Bridgit and Peter "Scum Bag" Hardin shown here in a wedding announcement. Beautiful and intelligent Bridgit didn't know it, but she married a pure scum bag Marine officer. His life was a six-mile wide path of destruction in countless lives of unsuspecting women who became victims. (Photo by Celeste Mackenroth)

Holy mackerel, the information that comes through our front door is always interesting. There’s an individual who is running to be the District Attorney of Orange County, California that got ushered out of the military because he couldn’t keep his dick in his trousers.

There are different levels of stolen valor and ex-Marine Peter Hardin has been despicably using his dubious military service on his campaign website to encourage voters to entrust their vote with him. In the Navy we called this behavior as being lower than whale turds.

Peter Parrish Hardin was the son of Judge Adlai Stevenson Hardin Jr. of New York. His dad was a retired federal bankruptcy judge for the Southern District of New York. Judge Hardin is a cousin of the late Governor Adlai E. Stevenson who twice ran for president.

In the picture above, Captain Hardin (age 32) was a trial counsel with the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate for Marine Forces Reserve in New Orleans. He graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder and received his law degree from George Washington University.


Hardin as a new Marine officer, trying to blend in with the Fall colors

To our knowledge, Peter Hardin is no relation to the famous outlaw John Wesley Hardin who killed his first human being at age 15. Pursued by lawmen for most of his life, in 1877 at the age of 23, John Wesley Hardin was sentenced to 24 years in prison for murder.

At the time of sentencing, Hardin claimed to have killed 42 men, while contemporary newspaper accounts attributed 27 deaths to him.

While we doubt Peter Hardin killed anyone, the bank robber and our Marine Corps lawyer were similar in that they both studied law and loved to twist and distort the truth beyond recognition.

John Wesley was well known for exaggerating or fabricating stories about his life and claimed credit for many killings that cannot be corroborated. Peter Hardin, like John Wesley Hardin is also fabricating his resume so he can dupe the voters in Orange County to vote for him as their new District Attorney in November.

As a final note, within a year of John Wesley’s release in 1894, Hardin was killed by John Selman in an El Paso saloon.

Peter Hardin pursued a different course in life, joining the Marines and becoming a JAG officer. The Marines eventually could no longer cover up the sexual exploits of Capt. Peter Hardin and ultimately filed charges against him.

One of those charges was for adultery, but since he was a JAG officer, the Marines, some who really do not believe in equal justice under law, gave Capt. Hardin a “get-out-of-jail” card. Hardin was allowed to resign from the Marines in lieu of a court martial.

One of the members of our own staff was a Navy pilot and lieutenant commander who was charged with adultery. Since he was a carrier pilot and not a JAG officer, the Navy convened a full-blown general court martial and threw him out of the service with a dishonorable discharge.

Hardin slipped out of the backdoor of the Marine Corps only to later throw his hat in the ring for Orange County District Attorney. We are curious as to what type of discharge that Hardin actually received from the Marine Corps.


Remember the case of former South Carolina Solicitor Dan Johnson. BTW, on the West Coast we call them district attorneys, on the East Coast they call them “solicitors.” Dan Johnson couldn’t keep his dick in his shorts either and got in all sorts of trouble after former Army Capt. Earl Graham blew the whistle.

Dan Johnson, also a JAG lawyer is given an honorable discharge by the United States Army, and we are thinking that Scumbag Peter Hardin also received an honorable discharge from the Marine Corps after his malfeasance. is actively working to get a copy of Peter’s DD-214 to see what discharge he actually received.


Taking full advantage of being able to skillfully spout one lie after another to unsuspecting women, Hardin may have been sponging off of hardworking women, as he drifted from one loser job to another. All the time, he was unemployed or underemployed, Hardin purportedly bounced in and out of sex addict classes.

We think his enrollment in sex addiction classes may have been a dodge to avoid being sued by the women he took to the cleaners. After all, it’s hard to convince a judge or jury he’s an evil SOB, if he is seeking treatment for a “disease.” Buy showing his graduation card from Sex Addiction University, Hardin could also explain away his contemptable behavior.

Maybe the forgiving public will let bygones be bygones, and vote Scumbag Hardin into power so he can carry a badge and gun.

With a little help from a friend, ex-Marine Peter Hardin secured a job at the Orange County DA’s office as a volunteer. His job lasted only about six months when he was suddenly fired apparently for cause after deputies read articles on


Sources close to the events said he was erratic, showing up whenever he wanted to. Some suspected a drug problem.

Peter was allegedly depressed, feeling compelled to attend sex-addict classes, therefore he couldn’t concentrate on the work at the DA’s office. But, amazingly, the DA gave the poor slob some latitude since he was an unpaid employee.

Again, we suspect Hardin was probably living off some woman he was lying to. It wasn’t until he was hitting on crime victims for sex at the DA’s office, that the district attorney had enough. The DA  demanded Hardin’s RESIGNATION immediately.

We are told that Horn Dog Hardin took crime victims on dates and allegedly told female victims of crime that he could handle their cases much more effectively for certain sexual favors. If true, SCUMBAG doesn’t begin to describe candidate shit-bird Peter Hardin.


Sources say Hardin went into private practice, which means he had a law license but no clients. A few months ago, hoping his dismissal from the DA’s office, Hardin made an announcement that he was running to be the next District Attorney of Orange County. Can one say arrogance?

Some people believe there is a movement to change all the district attorney’s in America to radical assholes so BLM and ANTIFA terrorists get a pass when they are arrested for rape, murders and mayhem.

