STATUS UPDATES: Aundre Piggee, Colonel Daniel Wilson, Major Clarence Anderson, Kurt Sonntag, Major Erik Burris, Danyelle Luckey, Major Andrew Higgins, Renee Oshinsky

The house of leadership for military personnel - The Pentagon

Lieutenant General Major General Aundre F. Piggee, United States Army

Former? Lieutenant General “Cut-and-Paste” Aundre F. Piggee.

The Army was trying to figure out a way to get Aundre Piggee quietly into retirement with his three stars. But, we are now being told that on Friday, November 15, 2019, Piggee lost a star and is now a Major General.

Again, we have no verification of this, but our sources, who have been very accurate in the past, tell us that Piggee is not only going to leave the Army as a Major General, but has also had his degree from the Army’s war college rescinded.

One of the emails we received said the following…

“Update: since your last update, and actually on last Friday, the Army reduced Lt. Gen. Piggee to Major General. He has also lost his degree from the War College. While the IG ignored this for years, you ( were able to uncover it.

Think of the soldiers and junior officers whose careers were impacted by Cut-and-paste Piggee. Think of those honorable senior leaders that didn’t get selected for promotion because the promotion went to cut-and-paste Piggee.

Think of the leader that didn’t get selected to the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame because that honor went to cut and pasted Piggee. Again, thank you for your work. Keeping them honest.

Unfortunately cut and paste is still going to get a substantial taxpayer-funded retirement even though he has served dishonorably. But again, you uncovered more than the Army was willing to deal with without your involvement.”

Lt. Gen. Leslie “look the other way” Smith, Inspector General of the United States Army.

Whoops, aren’t we missing a culprit? How about the man who covered up the malfeasance, Lt. Gen. Leslie “Koala Bear” Smith who is allegedly the Inspector General of the United States Army. If someone covers up a crime, isn’t that person also guilty of a crime as well. What would they call it … Accessory to falsifying an official document, after the fact?

If the Army has any integrity at all, they will walk into LTG Smith’s office and relieve him of his duties, demote him and kick him the hell out of the Army as well.

If they are going to hold Piggee accountable, then by all rights, they should be holding their pathetic inspector general accountable also.

The cover up is generally always worse than the crime. If that is true, then LTG Smith needs to be taken down a few stars and put out of the Army, just like Piggee.

Actually, we think they both need to be court martialed, because that’s exactly what the military would do to a junior officer. The two-tiered judicial system is the core of the problem when discussing the unequal application of the law in the military.

Colonel Daniel H. Wilson, United States Marine Corps

Colonel Daniel H. Wilson, USMC

Colonel Dan Wilson is being closely watched by military authorities. Angry prosecutors, embarrassed by their own legal misconduct are just itching to get Wilson back in court, even for a minor slip-up.

JAG lawyers who railroaded Wilson into prison, were backhanded by the Navy-Marine Criminal Court of Appeals when they tossed out the conviction of Dan Wilson with prejudice.

The news media has failed to mention that of sixteen charges, Wilson was found “not guilty” of fifteen. The hand-picked officer’s panel (they call it a jury, but it really was a handpicked group that would bring in a guilty verdict), convicted Wilson of one charge to ensure their own future military careers.

It was the most ambiguous of the original sixteen charges, and had the Navy-Marine Corps appellate court not overturned “with prejudice” for “factual insufficiency,” they would have overturned it “with prejudice” for “legal insufficiency.”

For the remaining seven (add-on) minor charges (product of a command investigation… aka witch hunt), Wilson was given “no punishment” by the Commanding General of II MEF, headquartered in Camp Lejeune, NC, who convened the court against Wilson.

Wilson waived his right to a sentencing “rehearing,” because it would have been comprised of another officer panel of all general officers. It would have to be, since Wilson is the most senior colonel in the Marine Corps.

Wilson would not have received a “fair shake” from a panel of general officers, and in fact, they could have given Wilson a longer sentence than what he received from the first so-called jury.

Wilson also waived his right to a Board of Inquiry, which typically recommends to the Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) an officer’s retirement rank and characterization of service.

Instead the convening authority is recommending that Wilson be busted down to the rank of major and thrown out of the military with an “Other than Honorable” discharge. SECNAV now has the final say in the matter since the JAG attorneys screwed up the case so badly.

This past Friday, Wilson’s lawyers submitted his “rebuttal” package to the convening authority’s recommendation, which will go to SECNAV in Washington. It contained nearly 40 “character letters” from Marines that Wilson served with in the past.

On November 1, 2019, Wilson was placed on “administrative leave”, which is the leave he had accrued prior to his court martial in September 2017.

When all of his leave runs out, Wilson will be on “excess leave”, and they will cut off his pay-check entirely until SECNAV makes his final decision regarding Wilson’s case. Wilson’s lawyers believe SECNAV will probably decide by January 2020, but it could take much longer  and well into year 2020.

