VADM Nancy Norton, one of the worst naval officers to ever don the uniform


The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) provides information technology (IT) and communications support to the President, Vice President, Secretary of Defense, the military services, the combatant commands, and any individual or system contributing to the defense of the United States.

The work done by DISA is critically important to the safety and security of the United States of America. A classic example of how people are being protected from accountability occurred recently at the DISA with one of their senior executives.


As (Acting) Director of the Cyber Development Directorate (DISA) Lisa Lynn Elias Belt enjoyed a pay-grade at the GS-15 level, receiving serious money from the U.S. taxpayers. GS-15 government employees receive a base salary of between $106,595 and $138,572, depending on their General Schedule Step.

But, almost every government employee earns base salary PLUS locality pay. And, for Lisa “Marion Ravenwood” Belt, that locality pay is 29.32% extra (Washington DC/Baltimore/Northern Virginia). So, that means that for Lisa “Bender” Belt, her salary is actually between $137,849 and $166,500 (the level where GS salaries are capped).

Some non-GS employees (i.e., SES) and those employees paid off of Special Salary Rate (SSR) tables (which have locality built into them) may not earn locality pay. The point is, that Lisa “Jägerbomb” Belt does earn locality pay and is in the outrageous pay range. Most all GS employees earn ludicrous salaries well above “Base Pay.”

And yes, this is another one of those areas where the Government is “special” – they use the term base pay in a totally different way that the private sector does and it seemingly-deliberately obfuscates their actual salaries. That’s the sneaky crap they do in government.

Lisa “Singapore Sling” Belt brings home VERY LARGE government paychecks, that is… when she actually does come home. Recently, she could not go home because she had been tossed into jail for the crime of driving under the influence (DUI) and causing a hit-and-run accident. (Offender ID Number: 1992774)

NOTE: The State of Virginia, uses the term DWI (driving while intoxicated), but for this article we will use the term of DUI (driving under the influence).

Jail Time and Fines for Virginia DUI Convictions

The minimum and maximum jail time and fines you’ll face for a DUI conviction in Virginia primarily depend on how many prior convictions you have. Here are the possible jail sentences and fines for a first, second, and third DUI conviction.

1st offense2nd offense3rd offense

Jail Time

1 year maximum

10 days to 1 year

90 days to 5 years

Fines$250 to $2,500$500 to $2,500

$1,000 to $2,500

In Virginia, a DUI conviction will stay on your record and count as a prior conviction for ten years.

License Suspensions for a Virginia DUI

All Virginia drivers who are convicted of a DUI face license suspension. The possible suspension periods for a first, second, and third DUI are as follows.

1st offense2nd offense3rd offense
Suspension Period1 year3 years


However, most offenders will be eligible for a “restricted license” for driving to and from places like work and school during at least part of the suspension.

Virginia has “implied consent” laws that basically say all motorists agree to take a blood or breath test if lawfully arrested for driving while intoxicated. Motorists who refuse testing generally face license suspension of one to three years, depending on their record.

If you’re charged with driving while intoxicated in Virginia, it’s possible to “plea bargain” for a lesser charge. “Wet reckless” refers to a plea deal where a DUI is reduced to reckless driving charge. In Virginia, a motorist who’s convicted of a wet reckless—alcohol or drug-related reckless driving charge—faces up to six months in jail, a maximum $1,000 fine, and, possibly, having to complete an “alcohol safety program.”


Lisa “Jose Cuervo” Belt apparently has a serious drinking problem which contributed to multiple drunk-driving arrests, along with an accident and hit-and-run charges that got her a short stint in the pokey.

DISA employees laughingly say, “Let’s go to happy hour and have a “Belt” or two.” It’s pretty funny stuff until you realize the danger Lisa’s drunk-driving habit poses to other drivers, pedestrians and property. And, because of her position at DISA, has our nation at risk as well?