For many of our readers, America’s school system has already gone down the toilet, now the very foundation of our legal system is eroding as well. To many of our senior citizens, Americans don’t seem to believe in the rule-of-law anymore.

A socialist radical with military service is perfect to help dupe the voting public. When people hear about someone with a possible radical addenda, they think, “Hey, he can’t be all that bad, because he served our country.”

That’s when the voters fall in the trap and vote for individuals who will undermine the foundations of our legal system. Yeah, let’s defund the police and see how that works out for ya.

The grapevine is saying that Peter Hardin has a commitment from a certain political party and George Soros to the tune of $5,000,000 to run for Orange County DA. You see my dear friends, if you have enough money and a fawning news media, you run Jack the Ripper and still become the chief law enforcement officer of the county.


Pete Hardin trying to look macho. May have used this picture to WOW the ladies.

It turns out that wrote an article about Peter Hardin many years ago. When deputy district attorneys read the article, they discovered the guy they had working behind the counter didn’t tell the whole story about his departure from the Marine Corps.

Our website tipped off the DA’s office that Hardin was not the “honorable” Marine they thought he was, regardless of how the Marines characterized Hardin’s service.

Upon investigating, the Orange County DA’s office realized they had a real problem and took immediate action to remove Hardin from access to cases and victims he was victimizing all over again.

This information is all in Hardin’s personnel file which is being carefully guarded by the Orange County personnel office.

That article about Pete Hardin published on around 2015, was taken down when Major Glenn MacDonald passed away.

We still may have it in our archives if the DA needs a copy.

Orange County legal counsel protects personnel files allegedly for the good of all concerned parties. My God, the people of Orange County, especially the women of Orange County should be considered as a concerned party for Heaven sake.

In a wink, wink, nod, nod, the DA’s office, during a records request, implied they had the information being sought, but they cannot release it. In other words, they admitted the evidence of Peter Hardin’s misconduct exists, but won’t release it. Orange County’s RESPONSE to a records request conveys a clear message between the lines.

It makes one wonder if an employee at the Orange County DA’s office admitted to the murder of 5,000 people in Rwanda, would they have the same response as they did when responding to a records request for Peter “Scumbag” Hardin?


Just imagine what kind of treatment people will get from the Hardin District Attorney’s office. We can hear him now, “I’ll drop all charges for a blow job.” Think of all the victims of rape and sexual assaults, some of whom will be victimized again by the DA himself. has a few friends in the Pentagon who might be willing to part with some information about how and why Hardin left the Marine Corps. Having it on good authority isn’t really good enough, we need hard facts. We want to see Hardin’s DD-214. We want to hear from people in the Marine Corps who have first hand knowledge of his misconduct.

We want the women to come forward. Ladies, if this ethically and legally challenged candidate for district attorney betrayed you, contact us with the details. It’s absolutely outrageous that Peter Hardin is attempting to buy the office of district attorney. Will Orange County, California end up paying for Peter’s sex addiction classes if he wins the race and becomes the district attorney?

If Hardin wins the seat as the Orange County District Attorney, the good-ole-boys will rally around him and look the other way when he falls off the wagon and begins to use the power of his office for sexual liaisons. If you’re a woman and a victim of a sexual assault or worse, how comfortable are you going to be when a deputy DA tells you the district attorney wants to meet with you privately to “discuss” your case?

Remember H. Ross Perot? Perot fired an employee for having an affair on his wife, even though is work performance at Electronic Data Systems (EDS) was exemplary. Ba Ba Wa Wa (Barbara Walters) asked Perot what in the world his thinking was. Perot said somethin that we believe is so very true… With a stone cold stare, Perot said, “If your wife can’t trust you then why should I?”

The people of any county, especially the women, cannot afford to have such an underhanded and dishonorable individual as their chief law enforcement officer. And hey, you good police officers out there… if the people see fit to elect Peter Scumbag Hardin to this high office, we recommend making your resignation effective the day prior to his swearing in.


If you feel our representations have been unfair or maligned you in any way, we await for your response in the form of a sworn statement. That’s what law enforcement demands of people, now the people are demanding it of you as a candidate for district attorney.

If you don’t want to do that, then give permission for Orange County to release your entire personnel record. If you have nothing to hide from the people you are asking to represent, then immediately demand your personnel file be released to

If you prefer to keep your past buried, then consider withdrawing from the race before we obtain all the truth from the Pentagon. My staffers want me to ask you if you were fraternizing with enlisted personnel when you were on active duty. If not, then please categorically deny it in a sworn statement.

If all of our sources are giving us false information then we will do a major housecleaning at and defend your honor. It’s time to come clean on this. The people of Orange County demand no less. The people of Orange County do not want a predictor being in charge of prosecuting sex crimes.

Were you, as a volunteer, using the DA’s office to fulfill your sexual fantasies? You must admit it’s a bit strange that a person fired from the DA’s office is now running to be the district attorney. Certainly you can understand the red-flags that have been raised about you.

And oh, remove your contact info and SSN from your DD-214, to let the voters know that you indeed left the military with an honorable discharge. If you don’t have a copy, we should have a copy within a couple of weeks along with the specific circumstances as to how and why you left the Marine Corps.

Pete P. Hardin giving a campaign speech. Remember, good campaign speeches do not use pickup lines in an attempt to get laid by someone in the audience. Hey, you voters in Orange County; we strongly recommend that you keep your eye on this guy. It seems to us, he simply cannot be trusted, especially around your daughters.