Who are the American People going to pick?

Big things sometimes arrive in small packages. This old American cliché, doesn’t just apply to the David versus Goliath figures, but it also has merit in the American political system.

In the big scheme of things, the rank of Major is the most junior of all field grade officers, but in the case of Major Clarence Anderson III, he is giving the US government “major” fits in demanding they abide by their own regulations.

The three musketeers, 1LT Clint Lorance, Major Clarence Anderson, Major Mathew Golsteyn came together for this photo while attending a fund-raising event.

In the photo above taken in 2020, Major Anderson is center with two other former military officers. On the left is former Army 1LT Clint Lorance, with former Army Major Mathew Golsteyn on the right. Both Lorance and Golsteyn were pardoned by President Trump.

Major Anderson was offered a Presidential Pardon from President Trump. Anderson declined the President’s nice gesture preferring a new trial instead. You see, a “Presidential Pardon” does not exonerate, it provides only clemency which is forgiveness or leniency.

Major Anderson was wrongfully convicted and sent to prison on false allegations. He was, and still is… INNOCENT. The Air Force needs to either acknowledge that fact or provide him with a new trial so he can prove his innocence in a court of law.


1st Lieutenant Clint Allen Lorance was serving in the United States Army in the War in Afghanistan in the 82nd Airborne Division.

Lorance was charged with two counts of murder after he ordered his soldiers to open fire on three Afghan men who were on a motorcycle approaching their position. Fearing it was an ambush, he authorized his men to open fire.

Lorance was found guilty by a court-martial in 2013, and sentenced to 20 years in prison at Ft. Leavenworth, but pardoned by President Trump on November 15, 2019.


Major Mathew L. Golsteyn is a West Point Graduate who also served in the War in Afghanistan. He also was charged with murder after killing an Afghan civilian he claimed was a bomb maker for the Taliban. In February 2010, two of the Marines serving in his command were killed by an IED.

In November of 2016, Golsteyn was asked by Bret Baier on Fox News if he had killed the suspected bomb-maker. Golsteyn responded “yes,” and when the Army saw this they decided to go after Golsteyn. Ultimately, he was pardoned also on November 15, 2019.


Major Clarence Anderson III, United States Air Force

Clarence Anderson was a Major in the United States Air Force.

Unlike the other two officers, he was going through a war at home in a bitter custody battle with his wife. She was doing everything she could to hurt Major Anderson.

Mrs. Anderson called civilian police to falsely accuse Major Anderson of sexual assault. It was a complete fabrication.

Local police never found anything that could corroborate her story of being sexually assaulted by her husband. She just made it all up out of thin air in a desperate attempt to get even with her husband and gain custody of their daughter.

Denied her retribution against her husband from civilian authorities, she went judge shopping and found the military most amenable. The military was more than happy to satisfy her insatiable desire for revenge because they needed convictions to prove they care about women.

The military was desperate to find cases where they could serve up heads on a platter to their Congressional taskmasters. This case was ripe for the picking and Major Anderson found himself bearing the brunt of a political war created to protect women in sexual assault cases regardless of the facts.


The Defense Advisory Committee on Investigation, Prosecution and Defense (DAC IPAD) of Sexual Assault in the Armed Forces released their fourth annual report in June 2023.

The Committee found that a whopping 40% of sexual assault cases sent to a court martial lacked probable cause or sufficient evidence. In other words, 40% of these cases should have never gone to trial. suggests that prior to the establishment of the Defense Advisory Committee, the percentage was even higher just based on the anecdotal information from our own statistics.

In 2015, Major Anderson was one of those officers who got caught in the maelstrom political witch hunt that basically told convening authorities that a woman (any woman) is to be believed whether she was telling the truth or not.

People may wonder how does the DAC IPAD affect the Major Anderson case? If 40% of sexual assault cases should have never gone to trial, isn’t it possible that Major Anderson’s case was one of those which should have never gone to trial? The DAC IPAD investigation report is hard evidence there is a problem which needs to be addressed immediately by the Pentagon.


Consequently, Major Clarence Anderson III was convicted at a general court martial of sexually assaulting his wife. He was set up by politics and a fawning military willing to do whatever they could to make sure their names were on the next promotion list.

Funny thing though. Accusations against Major Anderson only surfaced after he discovered his wife’s affair, and after he was awarded custody of their daughter. That’s when she went berserk making up one story after another.

No one believed Mrs. Anderson’s false accusations until they found a military that needed to feed military personnel  to the wolves so they could impress their congressional overseers.

And, that they did. Major Clarence Anderson was railroaded right into prison for 3.5 years with no evidence and with an unscrupulous judicial system that made sure any exculpatory evidence with ignored or suppressed.

Why was there no physical evidence to convict Major Anderson. The answer is because he was innocent of the charges.

Many victims of the military judicial system, much to their dismay,  have discovered the United States military doesn’t need any evidence to convict.

Right underneath the noses of the American people, good and decent military members are being railroaded right into prison and out of the military with life-altering discharges.

Military jurors quickly surmises the commanding general doesn’t like the accused, otherwise they would not have convened a court martial.


