In one minute you can go from the most senior colonel in the Marines Corps wearing seven rows of ribbons and being screened for brigadier general to the next minute being arrested and railroaded right into prison for 5.5 years. If they can set up a Marine colonel, what chance does a junior officer or enlisted man have?
Published: MARCH 1, 2024
Colonel Dan Wilson’s story is a classic example of gross military injustice. His thirty-nine year career spanned the Cold War through defeating ISIS and everything in between, from 1981 to 2020. He was a “Mustang” Marine infantry officer with eleven overseas deployments into danger zones, and multiple combat tours. Get and read this fantastic book about what can happen when your general worships as the alter of political correctness.

OUR TAKE ON THIS NEW PUBLICATION: has written several articles about the twists and turns of the Dan Wilson story. We found out about his story when he was wrongfully incarcerated in one of America’s military gulags.

The articles were downloaded, printed out then taken to him behind bars so he would know that from the editor to the mail clerk, we at all knew he was set up for the slaughter by America’s new WOKE military.

Drag queen story time for children on military bases. How’s that working out for ya?

After serving nearly three years of a 5 1/2 year sentence, the Court of Military Appeals tossed his case out basically saying that a person cannot be convicted solely on the coerced testimony of a six-year-old child. Like so many other convicted military members, Colonel Wilson was not allowed to introduce exculpatory and mitigating evidence.

The Marine Corps just wanted a head to put on a pike so their congressional task masters would get off of their backs about their failure to protect children and women. It’s true, they don’t protect women and children, but they sure know how to railroad people into prison to make it look like they are.

The Jane Doe case, for example, offers tons of proof the military doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about women and children. Jane Doe was nearly choked to death and her one-year-old child sustained beating(s) to the point he now has been diagnosed with a TBI (traumatic brain injury).

At this very writing, the United States Army is doing everything possible to protect all the culpable parties and provide their favorite Army captain with a retirement and an Honorable Discharge.

Culprits are being transferred and retiring left and right as the Army circles the wagons to inoculate themselves from the truth-train heading their way.

On the one hand, the military will send some of their best people to prison to give the impression they care about women and children. On the other hand, they won’t send to prison the very perpetrators of domestic violence even when they have video evidence of the crime.


What happened to Colonel Dan Wilson should never happen to anyone. And, what happened to Jane Doe and her 1-year-old son also should never happen to anyone. We ask a simple question. When is the military going to get its shit together?

The military judicial system needs an overhaul from top to bottom. People who really commit crimes need to be held accountable. All the people involved in railroading Colonel Wilson into prison should not only be ashamed, but they need to do some time in the gray stone hotel also. Instead they are promoted for protecting the system by railroading innocent people into prison.

Colonel Wilson’s book is a good read. It’s captivating and based on the absolute truth. This reporter purchased a few extra copies and recently went to Holly-weird in the hopes of finding a director or producer who might be interested in converting this book into a movie.

We did meet with some influential people in the movie industry, but one said, “People getting screwed over by the military, that’s a given! It’s just not exciting enough for the silver screen.”

Even so, we believe there is someone out there concerned about our new WOKE military and the danger that embracing WOKE values poses to the country from foreign aggression. The danger to America has never been higher that it is right now.

We gave this excellent book a five-star rating partly because it’s a fine literary piece, but also because we personally know this man and the sacrifice he was forced to endure.

Since the Marines did not have enough evidence to convict him again, they railroaded him again by busting him in rank and giving him an Other-Than-Honorable (OTH) Discharge.

Because the military just cannot bring themselves to admit they screwed it all up, they decided to perpetrate yet another crime through their administrative discharge powers and ruin this man’s life by maliciously painting him as a child molester.

While it’s not in Colonel Wilson’s character to do so, can Americans understand why some people who have been terribly hurt and pushed to the brink by a corrupt military judicial system might resort to extreme violence?

When you take away everything a person has worked for and believed in, leaving him with little or nothing, anything is liable to happen.

Having a judicial system that actually practices and strives for EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW will, no doubt, help to reduce instances of vigilante justice.

As Tom Laughlin said in his movie “Billy Jack,” “When policemen break the law, then there isn’t any law…  just a fight for survival.” 

Even though those words are given in a motion picture which rarely reflects reality, we believe that simple sentence is accurate and should give us all pause to reflect on what is important in our society.


When the military hurt Wilson as badly as they did, all Americans who believe in the rule-of-law were hurt as well.

Every American should be afraid. When the missiles begin to rain down upon us from foreign despots that seek to destroy us, remember why it happened… we were more concerned about WOKE/DEI/CRT crap that we were about training our war-fighters to kill people and break things.

Our message is clear, we love both the book and we love and honor the man who wrote the book. We strongly recommend that all Americans read this book about the “Undaunted Gladiator.”

Then, go down to your nearest military recruiting office and try to stop someone from entering military service until serious reforms are made. You may very well save a life from being lost in all these little political wars popping up all over the planet.

At the very least, you may be saving someone from being railroaded into prison by flag-ranking manipulators of justice. When the admirals and generals break the law by railroading innocent people into prison, then there isn’t any law.

P.S. For those of you who don’t like to read, COL Wilson also put out an audio version of the book in his own voice so you can listen to the book as you drive to and from work. While we do not have a copy of the audio version, we have heard that it is very well done.

And, for those who want to contact COL Wilson directly, he has given us permission to publish his email address… [email protected]

5.0Overall Score


Page 80: "I listened to many detainees and prisoners tell me their tale of woe. Listening to their stories got me out of my own pity party and put me in a position to help others. ..."

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