Commandant David Omura, formally in command of the DORN VA Medical Center. The Nazis stole art from the famous museums throughout Europe, Omura is being accused of misappropriating bonus money.

The DORN VA Medical Center in Columbia, South Carolina is, once again, back in the news. Under the guiding hand of Commandant David “Schultz” Omura, morale in the senior nursing corps has gone from bad to worse. In some cases, it’s in the toilet.

People are reporting to that Ruth Mustard and the infamous Wally Harper have teamed up to place DORN VA Medical Center nurses in areas of the hospital considered to be very high risk for contracting the serious Corona virus presently plaguing America and countries throughout the world.

As we’ve known nearly from the start of this pandemic, but have chosen to downplay in our public messaging and public policy, COVID-19 is brutally lethal for the elderly, a little less so for the middle-aged, and still less so for the young.

In the middle of a pandemic, the deadliest place to work in a hospital is where new patients are being received, AKA: inpatient floors. Since the danger of catching and succumbing to the Corona virus is much greater for older people, logically you would think that only young nurses and doctors who are properly trained would be detailed to work on the inpatient floors of a hospital.

The DORN VA MEDICAL CENTER in Columbia, South Carolina

The DORN VA Medical Center in Columbia South Carolina has a different view of how to “manage” in a hospital setting.

It has been reported that Ruth Mustard and the infamous Walter Harper at the DORN VA Medical Center, have conjured up a plan to put older nurses, that are much more susceptible of catching the Corona virus, on the inpatient floors of the medical center.

Many of these nurses have been out of the inpatient clinical setting for more than ten (10) years. But, suddenly they received transfers to the inpatient floors of the hospital. In a cavalier attempt to make it look like they were doing their job, Mustard and Harper provided only a single day of training before transferring these nurses to work in an inpatient-clinical setting.

It begs the question; why in the world would VA administrators put theses nurses into a work environment where their age makes them particularly more susceptible to contracting and possibly dying from the deadly COVID-19 virus?

If the older nurses are more susceptible to being infected with this horrible plague, would that not also place veterans being admitted to the hospital in more danger as well, especially our older vets?

In one particular case, a nurse being detailed to the inpatient floor “HAS NEVER DONE CLINICAL NURSING” since she graduated many, many years ago. When we find ourselves struggling with a deadly pandemic, wouldn’t you detail people who actually have clinical nursing experience?

Is the DORN VA Medical Center in compliance with employee rights and responsibility policies? It seems that it would be prudent to first ask for volunteers, before issuing transfer orders to anyone. Then, if no one volunteers, transfers are proposed on the basis of seniority, with the most senior employees given first right of refusal.

Then, we wonder if the DORN VA Medical Center is actually in compliance with CDC policies and recommendations with regard to employees who are considered in a high-risk category. A week ago, we were told that DORN VA Medical Center had nineteen (19) patents who had contracted the COVID-19 virus.

Nurses are not being told how long they will have to work in this deadly clinical setting.

All these nurses work under the infamous Walter Harper, who wrote about in early June 2020 (

If Wally Harper was signing his uncle’s name on radiology reports or certifying with his own name, he should be wearing prison orange. Instead, the DORN VA Medical Center has Wally screwing up another department.

While the number of COVID cases may be rising in certain areas of the country, there does not seem to be, what would be considered as an emergency surge of COVID patients to justify sending vulnerable senior nurses into a clinical inpatient floor setting.


This is either just more bumbling ineptitude by the administration of the DORN VA Medical center, or something more sinister.

The cynical part of us, makes us believe the DORN VA Medical Center might have a hidden agenda to force older nurses to retire earlier than they had planned or wanted to.

We are not cynical enough to believe the DORN Medical Center is attempting to force people to retire, or kill them off with the easy-to-blame COVID pandemic as the bogey man.

So what can be done? Don’t waste time attempting to get the inspector general to investigate. Inspector generals are really there to find out where the smoke is coming from, then put out the politically damaging fire with a pathetic investigation or no investigation at all.

We suggest that if any of these nurses get sick from the virus, and God forbid die from the virus, go find a lawyer and sue the living shit out of these people. It seems that is the only thing they respond to, that, and bad press.

Why does Wally Harper still have a job at the VA? Why does Commandant David “Shultz” Omura still have a job at the VA? These people have so mismanaged the DORN VA Medical Center, that it’s time to find people who actually have integrity.

Oh yes, we continue to ask the same question. Where the hell is Renee Oshinsky? Does she even work at the VA anymore? If she does, then why does she continue to allow this crap to continue?

Renee Oshinsky, Responsible for all things in the VISN 7 Network.