Military juries and even military judges deduce they must find the accused guilty (whether he/she is innocent or not) otherwise the general might take overt action to destroy careers. All it takes is a phone call.

While it is unspoken and subtle, it is clearly understood by all military jurors that if they don’t vote to convict there will be hell to pay later on.

It’s a form of ingrained unlawful-command-influence woven in the fabric of the military judicial system. That’s one of the reasons the military “enjoys” the highest conviction rates in America.

Major Anderson opted for a decision from the judge. He didn’t have a jury trial. Normally that’s a smart move because judges are generally resilient against outside influences.

Unfortunately, the judge in Anderson’s case was hell bent on finding him guilty.

The judge made sure that his court would support the military’s new policy of believing all women all the time, regardless of whether there is sufficient evidence to even convene a court in the first place.

Court records affirmed that Major Anderson’s wife’s mother paid a $100,000 to the wife’s new boyfriend prior to and ostensibly for his false testimony against Major Anderson.


In certain social circles, that’s called a bribe and would be considered as a huge exculpatory piece of evidence for Major Anderson. The judge simply didn’t care. He preferred to serve up Major Anderson in proof he was adhering to military policy.

Al Capone, for example, bribed many jurors and judges, which is why he continually walked out of the court room a free man. Given the numerous murders Capone was responsible for, the only thing they could get him on was for not paying his taxes.

Even though the wife’s boyfriend received $100,000 from her mother, that exculpatory information was never considered by the judge. He just didn’t care. This resulted in an innocent man being sent to prison.

Prior to trial, through her divorce attorney, Major Anderson’s wife attempted to bribe the Major. She said that if he gave her custody of their daughter, she would drop the charges and not testify.

His love for his daughter was far too strong. Major Anderson rejected the bribery attempt and it cost him both, raising his daughter and 3.5 years of his life behind bars.

Do you want evidence? These are the text messages Anderson’s wife sent through her divorce Attorney to Major Anderson’s divorce attorney offering to forego testifying in exchange for custody:


Major Anderson opted for a judge alone decision at his court martial, but he didn’t know the judge had secret marching orders.

Major Anderson’s reasoning was sound. If a Florida District Attorney declined to prosecute him because there was no physical evidence of a crime; and civilian police officers concluded he never committed a crime, a fair judge would hand down a not guilty verdict. Oh, how wrong he was.

Lieutenant General Richard C. Harding, Air Force JAG Corps.

Major Anderson did not know the military judge in his case was instructed to believe the victim regardless of what the facts were.

That was public policy which became marching orders for the military. Women are to be believed even when they’re lying through their teeth.

Anderson was unaware that two years prior to his court martial in 2013, an Air Force criminal case; U.S. v Airmen Brandon T. Wright had a direct bearing on Anderson’s court martial.

The Air Force’s top federal prosecutor, Lieutenant General Richard C. Harding, issued an order to all military judges that victims will be believed and all accusations will go to trial regardless of the facts.

You can bet the judge also got the message from Harding’s order. Military personnel do not realize they don’t stand a chance of obtaining fairness in a system so detached from fairness and justice.

The significance of General Harding’s unlawful order is that it violated the due process protections guaranteed in the Constitution under the 5th Amendment.

To date, there has never been an investigative probe from the Department of Justice (DOJ) to weigh the indirect effects of General Harding’s order on other court martial cases.

Major Anderson felt the sting of the stupid policy and was wrongfully convicted and sent to prison. Thank you Lt. Gen Harding for a stupid order that became a stupid policy and helped to railroad an innocent man into prison.

At the time when General Harding was either unlawfully instructed to give this order or if he gave it on his own accord, Barack Obama was President and Joe Biden was the Vice President.

That’s the legacy of a blanket policy that all women are to be believed all the time regardless of whether they’re telling the truth or not. Innocent men went to prison with out any evidence of any kind.

In June 2022, with evidence of witness tampering, evidence suppression, and prosecutorial misconduct in Major Anderson’s case, U.S. Representative Barry Moore (R-AL) sent a memo to now President Biden requesting the Department of Justice to investigate Major Anderson’s case:


President Biden rebuffed Congressman Moore’s request to have the Department of Justice (DOJ) investigate Major Anderson’s case, instead sending the request back to the Air Force so they could investigate themselves. The fox was able to once again guard the hen house. Brilliant move.

No one was interested in finding the truth because exposing a corrupt system would have been terribly embarrassing. Of course the Air Force concluded the Air Force did nothing wrong. In order to find the truth, you first have to WANT to find the truth.

You see, if there was a credible DOJ investigation into the Major Anderson case, it logically meant they’d have to also investigate General Harding too (along with other executive level officials who may have ordered him to break the law). Oh my! We can have that, now can we.

Military personnel are trained to be war fighters. Even though he was falsely charged and wrongfully convicted ending up in federal prison for 3.5 years, he hasn’t given up his quest for justice. Innocent people should not be sent to prison in the United States. Sadly, it happens more often that we know because of a corrupt system.

