The Panama Deception – What Can Happen When the News Media Collaborates with the Government

"His Excellency" Manuel Antonio Noriega Moreno, died May 29, 2017, age 83

People entering the military should be cognizant of the fact they can get caught up in little political wars across the globe. As a sailor, soldier, Marine or airmen, you can find yourself as part of a deception or cover-up.

Or, you can be defending the interests of a privately held company that donates tons of money to one political part or the other. The clarity of what is right and wrong occasionally becomes murky, and sometimes the truth is so twisted and distorted that nothing makes any sense anymore.

For many Americans, the Panamanian Invasion is just a lost chapter in history, that has no relevance to their lives. It’s just another part of our past that is now relegated to the dustbin of history and isn’t important anymore. believes it’s important because we continually are concerned about the young men and women who enter the military. Sometimes their lives are in the hands of unscrupulous civilian and military leaders who have hidden agendas.

America’s greatest asset (our young men and women ) is occasionally wasted in one political war after another. Fortunately, America did not lose as many in the Panamanian Invasion as we have in other politically enveloped conflicts. The the loss of even one life on either side of the equation when it was not necessary, is a tragic loss and terrible waste.

Out of the 2.7 million who served in the Vietnam War for example, 58,148 were killed and 304,00 were wounded. And, although the percent that died is similar to other wars, amputations or crippling wounds were 300 percent higher than in WWII. God only knows how many suffered from mental wounds as a result of the Vietnam conflict.

What do we have to show for the loss of blood and treasure in these little political wars we continually become entangled with? Things won’t change until the sons and daughters of Members of Congress are required to serve in the military and place their lives on the line. Don’t hold your breath on that every happening.

We recommend that our readers brew a pot of coffee and sit down to watch this video entitled, “THE PANAMA DECEPTION.” Sometimes it takes decades before truth begins to rise to the surface. When truth finally surfaces, we can all learn lessons from it. Let’s learn lessons from the Panama Deception…