Cecily Aguilar

Sir Walter Scott, British author of historical novels and ballads (1771-1832), once said, “Oh, what tangled webs we weave, when we first practice to deceive.”

Fort Hood, Texas is one of ten (10) U.S. military bases named after Confederate general officers. The base was named after Confederate General John Bell Hood. Hood had a reputation for bravery and aggressiveness that bordered on recklessness.

General Hood was considered as one of the best brigade and division commanders in the Confederate Army. But, General Hood gradually became increasingly ineffective as he was promoted to lead larger, independent commands late in the Civil War; his career and reputation were marred by decisive defeats which he was responsible for.

So what did the Union do, they decided to name an Army base in Texas after John Bell Hood. Presently, America is grappling with changing the names of all military bases named after Confederate generals.

Because of the reputation of Fort Hood, Texas, we suggest they rename the base to FORT BLOOD, Texas. There have been many people who have disappeared from Fort Hood and several have turned up dead. Fort Hood is also the location of the worst mass murder on an American military base, a terrorist act by Army Major Hasan.


SPC Aaron Robinson, United States Army, who is believed to have bludgeoned Vanessa Guillen to death with a hammer then cut up her body to conceal his heinous crime.


Not long ago, law enforcement authorities discovered the human remains of SPC Vanessa Guillen who was apparently murdered by a co-worker and active duty member of the Army. People theorize that once he discovered Guillen was going to file an official complaint against him for sexual harassment, he took a hammer and killed her.

Vanessa Guillen had been missing since April 22, 2020, was apparently killed and dismembered by U.S. Army Specialist Aaron Robinson, a 20-year-old soldier from Calumet City, Illinois. SPC. Robinson ended up taking his own life before he could be taken into custody.

Cecily Aguilar, a 22-year-old civilian from Killeen, Texas was arrested and charged with one count of conspiring to tamper with evidence, and for allegedly helping hide Guillen’s body. Whether Aguilar helped to cut up Guillen’s body is not known.

Vanessa Guillen told loved ones she didn’t want to report the sexual harassment out of fear of retaliation. On July 2, Fort Hood officials refuted those allegations, with Special Agent Damon Phelps, who is with the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command gave it the Army spin, saying, “There is no credible information that Specialist Robinson sexually harassed Specialist Guillen.”

SPC. Vanessa Guillen, United States Army, shown here acting like a typical teenager


It can be safely said that SPC Aaron Robinson was a man with no moral compass. He apparently had a relationship with Cecily Aguilar at night, then during the day, he was putting the moves on Vanessa Guillen.

The Fort Hood Army base, for SPC Robinson resembled the surrounding grounds around the Playboy Mansion. Instead of tending to the work he was charged with carrying out, he was sexually harassing Vanessa Guillen and probably many others who were afraid to come forward.

The harassment typically starts off with a dirty joke then rises to the point of unwanted touching which is assault. It got to the point Vanessa confided with her mother about the problems she was having at work while serving on active duty. Her mother allegedly encouraged her to file a formal complaint, otherwise the harassment would never end.

We don’t know the details, but we suspect that Vanessa tried one last time to get Robinson’s attention. She may have told him that she wanted it to end and if it continued that she was being encouraged to file a formal complaint.

It may have been soft, ‘Aaron, I don’t want to report you, so will you please back off and leave me alone?’ Or, it may have been more direct, ‘Listen asshole, I’ve had enough of you grabbing my ass, if you do it one more time, I’m going to file an official complaint against you for sexual harassment.’

Vanessa may have told a co-worker that she was actually going to file a complaint against Robinson, and when that information got back to Robinson, he decided to kill Vanessa Guillen.

In typical coward fashion, we suspect Robinson approached Vanessa from behind and struck her in the head with a hammer, then bludgeoned her to death right there where the two worked in the armory.

Again, we caution our readers. We are only guessing as to what happened. It’s hard to get the truth from anyone about this case. Everyone just wants it to go away and get back to business as normal.

Somehow, Robinson involved his girlfriend Cecily Aguilar to help move the body. Who dismembered Vanessa’s body is unclear. Even the most hardened criminal sometimes has a difficult time cutting up a human body because of the blood and gore that goes with the heinous act.

Army Pfc. Vanessa SPC. Guillen, age 20, was proud to serve her country.


Normally in a missing person case, law enforcement authorities will lay back and do little or nothing. This is because many little love affairs have resulted in the disappearance of love birds for a impromptu honeymoon, and not necessarily murder.

In the military, the first few days are considered “AWOL” (Absent With Out Leave). At some point, the military declares the individual as a DESERTER, a much more serious violation of the UCMJ.

Normally, law enforcement would go to where Vanessa lived and looked for clues of malfeasance, then go to where she worked to more clues… interviewing people all along the way.

If Vanessa was murdered at work, and if her body was dismembered at work, you would think the Criminal Investigative Division (CID), would have used Luminol to look for blood evidence. They found no evidence? Or, did they find evidence but concealed what they had found? It’s possible Vanessa was murdered at work then her body moved to another location for dismemberment. OK, maybe there were legitimate reasons.

But, it just didn’t seem like the Army was in any hurry to solve the case. It took 2. 5 months before CIVILIAN law enforcement authorities got a tip which led them to Vanessa’s body, then to suspect SPC Aaron Robinson. When Robinson was cornered, he pulled out a gun and ended his own life.