Once again, the prosecutors will have exacted more pain and anguish for Colonel Wilson other than the bogus court martial and being railroaded into prison for two years, nine months of a 5.5 year prison sentence. This time prosecutors will find more delight when Wilson will be forced to accept some menial job until SECNAV ultimately makes his decision on Wilson’s life and career.

The government still owes Wilson two years and nine months of back wages because he was wrongfully convicted in inadequate evidence. The whole backpay issue has been placed on the shelf until SECNAV makes his decision.

Wilson was forced to go to the Navy Relief Society to get a temporary loan to survive. He and his wife had lost everything, then suddenly he is kicked out into the real world with nothing. Wilson and his wife moved into a 900 SF apartment in Oceanside. But, Wilson takes it all in stride saying, “there is more room in here than I had in prison for 1009 days.”

Although Wilson is a much stronger man for the experience, his friends say he could very well experience symptoms of post-confinement PTSD. Wilson admits that he gets anxious for no apparent reason.

He has anxiety issues, thinking any moment, the American gestapo (NCIS) is going to show up at his door with eight agents and another confinement order. People in the military do not realize just how easy it is for military authorities to deprive you of your liberty, with or without, any credible evidence.

We think the military is missing a golden opportunity, because there is no one better qualified to run the military’s penal system than Colonel Dan Wilson.

Wilson should be promoted to flag-rank and given the authority commensurate with his responsibility to make major reforms on how we treat prisoners incarcerated in the military penal system. No one knows better than he does about how prisoners are treated behind the walls of a military prison.

Wilson’s life is now on the desk of Richard V. Spencer, Secretary of the Navy.

Major Clarence Anderson, United States Air Force

Major Clarence Anderson, USAF

The lawsuit filed by Major Clarence Anderson III against the Secretary of the Air Force and the Judge Advocate General of the Air Force for withholding exculpatory evidence to prove his innocence and subsequently lying to Congress in order to maintain his wrongful conviction, is still awaiting the government’s response.

Though Anderson has filed his lawsuit against officials within the Department of Defense, it is attorney’s within the Department of Justice who is representing the Air Force in the suit.

The lawsuit also discloses the unlawful guidance from the Judge Advocate General of the Air Force at the time charges were referred against Anderson, Lieutenant General Richard Harding, who passed instructions to all Air Force JAG Officers that ‘all victims are to be believed and their cases referred to trial’.

Anderson was convicted of sexual assault and other related charges against his then wife, even though civilian law enforcement officials testified at his trial that they found no evidence that Anderson ever committed any crime.

The government has 60 days to respond to Anderson’s lawsuit, and their response is due on or around the 26th of this month.

Anderson was convicted by judge alone panel of sexual assault and other related charges against his then wife, even though civilian law enforcement officials testified at his trial that they found no evidence that Anderson ever committed any crime.

Anderson was convicted by a military judge of sexual assault and other related charges against his then wife. The military judge came to this conclusion even though civilian law enforcement officials testified at his trial that they found no evidence that Anderson ever committed any crime.

The judge alone verdict was influenced by the Judge Advocate General of the Air Force’s guidance to believe all victims regardless of the facts or the truth.

Again, in the military, you don’t need evidence to convict someone. All you need is a political movement that makes it unfashionable to even question the veracity of someone’s testimony. If the lies fit with the political narrative, your goose is cooked in the military, and you are sent to a military gulag.

Lieutenant General Major General Kurt Sonntag, United States Army

Kurt Sonntag

Lieutenant General is forced out of the military and goes out as a Major General for his reign of terror at the Green Beret school. The United States Army let Sonntag slither out of the military on August 19, 2019.

For those who do not know the story about Sonn- “of a bitch” -tag…


Goodbye and good riddance. Sonntag should have been stripped of his rank to the level of major and removed from the military with an other than honorable discharge for the terror he waged against people who were telling the truth.

By weakening our special forces, he weakened America and should have been held accountable. Secretly letting Sonntag slither into retirement as a major general is hardly holding him accountable for the damage he has done.

Major Erik Burris, United States Army

Major Erik Burris, USA

Major Erik Burris was a former Army prosecutor, a JAG lawyer helping to put people in prison who violated military law. In fact, Burris was a JAG supervisor over prosecutions of Army personnel.

His wife went to the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) and accused her husband Major Erik Burris of rape. And yes, you guessed it… there was a bitter custody battle going on, so his wife accused him not only of rape, but abusing their children also.

The investigating officer said, “My assessment is that Ms. Burris’ allegations . . . her statements to CID . . . were driven by a combination of motives. The evidence in the case file and testimony suggests she embellished or made untruthful and or inconsistent claims . . . her displays of emotion . . . did not appear genuine . . . I am left with no other alternative but that Ms. Burris is fabricating her allegations.”

