the upper echelons of the Army has become a scene from peyton place

Many people are still trying to figure out if Major General Hurley is Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde. Did he really make one of his subordinates pregnant?

MG Hurley allegedly had a torrid love affair with an Army major in his command. It’s also alleged that Hurley had many affairs over the past years and one of them allegedly got pregnant. As the story goes, Hurley’s wife finally had enough and tossed his belongings out of the front lawn of their residence. Some of the email we receive stand strongly with Major General Hurley… they think he’s a choir boy. Others have indicated he is a two-faced individual who cannot be trusted. It’s a real Jekyell and Hyde story. 

Trusted sources have informed us a bit more about the status of Major General Paul C. Hurley. He has been assigned to Army Material Command (AMC) in Alexandria, Virginia. 

Major General Hurley has been assigned to a desk with a chair and no computer. He has a phone that only receives calls and no duties to perform except show up daily. Hurley receives an hour lunch.  He also can go to legal appointments and other ‘official’ appointments.  But other than that, his professional life is in the crapper. Our gut tells us that Major General Hurley may be under house arrest.

There is much more to the Hurley story than we yet know. We encourage people to contact us and provide any information that will not lead back to them. We know all too well how the military retaliates against people who believe in law and order and in this basic concept we call justice. People want to tell us more but they are waiting for the right time. 

We recall when Brigadier General Cross from Soldier Support Institute at Fort Jackson allegedly impregnated a woman — people talked like crazy. But right now people don’t feel safe enough, to tell the truth. That’s pretty sad when people are being pressured to not tell the truth of what is really going on. The taxpayers who have paid Major General Hurley for many decades, we believe they have an absolute right to the truth. 

We are particularly interested in the name and location of the Army major who Hurley allegedly impregnated. We generally ask our sources to zero in on any female Army major that abruptly got orders off the base at about the same time Hurley lost his command. No one that we are aware of has suddenly left the base, so she may still be at CASCOM/Fort Lee.

It’s a real mystery. We normally can sort through this stuff fairly quickly but the Army has been particularly stealthy as they quietly move people around and conceal the truth of what happened. If anyone out there has additional information, feel free to contact us. People in the military, especially in the Army want to know how the Army is planning to usher Major General Hurley out of the military with his pension. Our problem with this is the glaring double standard in the application of military justice. 

A junior officer would be tossed into prison for the same offense, while the admirals and generals get a pass on all their criminal malfeasance. The military judicial system is a complete joke that is badly rigged in favor of the military. It’s not about fairness or the equal application of the law. It’s about protecting the system. People considering a career in the military had better change their minds until real reforms are made with regards to their two-tiered judicial system.