“Little” Cecily Aguilar was arrested for her involvement. The United States Army was in damage control from the time Vanessa initially disappeared. Someone in the chain of command probably knew she had been killed and was in no hurry to find out the details because the Army had to circle the wagons anticipating a political assault from all quarters.


Eighty-eight members of Congress signed a letter demanding an investigation into Fort Hood’s handling of Spc. Vanessa Guillen’s case. Congresswoman Jackie Speier and U.S. Senator Kirstin Gillibrand requested the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Acting Inspector General to conduct and independent investigation.

For some reason, 88 members of Congress didn’t want the Army Inspector General LTG Leslie “Koala Bear” Smith to be involved in any investigation. Concerned that he would not be invited to the Washington D.C. cocktail parties anymore, Koala Bear Smith ordered multiple investigations into the Guillen murder.

Now pause here folks…

Does anyone see a problem when 88 members of Congress do not trust the Army to investigate itself? Eighty-eight Members of Congress were basically saying, ‘Hey Army, your investigations are suspect (corrupt), and we don’t trust a damn thing you do.’ Congress was saying the Army can muck up hundreds of other investigations, but they had better get this one right. This case was more important, for some reason, than all of the other rapes, murders and frauds.


Military personnel are murdered all the time. What made the Vanessa Guillen case so different? We know from decades of experience, that many “suicides” in the military are actually murders the military covers up.

Had civilian authorities not cracked the case, the Army would have said that a “distraught” Vanessa Guillen hit herself with a hammer, then just before dying, she cut herself up in to little pieces.

Ok, maybe even the Army wouldn’t go that far, but if a flag-ranking officer was involved, the Army would certainly consider disposing of Vanessa’s body on the sprawling Army base never to be found again.

So, why is this case so different? Is it because of the heinous nature of the crime? Is it because an enlisted man killed an enlisted woman? In other words, no Army flag-ranking officers were involved in the murder.

Why did nearly a hundred Members of Congress rise to sign a letter demanding answers? Why won’t Congress do that when others are missing or murdered?


SPC. Aaron Robinson, the person believed to have killed Vanessa Guillen and dismembered her body.

Was Aaron Robinson a serial sexual harasser, but no one would do anything because he was Black? Holding a Black man accountable is easily labled as racism, when in fact, it’s called leadership and skin color may have had nothing to do with it at all.

Did the Army’s failure to reign in Robinson’s proclivity for sexual harassment embolden him to the point he thought he could get away with anything, up to and including murder?

Why does our Congress scream out demanding justice in this case, but is strangely silent when other egregious attacks on military members occurs?

On November 5, 2009, 13 people were killed and more than 30 others were wounded, nearly all of them unarmed soldiers, when Major Nidal Malik Hasan, an Army psychiatrist, went on a shooting rampage at the very same base, Fort Hood, Texas.

Terrorist Nidal Hasan’s shooting spree remains today as the worst mass murder at a U.S. military installation. Did 88 Members of Congress rise up to sign a letter demanding answers?

As we recall, the government had difficulty labeling the deadly attack as an act of terrorism so as to not offend Muslim Americans. Victims of the attack were being cheated out of benefits that could have been their’s because our government wanted to be politically correct.

And, while it does not rise to murder, why does Congress remain silent when one of the most corrupt generals in the Army (MG Ron Clark) attacks an Army major because he found all sorts of fraud and malfeasance in the 25th Infantry Division in Hawaii.

The Army major stepped up to protect taxpayer dollars, but Members of Congress were more than happy to let him twist in the wind as Major General Ron Clark, fearful his frauds and piss-poor leadership would be discovered, ended up tossing him out of the military with an Other-than-Honorable discharge.


What lessons can be learned from what happened to Vanessa Guillen? Obviously, the system does not work. Vanessa was afraid to report for fear of becoming ostracized as a “wet blanket” where people stop talking as soon as she walks into the room.

The bottom line is that politics has paralyzed real leadership. Military commanders wet their finger and put it up in the political wind before making any decision. They know they swim in a sea of political animals that will throw them to the wolves in Congress.

We guarantee there are officers and NCOs who knew that Vanessa Guillen was being harassed, and chose to look the other way. The situation went from bad to worse when the harasser murdered an aspiring young soldier and cut up her body to hide it.

Knowing that Army officers where probably aware of what was going on, the military police turned into political animals and pretended to look for Vanessa Guillen. It sure looks like they were slow-walking their investigation to give the command time to come up with a cover story. A pathetic piece of police work.

If you have a friend or loved one thinking of military service, you had better sit them down right now and warn them their lives are in danger in a multitude of ways. Until the military makes meaningful reforms, no one….. absolutely no one should consider military service.

We love our military, but the political bullshit is just gotten so out of control it’s now extremely dangerous. Military leaders are more concerned about how they will look on the evening news, than making the correct and decisive decisions.

The recent decision by the Chief of Naval Operations to shit-can Capt. Brett Crozier who was attempting to protect his crew from the deadly Corona Virus tells us volumes about the priorities of the military, in that case, the United States Navy.

If you are in the military, get out at your first opportunity. If you are thinking about going in… you had better think twice. If you are in the Army and receive orders to Fort BLOOD, be afraid, be very afraid.

With her whole life in front of her…