So, why would the brass do such an obvious railroad job on Burris? Did they have it in for him and was looking for any way to shove a shiv in his back? Could be.

Our sources tell us Burris mightily pissed off the powers that be when he testified for an Army captain in a court-martial proceeding last year. Burris even had the temerity to reveal, under oath, that sometimes in his position as JAG supervisor of sexual assault cases at Fort Bragg, that “pressure” was brought to bear on him to swiftly move the accusations to an Article 32 proceeding, even when “proof” was “iffy” at best.

You can bet that was embarrassing to the Command. And we think it played a major role in what happened to MAJ Burris.

We have reached out to the Burris family for an update. The last thing we heard is that his appeal to the appeals court was sadly denied. Burris was railroaded into prison, because he broke ranks. He didn’t go along to get along and the military used their biased judicial system to ruin his life.

Danyelle Luckey, United States Navy (deceased)
Daughter of Derrick and Annette Luckey

Danyelle Luckey, USN, given Tylenol and sent back to her rack where she died several days later.

According to NBC – Twenty-three-year-old Danyelle Luckey died shortly after departing for her first tour of duty on the USS Ronald Reagan, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier stationed in the Pacific in 2016.

The Navy’s investigation into her death found that she died of natural causes – sepsis. But an NBC Bay Area review of hundreds of pages of Navy records found potential concerns about the level of timely and adequate care Luckey received.

Luckey’s family sued the Navy last October, but a long-standing Supreme Court decision – known as the Feres Doctrine – could stand in their way.

The Feres Doctrine prevents military personnel from suing the government for medical malpractice, but Luckey’s family is currently pinning their hopes on a bill introduced earlier this year that would carve out an exemption allowing service members, who believe they suffered medical malpractice outside of combat, to sue for reparations and relief.

Raised in Pittsburg, Calif., Danyelle enlisted in May 2016 and joined the aircraft carrier in late September when it was docked in Guam. Less than a week later, she texted her mother saying she was vomiting and feeling ill.

Danyelle went to the ship’s medical department the next day, on Oct. 4, for a standard flu vaccination and reported her symptoms. She was given the vaccination despite protocol recommending additional medical consultation because she was feeling ill.

As her symptoms persisted, and later worsened, Danyelle went to the medical department another four times over the next five days. She was prescribed bed-rest, IV fluids, Tylenol and Motrin and administered a rapid flu and strep test.

Medical staff initially attributed Danyelle’s symptoms to the flu and sea-sickness. At one point, according to testimony from one of Danyelle’s shipmates included in the Navy report, the shipmate asked medical staff to help carry Danyelle to the medical unit because she could barely move her legs.

It wasn’t until the night before she died, Oct. 9, that Danyelle was finally admitted to the medical ward. And it wasn’t until the following morning that medical staff drew her blood for testing, a fact that another shipmate found concerning.

No one seems to know why the medical staff waited until the fifth day to draw her blood. That, by itself, is a classic example of gross negligence.

The blood tests revealed late-stage kidney and liver failure. Preparations were made to evacuate Danyelle Luckey off the ship to a medical facility in Korea, but she went into cardiac arrest and died shortly after.

Danyelle’s parents have been seeking accountability from the Navy since their daughter’s death in October 2016, but the Feres Doctrine hurdle likely needs to be cleared first.

The Feres Doctrine is a body of law that America has adopted from English Common Law that states the King is above the law, and has sovereign immunity from any accountability. The only problem is that America isn’t supposed to have a King.

The Luckey family hired attorney Natalie Khawam to take their case against the Navy. Khawam, an advocate of the Bill, said she’s currently representing other service members and their families seeking to sue the military for medical malpractice.

“If we can’t better the standard of care for our troops, then what kind of country are we?” she said. “How can we ask them to protect us, but we can’t protect them?”

Derick Luckey Sr. says he plans to leave no stone unturned in his pursuit of justice for his daughter.

“My daughter signed up for the United States Navy to serve her country,” Luckey said. “And to be treated this way? Unacceptable.”

Former Major Andrew Higgins, United States Army

Major Andrew Higgins and wife Nah-Lin Yanez in Hawaii after she received a certificate of completion from the Installation Mgmt. Command

The wife of Major Higgins is all smiles in the picture, but she was in a flood of tears when the United States Army ripped her and her husband from base housing and escorted them to the front gate.

The Army attempted to remove Major Higgins by the usual tactics. First they applied fear and intimidation. When that didn’t work, they threatened legal charges. The problem was they didn’t have anything on him, he was clean.

Then they resorted to multiple psych examinations. That fizzled out also. Finally, Major General Ron “the skunk” Clark resorted to a board of hand-picked people, who not surprisingly gave the general what he desired, a recommendation to OTH Major Higgins.

