is major general hurley a scapegoat, or just another above-the-law army general quietly being ushered into retirement to avoid any accountability?

Many people are still trying to figure out if Major General Hurley is Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde. Did he really make one of his subordinates pregnant?

Major General Paul C. Hurley Jr. of the United States Army is at the center of “major general” controversy. MG Hurley may have two personas, much like Dr. Jekell and Mr. Hyde. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a book in 1886 entitled, “Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” about a man battling his inner demons. The affable Dr. Henry Jekell would take a serum, and then became the evil bastard Mr. Edward Hyde. In Hurley’s case, he wasn’t killing women like Mr. Hyde, but rather he’s alleged to have been turning curly-ques under the sheets with one woman after another.

Could it be the United States Army’s Major General Paul C. Hurley, Jr. is having this same type of split personality problem as Dr. Jekell and Mr. Hyde? The two pictures we have of Major General Hurley are a total dichotomy. To some, he’s straight as an arrow, described as an incorruptible person. To others, Hurley is just another philandering flag-ranking asshole who has a “do as I say, not as I do” policy.

According to our deep-cover sources, Hurley is a major general “Jekyell” and also major general “Hyde.” In his other life, Major General Hurley allegedly had multiple affairs with women in various capacities over many years. And if true, it all may have caught up to him recently. Our sources say the real reason Major General Paul C. Hurley, Jr. was relieved of command, was for having an affair with an Army major. And, while it’s not clear yet as to the details, he’s also suspected of fathering a child from one of those past affairs.


For some reason, all involved parties agreed to never bring up Hurley’s alleged womanizing. This apparently included his wife, his girlfriends, their spouses, and of course, MG Hurley himself. But then, something strange and interesting happened, the Army major he allegedly had a torrid love affair with, was suddenly transferred to Fort Lee where the major general was assigned.

It wasn’t long before the major general and the tempestuous Army major rekindled their sizzling love affair. And, who knows; the love birds may have been able to keep it all below the radar, but they were being stalked by a private eye. Photos were taken of the two in  compromising situations, which were delivered to Mrs. major general.

Oh, and as she watched him on the stage, her hands were clinched in fists of rage, no angle born in Hell could break that Satan’s spell. Sorry, I digress. Mrs. Hurley, purportedly in a fit of rage, threw the general’s underwear and other belongings on the front lawn of their assigned government quarters. Later that same morning, moving trucks appeared to remove the general’s personal belongings from the lawn.

We are also told there was a domestic violence complaint filed against Major General Hurley with the Fort Lee police division. We have yet to gain firm confirmation, if indeed a complaint was filed. The current whereabouts of Hurleys are unknown. They have apparently gone into seclusion while the Army is circling the wagons.

The Army probably told MG Hurley to ‘shut-the-fuck-up until we figure out a way to quietly retire you with a pension.’ If the military follows their usual pattern, Major General Paul Hurley will be quietly ushered out the backdoor into retirement to avoid any real investigation of the matter, and certainly to avoid having to administer justice.

The general may lose one or two stars, but that’ll be it. Before long, Hurley could be enjoying retired life by wearing cheap shower-shoes, with plaid shorts and sickening Hawaiian shirt, while barbecuing in his backyard. He’ll have a juicy steak, a cold beer and perhaps a juicer dance-hall-girl for dessert. Ah, life is good for the flag-ranking boys in the military who are indeed above the law.

For you civilians out there, losing a star or two means the major general will retire as a brigadier general or colonel. So far, no one is mentioning the name of the female Army major with which he was alleged to have had an affair. That’s a closely guarded secret, and at this point, probably guarded at the same level of classification as our nuclear launch codes. There may be forces at play to protect the major and her career. In this current political climate, it’s usually only the male who gets hammered… and especially if he’s the senior of the two.


While many people have clammed up, a picture is beginning to emerge as to what might have happened in Hurley’s case. What the Pentagon knows or doesn’t know is probably dependent upon which directorate or division you listen to. MG Hurley is being replaced with MG Fogg from Redstone, but the Army still hasn’t preferred charges publicly against Hurley, though his career in the Army, if any of this is true, is certainly doomed.

