nov. 28, 2023 - reports a navy medical officer exposed covid/vaccine related issues. dod retaliates by having the it dept. block his computer because he reported myocarditis among naval aviators is up by 151%, heart failure up by a whopping 973% - Don't worry about America's enemies, worry about the dod and criminal admirals for concealing deadly information. Loose lips may sink ships, but navy coverups will kill navy pilots.

In their secret file cabinets, the Navy tracks their malicious prosecutions. The contents of which are NEVER shared with Congress or the media. And as people who have ridden on a stagecoach will tell you, NEVER trust anyone who is wearing a mask.

When the Navy chooses to protect an offender, innocent service members lives are destroyed. is poised, ready to expose a dangerous offender, an unscrupulous prosecutor, and a complicit Navy brass who are destroying the life of a true victim of sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, and other crimes.

Just when you think the military justice system can’t get any worse, the Navy takes a deep dive into the abyss of ethical and legal absurdity.

We offer this article as a preamble as we are tracking a travesty of a case in the Navy which is now unfolding.

Through our deep cover contacts, Military has reviewed hundreds of pages of documents, information, and evidence in this developing case.

At this time, we will not divulge any names, ranks, or military installations. This case is a result of a toxic and abusive short-term dating relationship between two Naval officers that went south.

This case is highly irregular as the person making the false allegations is a higher-ranking male officer and the falsely accused service member is a female junior officer. Ninety-nine percent of the time it’s the other way around.

The United States Navy has taken overt steps to railroad an innocent female officer out of the service. This officer became a tragic victim of sexual assault, domestic violence, and other crimes by her ex-partner.

When the ‘ex’ finally realized that the relationship was over for good, due to his abusive behavior and his proposal for marriage was rejected, he just couldn’t handle it. His ego would not take NO for an answer, and he embarked on a path of revenge.

Long after they had broken up and gone their separate ways, the male naval officer manufactured false allegations of domestic violence against the female not only for retribution but to protect himself from scrutiny for his own improper and criminal conduct. believes the male naval officer has embraced the philosophy that a strong offense provides a strong defense. The accuser is lying to deflect attention and cover up his own criminal misconduct.

This man was very afraid the female would report him for his crimes. So, he beat her in a race to the courthouse.

There is also evidence we have reviewed that this male officer was previously investigated as result of a complaint in 2020, from a civilian woman who experienced a sexual assault and stalking from this same man.

This same woman reported to NCIS and provided them with a letter she received from this man’s attorney that she describes as intimidating and threatening.


Normally, the military hates to involve themselves in a “he said – she said” dispute. The military typically will ignore the whole matter and let civilian authorities untangle the mess or let the Family Advocacy Program (FAP) handle it – which they both did.

The male initially made his delayed allegation of DV (domestic violence) to a local law enforcement agency, who conducted an investigation and presented the case to a local prosecutor for filing. It was immediately rejected by the local prosecutor for lack of evidence and probable cause. Case closed.

Then, Navy FAP reviewed and handled the matter. An Incident Determination Committee (IDC) held a hearing and by the preponderance of the evidence, concluded the male service member perpetrated both physical and emotional abuse of the female junior officer. The IDC found that the female was actually the victim of abuse.

In order to further prove her innocence, the female volunteered to undergo a grueling hours-long polygraph examination. She passed two polygraphs 100%!! No deception indicated. Those reports were disregarded and basically thrown in the trash.

Again, it’s normally the policy of the JAG Corps to avoid these messy domestic disputes, but not in this case. An unscrupulous JAG prosecutor got involved, who must have seen an opportunity for advancement (and also could have been pressured by a CO to charge). Sadly, those higher up in the food chain above the overzealous prosecutor never took steps to reign-in the prosecutor, or they have been misinformed and the situation spun out of control.


This is a textbook example we see often. The first accuser won the proverbial “race to the courthouse” to make the first allegation and was immediately presumed to be the “victim” from the outset. It is scary that in the military, a simple allegation alone can destroy your career and everything you’ve worked so hard for.

The false allegations alone have utterly destroyed the female officer’s promising career. She has suffered blatant ostracism and retaliation after receiving a safety transfer to a safe location away from the ex and obtained a military protective order (MPO).

Even on its face, the delayed report and timing of the allegations should have raised eyebrows. The male is taller, stronger, bigger, trained in mixed martial arts, and has a deployment and combat experience on his resume.

He’s previously been accused of stalking and sexual assault by a civilian woman who has no military connection. And he has a very strong motive to fabricate allegations! It doesn’t take a seasoned detective to get to the bottom of this case.


The junior female officer had unlimited potential to contribute to the Navy, no criminal history, nor any allegations of any type of misbehavior or performance issue in her life. But none of that seemed to matter to a JAG prosecutor.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) apparently drank the Kool-Aid and did what they could to make their “facts” fit their narrative that she was the problem, not him. NCIS embarked on a months-long muckraking mission to dig up any dirt they could find against the female naval officer.

The female naval officer submitted to a lie detector test. For six hours she was pummeled with questions. She passed with flying colors which greatly advanced her credibility that it was he who was lying, not her. But, naval prosecutors ignored the findings and continued their malicious action against her.

NCIS agents fanned out to interview her ex-fiancé and ex-boyfriends. Not a single one, NOT ONE, had anything bad to say about her. They certainly destroyed the myth that she had any violent tendencies or had ever acted inappropriately with anyone at any time.

Even though they could not find anyone to say anything negative, NCIS and the JAG Corps pressed on. It was clear that naval authorities were laser focused on doing everything in their power to set up the female naval officer for personal, professional, and financial ruin.

The entirety of the truth didn’t matter as long as the political and ideological narrative is followed, but we will dive into that in another article, if needed.

