Major Clarence Anderson III, USAF has appealed to President Biden. Anderson was railroaded into prison by an Air Force trying to be more politically correct than all other branches of service. All they needed were sacrificial lambs and Major Anderson was pushed right into their politically correct buzz saw.


We normally desire to avoid articles about people running for office, we were struck by similarities between the sexual assault accusations being levied at former Vice President Joe Biden, and what happened to Air Force Major Clarence Anderson III (AKA: CAIII).

There is an incredible comparison with the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden and the charges that ultimately Major Clarence Anderson was convicted of. Sexual assault allegations against the presumptive Democrat nominee for President are almost a carbon copy of those that put Air Force Major Clarence Anderson in prison for three years.

The hypocrisy of how military personnel are treated vs. how people in government are treated shines a glaring light on how America’s belief in the rule-of-law is eroding. The Uniform Code of Military Justice is in dire need of an overhaul. Hopefully, our government will one day take up the task to examine the policies and procedures that are sending innocent men to prison.


On Friday, May 1, 2020, former Vice President Joe Biden addressed the allegations of sexual assault made by former staffer Tara Reade. When politicians attempt to minimize the damage of an issue confronting them, they generally always do a “news dump” on a Friday.

Always be careful of the hair-splitting and parsing of words. The talking-point that “women should always be believed,” has been subtly changing. Now Joe Biden has been accused of sexually assaulting a women, he says that “women should be heard” instead. Always be cognizant of the semantic games politicians play with the words they use.

Joe Biden as both Senator and Vice President, demanded that women should be BELIEVED regardless if they’re telling the truth. The net result was, that numerous cases of innocent people were wrongfully convicted and sent to prison, all under the color of law.

Pentagon brass hats got the message loud and clear from people like Joe Biden, that our military must embrace this new believe-only standard to hold people accountable. This dramatically increased conviction rates, which provided cover for the senior leadership of the military, allowing them to “prove” to Congress that our military is not soft on sexual misconduct.

In an attempt to cover their asses for centuries of failing to protect women, the admirals and generals threw due-process and the concept of innocent until PROVEN GUILTY out the window. JAG offices were converted to vigilante committees to get more notches on their gun belts regardless of facts or evidence, or the lack there of. The witch hunt was on.

The Pentagon gave JAG lawyers a free hand to convict any man of any transgression against any woman anywhere in the world, even if the conviction was based on a mere accusation not supported by any factual evidence.

To no one’s surprise, military’s conviction rates, and the harshness in punishments dramatically rose. The guilty and the innocent were all vacuumed up by the military’s insatiable desire to save face before their Congressional taskmasters.

The net result was one abomination of justice after another that sent innocent men to prison, and over-sentenced thousands more. But, no one seemed to care. The convicted and imprisoned have little or no voice in our society. But, everyone else was happy because they got what they wanted…

Women who spun lies of sexual harassment or assault were happy. Some, no doubt, giggled when the target of all their anger lost his military career, was forced to register as a sex offender and carted off to a military gulag.

In Major Anderson’s case, the dispute was over the custody of the child. When Major Anderson was sent to prison, his x-wife finally got exactly what she wanted… custody of the child.

The admirals and generals were more than happy. Witch hunts throughout the military were producing tangible results. Flag-ranking officers could effectively use these statistics when testifying before Congress, touting the remarkable “success” they were having ridding the military of undesirable people.

Unfortunately, this included those merely accused of violating statutes in the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). In this atmosphere, all a woman needed to do was tear her own dress, drop a bra strap and start crying. Actual proof of the crime was no longer required by the military to achieve convictions.

Serving up heads on a platter to their Congressional task-masters would help being promoted, or be considered for a plum assignment in the future. It is all just a numbers game. An impressive conviction rate could be just the ticket to help a flag-ranking officer cinch an ambassadorship in the State Department.

And finally, the politicians were very happy. Members of Congress gave speeches and were interviewed on TV talk shows about how their leadership “persuaded” the military to take any accusation of sexual assault seriously.

Military members were now being “held accountable” all over the world. All it took was the mere accusation to convene a court martial. And, since 98% of all court martials result in a conviction, innocent men were ruined and sent to prison for crimes they never committed.

Proof and due-process was no longer a barrier to achieve the so-called “justice” that Congress was salivating for. Women were now being believed, regardless if they were telling the truth or not, and innocent men were and are being carted off to prison.


If Joe Biden decided to serve his country in the military rather than go into politics, once the allegations of sexual assault surfaced, he  would have already been charged, prosecuted, convicted and sent to prison under the very policies he sponsored as Vice President.

Ms. Tara Reade

A Department of Defense (DoD) report from the Subcommittee of the Judicial Proceedings Panel (JPP), sanctioned while Biden was Vice President, produced several disturbing reports on how due-process is not provided to service members when merely accused of sexual misconduct.

The reports are titled:

“Report on Sexual Assault Investigations in the Military” 

“Report on Barriers to the Fair Administration of Military Justice in Sexual Assault Cases”

The reports reveal harrowing accounts of how the Constitutional and human rights of service members are routinely violated to guarantee convictions at military court martials.

