroom by saying, “Gallagher didn’t kill the teenage terrorist, I did!” (or words to that effect)

Then, the Navy decided to ruin Gallagher by getting him out of the service for having his picture taken with the dead terrorist in order to deprive him of a well-deserved retirement. That’s when the President said, just wait a fucking minute here, and derailed the Navy’s attempt to ruin Gallagher.

Was President Trump told all the facts, or was he deceived by the Navy? Our gut tells us the Navy lied to the President by omitting salient facts. Reinstating Captain Crozier is a start, but the Navy needs to fire the SOB who made the bonehead decision to put into Vietnam and the other people who carefully crafted the brief to the President which was designed to gain his support by omitting important information. Heads need to roll, but we won’t hold our breath… we know how they operate.


Did Captain Crozier go through his chain-of-command by first expressing his distress to the admiral aboard the Teddy Roosevelt, who was the carrier group commander? If so, what did the admiral do? Why is his name being left out of the equation? No where in the media do we see any reference to the carrier group commander who was aboard the Roosevelt at the time.

How many pilots were infected? If the flight-deck crew that launches the jets begin to get sick, that’s not good, but if the pilots are blowing lunch all over the windscreen of their jets, that’s even worse from a military readiness point of view. Why hasn’t the Navy mentioned how many pilots got sick aboard the Roosevelt?

And where the hell is the Air Group Commander, the Navy captain who is in charge of the squadrons attached to the carrier. Normally, he is also consulted on major issues regarding the readiness of the ship’s air wing… where the hell is he? Why is his name being kept quiet?

Who in the chain of command was pushing for the destruction of Captain Crozier’s career? Was it CINCPACFLT (Commander-in-Chief Pacific Fleet)? Was it some flag-ranking asshole in the Pentagon?


Does the President know he has a swamp in the military who are more than happy to deceive him to produce the desired result? Normally, where President Trump is concerned, if you mess with the bull, you’ll  get the horn. We are thinking a few admirals need to be gored by the bull.

But, presently President Trump has his hands full. He is confronted with a virus that has America by the throat and literally destroyed our economy. Maybe, he simply does not have time to find out if the Navy deceived him or not. There is just too much on his plate right now.

MilitaryCorruption.com sees both sides of this issue. You never want to disclose any information to the enemy, that your forces are in a weakened condition. By emailing a memo to a slew of people Captain Crozier had to know it would probably be leaked, and perhaps that’s why he did it.

If we put ourselves in Corzier’s shoes, we certainly understand his extreme frustration with an lethargic, unresponsive chain-of-command who were willing to let an aircraft carrier and it’s escort ships flounder in the ocean why they were wringing their hands with no plan of how to deal with the problem. A classic example of piss-poor leadership.

Did Captain Crozier feel that if he failed to act, that members of his crew were going to die needlessly. Did he think he was going to die as well? Did he feel the entire naval chain-of-command had abandoned him and the crew members of his ship? Is that why he risked his career?

Will President Trump order a full investigation and speak to Captain Crozier himself? Does President Trump even have the time to deal with personnel problems in the Navy?

Will the Navy fire the admiral who made the bonehead decision to have the Roosevelt pay a port visit to Vietnam knowing a substantial risk existed concerning the COVID-19 virus? Will the Navy fire the admiral who failed to allow Capt. Crozier to get his crew help immediately?

Will the Navy fire the admiral(s) who carefully wove a web of deception about the dismissal of Capt. Crozier and took overt steps to protect the career of carrier group commander? Will the Navy ever come clean on any of this? How many admirals will the Navy slip out the backdoor to retirement so they won’t have to tarnish their reputations?

Is there military corruption involved in the firing of Capt. Brett Crozier, or just piss-poor leadership and a breakdown in communication? How many people will die because of the hand-wringing indecision by the United States Navy?

How severely was our military readiness degraded because the Navy was too damn stupid and naive to recognize the growing danger of the deadly COVID-19 virus and failed to take prudent appropriate action? A junior naval officer would have been court-martialed for dereliction of duty.

If you have anyone connected with the Navy that has information to help us clarify what really happened or can answer some of the questions above, please feel free to contact us.