Moreover, it appears the Navy may have made a conscious decision to defend the party which the Navy had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in training costs and attack the junior naval officer instead. She’s clearly the disposable one.

Not to mention – the Navy out of all the branches – has the reputation as still being the “good ole’ boys club.”

The unspoken reality with military justice is the fact that commanding officers and JAG prosecutors cherry-pick who they want to protect and who they want to skewer with the sword of “justice.”

This is especially true in sexual assault and domestic violence cases. The winners and losers are determined, not by the facts, but by the whims of people climbing the ladder of success in the American Armada.

It matters who makes an allegation. Things are considered that shouldn’t be, such as rank, status, profession, and whether that person checks the box for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“Keystone Kop” is an expression still regularly applied to an individual or a group that is extremely incompetent while exhibiting an uncommon amount of energy in the pursuit of failure.

Is this just a case of prosecutors acting like the proverbial Keystone Kops (1912-1917) who are being deceived by a conniving male naval officer who is using Navy investigative agencies to get back at his ex-girlfriend?

This case involves, but is not limited to, the following examples of misconduct…

• prosecutorial misconduct,
• official misconduct,
• ostracism and retaliation,
• stalking with an Apple AirTag confirmed by a cyber counter surveillance company,
• impersonation of the victim to numerous men over text messages,
• a cyber threat of great bodily injury or death,
• countless invasions of privacy of the female’s cell phone, email, and online accounts over 50+ times and,
• the stalking and illegal entry of the male into the female victims home late at night on multiple occasions with a witness present!


Like we mentioned, the male naval officer had previously been accused and investigated for stalking, sexual assault, and audio recording the sexual assault in 2020 involving a civilian woman. And, what happened in that particular case, you might ask?

The male naval officer hired an attorney who sent a letter to the victim, which according to the female civilian victim was intimidating and threatening. While not nearly as bad, it’s the same technique Al Capone used to intimidate potential witnesses against him.

Were the attorney’s methods a criminal act? Witness intimidation and obstruction of justice is most certainly criminal in nature. This same attorney, with deep ties to the Navy JAGC, has entered this case as well.

In the military JAG Corps, it is commonly known that if you want to fast-track your career, the best way is to consistently get those notches on your gun handle is to charge and convict.

A JAG prosecutor will get special brownie points if the case involves domestic violence or sexual assault cases. Navy JAGs politic to be assigned to the newly formed Office of Special Trial Counsel (OSTC), which is a career-enhancing billet and stepping-stone for promotion.

Adding insult to injury, it is no secret that the rogue Navy prosecutor has a personal vendetta with a member of the female naval officer’s defense team. This appears to be a motivating factor why the case escalated to an unprecedented level.


Pursuant to the American Bar Association’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct, the decision to institute formal charges is the responsibility of the prosecutor. A prosecutor is THE responsible person for charging. A commanding officer should not pressure a prosecutor to recommend or prefer charges nor pressure jury members to render a certain decision. To do so is the illegal act of committing undue or unlawful command influence. Sadly, it happens all the time. People who do it are rarely held accountable.

To summarize, The Model Rules of Professional Conduct require:

A prosecutor should seek or file criminal charges only if the prosecutor reasonably believes that every single charge is supported not only by probable cause, but that admissible evidence will be sufficient to support conviction beyond a reasonable doubt and that the decision to charge is in the interests of justice.

Furthermore, when that prosecutor becomes aware that exculpatory evidence exists, they are to seek out that evidence.

Why has the mountain of information and evidence of the male officer’s misconduct never been investigated?

Why has exculpatory evidence exonerating the female naval officer never been given any weight by the Navy?

Why were the results of the IDC in favor of the female naval officer ignored?

The falsely accused female naval officer also requested immunity in order to provide evidence and testimony of a sexual assault of this ex-boyfriend. Her immunity request was DENIED! Why was it denied?? It is so blatant the Navy is doing everything possible to silence the female naval officer and railroad her out.

The Model Rules of Professional Conduct further state that a prosecutor should not allow interests in personal advancement or aggrandizement to affect his/her judgment regarding what is in the best interests of justice. Unfortunately, they’re just words and not reality.

This case reminds us of the infamous evil and corrupt prosecutor Mike Nifong and the Duke Lacrosse case in 2006 in Durham, North Carolina.

Three young men were falsely accused of a horrible gang-rape by the corrupt Michael Nifong (pictured above). Had not the truth leaked out, the three Lacrosse players would have gone to prison for decades. is aware that at least one formal complaint by a non-profit, military support advocacy organization has been filed with the state bar association where the rogue Navy prosecutor is licensed.

Our last information indicates the state bar has opened an investigation and issued a case number.

There is recoverable electronic evidence revealing that one Navy JAG officer involved with the case has been following the social media pages of the female victim in a seemingly voyeuristic and ‘creepy’ manner.

For this alone, the JAG officer should be removed from this case.

In a completely unnecessary and appalling act, the male naval officer and/or his attorney or both, sent intimate photos of the female to the JAG Corps.

These photos had absolutely NO evidentiary value other than to humiliate, embarrass, harass, and shame the female. What kind of person does such a thing? It is unknown at this time if those photos were shared with any other persons.

This overt act looks to us like a crime of non-consensual distribution of intimate images and should be investigated by NCIS.

The male naval officer and his attorney should have done their homework and reviewed a recent 2023 Texas case where a woman was awarded a $1.2-billion-dollar settlement in a similar case.

At a time when recruiting is at an all-time low, would you want your daughter to sign up to be in the United States Navy? Keep your sons and daughters out of the military until substantive reforms are made.

There is still time for the Navy to do the right thing. Whether they do or not is up to them. is carefully tracking this case and continuing to gather information. We posted this article only as a brief piece of information right now and will inform our readers of further developments.