Not having any money, he studied the law and filed a federal lawsuit on his own. His filing is making many people uncomfortable, which may be the reason why the DOJ has requested several extensions just to respond to his filing.

Major Anderson knows that anyone who represents himself in court has a fool for a lawyer and he’s hoping a good and effective law firm will take up his banner and expose the corruption that cost him so much pain in life.


Big things indeed can come in small packages. Major Anderson’s lawsuit to reverse his wrongful conviction, may be the biggest of them all. The Air Force should atone for what they have done to the outstanding military officer.

Sending an innocent man to prison is over the top, but this frequently happens in todays new military.

Right now Senator Tuberville is taking all sorts of heat for withholding military promotions for the admirals and generals. Senator Tuberville should consider fighting just as hard for Major Anderson who is a constituent from his own state.

A thorough investigation into how Major Anderson was railroaded into prison just another talking point on the campaign trail.

Remember, there are about 1.2 million people on active duty and about 25 million former military members with millions more who are related to those active and former military members.

That’s one hell of a voting block. Military members and their family members don’t much like it when one of their own is railroaded into prison without evidence. When the military adopts a stupidly blind policy, it takes common sense out of the equation and bad things happen.

Cases like Major Anderson’s and so many others we share with our readers have the potential to impact a close election if military members along with their family and friends get out and vote.

That massive military affiliated voting block needs to realize the true voting power they hold and let the government know exactly how they feel.

So, who are the American people going to pick? And, can our voting system be trusted to accurately convey the will of the American people?

Who knows what the future has in store, but this much we can tell you… outstanding men like Major Clarence Anderson III are rare. We need to fight for them as they would have fought for us.


Sadly, Major Anderson has spent years convincing people that he is actually innocent. Once people come to grips with the fact the United States Air Force railroaded an innocent man into prison, they might ask… then who is responsible for this horrible abomination of justice?

Let’s go through the list of potential culpable parties…

  1. As we stated above, the Air Force’s top federal prosecutor, Lieutenant General Richard C. Harding, issued an order to all military judges that victims will be believed and all accusations will go to trial regardless of the facts. LTG Harding is definitely responsible for lighting the fuse that sent an innocent man to prison for 3.5 years.
  2. The convening authority knew there was no evidence supporting the convening of a court martial, but decided to do it anyway. What was going on in his mind? Did he get the message from Congress that all women are to be believed all the time regardless of facts or evidence?
  3. The judge who made the decision to find Major Anderson guilty thereby sending him to prison is also guilty. The judge did not consider the $100,000 bribe the wife’s boyfriend received from her mother because he was fast-tracking Major Anderson for professional and financial ruin. Additionally, the judge knew that his evil wife would end up with custody of their daughter which was the final insult to injury.
  4. The Court of Military Appeals failed Major Anderson as well, especially when they put their imprimatur on the judge’s conviction and punishment.
  5. Members of Congress who sent the message to the Pentagon that all women are to be believed all the time regardless of facts or evidence, should they bear some responsibility? And once Members of Congress and the senior leadership of the military became aware an innocent man had been railroaded into prison, what did they do? No one did anything to correct it or hold people accountable. Are they also responsible?
  6. How about all the American Presidents that have held office from the time Major Anderson was railroaded into prison? Do any of them bear any responsibility? The saga began under the reign of Barrack Obama. Presidents are by law the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. Does the buck still stop at the desk of the President, or does he just sign off on whatever the military wants to do to their people?
  7. News media who not only allowed this event to go unreported, but also fostered the environment that all women are to be believed all the time regardless of facts or evidence. Do they bear some responsibility as well?
  8. Do the American people who elected these so-called leaders that allowed this to happen to Major Anderson; do they bear some responsibility for the incarceration of an innocent man? So-called military “leaders” allowed this travesty to occur, and some took overt steps to ensure it happened. Where is the accountability from our news media?

The bottom line is that many people and many agencies are responsible for this terrible travesty of justice which occurred against Major Clarence Anderson. The question is, what are they going to do about it? Is the pathetic attitude of, “oh well, sometimes stuff happens;” Is that acceptable? Does America just ignore it and move on?

Or, does America initiate aggressive action to correct what caused this travesty of justice? At some point, people must be held accountable for such outrageous events that fly in the face of those lovely credos that America is supposed to stand for.

Since no one in America is ever held accountable except for those at the pointy end of the political spear, why doesn’t anyone admit that a horrible injustice occurred? Hell, you can’t even get people to admit to the truth anymore, let alone do something to correct the problem.

Major Anderson wants the Air Force to confess to their heinous crimes against him. If they cannot bring themselves to do that, then he demands another trial preferably in a court that has some semblance of fairness.

Major Anderson cannot get back the 3.5 years he spent behind bars, nor can he get back those years he was cheated out of in raising his daughter. The least he should receive is an opportunity to bring the facts out in open court… all the facts. His name and reputation must be cleared and he must be made whole again.

If this happened to you, what would you want to happen?

TIP: For people on active duty in America’s military, and for the civilians being protected by the American military… vote as if your life depended on it. Because it does!