The reports state that military investigators must treat any allegation as a sexual assault, even if the facts do not meet the elements of a crime.

Concerning accusations of sexual misconduct from a female, in the military there is no such thing as an ‘alleged victim’ — all accusations substantiate an assault actually occurred.


The reports reveals JAG investigators are taught NOT TO PROBE TOO DEEPLY into an alleged victim’s accusation, or confront the alleged victim with aspects of their story that are, at best suspect and at worst, are complete falsehoods. (Ref: page 8, section 2, Report on Sexual Assault Investigations…)

The report even reveals alleged victims are allowed to avoid turning over potentially exculpatory evidence stored in cell phones to investigators that could clear the name of the accused. It’s all done to serve up heads on a platter to Congress so they can “prove” they are fighting for women’s rights.

Women should not have the right to manipulate the military judicial system with a web of lies, in order to send an innocent man to prison just because she didn’t get what she wanted from a divorce settlement.

The report finally concludes that the military is less concerned with the merits of the case, than the alleged victim’s preference of wanting to be heard at trial.

A former top prosecutor for the Air Force, Lieutenant General Richard T. Harding, was cited in the case ‘US v. Brandon T. Wright’ that “victims are to be believed and their cases referred to trial.”

No mention by Lt. General Harding, that male victims should also be believed, and that a fair an unbiased investigation be initiated. No, he just wants the matter referred to trial.


For the military, NO EVIDENCE IS NECESSARY, JUST THE ACCUSATION IS GOOD ENOUGH. Again, if Joe Biden was on active duty, the mere accusation of sexual misconduct would have sent him to Ft. Leavenworth for many years, along with a lifetime of having to register as a sex offender. All of this, simply because he chose to serve his country in the military.

Even motive does not matter to the military. Major Anderson was prosecuted and convicted of sexual assault against his ex-wife as they battled for custody of their daughter.

Major Anderson was awarded custody of their daughter during divorce proceedings. This sent Mrs. Anderson off the dial and she first attempted to file charges with local police authorities.

But, when the local police could find no evidence, she decided to go judge shopping and filed the same complaint with a welcoming military looking for any alleged sexual misconduct against any woman.

Mrs. Anderson launched baseless and fabricated accusations to the military saying that while they were married, Major Anderson sexually assaulted his wife by rubbing her breast and digitally penetrating her without her consent.

Interestingly, the sexual allegations levied by Anderson’s x-wife are nearly identical to the accusations levied by Tara Reade against former Vice President Joe Biden.

Prior to the court martial of Major Anderson his former wife sent him a series of text messages that if he gave her custody of the child, then she would drop her fabricated claims she levied against him.

Major Anderson declined her offer and presented this evidence to his convening authority and the appellate courts, but to no avail, her motives to fabricate were ignored and Major Clarence Anderson III was wrongfully convicted by mere accusations and nothing more.


There is an old saying from rural America which says, “the chickens have finally come home to roost” and the policies implemented by Vice President Joe Biden that ended up convicting possibly hundreds of innocent service members, have been brought into sharp focus.

It used to be that both alleged perpetrator and victim were not to be believed until a thorough investigation reveals which of the two parties is telling the truth. Attempting to be as politically correct as possible, the military threw due process out the window in favor of obtaining politically correct convictions.

Vice President Biden probably doesn’t want to face his accuser in a criminal trial, especially if Tara Reade is telling the truth. Biden, whether he is a member of the United States military, or the Vice President of the United States; he deserves due-process.

Both Ms. Reade and Biden deserve a fair and thorough investigation. If there are people left who believe in the rule-of-law in the Department of Justice determines the there is enough evidence to convince a jury, then Joe Biden needs to be charged and bound over for trial. You know, like the rest of us are treated.

Joe Biden deserves due process and a thorough investigation to look at motive and/or the credibility of the alleged victim. We don’t know if Joe Biden went from a serial hair-smeller, to a bonafied pervert. The truth can only be found through a fair and unbiased investigation. Unfortunately, military members seldom receive due-process of law. It’s frequently traded away for political expediency.

Because of Joe Biden’s crusade against due-process as Vice President, many military members were either sent to prison or thrown out of the service on mere accusations of sexual misconduct. Whether it happened or not was of no matter, mere accusation was all the military needed.

The policies and procedures as described in the JPP report, and fully endorse by then Vice President Joe Biden are still on the books in the Department of Defense. They are still on the books allowing JAG lawyers to send innocent people to prison.

We beseech President Trump to correct these serious defects within the Department of Defense’s legal system initiated under the Obama Administration, sponsored by Vice President Joe Biden.

Major Clarence Anderson continues his fight for justice after being wrongfully sentenced to three years in prison for a crime he did not commit. After his lawyer abandoned him, and with no money left, he took up the fight and has submitted evidence to a federal judge that was ignored by the military and the appeals court. We are hopeful, that Major Anderson will ultimately receive his day in court to tell his side of the story.