VADM Nancy Norton, one of the worst naval officers to ever don the uniform

Just when you think you are out, they pull you back in (The movie God Father, Part 3, 1990).

And, that’s the way we feel as people continue to come forward to share information about an agency of the federal government that may have the worst leaders we have ever encountered. The net result is tremendous amounts of fraud, waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars.

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), touted as arguably the most corrupt agency in Washington D.C., continues to spiral down the toilet. The DISA Director is a pathetic, milquetoast of a leader by the name of Vice Admiral (VADM) Nancy Norton.

Millions, possibly billions of taxpayer dollars are being flushed down the commode, while VADM Norton attends all the cocktail parties and leaves Tony “Marinara-Sauce” in charge to rule the kingdom.

Now we hear about another shell-game being played with people’s lives. Recently, we received a communication from someone who wanted to help get the truth out. This is basically what the contributor provided…

Mr. Tony Purvis

HEY, DISA CHRONICLES: You guys are missing a gold mine. Do some more digging, here is your primer! Recommend taking a closer look at the shenanigans and skulduggery of Dave “and, what’s your name darlin” Bennett and Tony Purvis. Bennett reshaped the DISA Data Centers into the “Computing Ecosystem” but at what cost? This reshaping was touted as saving $695 million…

(1) There is now an open Inspector General investigation about what this was really about. It appears on the surface it was a way to get his good buddy Tony Purvis a senior executive (SES) position; and sadly get rid of Tania Wilkes, the Director of DECC Montgomery, and the only African-American women in a senior leadership position.

The Ecosystem created eight lines of business, and…

“From a workforce perspective, Bennett said the initial team went down the line name by name of all employees and contractors to identify where they would best fit within the ecosystem and in which line of business they would have the best opportunity to excel. 

Before the ecosystem went live, DISA fully realigned the entire computing workforce to this new line of business methodology, so everyone already knew which line of business they were going to be in, what their chain of command was going to be, and what their focus area would be,” Bennett explained.

(2) What really happened was MASS CONFUSION. Employees were told they would have to move to different states (and pay taxes on the moving expenses!). Over 200 employees were not given the opportunity to move to save their jobs. Instead, they were notified their job had been phased out, going away, kaput…. and here’s your pink slip.

(3) Behind the scenes Dave “I love women with knee guards” Bennett and Tony Purvis hand-selected the Line of Business chiefs. If you were not part of “their inner circle” then you got the shaft. When the music stopped, you didn’t have a chair.

Dave Bennett

In the case of Tania Wilkes, she fought hard for her right to be in a leadership position. Tony “Swampman” Monte-marinara-sauce let her stay, but it was apparently only a ruse until the the good-old-boys could find a way to get rid of her.

Tania Wilkes was set up for failure from the very start. She was tasked to build an organization that was supposed to implement and sustain Enterprise workloads with decreased personnel. Most of her positions were stolen by the other chiefs.

Tania Wilkes was left with a dramatically increased workload, and a shrinking number of personnel to do the job. It was all orchestrated to place her in an untenable position as the captain of a sinking ship.

It only took a few months before Dave “I love the parking garage” Bennett was able to amass the “ammo” needed to get rid of Tania and bring in some other person, more to his liking.

Was it a racial thing? Was the plan to get rid of the Black woman and replace her with a “White” woman who had little knowledge of the job to which she was being assigned? Stop me if you have heard this tune before.

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