Air Force General John Hyten and Army Colonel Kathyrn Spletstoser (Courtesy of the UK Daily Mail)

We received an email from a naval officer concerned that was wading into the swampy water of “he said, she said” disputes. Unless you’re King Solomon, it’s difficult for anyone to figure out who is the real culprit in such situations.

Based on the wise counsel of this particular naval officer, we decided to take another look at the Hyten vs. Spletstoser case.

While General Hyten has a sordid past, it now turns out that Army Col. Kathryn Spletstoser apparently has a questionable past as well. She has a habit of exploiting the military system by taking full use of the “all women must be believed all the time” attitude in Washington.

Here was the email we received yesterday from a Marine officer…

I was Kathryn Spletstoser’s direct supervisor in the Pentagon for a year when I worked for Army General Ben Hodges.

When she left for Korea in 2011, she gave me a shout out at her farewell as the finest Marine she’d ever served with. Those accolades were short lived after I sat down with her concerning her officer efficiency report (OER).

After I went over her OER with her the following morning, she cried and stormed out of the room in a rage. Then she literally tried to “shoot” me as the messenger, since it was General Hodges’ who wrote the OER on her, not me.

In retaliation for the OER she received, Spletstoser immediately went to the Joint Staff IG’s office and filed a complaint, not against General Hodges, but against me for allegedly creating a “hostile work environment.” Can you believe that shit?

Breaking the bad news to then Lieutenant Colonel Spletstoser that General Hodges was dissatisfied with certain aspects of her performance as an Army officer was considered by her as a “hostile work environment.”

My thoughts on her… Kathy Spletstoser is a high-maintenance employee… I thought many times that I was dealing with a Lance Corporal, not a Lieutenant Colonel.

Spletstoser is cunning, conniving, manipulative, and always embellishing her own work, or trying to take credit for the work of others.

I caught Colonel Spletstoser in several lies. I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her. Making up a story about General Hyten to bring attention to herself would not shock or surprise me at all.

A major investigation was initiated. Six months later those who investigated the matter concluded there was simply no basis for a complaint about a hostile work environment. Spletstoser caused a massive waste of time and money from filing a fraudulent complaint about a “hostile work environment.”

I would caution anyone who believes anything coming out of her mouth. If her lips are moving, she’s probably lying and has no sense of honor or decency at all. General Hodges was right all along, and because she disagreed with the general’s assessment, she decided to stab me (the messenger) in the back.

It’s sad to know that one day she will receive an honorable discharge, because she is anything but honorable.

Thank you to those who have written in on the subject. And, a special thanks to the wise counsel we received from the naval officer who took the time to send us a note of caution about Spletstoser. His communique sent us back to investigative mode.

For the record, we know that a multitude of women have been abused by people… then by the system. Horrible atrocities have been committed against women, but now the tables have been turned. Horrible atrocities are being committed against men. We encourage our readers to review the Clarence Anderson articles on our website.

We refuse to believe all women all the time. There are those who pull down a bra strap and yell rape to destroy a man. One must be always on guard and not take things at face value from either the men or the women.

Some information outlets just refuse to even report on such disputes, while others report the grievances of both sides and let the readers decide who is credible, and who is not.

There are tons of stories of corruption that need to be exposed. We will continue the fight for truth and exposing the corrupt in the desire that we can hopefully introduce corrective action for the betterment of all., over and out.