Yes, a board of fawning parasitic sycophants concluded that Major Andrew Higgins, just wasn’t cut out for Army life, because he just couldn’t keep his mouth shut about the rampant corruption at BIG Army Hawaii. We have seen this before. Another military whistle-blower is crucified attempting to protect taxpayer dollars.

But it’s not all bad news. According to our insiders at US Army Hawaii & 25th Infantry, the Pentagon finally pulled the plug on Major General Ron Clark’s command in Hawaii.

They quickly reassigned Clark to a desk, so he couldn’t hurt anyone else or embarrass Army brass in Washington.

Young troops actually celebrated at Schofield Barracks when legendary Major General Jamie Jarrard replaced Ron “the skunk” Clark. Instead of an even hand and the fair application of the regulations, a culture of fear and retribution underscored Major General Ron Clark’s regime.

Clark never had a Brigade Combat Team or a Garrison Command. He spent his colonel time at basic training (Fort Benning, GA), Duke on a Fellowship, West Point as an administrator, and later sat on his hands in the United Kingdom.

Our top-source at the Pentagon stated that recently retired General Bob Brown demanded that Clark become a flag-ranking officer. His command was yanked early. A GUILTY PLEA by his former Range Operator for felony theft was accepted recently by DOJ.

Then we recently discovered that BIG Army Hawaii allowed the operation of an ILLEGAL DAYCARE center on base where an infant recently died due to neglect.

Major General Ron “the skunk” Clark kept the former Secretary of the Army’s aide, Colonel Kevin “Slick” Williams in position as a Brigade Commander, and his friend Colonel Brendon “Big Bren” Raymond in their billets despite grounds that each could have been easily relieved for cause. And, that’s the way the good-old-boy network works.

Their dereliction of duty for failing to provide a command climate of dignity and respect would have gotten brigade commanders fired in Korea, Europe, or back in the good old USA.

Lieutenant Colonel Brian “The Stain” Hayes – the former Army Athlete of the Year was selected for command apparently for great running?

Ronald P. Clark, Voted the Most Corrupt General in the Army, (and that’s saying something)

Clark is out – Jarrard is in. We are told that Major General Jamie Jarrard is a well-regarded disciplinarian. The Army desperately needs to clean house at BAH (Big Army Hawaii). Let’s hope that Jarrard is up to the task and that he will remove officers who break the law and not whistle-blowers who report that the law has been broken.

UPDATE: The former Army officer that brought massive issues of corruption to Major General Ron “The Don” Clark’s attention, Major Andrew Higgins, was tossed out of the United States Army. Higgins was resented being railroaded out of the Army, but he had grown weary of the cheap-shot attacks and humiliating treatment from the Army Hawaii boss.

One young Soldier said they forced Major Higgins to an abandoned building and was continually harassed and harangued by Clark’s friends from the 101st Airborne Division. Major General Ron “the skunk” Clark watched with glee as his team of sycophants did his dirty work for him.

Higgins career was going great until he was ordered in the cess pool of BIG Army Hawaii. Our sources at the Pentagon say Major Higgins was highly energetic, had two successful combat tours and earned a Ph.D. while on active duty in Washington, DC.

Even those who may have professionally disagreed with him maintain he is a subject matter expert on Army personnel and financial readiness. Higgins was the best of the best. Hence, the fear in Hawaii when Higgins arrived because of the rampant corruption in the tropical paradise.

Major General Ron Clark was well aware of the massive fraud, waste, and abuse, but instead of demonstrating leadership, he went along to go along thinking that was the wisest strategy to get a third star.

Higgins is now a civilian and consulting on human resources and teaching. What a mess – Ron “the skunk” Clark caused in Hawaii. Because of his pathetic leadership, many lives have been hurt. Clark’s buddies got rid of Higgins to preserve their own careers.

Former US Army Hawaii, Lieutenant Colonel Jen McDonough who started this fiasco in Hawaii, earned a spot at the War College. You remember the Army’s war college where certain officers are allowed to plagiarize their thesis papers so they can later become a lieutenant general.

Major Andrew Higgins has adapted quickly to civilian life, doing all those things that civilian’s do… barbecuing in the backyard and occasionally sleeping in late. We now call him Dr. Higgins. The military has a habit of tossing aside their best officers in favor of sycophants and boot-lickers.

Much of the corruption that Dr. Higgins told us about in Hawaii is beginning to become exposed, but does the Army have the guts to hold people accountable, or will they just promote them to flag rank for surreptitiously wasting billions of taxpayer dollars?

Ms. Renee Oshinski, VA Deputy Undersecretary for Health, Operations and Management



The VA is in dire need of leadership, and we ask where the hell is Renee Oshinsky? The VA needs people who know how to hire and fire. People need to be held accountable.

This is why many veterans are languishing in a pool of neglect.

Where are you Renee?