Foreign agents always look for people with high-security clearances who grapple with personal demons such as drinking, drugs, gambling, sex, money shortages, etc. The Greeks say, “In Vino Veritas,” which means, “in wine there is truth.”

If one were to buy several rounds of drinks for Lisa “Daiquiri” Belt, will she spill the beans on anything and everything? A problem with alcohol usually goes hand-in-hand with money problems, which foreign agents are also highly skilled at exploiting.

In their infinite wisdom, the so-called leaders at DISA decided “not” to recommend revocation or suspension of Lisa’s Top Secret – Sensitive Compartmental Information (TS-SCI) security clearance, despite her multiple brushes with the law. Lisa “Whiskey sour” Belt was convicted of driving under the influence for the second time and fleeing the scene of an accident. All she got was thirty-seven days in jail.

Department of the Navy’s Central Adjudication Facility (DoN CAF), is directed by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). CAF is responsible for determining who within the Department of the Navy (DoN) is eligible to hold a security clearance, and who receives access to Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI). Under normal circumstances, CAF determines who occupies sensitive duty positions.


Did Lisa “good time Charlie” Belt receive special treatment from civilian law enforcement officials? Based on the table of maximum punishments above, it certainly appears that she caught a break from someone.

Remember, Lisa was arrested for her second DUI that resulted in a hit-and-run accident. She could have been punished far worse than she was, given the 2nd offence had the aggravating factor of a hit-and-run accident.

Did Lisa get a break from the DISA where she worked? The answer to that seems more definitive.

The principle job of the Navy’s Central Adjudication Facility (CAF) is to determine whether an individual’s loyalty, reliability, and trustworthiness are such that entrusting an individual with national security information or assignment to sensitive duties is clearly in the best interest of the national security of the United States.

CAF has many responsibilities, which include monitoring police blotters for arrests and convictions of people working for the Department of the Navy (DoN). They presumably knew all about Lisa’s arrest and conviction for DUI and fleeing the scene of an accident.

We don’t think anyone questions Lisa Belt’s loyalty, but her reliability and trustworthiness are dubious at best. Having two DUI convictions (we know of), one culminating with a criminal charge of hit-and-run calls into question a person’s reliability and trustworthiness in all facets of their life.

The logical and prudent thing to do would have been to suspend Lisa’s security clearance pending a full investigation. Since this apparently was not done, it begs the question; was Lisa Belt given special treatment by DISA? And, if she was; WHY was she given this special treatment?

We wonder if someone in CAF recommended suspension of Lisa’s security clearance, but was overridden by a DISA swamp creature. Did a creature-from-the-black-lagoon in the executive suite have the authority to override a CAF recommendation? There are many unanswered questions here!

Lisa’s most recent stint in the slammer was her second DUI conviction mandating from ten-days to one-year in the gray-stone hotel. Amazingly, she only received 30 days in the lockup on a second offense. Lisa “call me an Uber” Belt also received an additional seven days in the clink because she was charged with hit-and-run.

For whatever reason, Lisa “Margarita” Belt was treated pretty darn well by the civilian law enforcement constabulary considering it was her second DUI which included a hit-and-run charge. Fleeing the scene of an accident should have been a major aggravating factor resulting in more than just seven extra days in jail. That’s a joke.


Fleeing the scene of an accident is a real crime which can lead to severe punishment. The decision to run after an accident, is just that… a decision. The decision to run or stay can sometimes be traced back to a person’s upbringing or culture. As children we are supposed to be taught about values such as honesty, taking responsibility and accepting a moral code about dealing with fellow human beings.

Quickly assessing the situation after the collision, Lisa “White Russian” Belt made the morally-bankrupt decision to flee the scene of the accident in classic hit-and-run style, leaving her integrity behind.

People who chose to flee the scene of an accident are sometimes considered individuals with no moral sense or with a sociopathic personality. The first few seconds after impact in an automobile accident, people are stricken with a flood of emotions that include fear, shame and guilt.