And who can forget these lovebirds? General David Petraeus’ career came screeching to a halt in 2012, when the married four-star general-turned-CIA director was carrying on a secret affair with his biographer Paula Dean Broadwell.  Petraeus, who led U.S. troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan, was forced to step down. In April of 2015, the 62-year-old former general was fined a paltry sum of $100K. (paltry in Washington D.C. terms), and sentenced to two years probation for sharing classified materials with squeeze Broadwell. One wonders how many junior officers General Petraeus court-martialed for fraternization and/or adultery.

Can you hear the creaking noise of the back door into retirement beginning to open? We know from many years of experience, there is a two-tiered justice system in the military and the major general is, more than likely, being quietly ushered into retirement status.

Hurley might lose some rank, but he’ll still have a big fat pension, and that’s very little punishment for multiple affairs and fathering a child from one of those affairs. We are wondering how many of his junior officers the major general disciplined or court-martialed for fraternization or adultery?

We are acutely aware of a case involving a young naval officer who fraternized in the naval reserves. He was sent to a general court-martial and received a dishonorable discharge and felony conviction. Folks, trust us when we say the military judicial system is strategically skewed in favor of flag-ranking officers. It’s wrong and they know it’s wrong, but that’s they way it’s always been. The “system” is designed to protect the system and not administer fair and impartial justice to all.

Major General Fogg was, at one time, stationed at CASCOM/Fort Lee thinking he would never return. Boy was he was surprised with a new set of orders that basically said he will return and assume MG Hurley’s job whether he likes it or not. People familiar say he might actually be looking forward to returning to his old job, and may return with a vengeance. Fort Lee/CASCOM has a culture of corruption, climate of contempt and attitude of supreme arrogance, as a union official said. It would seem the only way to repair things at Fort Lee is to remove the clique culture that is ethically corrosive.

What needs to be done is to retire (again) the retired colonels and lieutenant colonels that have obtained cushy government service (GS) jobs, and remove the SESs, GS 15s and 14s to other installations. Military people are only at Fort Lee for two years or less. But civil service employees remain and resist all chances for improvement or innovative ways of conducting business.

You see, the SWAMP insipidly grows tentacles that can choke the life out of an efficient military machine. Mr. President, when you finally take action to clean up the Department of Justice, consider taking some action with the military as well. The MILITARY SWAMP needs to be drained also sir. Otherwise the taxpayers continue to get screwed, and not even get kissed.

As an example of corruption, Fort Lee and probably other installations as well, hire contractors to perform similar tasks as civil service employees. Regulation 5 CFR 300-503 (b) prohibits the hiring of contractors (temporary help service firm) if the need can be met through regular recruitment and hiring procedures or to circumvent controls on employment levels.

The actual number of employees in an agency exceeds the number authorized by TDA by using contractors, but then the actual cost of doing business exceeds the amount set aside by OPM/POM since contractors perform many of the duties. A GO/SES must sign a “Request for Services Contract Approval Form,” which includes several statements regarding non-competition between GS and contractors.


This is part of the military culture of corruption. Contractors and GS personnel perform the same or similar tasks, yet the contract company (usually owned/operated by retired military, with a female figurehead to ensure they appear to be minority owned or managed) gets the contract. MPRI, SAIC, CUBIC, Serv-Air, RBNR, Free-Alliance etc. hire prior service personnel to fill contract positions but the companies are fully run by retired military with figurehead individuals that meet contracting criteria (minority, female run) to received higher consideration for a contract.

It’s said that Major General Hurley wanted to stop this practice, but, he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. The whole situation may be more sinister that we know. We found it extremely odd that a woman (Army major), with whom MG Hurley had a previous affair, suddenly gets orders to Ft. Lee. Was Major General Hurley being set up by an evil cabal in the Pentagon, or somewhere in his chain of command?