In general, most people have enough self-control to handle these emotions and act in a responsible way. They try to solve the situation by helping the victim and restore the damage as much as possible, in spite of the future discussion as to who was actually responsible for the accident.

In some cases, however, the flood of emotions overwhelm the self-control capacities and the driver runs away from their responsibilities. Psychologists call this the fight or flight instinct. The thinking  part of the brain (frontal cortex) shuts off and leaves only two alternatives, run away, or attack the problem.

Alcohol and drugs make the influence of emotions stronger and rational decision-making more difficult. This is the reason why alcohol intoxication is far more prevalent in hit-and-run accidents. The influence of alcohol extends the duration of the emotional flood, so the motivation to escape gains importance.

Alcohol and drugs not only disturbs our logical thinking, but in itself forms a reason to get the hell out of there. A DUI offense can be costly, time consuming and embarrassing. Some people are more concerned with their image and social position than thinking about the driver of the other vehicle or another person’s property such as a parked car. This includes people like CEOs or celebrities, or maybe even the newly promoted Deputy Director of Operations at the DISA.


Former jailbird Lisa Lynn Elias Belt (Offender ID Number 1992774), now DEPUTY DIRECTOR OF THE OPERATIONS CENTER, of DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency)

People who hit and run are divided into two types of people: the “gambler” and the “asshole.”

The “gambler” is someone who likes to take risks. He/she is self-confident and energetic and enjoys playing with the limits. He/she feels in control and feels the world is their oyster.

To flee from an accident is a challenge and gives the person the rush that only gamblers can appreciate. He/she is challenging fate, and doesn’t give a hoot about what other people say, or whatever the consequences may be.

Drunk driving is the supreme gamble. The “gambler” in drunk-driving mode, is gambling with his/her own life and the lives of other drivers and pedestrians.

The “asshole” is a more rational person who simply doesn’t care about other people at all. He/she is a self-centered, narcissistic person  subscribing to their own rules. The arrogance is such, the A-hole is convinced the accident was the fault of the victim who is too stupid to properly react to his/her personal driving style.

For the A-hole, leaving the scene of an accident is a better idea than being “unfairly” punished. He/she lacks empathy for others and is only interested in themselves to the point they are egomaniacal.

Where the gambler may lose his/her gambling behavior and light-hearted way of life with time and maturity, there is not much hope the A-hole will change his/her conceited lifestyle. Your honor, just toss these people in prison and throw away the key.

Sometimes, rational and responsible people figure out they have a problem after the first DUI conviction. Now Lisa “fruit of the vine” Belt had a second accident and made the selfish decision to ignore the victim(s) of her action by running away. This is bad enough for any citizen, but Lisa “Pinot Noir” Belt is a high-level federal government employee holding the highest level of security clearance.

She serves in a sensitive, key leadership position at the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) at Fort Meade, MD. Her irresponsible behavior should give everyone concern about how she conducts her job at DISA and how she’s treating people that work for her. We are betting there is a whole bunch more information about Lisa “one for the road” Belt that’s even more colorful and concerning.


When one meets an administrator who is either a gambler or an A-hole, it’s wise to observe how they treat their subordinates to get the full measure of the person. We’re betting that Lisa Belt has an odious track record of ruining the lives of career employees under her supervision. She may have enjoyed a perverse pleasure out of disciplining and over-disciplining people in her charge.

We are particularly concerned about how Lisa Belt may have maltreated African Americans and other minority employees. We are so sick of people pulling out the race card when it’s totally unjustified, but their are people in our society who have a proclivity to disdain those of a different race.

If one were to closely examine all of the discipline Lisa “kick ’em in the ass” Belt levied against her subordinates over the years, it’s likely you will find a disproportionate amount of people disciplined (and over-disciplined) were minority employees.

It begs the question, why did DISA leaders admire Lisa so much they would risk covering for her while she was in jail? Why was Lisa Belt being sheltered from accountability? Was it because DISA used her as the hatchet person, the go-to individual when dealing with a “problem” employee?

When DISA had an employee they didn’t like, someone they wanted to get rid of, was Lisa brought in to do DISA’s dirty work? Were employees transferred under Lisa’s “care” because she loved the in-your-face style of management and would do what other administrators didn’t have the stomach for?

What was Lisa’s real purpose at DISA? It might be very interesting to see how many lawsuits have been filed against the agency that involved Lisa “Nazi” Belt. How much of the taxpayer’s money has been doled out in out-of-court settlements.

For the longest time, Congress concealed a huge slush-fund used as hush-money for people who have been victims of sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape by Members of Congress and their staff. Does DISA also have a little slush-fund we don’t know about?

PAUSE: Folks, the DISA at Fort Meade, MD. is where most all of the cyber attacks originate against MilitaryCorruption.com (MCC). Computer hackers, paid by the United States government, have repeatedly attempted to harass and destroy MilitaryCorruption.com.

It’s quite probable that after this article is published, the United States government will once again resort to disrupt and silence MC.com. So, if we go off line for awhile, you’ll know why. But, we beg your indulgence, we will come back again guaranteed. We discovered a long time ago, that Freedom of Speech in America is only granted to those who do not repeatedly expose government corruption.


At the time of Lisa “Chardonnay” Belt’s conviction and sentencing on February 13, 2019, she was the (Acting) Director of the Cyber Development Directorate in the Development and Business Center at DISA.

Despite her multiple DUI convictions and while sitting in a jail cell, Lisa “Long Island Iced Tea” Belt was promoted to a prestigious position at DISA. She went from being (Acting) Director, of the Cyber Development Directorate to the position of DEPUTY DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS CENTER AT DISA, with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto.

We wonder if DISA would have removed her security clearance for a felony hit-and-run? Does DISA have a policy regarding how many DUI convictions one can have before losing their security clearance? And, what crimes can be committed without jeopardizing future promotions?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s how the SWAMP works. They thumb their noses at all of us, as they do whatever the hell they wan (at our expense, by the way). It’s at this point, we wonder who is sleeping with whom at DISA because none of this is making any sense.

The failure to hold Lisa “I like to party” Belt accountable for her reckless behavior is an extraordinary example of poor leadership at DISA. Does the DISA have a darker side we don’t know about. This hit-and-run event could be just the tip of of an iceberg of malfeasance going on at DISA.

VADM Nancy Norton

Not only did DISA fail to suspend or revoke Lisa’s TS-SCI clearance, which clearly would have been the prudent thing to do, DISA brazenly decided to ignore her drinking issues and reward her instead with a prestigious promotion.

And, to add insult to injury, the pathetic leadership of DISA decided to promote Lisa “Mai-Tai” Belt while she was sitting in the Hanover, Virginia Pamunkey bastille. What in the world were DISA leaders thinking?

Have they become so arrogant as to completely disregard the damaging optics of promoting a jailbird to assume a critically important post of an organization that is allegedly guarding America’s safety and security? Holy mackerel.

How much of Lisa “Bacardi” Belt’s drinking antics are known by DISA’s Director, Vice Admiral Nancy Norton remains unclear, but our experience tells us the admiral knew all about Lisa’s drinking problems. Surely CAF notified the Director’s office to report that Lisa “Mint julep” Belt had been arrested on a DUI and for hit-and-run.

We know from personal experience that Navy admirals only survive by having good and reliable sources of information about everything going on in their command. In this way, they can set up plausible deniability when they need their own “get out of jail” card. We were impressed the admiral even knew this article was coming three days before we posted it. 


Mr. Anthony “The Swampman” Montemarano, is the Executive Deputy Director of DISA. The Swampster sent out an email to all DISA employees on March 13, 2019 proudly announcing Lisa “Zinfandel” Belt’s promotion to DEPUTY DIRECTOR OF THE OPERATIONS CENTER. Never mind she was cooling her heels in the drunk tank at the time and the Swampman was likely, very well aware of it.