Did they issue change of duty station orders to this female Army major, they knew Hurley previously had an affair with in the hope that by having the two on the base together, they would rekindle their relationship and they could catch him with his pants down?

Then after this mysterious Army major reports for duty at Ft. Lee, someone paid a private investigator to get compromising photos of the two with the intent of providing them to the major general’s wife so she would throw a fit. Then the Army, standing under the flag of righteousness would be able to use the little legal system of the military to attack Major General Hurley and neutralize him from exposing a river of corruption five miles wide?

Folks, something does not smell right. We think the Army took full advantage of Hurley’s philandering ways to prevent him from ever being a threat to a corrupt system occurring at Ft. Lee and perhaps on military bases all over the world. It makes us wonder how many slime-ball members of congress are involved as well.


But MG Hurley may, or may not have been resisting any changes to the way things operate. Though his basic branch was in transportation, he could not/did not stop any changes to the corps, as far as we know. In a couple of instances when he attempted to get an explanation for why things were being done a certain way, he was allegedly shut down and told not to ask.

The changes are being dictated though/by TRADOC and AMC, specifically GEN Gustave F. Perna. Someone (GEN Ann Dunwoody) had a brain cramp and decided to move OD, TC, QM to the same installation and close Fortress Monroe, the base for TRADOC.

In the years before World War II, a middle-aged Douglas MacArthur became romantically obsessed with a 16-year-old Filipino film star named Isabel Rosario Cooper. In 1930, he even set the young actress up in a D.C. love nest apartment. When the general’s political enemies found out about his affair, they leveraged the sordid details, nearly ending the career of the future “hero” of the Pacific War. MacArthur ended up suing the Washington Post reporter who broke the story for libel, but quietly dropped the suit when the journalist’s lawyers planned to call the Filipino babe to testify. MacArthur, 50, soon broke off the affair, and allegedly paid Ms. Cooper $15,000 (the equivalent of  $225,080 in today’s money), and provided a one-way ticket back to the Philippines in an effort to save his political and professional ass. A staff officer by the name of Dwight D. Eisenhower supposedly delivered the loot for MacArthur to the teenage starlet.

They moved to Fort Eustis and Transportation, who was based at Fort Eustis, moved to Fort Lee. Ordnance moved to Fort Lee from Aberdeen Proving Ground. Now all sustainment branches are on the same installation. The Army Logistics University has begun a pilot program of a single multi-functional logistics course vice teaching three different officer basic courses. This is another step in eliminating the three branches and solidifying Logistics Branch.

There is also a five percent pre-reduction in strength occurring. It might be a good idea in restricting the reduction to retired annuitants, SES, and GS 15s and 14s. The retired annuitants have already retired once, maybe even twice if they are double dippers (retired from the military and retired from a civil service job). What new skills are they bringing to the table? None.

Many of these clowns are so old; they remember when C-rats had cigarettes in them. We now have MREs. These senior civil service employees and the double-dipping lazy assholes from the military need to make room for the younger civil service employees, some of whom just returned from deployments, and have a better grasp on what is needed to fight a war than most of the fat-cats that tend to choke the system with paper and regulations and general bullshit.

In some cases people who never deploy make decisions regarding combat and ambush situations when the only gunfire they ever heard was from movies and television shows. It’s also disconcerting that with a pending five percent reduction in strength, there is allegedly no money for a pay raise.

Now folks, we caution everyone to approach this story carefully. Remember, everyone except Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is considered innocent until proven guilty. Was Major General Hurley set up by the United States Army, because he wouldn’t go along to get along with the military industrial complex? Or, was he just a horny bastard who thought he was above the law? As we say, inquiring minds would like to know.

If you are involved in any way, or have personal knowledge regarding any of this, consider contacting MilitaryCorruption.com. All communications are considered totally and completely confidential. Together we can FIGHT FOR TRUTH, EXPOSE THE CORRUPT AND FIX WHAT IS BROKEN. And, ladies and gentlemen…. there’s definitely something broken here.