Lisa “Pina colada” Belt was booked by police on February 13, 2019 at 8 AM, and if our facts are correct, the email announcing her promotion to Deputy Director of Operations didn’t go out until a month later on March 13, 2019. VADM Norton and the Swampman had to know Lisa “Wild Turkey” Belt had been arrested, convicted and was serving time in jail at the time they sent out the promotion notice.

If the leadership of DISA didn’t know, they should have known. Sadly, two DUIs with a hit-and-run didn’t seem to bother the so-called leaders of DISA. And that my friends, is the core of the problem. It isn’t about Lisa and her problems, it’s about the DISA and their two-tiered disciplinary policy. There’s one set of rules for the executives, and another set of rules for everyone else.

Did Montemarano and Norton know Lisa “Moscow mule” Belt was pacing a 10′ x 10′ cell, clicking a tin cup on the bars, and singing “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen…” when they chose to promulgate the email announcing her promotion? The timeline offers fairly strong circumstantial evidence they did know, and shockingly didn’t care.

You would think the Director and the Swampman would have suspected something was wrong when Lisa failed to appear for work… for 37 freaking days. Maybe with her one jailbird phone call, she called in sick… for 37 freaking days. We may never know the specifics of how this all went down, but we do know that DISA has some major credibility issues.

Anthony “The Swampman” Montemarano

Maybe DISA promotes people based on their length of incarceration in prison. Based on that logic, if Lisa robbed a liquor store with an AR-15, they would have made her the Secretary of the Navy, for Heaven sake.

Tony the Swampman has assumed the job of protecting Lisa “Screwdriver” Belt. The question is, why is the Swampman sticking his neck out so far for Lisa “Hot buttered rum Belt? Is there something going on between these two?

Ignoring any employee’s burgeoning criminal wrap-sheet, safeguarding her security clearance, then promoting her as she sat behind bars, is the epitome of smug arrogance and hubris.

It would be interesting to submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the Office of Public Affairs at DISA located at Fort Meade, MD to obtain all the communications between “Swampman” Montemarano before, during and after Lisa “Smirnoff” Belt was tossed in the Hanover County stockade.

It would be especially interesting to see all communications to and from “Swampman” Montemarano occurring on March 13, 2019. Hey, where’s the inspector general when you need him? We bet someone in our government is burning documents right now in order to protect higher-ups.

Lisa “Tanqueray” Belt was finally released from the Pamunkey Regional Jail in Hanover County, VA on March 21, 2019, so she could return to work at her new position as the DEPUTY DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS. For most people, life is not that good after stint in the big house, but for Lisa, she came out of jail with a new promotion, bigger paycheck and the admiration of her friends who still wonder how she did it.


No story is complete without some salacious material and DISA has provided more than enough.

DISA Employee – Laura Williams

Laura Williams was the Deputy Director of Operations and reported to senior executive (SES) Dave Bennett. In 2018, Williams took over the job of Programs Manager, but still reported to Dave Bennett.

Laura Williams and Lisa Belt were being groomed to become senior executives (SES) at DISA. Why were these employees placed on the fast track for top jobs at the agency?

Laura “buff the helmet” Williams apparently decided to secure her career advancement possibilities by performing oral sex on her boss Dave Bennett in the DISA parking garage. It should be noted that Dave Bennett and Tony the Swampman are bosom buddies.

People ask, “Well, how do you know that? Did you see it?” Actually, many people saw Laura “fellatio” Williams “polishing the executive knob,” because it was all being captured on video-tape by security cameras in the DISA parking garage.

One could say, “smile, you are on candid camera,” because Laura “velvet lips” Williams was doing all she could to make her boss smile. And smile he did until finding out it was all recorded.

It apparently paid off for Laura “checking the mike” Williams. The DISA big-shots were so impressed with her “talent,” she was quickly promoted to be the new Congressional Affairs Liaison representative for DISA.

DISA Employee – Dave Bennett

It meant a bigger paycheck and more responsibility for Laura “trailer hitch” Williams. Heaven only knows how many Congressmen have smiles on their faces now.

For some inexplicable reason, Congress is now going out of their way to find all the funding possible for DISA. It’s taking “Public Relations” to a whole new level.

And get this, the announcement of Laura’s new job promotion was disclosed in the very same March 13th email that announced Lisa’s post prison promotion to Laura’s old position of Director of Operations.

Laura got promoted for making the boss happy, and Dave received a lousy five-day suspension. And the icing on the cake was when Lisa “Cocktail” Belt walked right out of jail into her new job as DISA’s Director of Operations.

The promotion of Williams and Belt, and the pathetic discipline of Bennett is outrageous, when compared to the firing of African American Jesse Showers because he was allegedly having an “inappropriate relationship” with a direct report employee.

Is it any surprise there is an extremely toxic work environment at DISA, especially when people are treated so unfairly?

Our friends at JudicialWatch.org are being asked to file the necessary legal paperwork to obtain a copy of the lewd video tape that shows Laura’s head bobbing up and down on (SES) Dave “no class” Bennett. Folks, don’t even bother asking the Inspector General to investigate. We are told the IG’s office is part of all the corruption. And the hits just keep rolling in.


Lisa Belt’s driver’s license was suspended, purportedly for three years. Because her license to drive has been suspended, Lisa is no longer eligible to participate in the Vanpool. Since she can no longer drive to work from her home, the Swampman was able to finagle lodging for her on base, directly across the street from DISA.

Would DISA go to such extraordinary lengths to help and protect others who are not part of their special swamp club? The answer to that is simple and clear, no they would not. Angry employees have attempted to use the system to file grievances, but have been ignored over and over again. DISA leaders have their pictures taken in front of our Flag while they are gutting the Equal Justice Under Law foundation for that Flag.


The DISA is nothing more than a cesspool. Lisa “Shaken, not stirred” Belt shows up to conferences as a blithering drunk. Everyone knows she’s got a drinking problem, but because she’s the consummate party girl, and keeps everyone else’s secrets, she’s in a protected class of people at DISA.

And believe us when we tell you the Swampman is as corrupt as they come. There’s a whole lot more stuff about him we didn’t have the stomach to tell. We are thinking of a whole new article down the road exposing the corruption and unethical practices of Tony “the Swampman” Montemarano.

Driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is a big NO NO, but not at the DISA. A hit-and-run is a much bigger NO NO, but not at the DISA. Giving the boss a hum job in the parking garage, should be a NO NO, but not at the DISA.

The prestigious jobs bestowed on Lisa “Vodka martini” Belt, and Laura “hum-job” Williams should have gone to some other deserving souls. Right now, there are probably two dozen people in the DISA who are eligible to assume those same jobs the Lisa-Laura team were awarded. Hell, the janitor is more trustworthy than someone who flees the scene of an accident.

All America wants are people in positions of authority and power to demonstrate true leadership by holding people accountable for their illegal or unethical behavior. You just don’t say you’re holding people to a higher standard, you have to actually do it!

Furthermore, you must have the moral integrity to hold people to that higher standard. You cannot discipline employees for “inappropriate behavior,” when you are having an affair with a married employee. You have no integrity if you reward violators who are White, then slam the Black man with expulsion for essentially the same violation of the rules.

No one seems to believe in the rule-of-law anymore. Fewer and fewer people seem to possess even a modicum of honor and decency. But, we can turn this ship around and chart a better course with the right people in charge. Someone needs to descend on DISA and do a major house-cleaning.

Again, the issue here isn’t what Lisa did, or what Laura did, or what Dave Bennett did. It’s what DISA did when they discovered what Lisa, Laura and Dave did. The problem is how agencies of our government embrace cronyism, over the rule-of-law. If we are to survive as a nation, this crap has got to stop.